Strother Recused Pre-Lynching Begins Tomorrow

September 11, 2017

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Strother Recused Pre-Lynching Begins Tomorrow

Five hours and 15 minutes into a hearing with many large, loud personalities that looked more like a reality show than a court proceeding, a very patient judge named Dan Mills fired the judge who was to preside over the first Waco Twin Peaks Biker Brawl trial.

It was the fourth time Judge Ralph Strother has been fired from one of these cases in 11 days, Strother was previously recused from ruling in the cases of defendants George Bergmann, Rolando Reyes and Paul Landers.

Strother was accused then of generally acting as if he was part of the prosecutorial team assigned to protect Texas from the outlaw biker menace. One of his missteps was ordering a score of defendants to appear in his court so prosecutors could collect their DNA. In many western countries it is traditional for prosecutors to file a motion first. Strother saved them the bother of asking a paralegal to type all those difficult to spell words. In court today, McLennan County Assistant District Attorney Michael Jarret admitted that “in hindsight, would I do it the same way…” and then he let his voice trail off. Probably, if he had it do to over again he wouldn’t have used Strother as his intern. He just would have let it go after Strother shined his boots. Unfortunately, that wasn’t quite good enough.


Ten days ago, Casie Gotro, the Houston attorney who represents Dallas Bandido Christopher Jacob “Jake” Carrizal, moved to recuse Strother from her case, too. Today she made her case for firing Strother and she showed up with a two-woman support group: Susan Criss who represents Reyes and Millie L. Thompson who is defending Landers.

After four, as stomachs began to growl and bladders began to ache, with seven, armed deputies in the court to prevent whatever it was they were there to prevent, Mills allowed that he was “inclined” to recuse Strother. Mills, who could start a whole, new career as a Bill Clinton impersonator, told Gotro and Jarrett that the “DNA docket struck a really negative cord in my gut…. My inclination is to grant the recusal and you can go ahead and go to trial.”

Jury selection in Carrizal’s trial is scheduled for tomorrow. Mills thinks there will be a trial. “My understanding is there is another judge ready,” Mills said. He doesn’t think Third Administrative Judicial Region Presiding Justice Billy Ray Stubblefield will appoint him. He thinks Stubblefield is running out of judges and will probably appoint 54th District Judge Matt Johnson, who may be almost as fair and impartial as Strother, who works just down the hall, who used to be the District Attorney Abel Reyna’s law partner, and who has also been stalling the slim possibility that 192 surviving arrestees and indictees might have of clearing their names before The Rapture.

Gotro told Mills to tell Stubblefield that if he appoints Johnson, Gotro will file to recuse him. Gotro also told Mills that this was the first time she had ever moved to recuse a judge. But, apparently it feels good so who knows what’s next.


None of this begins to describe how unabashedly preformative most of the hearing was – and the nearest television camera was outside the courtroom in a rotunda.

Gotro hurried into court in a fury with her girls. Gotro, who demonstrates the body language of Mick Jagger doing “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” if Mick Jagger was a toddler was by turns furious with her own hair, her purse, her cellphone, her glasses, and her shirt. But, she saved the top gear of her rage for Jarrett.
Jarret in turn was condescending patronizing and sarcastic. It was a sarcasm fest. It was like an homage to Don Rickles on the main stage at South By Southwest.

The main witness was Gotro and her voice and her hand trembled as she denied Jarrett’s accusation that she had given “the finger to Judge Strother” in chambers.

“I believe I gave it to you,” she said. She loathes him. He thinks she’s cute.


Gotro testified about a statement Strother gave to Waco Tribune-Herald reporter Tommy Witherspoon when Jarrett and Reyna were trying to delay any chance any Twin Peaks defendants might have of clearing their names until after the federal Bandidos trial – which is currently scheduled to begin right after the colonization of Mars. Strother stuck up for his prosecutorial teammates. In print.

“I’ve never seen a judge make a statement to the press like that before,” Gotoro said.

Jarrett came back at her, strutting around the power side of the bar, leaning on the witness box. “Have you ever talked to the press about this case” Jarrett wanted to know. “The upper leadership of theBandidos?” “That Aging Rebel”

Gotro replied that she might have talked to The Aging Rebel. She couldn’t remember. But it didn’t matter because she didn’t consider bloggers to be “the press.” And just like that she was less pretty and more fidgety than she had been just a second before.

The revels continue tomorrow morning. About eight.




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  1. hero Says:

    @ Iron Rider
    Thank you for your response. I could not agree more with what you said. All of those reasons you stated are why I read the news reported on this site. I have been reading this site for a long time and have seen with my own eyes the ups and downs reported here. I felt personally insulted by Gotro’s comment seeing how this site is the only one getting the perverted attempt to frame her clients out in the open. Rebel is a big boy and doesnt need me standing up for him. She can consider him what ever she wants. We all know the truth.

  2. BMW Says:

    Step by step, things seem to be improving slightly.Thanks to the Aging Rebel for being the only person following this massive travesty of justice!


  3. Burgess Says:

    So what happened I court today–outcome?

  4. xplor Says:

    Someone needs to get the T-Spoon a back up battery for his twitter.

  5. Curbside Says:

    Pray for justice, and SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BANDIDOS!


  6. david Says:

    Today, the general public are aware and waking up to the fact establishment media outlets are operated by lying, gov. boot-licking, self-interested, whores.

    Rebel serves the public’s welfare, interest and good. The money-grubbing liars do not.

    Texas government,of which the Waco judiciary is a division of, only cares about power and the maintenance thereof, not the natural and protected rights of the general public. Proven by the unlawful bastards on a daily basis.

    The gov. persecutors, gov. “judges”, bailiffs, pigs, etc. cannot handle honest, truthful reporting and comments by free-press journalists EXPOSING the bastard’s lies, twists, corruption and SELF-serving unlawful acts. They know with exposure, it’s only a matter of time till the corrupt, gov.power base loses it’s power OVER the people, and stops violating natural and protected inalienable rights.

  7. Iron Rider Says:


    While Gotro said blog I assume she was comparing it to the print and tv media, with that said I consider Rebel a member of the media just he isn’t tied to the corporate machine you see most media outlets are these days.

    If Rebel wants to write something that he feels need to reported to the readers of this site or those searching around he can do that. If Rebel wants to take on a case like Twin Peaks and report the facts that others cant or wont due to keeping friendly with Law Enforcement he can do that. Rbel isn’t worried about ruffling feathers like some media may be due to be shut out by Law Enforcement PR officials, and that’s one of the great things about Rebel’s site his is his own master.

    Rebel is also correct in his assertion that sites like Rebels are the future, print media is losing out to digital media and that’s why you see newspapers cutting back on staff and even shuttering some papers.

    There are lots of good journalist who have websites that left print media not only to go out on there own but because they can reach a farther audience today then they could in the past. Not only that but Rebel isn’t going to back down from the facts even when threaten like the Iron Order peon that wanted Rebel to take down his story on that rat fuck Duran, Rebel reported it and stood up to the iron order stooge, something I doubt we would have seen if Rebel was part of some media conglomerate.

  8. hero Says:

    Blog my ass. Let pretty, more like kiss my REBEL ass. Lost respect for her right at the end of this article. And if I ever needed an attorney in Texas it would not be her. Hope she reads this message in the “Blog”.

  9. Austin Says:

    @ BooneHead = Ha – Exactly!
    @ stroker “was not a slap at you” What I was trying to say – only you did it better.

    Roll On Casie!

  10. stroker Says:

    Rebel…..I think Gotro’s response that she doesn’t talk to the press because the Ageing Rebel is a blog, was not a slap at you. I dunno, I wasn’t there, and you are…..but it feels like maybe she was simply playing the lawyer’s card of defense. Jarrett accused her of talking to the press, she said no, she doesn’t “consider bloggers to be the press.” Just playing devil’s advocate here, but I take it to mean technically, Jarrett couldn’t accuse her of talking to the press, because you have a web-site. Just a way to put Jarrett off. I think that may be what Millie was trying to allude to also.
    Just my .02.
    Also: “Performative.” Love it. can I use that? (I learn so much about word-smithing from you)
    I too don’t wish to see you have any trouble down there….hence my remarks on your previous report to not take any pot, and don’t take a gun. Simply put, I wouldn’t want to give them ol’ boys any excuse to look for anything whilst you’re there. They know who you are.
    Bet they don’t like you much.
    Take care Amigo.
    And Thank You for being there.

  11. Iron Rider Says:

    Whoops half my post got got into a comment, sorry for the double post folks. Looks like Gotro has filed to recuse Johnson according to the Waco Tribune.

  12. Iron Rider Says:

    Rebel, thanks for taking the trip to cover this hearing. Imagine that the court would select Johnson to hear Carrizal’s case, like lets have a show of hands if you didn’t think that was coming.

    There is no way that Johnson can sub in for Strothers considering he has been the other judge who has been vested in these cases since this fiasco began as for Gotro filing a motion to recuse that is pretty much a given that it would be done,

    Gotro flipped Jarret the bird in Storthers chambers ( I knew the lady had spunk, didn’t know it was that much) Jarret’s attitude seems to that he can win on attitude then on the law, well might not be so easy if Strothers isn’t sitting on the bench to help out anymore.

    I find it funny that Jarret is an avid reader of your site Renbel. Good, maybe Jarret will see that the skeptics out here know what a farce the cases are against the 177 that were indicted.

    It will be interesting to see what Mills does with Strrothers recusal, if Mills appoints Johnson then she files a recusal, so I can’t see Mills going that route since Gotro told him flat out she’d file and hell could anyone blame her.

    As much as the Mills thinks they are running out of Judges, I have to believe they could find one if they try, but the question is will the political interference allow Mills to do that.

  13. Iron Rider Says:

    Rebel, thanks for taking the trip to cover this hearing. Imagine that the court would select Johnson to hear Carrizal’s case, like lets have a show of hands if you didn’t think that was coming.

    There is no way that Johnson can sub in for Strothers considering he has been the other judge who has been vested in these cases since this fiasco began as for Gotro filing a motion to recuse that is pretty much a given that it would be done,

    Gotro flipped Jarret the bird in Storthers chambers ( I knew the lady had spunk, didn’t know it was that much) I stated before that I hope for

  14. Gordo Says:


    Good news

    Thx Rebel

  15. Filburt Says:

    I second TX Biker.

  16. Rebel Says:

    Dear Millie,

    Yes. Thank. I know the case. I have talked to guys at the Post, Journal and Times about this. Niche journalism on the net is where it is going.


  17. Millie Says:

    Glik v. Cunniff: “The proliferation of electronic devices with video-recording capability means that many of our images of current events come from bystanders with a ready cell phone or digital camera rather than a traditional film crew, and news stories are now just as likely to be broken by a blogger at her computer as a reporter at a major newspaper. Such developments make clear why the news-gathering protections of the First Amendment cannot turn on professional credentials or status.”

  18. Bone Head Says:

    “… there is still ballistics evidence still in the analyzing phases…”

    Austin, that probably should have said “mucking up phases”, shouldn’t it? I’m fairly sure their crime lab is as much a part of the circus as reyna & Co.

  19. Ipsick Says:

    You know you are doing your job when they know who you are.

  20. gman Says:

    I really enjoy this coverage.

    I am an attorney in Wyoming, and am still astounded at what has occurred in Texas. Even in our somewhat conservative – republican state, no way this case unfolds like this. And, I am still not understanding why speedy trial rights have not been implemented.

    Anyway, keep writing and covering. There are people out there, like me, who have no affiliation in the slightest with bikes or bike clubs, who are interested, and are rooting to see overzealous prosecutors like Reyna flayed on a stake.

  21. Trebor Says:

    Wouldn’t doubt if somewhere law enforcement or the courts had a picture of you hanging on the wall and when they’re not busy trodding on peoples human rights they’re tossing darts at

  22. TX_Biker Says:

    Seems you may be ruffling some feather Rebel. Good on you! So now “they” call you “That Aging Rebel”. tread lightly in Waco, “They” don’t need a reason to arrest you.

  23. Harvey Says:

    The tide of truth is finally turning this shit show around. If all indicators are correct, there is a flood about to wash over that stained town that will expose the corrupt justice system that created this. Big Al nailed it, the feds have moved on and left those ignorant assholes to fend for themselves. Jarrett, “we know your watching here” why is your “little man syndrome” boss making you get blistered by Gotro weekly? Ohh I know, because your just a pawn of his and you will be left holding the bag u ignorant, no pistol operating, lying, metro sexual bitch. It’s only going to get worse from here on you as the courts and the masses are now getting their eyes opened to this atrocity. Are you in so deep you cant figure it out? I’ll tell you what, the men on the site are very knowledgeable, maybe you should consider asking for advice here. Your really outta options you trigger happy homo. Is there tension yet between you and your small boss? Have yall started arguing about new sinister strategies, because this one is backfiring? Listen sugar pants, you need to hang nutsack Big O and his pawns and dismiss everyone else. Its the truth, its provable and it’s what shoulda been done originally. But, those damn lawsuits are hanging over yall’s heads and are preventing you from doing that. Well, here’s the way this plays out, Gotro IS going to make your cry, your going to lose the Carrizal case and all Red and Gold Cases you bring forward, your going to convict a few meth head copsacks, Waco going to pay ALL those lawsuits, your going to get fired and divorced, little man not re-elected and gets caught in prostitution sting. I think I pretty much nailed it huh. Kid, your just not that smart, do the right fucking thing and your nightmare goes away.

  24. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Law enforcement already told on themselves in the arrest affidavit on page 4 paragraph 3. You just don’t invite your child’s bully to the party. As Swanton said they knew there was a potential problem, yes so why didn’t you handle that problem as in enforcing the law and making the arrest.

  25. Sapper Says:

    Stand Tall, Stand Proud down there.
    you are the only real voice of truth for these men.

    You have your popcorn ready for today?


  26. The Butcher Says:

    I have been watching these cases pretty close. I think if the case against Clendenen is dropped due to speedy trial violations, we will likely see the other cases dropped as well. This will be because of the identical indictments pressed on all the people that were arrested.

    Carrizal will likely win his case, as Jarrett is no match for Gotro in the courtroom. She still hasn’t been given all of the evidence. The prosecution claims that she does, then they openly admit in court that there is still ballistics evidence still in the analyzing phases.

    Law enforcement of all levels are keeping such a close eye on this case, because they are trying to insure that the cover-up remains intact. Reyna and Jarrett are clearly in over their head with their repeated violations of due process. Every one of these cases could be dropped and it wouldn’t bother law enforcement, because their asses would still be covered. Reyna and Jarrett will be the fall guys for bringing the cases to trial before the state was ready and causing violations of the speedy trial act.

    This is all just a prediction, but Strother’s recusal is the state’s first step in washing it’s hands of the crooked tactics employed by Reyna and Jarrett.

  27. david Says:

    Truth is powerful and it prevails.

  28. Austin Says:

    @ Big Al – right on!

    Go Grrrl Power! Did you see their pretty, sharp white teeth?! All the better to bite those prosecutors with. She makes your heart sing. Plus – give her a break – she’s coming from Houston, and not asking for any disaster-related considerations.

    Bloggers are NOT “press”. They are not beholden to a boss, or controlled by a corporation, and they can write abut anyDAMNthing they choose. They can write a Haiku, or a tome. Bloggers are free. I do not pay for cable, or subscribe to Time or Newsweek. I click Donate, and I hope you-all can too.

    P.S. What is the most terrifying thing to a G-man? ***

    Dear Non-Regulars;
    Authentic blog voices tend to develop like-minded audiences. Readers are not sheep. On a blog they can interact with the author, and other readers in a public forum. Readers can review the blog, and call bullsh*t and reply to each other. (Sometimes we actually go meet the blogger, and party with other readers) A lone blogger like, say the Humans of New York (HONY) guy, Brandon Stanton- while not being “press” wrote the “Humans of New York” book, which was published in October 2013. It sold 30,000 copies as preorders and reached number 1 position on The New York Times Non-Fiction Best Sellers of 2013, remaining on the list for 26 weeks. That is a lot of copy.

    *** A Free Citizenry.

  29. Svensken Says:

    “The upper leadership of the Bandidos?” “That Aging Rebel”

    That’s is funny! Judge, keep on reading the truth at the Aging Rebels Blog.

  30. Sieg Says:

    Damn…are they charging you admittance for this fright-show?!

    Funny, for some reason the “press” that Gotro alludes to haven’t a thing to say about the proceedings…good thing SOMEONE is there to get the actual, as opposed to the press-release variety, news out.

    Pound that keyboard, old son!


  31. Paladin Says:

    … the colonization of Mars.) Outstanding!


  32. Big Al Says:

    Rebel, excellent coverage of the hearing,
    So, prosecutor Michael Jarrett admitted in court to following your blog, which means he’s reading this.
    Advice to Michael Jarrett – eat shit- the Feds are not going to help you, you’re too f….ing ignorant.

  33. david Says:

    Thanks for reporting, in truth.

  34. Shutup Says:

    Thanks for showing, and covering this for us Rebel.

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