Waco Over Coffee

September 8, 2017

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Waco Over Coffee

In a small, old house, on a big lot, in a beach town in El Lay, in a neighborhood that used to be called felony flats but is now crowded with million dollar homes, an old hack and his muse, Gidget, talk about Waco over coffee.

“Are you going to take mosquito repellant,” Gidget wants to know.

“No, I’m not going to take mosquito repellant. I might take a flask.”

“Don’t screw around. If you’re going to take liquor, just take a bottle.”

A Border Collie bowls a very large bone over a hardwood floor – over and over and over and over and over. “Emma! Knock it off.” A herd of cats meanders out the kitchen door to a side yard that is littered with surfboards, kayaks, fruit trees, plastic chairs and towels that were dry four days ago. “I feel like they’re screwing with me.”

“They aren’t screwing with you. They’re screwing with Jake Carrizal.”

“Why are they in such a hurry to get this guy? It’s been, like, 29 months. For the convenience of the prosecution? They are intentionally trying to discourage press coverage of the case. Nobody is going to be there. You know who is going to be there? Me. This guy Tommy Witherspoon.” The old hack proves he can count to four on his fingers. “That lunatic and maybe, maybe this chick from the AP.”

“Bullshit. Reporters are a dime a dozen. All these kids coming out of jay school. All the papers are closing. They’re all going to jump on this trial. It will be a good case to cover.”

And they’re all going to get it wrong. They’re all going to write about the real life Sons of Anarchy. They’re not going to write about how 192 people were framed. Trust me, CNN isn’t going to be there. Houston Chronicle, Dallas News. No Times. No Post. Know why?”

Gidget sings, “Bet you’re going to tell me.”

“Nobody even knows if there is going to be a trial. And, if there is going to be a trial, nobody knows when it will be.”

“Oh there’s going to be a trial. You’re going to cover it. It’s going to start Tuesday.” The dog runs to the front door and barks furiously for half a minute. “Good girl, Emma. Good girl. Keep us safe.”

“I don’t know how this guy, this judge, what’s his name….”

“You told me Dan Mills.”

“Okay. I don’t know how Dan Mills can’t recuse this guy Strother.”

“Maybe he does. Maybe he doesn’t. They already have another judge picked out. Probably, it’s Dan Mills. Trial starts Tuesday.”

“Casie Gotro will move for a continuance.”

Gidget smiles. “Denied.”

“Change of venue.”

“Denied. There is going to be a trial. It’s either going to be Strother, or Dan Mills, or some other guy they already have stashed. Look. So you go down there and they continue the trial. So it costs you an extra plane ticket and a couple of nights in a hotel. You can do that. You’ll be sorry if you don’t go.”

Resignedly, the old hack sighs, “Yeah.”

“You going to take mosquito repellant?”



“To Waco?”

“You gonna take a gun, Donnie?”



29 Responses to “Waco Over Coffee”

  1. Friar Says:

    Trial? Weren’t most of the deaths from rifle calibers? Hmmm, who had rifles?

  2. Dasein Says:

    Too bad you couldn’t get Emma into the courtroom to separate out the liars.

  3. Austin Says:

    I’m glad you listened to Gidget. She knows whatUP! Sounds like F*ng Mayberry out there. Brother was threatened with vehicle dismantling and ticketed for 36 in a 35? Damn! He’s Lucky. He’s probably been told about https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lynching_of_Jesse_Washington

  4. Steel Says:

    Safe travels Rebel. Be careful in Waco. Might just put you on trial for having the cajones to report the truth. Truth seems to be the enemy in Waco to the very judiciary that should want to find the truth.



  5. Dutchboy Says:

    Fair winds and Following Seas Rebel. Go get the story!

  6. hero Says:

    Watch your six. You know the police, legal system and just about everything else there is corrupt. I wouldn’t put it past ATF to throw a false case on you with the support of the crooked Texas legal system in order to shut the Aging Rebel down permanently from reporting on this case or any other case against our culture in the future.

  7. Gandalf Says:

    What a bad time to be up north, incommunicado and out of touch. Im gonna miss the whole show… Mentioned Waco trials at a party…. Nobody knows. Im sure the guys putting all arround my Wildwood NJ hotel this weekend know but the civilians i was with barely knew anthing. “Bad bikers shot up a mall parking lot in Waco. Is thst thing still on ? Crazy. By tuesday I will be in the woods totaly out of contact… I think. Not sur this will post.about

  8. JR/LVMC from Canada Says:

    Lets all hope that things turn out in the correct way or all of us are more of a target than we’ve been to this point

  9. JR/LVMC from Canada Says:

    Lets all hope that things turn out in the correct way or all of us are more of a target than we’ve been to this point

  10. Gordo Says:

    Do ya need an air purifier

    Smell is bad there

  11. TX_Biker Says:

    Let me know if you need anything Rebel. I’ will email you my Phone number.

  12. Iron Rider Says:

    Rebel you may want to bring a barf bag and a clothes pin with you cause I am sure your going to hear enough bullshit out of the prosecution to choke a horse about how getting Strothers removed will set them back months and months and how they turned over all evidence and how Gotro is being a meanie and calling people names.

    I am sure that if there is a press galley there, Rebel will have a ton of seats to choose from since the mainstream media doesn’t seem to think the cases of the 177 people are that newsworthy.

    Wonder if Swanton will be out front telling any who wants to get into the courtroom that hordes of angry bikers are on their way to disrupt the proceedings and put everyone in law enforcement in jeopardy.

    Look forward to your article Rebel when all is said and done

  13. Nobody Important Says:

    Do you need a place to stay?

  14. Austin Says:

    That Gidget Grrrl is your Muse for a very good reason. Just go. Be there. Don’t worry about it. If you end up writing about flies droning around in a empty courtroom… well, I’ll read it.
    But Gidget’s got it right. Shit’s going down. C’mon everybody-Donate!

  15. RLG Says:

    A prayer and a Thomson submachine-gun will get you more than a prayer alone.

    — John Dillinger

  16. jay Says:

    stand firm on the side of right, hoss…. i already told you them in power hate everything about you, and those of us that listen and help spread the word….

    thanks, and be careful….

  17. FF Says:

    I got nothing except if anyone does you wrong, God told me it’s ok to.. well, you know. I love you, man.

  18. Legendary Jim Says:

    Bring it, bubba. You can’t go wrong, mosquitoes and all. Weather’s fine, just the thing for the roving reporter, the inquiring jouralist, the man of letters on the prowl, looking for a rich stream of conflict. Stand by the stand by and keep your eyes on the skies, for storm clouds are rolling and it doesn’t look for the common dude and dudette at this critical juncture – to say the least… – Legendary

  19. Nuke n' Pave Dave Says:

    I’m within a hundred miles of the Waco cesspit if you need a place to hang your hat for a few.

  20. Big Al Says:

    ” I feel like they’re screwing with me” – is right on, because they are.
    They’re screwing with all of us, Jake happens to be the convenient target of the day…..
    Stay Strong, Jake.

  21. Aanon Says:

    In light of the bullshit, I’m sure you’ll have an acceptable time. In the words of a good friend ” rather be caught with it, than without it”.

  22. stroker Says:

    Rebel……the ways you continue to inform us on the Waco debacle are much appreciated, and enjoyable to read (while the subject is not!). We all know you just that much better with your descriptive prose. (Good dog Emma)
    Praise be unto you for your foray into the armpit of Texas. Helluvan idea for a vacation! I only hope your time spent there, is worthy of your time spent there.
    Of course there’s no interest from CNN, ABC, NBC, et al. The subject matter is, after all, just bikers! And in the public’s eye, that means “gang members.” The screwball comments of jack black and his ilk, actually mirror a good portion of society when it comes to us bikers. We’re not worthy! Not worthy of basic human rights, not newsworthy, certainly not worthy of justice, and not worthy of defense from a noisome cabal of Texas jurisprudence! Good ol’ boys indeed.
    I don’t feel much hope that justice, real justice, not Waco justice, will prevail. I believe these douchebags will stall, lie, obstruct, and gum up any due processes they can. God bless Gotro if she can force some action, but it looks like an uphill battle from this ol bikers viewpoint!
    As has been said here many times, Rebel, you are fighting on behalf of a beleaguered segment of society. We are not loved by many, and barely tolerated by the masses. The only news the public warms to regarding us, is anything that dramatizes our purported violent tendencies. (“We all know that crap is king…Give is dirty laundry”) For you to continually take the time and spend the $$ to report on the injustices heaped upon our brothers and sisters the way you do, elevates you, in my opinion, to a HACK HERO! Champion of the 2-wheeled world. If only more people appreciated what and who you really are to us.
    Go to Waco hack writer…..don’t take pot, and don’t take a gun. Do what you do best. Hopefully some brethren will greet you there, and make you feel welcome. We look forward to whatever nuggets or turds you come up with.
    I am donating to your account now.
    I encourage everyone else to do the same.
    Look to the right……..hit the “DONATE” button.
    Help our HACK HERO in his lonely quest.

    Luv and Respect Rebel.

  23. Lurch Says:

    At least we will have ACCURATE coverage of the trial.

    Respect to the Deserving

  24. CatfishOCNY Says:

    Thank you for guarding the truth, singlehandedly restoring integrity to journalism and caring for people who need help. You are one of few people in a position to do anything about it who actually does.
    Be careful Sir.

  25. mad midget Says:

    Listen to Gidget, Don. Wimin know shit. Safe travels to you, and thank you for all you do.

  26. Paladin Says:

    Dear Donnie,

    Take a gun if you’re gonna travel.


  27. sherides Says:

    Safe travels. Looking forward to reading your coverage.


  28. A Better Bad Idea Says:

    Be safe Rebel.

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