Waco Day 844: Noon Pacific

September 6, 2017

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Waco Day 844: Noon Pacific

So now, after stalling, twisting and strangling justice for 844 days and snickering about it, the scalawags who run Texas’ Third Administrative Judicial Region appear to have decided that this Casie Gotro person is begging to be put in her place.

Gotro, as many or most or all of the McLennan County jury pool already knows, is not from Waco. She is from Houston which the Lord God recently washed for its wickedness. Somehow Gotro survived His wrath. And not only is she not from Waco, she is the impudent malapert who is attempting to clear the reputation of known Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Gangster Jake Carrizal after, as is well known, he ordered all his gangster associates to murder nine people and maim 20 more in plain sight of a pole camera and very many surveillance cameras, dash cams, lapel cams, video capable smart phones and a couple of squads of Texas Rangers dressed up like Delta Force. On a Sunday!

All that evidence gathering apparatus just happened to be there. McLennan County prosecutors have cogently argued that only some of the evidence deserves to be believed.

Pre-Lynching Scheduled

Carrizal’s pre-lynching is scheduled to begin next Tuesday. Gotro is trying to screw that up. She has been whining and complaining for months about the judge who will preside over the pre-lynching. He is an honest and honorable man named Ralph Strother. He is a fine and successful Texas politician who sees the young Tom Cruise when he looks in the mirror except on those occasions when he sees Jesus. He is a local. He is a good old boy who went to Baylor, frequently refers to his victims as “you all” and who ran unopposed the last election. He is now finishing up his long and distinguished career.

Gotro – which may not even be an American name – had the audacity last Friday to file a recusal motion. It had something to do with the Honorable Judge Strother not forcing the people’s prosecutors to turn over evidence that would just becloud an open and shut case; and him not reading her motions; and him not liking to have somebody write down his words when he makes decisions and when he explains his legal reasoning with “Because I can.” The Honorable Judge Strother is a can do, take charge individual. So Gotro wants him fired. He is not going to quit. He is not a quitter. He started this lynching and he aims to finish it.

Timely Rulings

Gotro filed her recusal motion last Friday and there are a couple of things about recusal motions. First off, any law professor will tell you they are a waste of a piece of paper. And, if they are going to work they usually take months.

Of course there are always exceptions. Three other smart-ass lawyers filed recusal motions against the Honorable Judge Strother back in June. The motions were referred to Third Administrative Judicial Region Presiding Justice Billy Ray Stubblefield. In due course, because everybody in Texas has known for six months that this Carrizal gangster is supposed to be lynched first so there was no hurry, Justice Stubblefield assigned the matter to Judge James Morgan.

Then lightning struck. Possibly Morgan got drunk and had a fight with his wife and got bit by one of his dogs. He actually kicked the Honorable Judge Strother off the three cases just last week. Maybe somebody slipped him one of those funny cigarettes. Sometimes crazy things just happen, like when that statue of Lady Justice on top of the McLennan County courthouse got damaged and they had to take it down and now they still haven’t put up the big, bronze, roulette wheel the district attorney ordered to replace the first statue.

Let’s Meet Dan

Gotro intentionally threw a monkey wrench into the whole lynching when she filed that recusal motion. Like the last time, this recusal motion was referred to the Honorable Justice Stubblefield. This time he was more on top of things. People have been looking forward to this pre-lynching. Reporters and other cynics might be disappointed if this pre-lynching doesn’t start on time. Why, right now in Los Angeles there are probably reporters thinking, “Wow. Who needs the surf break at 26th Street in Manhattan Beach? Wow! Waco in September. What could be better? Amarillo in August?”

Just yesterday afternoon, the Honorable Justice Stubblefield appointed the Honorable Dan Mills, a former judge from 2005 to 2014 in the 424th District court for Blanco, Texas, which is a jurisdiction that was created in 2005. Mills is a fine judge and a good looking, patriotic man as you can see from his photograph up at the top of this page. He spent 19 years, twice as long as he served as a judge, as a federal prosecutor in the Western District of Texas where he concentrated on cases involving bank fraud, securities fraud, mail and wire fraud and public corruption.

Don’t worry about those public corruption prosecutions. Mills was available for his current important duty only because he lost an election in 2014 to the Honorable Evan Stubbs who accused the Honorable Judge Mills of “voter fraud, bank fraud and falsifying governmental records.”

Judge Mills immediately scheduled a hearing on Judge Strother’s recusal for tomorrow. The hearing can legally proceed only if Gotro agrees to it. Texas law requires that all the parties to the motion hearing be given at least 72 hours notice.

That is what happened in the Waco, Texas Twin Peaks restaurant Biker Brawl case today. So far. Maybe there will be a pre-lyncing starting next Tuesday after all.



28 Responses to “Waco Day 844: Noon Pacific”

  1. Austin Says:

    C’mon Matt!! Great move by Clint Broden. I hope you-all win this, and the house of cards comes tumbling down.


  2. Bone Head Says:

    It might be another 3 to 5 years before any of the defendants get a trial, but damn it seems Strothers recusal will get immediate attention in the system. What’s that tell you?

  3. Iron Rider Says:

    @ Mickey

    Looks like there is a lot of confirmation that the Law Enforcemnt had long planned to be at Twin Peaks and it wasn’t they just happened upon the scene. I find it laughable that someone from the Texas Department Of Safety demanded to know who the source of the leaked docs was… yeah good lock with that.

    Thanks for sharing the link

  4. Fatbobrider Says:

    Enough of this Waco shit it’s over fuxk it

  5. Mark Says:

    Of course she can’t go along with such an ex-judge with such a colorfful background. I wonder the angles and if a federal court motion is filed today. All of this reminds me of an old saying: When the came for the Unionist, I did nothing because I wasn’t a Unionist…………… People of all walks of life better wake up and quickly.

  6. pops Says:

    again, i say, people wonder why we moved away from that area 16 years ago and we didn’t even live in wacko. jack black, please enlighten us some, for you know not what you say
    Rebel, thank you sir, MLMR

  7. Rottenclam Says:

    This is a very cleverly written article, Rebel. Most of your audience will undoubtedly ‘get it’, but I’m sure there will be a few that will read you so literally as to not notice that your tongue is planted firmly in the side of your cheek during a great number of the passages. But as the old saying goes, “Fuck ’em if they cant take a joke”.

    However, your ongoing documentation as well as insights into this case are no joke at all. I continue to be stunned by the amount of investigation you’re putting into this, as well as by the enormous level of Boss Hog branded good ol’ boy bullshit that we see streaming through the Texas system of justice.

    Respect to your reporting. Shame on the Texas courts for such insidious pageantry.

  8. Big Al Says:

    my bad… recusal hearing is Monday 9/11 .
    Maybe park my bad bike in the front of the Courthouse for a while.
    Rebel- you are awesome with your stories.
    Gotro is a modern day legend in fighting tyranny.
    Free the Waco Innocent

  9. Mickey Says:

    Dear Jack Black,
    I would think that somebody in Ormond Beach, Florida would have better things to do than playing troll. That bridge you live under is about to be washed away, troll.

    Too Cool Rebel

  10. Phuquehed Says:

    Rope. Tree. Corrupt shitbags of the Waco and fedtard justass system.


  11. hero Says:

    Fingers crossed. That judge reminds me of Roy Bean. Anyone got a rope?

  12. Shovelhead Says:

    Jack Black,
    Isn’t Mommy calling? Oh wait, it’s your sister…no your Wife…Damn confusing with you inbred Motherfuckers!

  13. Hangaround Says:

    Rebelm never has more eloquently put script flowed from the tip of your pen as that which you scribed for this article.


  14. Rebel Says:

    Dear Jack Black,

    I would think that somebody in Ormond Beach, Florida would have better things to do than playing troll. That bridge you live under is about to be washed away, troll.


  15. Rebel Says:

    Dear SoCal,

    To the best of my knowledge none of the defendants are locked up. There have been no publicly acknowledged plea deals.


  16. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    For the fact that DPS won’t comply with Casie says a lot. Because they was apart from the set up sting. That missing rifle of the 1 bullet that topped Diesels head didn’t come from the 3 WPD officer’s with the. 223. Yet we are still missing 11 officer’s who fired that day, so I say there is a hell of a lot of evidence missing here.
    The fact that Strother’s failed to have complied to all those that Casie had requested, along with pushing Jake into court speaks volumes here….
    In my personal opinion is the PD knowin of as Swanton said, we knew there was a problem, so why wasn’t this problem addressed? Those who came in from out of town would NOT HAVE KNOWN WHAT WAS GOING ON IN WACO.
    Then Swanton blamed Twin Peaks management, I see a admitted of guilt here. People who have a guilty conscience has a way of telling on themselves.

  17. Cap'n Bill Says:

    Here is a link, phone number, and email address for aclu tx:


    Anna Núñez, ACLU of Texas, 713-942-8146, Ext. 110, [email protected]

    I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for any type of logical response…


  18. Badd Guye Says:

    @SoCal: Short answer, NO & NO.

  19. Sapper Says:

    Fucking outstanding Rebel!!!
    Great piece of work.


  20. Jack Black Says:

    Stop the mental masturbation. All the Waco drug-dealing motorcycle scum are going to jail for decades. Forget all the psychotic ramblings otherwise. Hard Time. Get over it!

  21. SoCal Says:

    Are any of the Waco defendants still in custody awaiting trial? Has anyone taken a plea deal?

  22. Badd Guye Says:

    Funny Justice Billy Ray Stubblefield chose a different Judge this time for the recusal. Guess he wants a different outcome?

  23. Big Al Says:

    The recusal hearing is reset for 1:30 Friday. Yes, it is the feds. which raises an interesting point The ATF is scheduled to provide security for the trial. The last big ATF Waco op., 50 or 60 ATF agents were disguised as steers and cows, loaded into two cattle trailers and then assaulted a church just East of the Courthouse, eventually killing everybody inside, with the FBI’s assistance. Will they attempt to use the same cattle trailers, or will a different disguise be used this time?

  24. Iron Rider Says:

    @ Rebel

    If the Feds are applying pressure I have to wonder what it is that they dont want Gotro or any other defendants counsel to learn thru evidence or discovery, not to mention this in my mind confirms that the Feds were neck deep involved in what occurred at Twin Peaks.

    It will be interesting what becomes ofn things after the hearing and how willing the judge is at giving Gotro’s accusations any weight. Like the old saying where there’s smoke, there’s fire

  25. FF Says:

    Instant Karma is gonna get you, Waco.

  26. Rebel Says:

    Dear Iron Rider,

    It is the feds.


  27. Iron Rider Says:

    “He is an honest and honorable man named Ralph Strother. He is a fine and successful Texas politician who sees the young Tom Cruise when he looks in the mirror except on those occasions when he sees Jesus.”

    Rebel that had me laughing my ass off, but while it was damn funny I also got the intent about Strothers ego that is shining thru with your comment.

    I agree Rebel that the fix might be in. Gotro filed her motion and already they are going to have a hearing on it, that sure the hell didnt occur this lightning fast with the other defendants counsel that was trying to get Strothers recused from their cases.

    Wonder if Reyna called in favors or are they trying to make sure to get Carrizal convicted before any defendants counsel gets all the missing evidence. Guess we will see if justice will be fair or not. By the speed this is taking place I expect a lot of shenanigans to be pulled by Reyna and pals

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