Gotro Punks Corrupt Judge

September 1, 2017

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Gotro Punks Corrupt Judge

Whether Abelino Reyna, Michael Jarrett, Amanda Dillon and the rest of the humanoids in the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office like it or not, Michael Jarrett now has about as much chance to “do” Dallas Bandido Jake Carrizal first as he has to do Britney Spears.

One hundred ninety-two criminal cases resulting from the probably police provoked, completely preventable, Waco Twin Peaks Biker Brawl in May 2015 have lingered for 838 days because three D League politicians have been stalling what should be the normal course of justice. The arrests were unconstitutional. The bails were unconstitutional. The grand jury deliberations were a parody of what a grand jury is supposed to do. The blatant obfuscation by the state of evidence in the case has been illegal, unethical and probably unconstitutional. The press coverage at the local, state and national level has been fatuous, obvious and gutless. Things are going to change.

Whatever it is that Reyna and his backup singers, and judges Ralph Strother and Matt Johnson have been hiding for the last 27 months must be a doozy. And it is impossible not to notice, a priori, that the three bastards are involved in a conspiracy to obstruct justice and that at some point they must have furthered that conspiracy via email or telephone. If these three called themselves Bandidos they would be in a federal lockup far from home.


But they aren’t and the fact that they aren’t has infuriated hundreds of their voiceless victims. And, those victims are not just the mostly innocent men and women they have terrorized with their official powers but also those direct victims’ parents, grandparents, spouses, children and creditors.

Finally this week at least four defense attorneys in the case found some traction. Finally the Texas judiciary stopped acting like a lynch mob. Two days ago defenders Clint Broden, Susan Criss and Millie L. Thompson convinced a judge named James Morgan to remove Strother from their cases. All of them had been denied speedy trials for their clients because, for whatever reason, Jarrett thought he could “win” against Carrizal – as if Carrizal’s life was just another Baylor football game.

Reyna and Strother began maneuvering to “do” Carrizal first when Carrizal was represented by a Stephenville, Texas general practice lawyer named Landon Northcutt. Northcutt agreed to defend Carrizal out of the goodness of his heart. Strother and the prosecutors, working together like the spokes of a wheel, overwhelmed Northcutt with tiny bites of evidence hidden in terabytes of telephone books, assigned him a trial date he did not want and refused to continue it.

Unleash Fury

So Northcutt quit and a small, pretty, bright, driven, profane Fury named Casie (pronounced like Casey at the Bat) Gotro took his place – presumably to prove something to herself that might be true but usually isn’t about the American criminal justice system. She could be knee deep in a big money divorce this hurricane season. Instead she is defending a Dallas Bandido who was charged with murder and aggravated assault after sheltering his bleeding father in his arms – as police bullets buzzed past his face and over his head.

Gotro lit up the case about a minute after she entered it. On multiple occasions, Jarrett has asked Strother to protect him from her. Jarrett, of all people, has accused Gotro of unprofessionalism. Strother has lowered his head in histrionic exasperation every time she has refused to let the judge doubletalk her. Strother, who like all crooked and incompetent judges likes to make his rulings from the bench and try his cases in camera, has handled most of the pretrial proceedings in his chambers.

At a status hearing this morning Gotro was at it again. She was righteous and furious for all of Reyna’s and Jarrett’s and Dillon’s and Johnson’s and Strother’s victims. She called both Strother and Jarrett liars. “I’ve had it with you calling me a liar,” Jarrett complained.

Jarrett’s Lips Were Moving

Gotro told him, “Please, please lie on the record some more.”

Strother taunted her. “She has threatened to file a motion to have me recused, but she has not.”

“I am surprised that your honor has not recused himself,” she said.

“Stop it! Stop it,” Strother said when she finally got to him.

Eventually, she did. She handed the bailiff a handwritten motion to remove Strother from the Carrizal case. The bailiff handed the motion to the judge. The motion will immediately or eventually go to the same appeals court that recused Strother from those three other cases two days ago.

It is unlikely that Gotro’s motion will be decided before September 12, when Carrizal is scheduled for trial. It is unlikely that Strother will not be recused from Carrizal’s case. And, it is also unlikely that Waco’s big, legal stonewall will continue to hide whatever it is that Reyna, Johnson and Strother have been hiding for the last 838 days.

But slowly the truth is coming to Waco. Whether Waco likes it or not.


27 Responses to “Gotro Punks Corrupt Judge”

  1. Vintage Says:

    @RLG – Negligence is a passive thing, defined as “failure to take proper care to avoid something”, or “lack of normal care or attention”. What unAbel Reyna has committed is a proactive and intentional violation of a number of laws and ethics. I doubt that once the world sees what happened (and continues to happen) in Wacko, his insurance will cover him for all he has done.

    Though I try to keep things in perspective and am cautious not to get too optimistic, I am beginning to believe that it is inevitable we will someday have a pretty clear picture of this massive violation of constitutional rights. We will never know everything, thanks in great part to the lamestream media’s disinterest in this case and their preference to report on the color and consistency of Kim Kardashian’s latest bowel movement or to blame Trump for everything wrong under the sun. But we might someday see details of what we already know: a bunch of corrupt, overzealous and blindly ambitious halfwits made a series of bad and illegal decisions, then compounded the severity of their crimes by continuing to cover up and delay the discovery of their treachery. Apparently they’ve forgotten the lessons learned in Watergate. The microscopic soul of Richard Nixon is probably roasting away in Hell and laughing its wrinkled old ass off.

  2. Dutchboy Says:

    Ever have a problem, like a high speed wobble? You think “I’ve got this”, then it gets worse regardless of how hard you try you can feel the control slipping away from you? About now is when you see the on coming semi that seems to be on a set of rails pointed right at you? Yea, so Judge Strother, how are you enjoying your ride?

  3. RLG Says:

    I wonder if Reyna’s malpractice insurance covers negligence…

  4. rw Says:

    Would it pass judge Morgan’s average Joe on the street test?

  5. Rebel Says:

    Dear Jim Bob,

    A judge is not prohibited, under Texas law, from presiding over a case in which he is related to one of the lawyers in the case — let alone in which he is or was in business with the boss of one of the lawyers in the case. It would be perfectly legal for Johnson to be assigned to the case. However, there might be other grounds to recuse the guy.

    I wouldn’t be shocked if the trial is delayed for about two weeks and Johnson is assigned the case. At a glance. As a layman.


  6. 1%erkenny Says:

    Mark.. u hit the nail on the head. C our kegal system is set up to let a guilty man go free before a innocent man is found guilty. But over the years this has changed. So much that judges typically stamp anything for prostitution. Where they hide evedenve from defense. This happens to people of color all day. Thats why our system lets a O. J. Walk and a inocent man be givin life. Rebel your a really great asset. Thanks stay healthy… Cause feds will attack u for free speach. Respect to those who give it.

  7. HH Says:

    Geez,never thought I’d fall in love with a lawyer. Hope someone has her six. I wouldn’t trust anyone in that county. FTP

  8. Mickey Says:

    Im just wondering, did/does Un-Abel regret following The Cookie Stealers advise?

  9. david Says:

    Ain’t sure why she used the “your honor” phrase for black-robed cover-up artist.

    Meanwhile, Un-Abel Reyna must be hiding in a hole somewhere. Or, doesn’t want to get anywhere near Dead-Eye, trigger-happy, lying Jarrett in the BS court.

  10. Aanon Says:

    Pro Bono, and claws dug in? Good to know there’s still some good ones. A class act to say the least.

  11. Iron Rider Says:

    Wow. Some other media outlet reported on the exchange in Stroters court, I am fucking amazed considering Rebel has been on the case since the beginning!

    If they let Johnson sub in for Strothers , then this just shows how much the fix is in, sub in the other judge who has been on the Twin Peaks cases since the beginning…. how fair..Not!

    I guess there just arent enough Reyna friendly Judges out there so they have to use the two dummies, how original

  12. Bustersbrotravis Says:

    She’s bad ass

  13. Big Al Says:

    The house built by Reyna, Jarrett, Strother and Johnson is falling down because it is made of dung, similar to their own composition.
    Rebel – excellent story – see you at the Crumbling Courthouse in a couple of weeks.

  14. Gordo Says:

    Go Gotro go

    Injustice to one is injustice to all

    Good news on Struthers recusal

  15. Austin Says:

    Link is to video ;

    A song about the so called “Waco Biker Shooting.” If there are any musicians or bands that play for bikers, i encourage you to learn my song and play it at every opportunity. You don’t have to ask my permission(it is copywrighted though). It’s about getting the message out about what really happened there. Here are the lyrics and how to play it. G/C/E-/D. I capoed up 2 frets to match my voice.

    I went down to Waco on a sunday afternoon
    Got myself in a hell of a mess like a pig at a Bar-B Que
    I went down there to meet Carmela off the old Chisolm trail
    Crossed the river at Waco got stuck in the Waco jail

    Hey don’t go down to Waco Dont ride into town
    The Waco police are gunnin for you they don’t mind cuttin’ you down
    Zapata said and i believe die on your feet not live on your knees
    Don’t trust the Waco police
    Don’t trust the Waco police

    We sat down to have a beer and grab some chicken wings
    I was there when the shooting started i did not see a thing
    They carried us down to a kangaroo court said they’d set our bail
    They told me a million dollars i told them they could go to hell

    We used to live in the land of the free, not sure any more
    We had a constitution but they threw that out the door
    If you ride a motorcycle be careful of what you do
    For the Waco police will shoot you down and blame it all on you

  16. Curbside Says:

    As a bastard, I take great offense to your lumping me in with those three shitstains. Aside from that, another great article. Thanks for staying on this. No one else in the media seems to care any more…

  17. Austin Says:

    I just came across this randomly – Trucker Dave Rocks!

  18. Austin Says:

    “It’s gonna happen….” Love that Rebel humor! LMFAO!!

    Well let’s get it on! Go Casie Go!!

    I eagerly await the On-Scene Reporting. Safe Travels Rebel.

  19. Phuquehed Says:

    Kick their lying, corrupt, unethical, shit-stain asses Miss Casie!!

  20. Gandalf Says:

    BTW She didn’t file the Motion to Recuse ON PURPOSE! She waited to show what a Scoundrel Strother is… buy not recusing Himself. She had that Motion and line ready… ““I am surprised that your honor has not recused himself,” CHOPED HIS FUCKING HEAD RIGHT OFF! “Liar AND Scoundrel” Chop, Chop… NEXT! (She already chopped Jarrett’s balls off weeks ago and carries them around in Her purse.)

  21. Gandalf Says:

    GIVE THEM HELL CASIE! I have been waiting for Casie and this story for a long time… and I never even met ANY of the accused. Casie just chopped Strothers head off in open court….knowing it might be Her last chance to call Him a Liar!

  22. Jim Bob Says:

    I am surprised that no one has fought to remove Matt Johnson for conflict of interest, Johnson and Abel Reyna are/were law partners (the Law firm is still open). If not a conflict of interest, certainly has the appearance of a conflict. Heck, I figure one day every case Reyna and Co. got a conviction in Johnson’s court will be appealed, for the same reasons.

  23. Iron Rider Says:

    @ Paula

    If the cops were removing casing from the scene, then they tampered with evidence that could determine who fired shots at Twin Peaks and if that’s provable, then the cops so called investigation is in serious jeopardy. Once evidence has been tampered with then there is no way in my mind that jurors can rely on the cops investigation of what they say occurred at Twin Peaks.

    As for old man Strothers, I think we just read about someone having a temper tantrum that he got kicked off the case and as for Jarret, I sure hope he is better at the law then he is at whining, because if he isn’t Gotro will win in a walk!

    As for Strothers taunting Gotro, I guess impartiality and temperament aren’t part of his DNA. Honestly who here didnt think Gotro would be filing a motion to have Strothers tossed off the case? Anyone…Anyone… yeah that’s right no one. We all knew Gotro would file and why wouldnt she the way Strothers has danced to Reyna’s tune.

    While Storthers may stay on Carrizal’s case, any conviction will be appealed without a doubt. Honestly I dont see how they can let Strothers stay on the case when he has shown obvious contention to Gotro and any defense counsel.

    All I can say is give em hell Gotro, dont let them bully and belittle you.

  24. Mark Says:

    An attorney that I know (he rides btw) told me the sign of a crooked court is, when the truth doesn’t matter it’s what can be proved that matters. I never really could wrap my arms around that statement until Waco opened my eyes to it. It takes a judge to rig the allowed evidence, to engineer proof without truth.

  25. neverwaz Says:

    That’s the best opening paragraph ever!

    “Michael Jarrett now has about as much chance to “do” Dallas Bandido Jake Carrizal first as he has to do Britney Spears.”

  26. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    If 14 officer’s was placed on administrative leave as the 3 officer’s who fired the. 223 rounds are the only ones who went before the grand jury a year later. WHERE ARE THE OTHER 11 OFFICER’S? Who did they shoot & where are those weapons? We all saw that 1 DPS officer carrying a bag over his shoulder in the Don Carlos video. Those there said they saw PD picking up casings and putting them in their pockets.
    Swanton said that they knew there was a problem, so why didn’t they do their job and arrest that problem? Oh wait I forgot that was Twin Peaks fault. They have failed and then set up this event prior to in the eyes of the law that is premeditated murder. They also know that if they don’t get Carrizal convicted the civil suit’s will surely be paid out because they do in fact have that proof..

  27. Steel Says:

    Damned corrupt Waco judicial system. Wait until the legal rats start jumping ship. Great maneuver by Casie Gotro. Let Strother paint his corrupt ass in a corner then dropped the bomb on him. Thanks for the great coverage Rebel.



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