Buffalo Chosen Few Bust

May 7, 2009

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Cops representing eight separate law enforcement agencies arrested eighteen people this morning who will be accused of belonging to or of somehow being associated with the Chosen Few Motorcycle Club in and around Buffalo, New York. Two more suspects are being sought by authorities.

A predominantly black motorcycle club founded in Los Angeles in 1959 also calls itself the Chosen Few. The two clubs know about each other but are separate clubs with separate patches.

Chosen Few

The New York Chosen Few were founded in Buffalo in 1967, and wear a “Beatnik for their center patch” which symbolizes “freedom and non-conformity with modernistic society.” Around Buffalo, the Chosen Few may be most famous for the free concerts they sponsor. But, today an anonymous investigator told the Buffalo News, “They’re an outlaw motorcycle club, as far as I’m concerned.” That was obviously enough to get them investigated and to get some of them arrested.

Evidence against the Chosen Few includes, wiretaps, electronic surveillance and photographic surveillance. Federal authorities have not yet announced how much the investigation cost or what they expect the cost-benefit ratio of the arrests to be.

The Chosen Few have a long and tangled history as a comparatively small club surrounded by larger ones. At one point, the Chosen Few were offered a patch-over by the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. During another moment in their history about half of the Buffalo Chosen Few joined the American Outlaws Association (AOA.)


For many years the Chosen Few have had a strained relationship with another Buffalo area fraternity of motorcycling enthusiasts, the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club. Various sources, both informed and speculative, have alleged for more than a year that the Kingsmen had “declared war” on the Chosen Few.

The two clubs have a history. Twelve years ago members of the Chosen Few and the Kingsmen were alleged to have fought a gun battle in West Seneca, New York. One man was injured as a result of that fight.

The Kingsmen have been publically alleged to maintain cordial relations with the AOA but they have repeatedly denied that they are either a support club or affiliated in any way with the Outlaws. The Kingsmen were established in Lockport, New York in 1958 and they wear a patch on their cuts that reads, “Kingsmen MC Not Affiliated.”

A year ago, shortly before the current troubles started, a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club named James “Mitch” McAuley pled guilty to conspiracy to murder members of the Kingsmen. The Chosen Few are alleged to be on cordial terms with the Hells Angels.

Recent Friction

Last summer at a Chosen Few concert and run called “Bikes and Blues,” some unknown person vandalized a tent and tagged it with the initials “KMC.” Last August, another someone fired gunshots at the Chosen Few Clubhouse in Depew, New York. Later that month, a Chosen Few prospect was shot at and run off the road in West Seneca.

Following this morning’s roundup, anonymous federal sources alleged that long-time Chosen Few President Alex Koschtschuk had ordered members of his club to retaliate against members of the Kingsmen. Koschtschuk will be charged with federal charges of masterminding a criminal conspiracy.

The other suspects were arrested “for various criminal acts involving weapons, possible explosives and assaults,” according to a federal source.

The arrests culminate a several-months long investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The Erie County New York Probation Department, New York State Police and police from the Depew, Lancaster, Buffalo and Amherst, New York Police Departments also participated in the arrests.

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28 Responses to “Buffalo Chosen Few Bust”

  1. LKDK Says:

    The few some are rats. Prez daughter “Yummy” set up ex member of the KMC on a sale. Back in 07-08

  2. Lb Carl Says:

    Looking for a former member who disappeared in the eighties. His sister is try to find him. His name was Thomas Cunningham(Tommy) from Corning, NY. He left with a girl named “Pepper” supposedly going to Missouri, and was never heard from again. If you know of him, email me [email protected]. His sister would be fotever grateful.

  3. FIREDOG Says:

    Does anyone know where on north transit the kmc clubhouse is in lockport?, i drive through there all the tine and can never figure out where it is..its not really important but now that i cant find it, its frustating me…lol stat safe on the bike boys..

  4. Wart Says:

    I met Mitch while in jail. He’s a fucking cool ass dude. He would drop some serious street knowledge and talk a little bit about the HA from back in the day. I found all of his stories extremely interesting but I just wish I talked with him more. It’s funny, there’s no beef between the biker gangs in the joint unless it’s personal because of all the other shit going down but on the streets it’s all personal it sounds.

  5. You Says:

    1%er is an ass. Sparky, you are a nobody. Go play with your little bike and oh wait…never mind…you can’t. Slaves and robots does seem a bit better than drug dealers and shit bags…

  6. anonymous Says:

    Whos your Grandfather? My father was also a founder and first president. I’ve been trying to get in touch with the members.

  7. 1%er Says:

    I am a true 1%er. I live my life 24/7 as a 1%er. I recently retired from my club in NYC after riding side by side with my brothers for over 15 years due to medical reasons. We just didn’t wear our 1% diamonds on our vests, we lived our lives with the 1% outlaw mentality. We are there for each other, no matter what. Treat us good, We will treat you better; treat us bad, and we will go out of our way to treat you worse. In my opinion The Chosen Few should had let HA patch them over, and all this bullshit between the Kingsmen and The Chosen Few would have not even been an issue. All motorcycle clubs either family clubs or 1% clubs, have 1 common enemy and that is the government. The government does not want to see the American people stand up for what they believe in. They want us to be slaves and turn us into robots. That’s what a real 1%er is about, standing up for what you truly believe in and saying fuck you to the rest. I now live in Buffalo and read all the MC local politics and it’s getting out of control. That is what the government wants you to do. So say FUCK THE GOVERMENT!! -SPARKY NYC

  8. bette Says:

    i run around with a few of the kmc boys and was with one for quite some years the dunkirk chapter shoulld have never openened, springville wasnt good either. keep it in bufalo, and keep strong, curly had no idea what he was doing.

  9. Jimbo Says:

    Anyone know why the kmc clubhouse is gone in springville

  10. Anonymous Says:

    MY grandfather was one of the original founders of the kingsmen… the chosen few are some bitches…Supporter Bob how are you going to say that “u didnt know the chosen few” my cousin was in the kingsmen and died then the kingsmen paid his wifes bills and would keep the family company so sit down jackass

  11. Dogg Says:

    Chosen Pukes…nothing more needs to be said.

  12. rawr Says:

    I live with a few kmc and across the street is a chapter prez its been real quit around here dont judge unleas u want to be judged appon

  13. bulldog Says:

    I have spent some time with many KMC members at a local watering hole, never had a problem with any of them, in fact I got along with them quite well. I am a well educated, business owner & clean cut. Not all members of any group are in it for the exact same reasons. Don’t judge all because of a few rotten apples!

  14. supporter bob Says:

    i hung around these guys every weekend…these guys were a bunch of great guys….they never went out and started trouble…these guys did alot of good for alot of people,if you don’t know that,u didn’t know the cfmc…..THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT…hang in there guys,you have alot of people on your side

  15. cfmc lover Says:

    cfmc forever. they will be back. i know it.

    p.s. alex Koschtschuk should rot in jail!

  16. Tom Says:

    Just came across this site. I see that Jimmy does not know his history in Buffalo. Ask any of the Koschtschuk brothers why they quit wearing their patches and going to their businesses and called called the cops on another club in Buffalo in the mid 70’s. Ask anyone who was around the scene then and they’ll tell you what happen.

  17. jimmy Says:

    hey mike it aint 75-77 anymore why dont u come see me and the only one pissing there pants in 75-77 was u mike

  18. Mike Says:

    Looks like the old club full of cop callers from 1970s in Buffalo are finally a target of the cops themselves.
    Last time I seen those “chosen few” guys they were pissing their pants in about 75-77.

  19. supporter Says:

    it seems funny that the article above keeps saying “other clubs /people started with the cfmc” why were there no action taken against them? everyone new that the cfmc r a strong club. hang in there guys…see u all soon

  20. chibbs Says:

    they will b back!

  21. rb1 Says:

    The cfmc are a club full of snitchs in Buffalo. Funny they got busted, guess they couldn’t snitch on enough people or other clubs to save them selves this time.

  22. lovely Says:


  23. german Says:

    send the kingsmen down to the cfmc elmira chapter….they’ll take care of biz.

  24. barfly Says:

    c.f.m.c forever

  25. rb Says:

    It’s funny that these guys were busted. They used to work with the police in Buffalo in the ’70’s to get rid of other clubs in the area.

  26. electromozzo Says:

    Nice site. go to my favorites. TNx

  27. willie Says:

    fuck em

  28. Bonnie Says:

    So I read about everything the KMC did but why were the CFMC arrested ?

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