Colorado Expo Sues Mongols

August 30, 2017

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Colorado Expo Sues Mongols

Colorado Motorcycle Expo, Incorporated filed suit August 11 in Denver against “the Mongols Nation Motorcycle Club” as part of the legal fallout from an ugly incident at the Expo on January 30, 2016.

That day a Colorado prison guard and Iron Order Motorcycle Club member named Derrick “Kong” Duran shot and seriously wounded Mongols Motorcycle Club member Jared Chadwick and shot and killed Mongol Victor Mendoza near a Mongols booth at the Expo. Duran was not charged with any crime, mostly because only members of the Iron Order gave voluntary statements to police. As is part of their ethical code, the Mongols who witnessed the incident refused to cooperate with Duran’s prosecution. The Iron Order does not impose a similar ethical code on its members.

The Iron Order

In general, Iron Order members are encouraged to pick fights with members of other clubs, escalate the confrontation to a gun fight and then tattle on their victims to the police. Iron Order members rehearse scenarios in which they ingratiate themselves to police while they tattle. As current Iron Order International Vice President and de facto International Sergeant at Arms, Lieutenant Colonel Michael “Cgar” Crouse told his club brothers, “I know our club has the advantage. One percenters won’t call the cops. So what the fuck, destroy any fucker that confronts you. It’s a free ticket….”

Crouse has blamed this site for the behavior of Iron Order members. In a comment published here just four days before the confrontation in Denver, Crouse wrote, “All the sidewalk commandos here do is instigate until a situation arises that results in someone getting hurt or losing their lives. The hater pages and this blog are directly responsible for that.”

Following an Iron Order murder in Meridian, Mississippi in 2015, the club’s putative sergeant at arms, Eric “Ogur” White instructed club members to obstruct the investigation into the fight in Meridian. “I’m sure most of you are aware of the incident in Mississippi with the Bandidos and Pistoleros. The member of the other club did not make it. He passed away this morning…. It is very important that you remain quiet about this. We are facing legalities and Shark (“Shark” is attorney John C, Whitfield, the director of the club’s seven man department of legal affairs) is handling those so don’t go on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media site saying anything about the issue. If you are contacted by law enforcement, refer them to Shark and do not answer any questions. Play dumb. We are treating this as just another incident. Things have simmered down so don’t go give them any ammunition by running your mouth outside the club. Anyone caught divulging club info will not like the outcome. We will get through this just like before!”

Legal Aftermath

Soon after he was cleared, Duran quit his job, sold his house in Colorado and disappeared. He was last seen in Minnesota. Sources within the Iron Order Motorcycle Club have told The Aging Rebel that Duran is still a member.

Mendoza’s widow, Laura, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Duran, the Iron Order and the Colorado Expo in October 2016. Duran has not yet been served with his complaint because he has so thoroughly disappeared that someone who tried to find him concluded he had enrolled in the U.S. Marshals Witness Protection Program – which is usually reserved for cooperating witnesses and confidential informants in federal racketeering cases rather to assist miscreants from being sued.

Chadwick filed suit against the same defendants and the building that housed the Expo in January of this year. The Iron Order is embroiled in multiple wrongful death law suits including one resulting from the homicide of Tonya Focht in June 2015. A very informed source expects the Iron Order to lose both lawsuits and disband.

The Expo alleges that the Mongols agreed to “indemnify, defend and hold harmless” the Expo “for any loss, costs or expenses relating to” the Mongols’ “activities at the Expo or any third-party claims that may arise therefrom.”

The Expo’s suit alleges breach of contract, breach of the clause in the contract in which the club agrees to defend and indemnify the Expo, and it also alleges that the Mongols where responsible for the fight with the Iron Order.

The lawsuit states: “Mongols MC members initiated or perpetuated this altercation by a number of means, including but not limited to slapping a beer out of the hands of an Iron Order member and physically assaulting Iron Order members, including but not limited to Derrick Duran, which ultimately resulted in the death of Mongols’ member Victor Mendoza and serious injury to Mongols member Chadwick. Upon information and belief, Mongols MC members Mendoza and Chadwick were participants in the alteration.”

The Expo wants the Mongols to pay them damages and court costs with the amount of damages to be determined at a jury trial.

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28 Responses to “Colorado Expo Sues Mongols”

  1. Eugene Bell Says:

    I notice there are lots of things about societies of various kinds, how the perception of outsiders of those societies always get it wrong about how they live and think and how the are organized or not, like General Custer, and the U. S. Government, they thought the “indians” were a bunch of savages that had no idea about tactics, he was sent there to basically slaughter a bunch of women and children and it was going to be in the papers that Custer, who was jonesing for Presidential nomination would go on to be a hero again in the news papers. He found a very organized confederation of tribes that just sat and watched him ride into a boxed canyon.

    When asked by a newspaper reporter years after the Custer took his spanking, two of these racially inferior “indians” were asked what the battle was like, how did it go, how long did it last? Well, they didn’t tell time the same way as the master race so they could not come up with a word for the interpreter to tell how long the attack lasted. They finally decided to tell it in their own words, “the fight lasted long enough for a hungry man to eat a meal.”

    Profiling, it is sometimes a very bad mistake to underestimate. Bikers have a great thing going, I wish they would get a realization that they can get along together. They all believe in freedom, if all those that believe in freedom realize, when they put the patch on their back, they are putting a target on their back, and police target them because the society, of which they are a microcosm within, the government of that society often really does not approve of the congregating of sub-groups that might get ideas, they might come up with plots, they might become dangerous, so they label all of the various targets, to make sure they don’t get out of line and they come down on various groups in this subgroup, they even sometimes disguise some of their foot soldiers so they can blend into this subgroup. Perhaps all of the various tribes of bikers will learn from the chiefs of old, the chiefs of the various tribes that got together and challenged the authority of the Custer’s invaders to slaughter some women and children, to make him think that while they were all outside hunting and fishing and do what sub-human people have to do to feed their families, they were there organized, they were not fighting one another, they were not trying to rule over one another, they were not trying to take one another’s freedom to ride free, they were ready to defend against the IRON ORDER that had come to take the freedom of all of the tribes away.

  2. Cody Says:

    Multiple clubs have had booths at the Colorado expo for years and there was never a problem until the IO showed up. Even when there were tensions between clubs it was understood that the expo was neutral ground. The expo should be suing IO not the Mongols.

  3. Filburt Says:

    Urine Odor = ANTIFA.

  4. Troy Alford Says:

    Man fuck the Urine Odor…..just a bunch of punks who were picked on and ridiculed in school… the get a harley and some leather and their patches they bought off line from China or Mexico and they think their tuff…..well they certainly are not…..just a bunch cum guzzling gueers.Hell their women are tougher than the men. I talk this shit because im familiar with them. Hell i told five of them the same thing and got threatened with them calling the police.Do the world a favor i.o. and kill yourselves…lol.

  5. Stevo Says:


    May I be the first to congratulate you on your heroic nature, your manly attributes and masculine bravery, well done sir, shit talking on the Internet? Truly a man amongst men.


  6. Sukhotai Says:

    Well…. Lawsuits say all kinds of shit, doesn’t make it true. Last I heard from friends in MInn., is this ass is under protection, name change, and working in either ND or Minn. My take on the suit is simple math.. No One will go back to the Colorado facility because they were toal dicks, so they are loosing massive dollars from the loss of venue rental…

  7. Troy Alford Says:

    Man where do i start… i live close to the urine odor’s shithouse. And to be geographically correct i live in Butner N.C. and my name is Troy Alford. I recently had a confrontation with five of these bitch faggots. Im not sure of his real name….but he goes by bottletop or bottlecap 0r some queer as the story goes he talked all kinds of shit till i called his bluff. …then instead of me and him it was me against all his cop buddies.and they still didn’t do shit……point is they start shit and hide behind the police…..this i know is true. So fuck the Iron Skillets…lol…..and who ever follows this group of homo’s. And the women….lol…..i threw a frisby and two of them chased it….Lol. AFFA

  8. BMW Says:

    A thoroughly rotten situation in Colorado, spread like an incurable STD by the leather boys at Urine Odor. Everything and everyone touched by that law enforcement/Mafioso gang gets corrupted or destroyed. Not surprised about the lawyers suing the Mongols, though. It is standard legal practice among heavy hitter lawyers to sue everyone, and then see what a court decides later. No doubt, the Mongols would have been impleded by one of the parties anyway, to try to reduce the percentage of the damages facing the assassination gang at Urine Odor. I do have to wonder if it is possible to serve the Witness protection program,since it may be provable later that they are hiding the murderer.




  9. Don Says:

    i guess the video of the cat yakking with the cop shows how easy it is for a square with money to buy a bike, get some tattoos, some leathers, a fucked upped hair cut, some sneakers and call themselves outlaws.

  10. Twitch Says:

    Hangaround brings up a few good points, especially the part about iron order not being welcome to any future expo events. There is obviously a reason for that but now they want to sue the Mongols? Something doesn’t smell right with this shit.

  11. 82FXR Says:

    The only thing that worries my about the fuckhead order disbanding is you’ll never be able to tell who the scum was once they take that dumb patch off. If only there was a way to permanently mark them, I’m thinkin inglorious bastards style. FUCK YOU IO PUCKS.

  12. Hangaround Says:

    As I remember the Colorado cops recommended first degree murder charges against monkey boy. It was the DA that decided to not prosecute.
    Even the blue line saw through the BS that happened at the Expo ( for once ).

    Based on this it is suprising that the Expo folks want to sue the Mongols. Especially
    because they stated the Iron Order was not welcome at any future Expo events.

  13. Dutchboy Says:

    Recently a defense attorney was removed because he had a conflict of interest since he had advised some of the witnesses in the past.
    How the hell can an attorney be a patched member of the IOMC and still represent them? Looks like he could be removed.

  14. panamaa Says:

    Not to mention this fuck Duran obviously being protected to the hilt by someone or something with a lot more ass then the fucking O.I.

  15. panamaa Says:

    I may be stating the obvious, but I can’t help but to think the Iron Order is supported and backed (sanctioned so to speak) by a government entity… Rebel has alluded to it as many of you have.. They get by with so much shit, and all along “Cgar” keeps his job.. I mean a fucking Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army involved in murders and cover-ups… Just kinda makes ya wonder….


  16. Paladin Says:

    When one dose not refute the accusations levied against them, those accusations then become statements of fact. Based on the statements of the io and not refuted by the other side, the DA decided to hold Duran harmless for his actions, a de facto finding of self-defense.

    If you’re going to file a civil suite, you’re not going to file against a group or individual found innocent of criminal wrong-doing. You’ll go after the other side.


  17. Iron Rider Says:

    So an Iron Order member who can’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag and pulls a gun and shoots two Bandidos and Colorado Expo sues the Bandidos? Let me guess a little gentle persuasion from Colorado Law Enforcement officials and the Iron Order head Lawyer perhaps?

    Amazing how an Iron Order fat fuck can shoot two people and get a free pass, nothing like the blue wall protecting their own. I would love to see the Bandidos Lawyer subepona the Iron Order head lawyer and that rat fat fuck Duran amd see watch them squirm to try and get out of it especially when rat fuck Duran was a central figure in what took place

  18. Dutchboy Says:

    Oger’s statement is amazing. If any MC, hell if the Rotary made such a statement telling their members to obstruct RICO charges would come down like snow.

  19. Rosco Says:

    You know I kinda agree with Hellizona on this one. Both of these clubs do nothing but cause problems. The Mongols are a huge reason a lot of bars are putting No Colors signs in the area up because of how they act in public and the Iron Order are just a general nuisance. Maybe this can dissolve the Iron Orfer into a million splinter clubs for everyone to chase around and drive up the Mongols membership so they can afford all of their legal fees!

  20. Azchopjock Says:

    I sure hope no one plans on supporting the expo anymore. In fact I just checked their page to see what corporate sponsors they have to make sure I don’t do business with them.

  21. El Chuntaro Says:

    Wherever did Kong Jong Un vanish too?

  22. Whitepride Says:

    @ HELIZONA. May I ask what the Mongols did wrong for you to say “FUCK MONGOLS”? If you have a problem with the Mongols maybe you should express it to their faces.

  23. Phuquehed Says:

    Rope. Tree. Lying cunts in the Urine Odor and those air-wasting faggots of the Expo going after the wrong people.

  24. Blasko Train Says:

    I can’t be shocked at all. Is anyone? This is as upside down as always. Nothing new. I can say that this is bullshit and needs to end, but it’s a song we’ve all heard many times before. Godspeed. I hope it ends in your favor. We all know it’s bullshit.

  25. HELIZONA Says:


  26. Mickey Says:

    Unfuckingly Unbelievable, What is wrong with these Colorado Expo people???

  27. hero Says:

    This is total horse Crap. That expo can and will be exposed for the turn coat b.s. they are pulling. The Mongols had a booth (I am guessing paid for) and with that booth supported the expo and the Colorado motorcycle culture. In return had one of their members killed and another wounded by a group who did not support the expo. I would like to see them never make a dime from the death of a club member and also to never make a dime from the motorcycle cluture ever again. I am outraged at a person or entity that would ever support such an event.

  28. Rotten Says:

    Why the fuck arn’t thise assholes suing the lyin oder? Fuck them cunts…I hope the M’s send rhis asshole a message, with a sledgehammer.

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