Multicultural Millennials Hate Dynas

August 28, 2017

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Multicultural Millennials Hate Dynas

First the FXR. Now the Dyna.

Harley-Davidson introduced its 2018 lineup of 29 motorcycles and two tricycles last week. The company is no longer building Dynas or V-Rods.

Instead there is a 500cc baby bike that costs seven grand plus tax and license and a couple of 750s that are aimed at millennials and foreigners. The Motor Company is still selling five Sportsters including the 883 with an Evolution motor for $8700. Somebody in the aftermarket must be making the big cylinder conversion kits. You can get three 1200cc Evolution Sportsters. One of them comes with a two-gallon peanut tank. The press release doesn’t say who wants to buy an $11,000 bike with a range of 80 miles. If you like the V-Rod you can still buy a new Sportster with a Revolution engine.

Harley is now selling eight Softails that start at about $19,000, sticker; ten touring bikes that start at about $27,000; three factory customs that start at $40,000; and of course, the tricycles.

Authentic Noise

The press release runneth over with blather. Here’s a big, deep drink. Try not to gag.

“Leading into its 115th Anniversary year, Harley-Davidson today launched five new Touring bikes and eight all-new Softail Big-Twin cruisers designed under the largest product development project in company history. Part of the Motor Company’s commitment to launch 100 high-impact motorcycles by 2027, each new cruiser was redesigned from the ground-up and features the Milwaukee-Eight engine, an all-new frame and advanced technology to form a new foundation of style, comfort and performance.”

“To build excitement, the company partnered with celebrity and motorcycle enthusiasts around the world to be among the first to experience the new models. Each will reveal the new bikes to their fans with unboxing sessions across their social media channels. Check out #FreedomMachine to see who’s involved and what happens next.”

Celebrity enthusiast Kurt Sutter got a new bike in a big, black box. So did Jason Momoa from Game of Thrones. So did Kristen Lassen who is a “Motorcycle Technician and Influential Content Creator” in Orlando. So did Mark Atkins, who “is the face behind Rusty Butcher, a clothing and leather goods brand.”

Did you get one? Me neither.

Blah, Blah, Blah

The press release also informed: “‘The new Softail models are the result of the most extensive research and development program in the company’s history,’ said Paul James, manager of product portfolio, Harley-Davidson. ‘Thousands of hours of testing were put into the complete redesign of these new cruisers. We focused on taking the total rider experience to a higher level, where authenticity, heritage and soul meet the modern edge of technology for a ride that must be felt to be believed.’”

“One of the primary ethos that we follow is that form follows function but both report to emotion,” Brad Richards, Harley’s Vice President of Styling and Design, wants you to know. Well, maybe not you. Maybe, more like somebody who hopes to live through you.

“The authenticity of Harley-Davidson design comes by sweating the details from start to finish, ‘hard to do and hard to copy.’ Harley-Davidson motorcycles are not a commodity; they are handed down from generation to generation,” Richards continues, Apparently if the same soulless suit just says the same nonsense enough times people must believe it. “We look at every nut and bolt on the bike, all the finishes, and every small detail. The new Softail frame is like a piece of art, and the more you take off the bike, the more beautiful it becomes. Its design speaks to the teamwork that our styling and engineering processes demand.”

There are many thousands of words of this. Many of the words are “authenticity.” Others are “authentic” and “influencer.” Let’s all wish Harley good luck with this.


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56 Responses to “Multicultural Millennials Hate Dynas”

  1. phil Says:

    buy an indian bigger bang for the buck and about 90% made in the usa.still have by 2000 road king but ride the indian 75% of the time.

  2. Mansa Keita Says:

    I’m a black Harley owner and 80’s baby so I think that qualifies me as a “Multicultural Millenial”. I’m Dyna rider to the death. Nothing funner than hitting the canyons and twisties and riding low, scraping pegs and pipes in the turns while getting side-eyed looks from sportbike riders. The 14″ t bars make the bike more nimble in the turns and make the bike easier to lanesplit through congested Bay Area traffic without smashing mirrors. The Dyna was the Swiss Army knife of bikes to me. They were made to be cornered, but slap some LeatherPro retro T Sport repop bags and a fairing on them and they are ready to be ridden across state lines without causing knee and back pain.

    The claim that the new Softails were made in attempts to capture younger riders shows how out of touch Harley is with streets and younger riders. The Harley of choice for my generation is the Dyna and the FXR. With groups like Unknown Industries, Straight Up Fam and Out Here Crew known on the stunt scene for hitting wheelies at 12 O’Clock, standing burnouts with no feet on the ground and spinning donuts on Dynas and FXR’s are a testament to that. Harley never thought to do their research and see the countless videos on youtube of millenials riding Dynas and FXR’s on motocross tracks, dirt trails, snow, frozen lakes and even jumping them in skate parks.

    I’ve always hated the Softail. It’s a bike that isn’t comfortable on long rides and can practically only be ridden straight. I was pissed off when I heard HD was discontinuing the Dyna line and making Softails into Dyna knockoffs. However I test rode the Softail Lowrider and was blown away. The thing is quick on the line, nimble, noticeably lighter than its predecessors and dare I say, has handling capabilities that put the FXR to shame. I was surprised, shocked and quickly became a believer.

    After hitting a few S bend turns on the test ride it was clear the the Softail rendered the Dyna obsolete. However, it does have downfalls. Neither the seat nor suspension are as comfortable as my 2002 Lowrider. The bike doesn’t seem like it would provide the same comfort on a 1000 plus mile ride. Also the new engine mounts that rid the bike of the notorious rumble and vibration take away the spirit of the bike. I prefer the rumble, it makes the bike feel more brawny and muscular. This new Softail, though more refined is too quiet and too tame.

    As great a bikes the new Softail Lowrider and Fat Bob are, Harley is going to have a time getting younger buyers to swap their Dynas for Softails. Young people hear “softail” and immediately think “Old man bike” or “RUB bike”. After test riding the bike I tried to convince another dude a few years younger than who was going to buy a Dyna to at least test ride the new Softail Lowrider. He wouldn’t even sit on it just because it was names “Softail”.

    Harley is going to have to work extremely hard to use the Softail as a platform to lure younger riders that this new Softail “Isn’t your father’s Softail”. The pricing is going to be hard to lure my age group too when we can buy REAL Dynas used off Craigslist for anywhere between $5000-9000 already done up with t bars, two into one pipes, cams, leather pro bags and a sound system.

  3. Rob Coen Says:

    All in all these Harleys aren’t bad, but like every HD built before,they are just a foundation for customizing to individual taste. That can’t be said for most brands.

  4. JR Says:

    Harley isn’t Harley and hasnt been for a long time, when they have more clothes in the store than motorcycles its a clothing brand that sells a few motorcycles

  5. Muck 1%er Says:

    @ sled tramp
    I tried my friend, but it says that your email account that I have for you, no longer exists.

    Contact me at [email protected]

  6. sled tramp Says:

    @Muck 1%er
    Hit me up on the old email address,want to relate some stuff.

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