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August 22, 2017

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Look! Up In The Air!

There was, according to local news outlets and if you believe your own lying eyes, a brawl between “rival motorcycle clubs” about 7:30 Sunday evening outside JJ’s Pub in Ottawa, Illinois. Ottawa is a city of about 18,000 near the marriage of the Illinois and Fox Rivers 80 miles southwest of Chicago.

Early reports describe the altercation as “huge.” There is some wild speculation among some news outlets that the brawl involved members of the American Outlaw Association and the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.

The brawl was brief. It involved no gunshots or fatalities. Two handguns and multiple knives were confiscated by police.

Expired Registration

So far, four men have been arrested. Eric P. Cronin has been accused of mob action and trying to stab a cop. Robert J. Thoman is accused of mob action, possessing brass knuckles, unlawful use of a weapon, possessing a concealed gun inside a liquor establishment and using a glass bottle as a weapon. Craig Varner was accused of not renewing his motorcycle registration in a timely manner. And Christopher T. Tondini is accused of altering his vehicle registration.

There are, apparently, many chatty people in Ottawa, Illinois who like to be interviewed.

Jeremy Johnson, who owns JJ’s, told The Times of Ottawa, “These people were not locals.” Johnson said the trouble started after“a man in a suit” entered JJ’s. Johnson told the local paper, “There were broken bottles, chairs and tables thrown” but the dispute ended quickly because “the men and women in blue were terrific.”


The story really gained traction, however, because of another good citizen named Shannon Cantu. Cantu owns a video drone. His Facebook page is here.

Somehow, Cantu learned a fight was about to occur. He hurried to JJ’s, launched his drone, landed it when he discovered his batteries were dead and relaunched just in time to record the scene he sold to WGN in Chicago.

So far the video has been viewed 140,000 times.


15 Responses to “Look! Up In The Air!”

  1. Rob Coen Says:

    Not much of a fight. Looks like the cops were already there when it broke out.

  2. BMW Says:

    A charge of “Not renewing his motorcycle registration in a timely manner”…Really? Such a serious charge! Such unmitigated violence! Should martial law be declared and the National Guard sent in?

    Which club was wearing suits? Are dark suits the official Stevie Cookiestealer “post-Whaco Massacre ” motorcycle “gang” identifier? How can we differentiate between FBI agents and “full patch” “OMG” members?

    Thanks for exposing the laughable “reporting” on TVs these days, Aging Rebel! I expect grand jury indictments any day now…ROTFLMAO!



  3. Mark Says:

    The cops involved that responded to the massive OMG fight will all get awards and medals for their bravery. Which will take place in some large hall and the media will cover it in detail with interviews with the cops on how they feared for their lives but put public safety first.

  4. Nuke n' Pave Dave Says:

    and this is newsworthy exactly how?

  5. rocco151 Says:

    @dutchboy hit it right on the head !

    Ottawa,IL is a tiny little town right off of I-80 where it would be logical for a group to stop for a burger and a beer after a ride and before returning to their regular cities to start the work week . This wasn’t a fight between two groups, this was a loud mouth instigator in a suit (maybe with his buddies) who wanted to prove that bikers aren’t so tough or was put up to starting trouble ! Looking at the video, the suits are lucky that the bikers were half hearted in their “fighting” or there would have been some real damage done ! This story wouldn’t have made the news in Chicago !

  6. Dutchboy Says:

    Wow, doesn’t this scream “more to the story than what we’re telling”! Wonder how much Cantu paid the guy in the suit to go in and start shit… Is Cantu some flavor of blue gang BTW?

  7. Dutchboy Says:

    @Filburt. Who won? Why the police and the press won, of course.

  8. Iron Rider Says:

    Holy shit your mean there were two OMG guys who had registration issues, that’s a heavy criminal element right there, I bet SWAT had a hell of a time handling such nasty criminals. Wow I bet the cops think the streets are safer without those two on the loose. Honestly, what a joke I guess you need some additional names when you really only have two people that are charged with allegedly committing a crime.

    So one guy had a bottle and he got charged for it wow how newsworthy, I bet you 20 bucks that is so common that there are people charged with using or having a bottle as a weapon everyday and no where in this story did it say the guy used the bottle as a weapon.

    And as for the terrifying brawl footage, out of all those people I dont see many scrapping it out, most walked away after shit died down, so I would hardly call that a brawl, and hell I have seen far worse involving way more people than this.

    Did they call Swanton for some PR advice? You’d think so given what a blowhard he turned out to be. Honestly school yard brawls are way more dangerous then this was, Like give me a break with this bullshit trying to fan the flames and make something out that is no where near what the media and cops claim it to be

  9. Paladin Says:

    While the reporter (Mike Lowe) gushes, the bar tender appears to be self medicating while Shannon Cantu drones on. Circus people; What would life be like without circus people?


  10. OlGreyBeard Says:

    Regardless of who is blowing what out of proportion, the fact remains until everyone calms the fuck down and realizes this isn’t the fucking 60’s and 70’s anymore, the hate will continue from both law enforcement and the media. We live in a different time now you just can’t go around doing this shit anymore, all it does is draw more unwanted and un-needed attention then there already is on everybody. When you put the patch on your back you already have the weight of the world across your shoulders and you earned the right to become a brother and a mentor to others. Can someone please explain why no one is teaching these younger guys what this is really all about? Why isn’t this happening anymore with the top clubs? The spirit of respect is gone I guess!

  11. Tusk Says:

    I’ve been in worse fights than that just trying to get TO the fight.

  12. Filburt Says:

    Who won ?

  13. Phuquehed Says:

    That stupid pussy bar maid…I mean bartender who did all the blabbing to the news person thought a few drops of blood was ‘bleeding pretty good’? He’ll overblow the whole thing more than the useless video did. All I saw was mostly some shoving and pushing. If there was a bloody nose, who gives a rats ass? A bloody nose is to be fucking expected in a good fight! Gahdamned people of this planet are becoming more and more pussified.

  14. hero Says:

    Someone is always watching. Laying low is apparently not an option with all the publicity directed at all national and international clubs.

  15. Psycho Says:

    “Witnesses say this biker gang brawl lasted less than a minute, but it is certainly something that’ll be talked about for long after that here on usual quiet main street.”

    More like it’ll be blown out of proportion by the media, and hounded over by law enforcement, instead of recognizing it as a little scuffle, so that they can continue to vilify anyone with a cube in order to get a couple extra dollars on their already ridiculous law enforcement budgets.

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