Barroso Trying To Appeal

August 21, 2017

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Barroso Trying To Appeal

Mario “Paco” Barroso got slightly closer to appealing his sentence last week in the sordid, cynical and never ending Iron Coffins Motorcycle Club murder case in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Early on New Year’s Day 2012 in the Iron Coffins clubhouse an club member named Matthew Starkweather got into a fight with chapter president Lee J. “Leeroy” Taylor. Taylor owed Starkweather $2,500 and told Starkweather he couldn’t repay him. After Starkweather knocked Taylor down an Iron Coffin named John Lindahl III ordered everybody who wasn’t a club member to leave.

The two quit fighting and seemed to reconcile before Taylor went to the bathroom and saw himself in a mirror, Then he charged out with a collapsible baton in one hand and a belt knife in the other. He knocked Starkweather down, stabbed him in the neck and the two other Iron Coffins members present came to Starkweather’s aid. Those two were Lindahl and Mario “Paco” Barroso. Barroso handed Lindahl a shotgun and Lindahl beat Taylor with the butt until Taylor passed out.


A long and complicated series of judicial proceedings, and a local election for district attorney, ensued. Early in the case, Barroso was charged with being an accessory after the fact. He agreed to take the stand if the charge against him was dropped. But his testimony wasn’t what then prosecutor, Susan K. Mladenoff wanted to hear and she dropped the charges against all three men.

Then Mladenoff lost an election to another politician named David Gilbert. Gilbert, a punishment enthusiast, recharged Starkweather and Barroso. After a long legal ordeal, including 405 days behind bars, Starkweather pled no contest to a charge of assault with intent to do great bodily harm in November 2016 and was sentenced to time served the next month.

Barroso, who had handed Lindahl the shotgun with which he beat Taylor off of Starkweather, had already pled no contest to manslaughter. He expected to be sentenced to 38 months and be back home in less than two years. But a judge named Conrad Sindt sentenced Barroso to 71 to 180 months in prison instead. “I am struck by the idiocy of grown men acting like children,” Sindt explained.

Lindahl has not been recharged.

More Justice

Barroso tried to appeal his sentence but he may either have been abandoned by his lawyer, Seymour Schwartz, or someone in the prosecutor’s office may have fired Schwartz on Barroso’s behalf. After not hearing from Schwartz for months about his appeal Barroso learned that he did not have an attorney and that his case had been closed because some unknown someone had written “does not want court appointed counsel” on the bottom of his signed appeals form.

Last Monday, Barroso finally had a chance to tell a judge named John Hallacy what had happened.

After Barroso told the judge about his adventures in American criminal justice current prosecutor James Jordan asked for a continuance. The judge granted it and he has not yet set a date for another hearing.



4 Responses to “Barroso Trying To Appeal”

  1. hero Says:

    There was a member of a support club that came in and borrowed money in the thousands from the then President. Before this happened the said member was in high standing and up for the sargent at arms position. He was even being looked at by the big club he supported. Long story short, he sold his bike so that it could not be sold for him, took the money and disappeared. Funny how money breaks family apart. That was a lesson on for me. Even in hard times I have never borrowed from the club or loaned any either.

  2. BigV Says:

    I was thinking about loaning a guy some money he was asking everybody in a circle of friends, and I’d been down before. A silverback stopped me, took me aside and said “Boy, if you got something to lend, you’ve got something to giveaway.”

    That said, there have been times people in other clubs or even other club brothers I was friendly with needed $20 up to $700. The guy who needed the $700 needed to get his boy out of jail before he got turned out- his boy was real slight, and was walking down the street in a small town near Whittier NC, someone else was doing a drug deal and the cops did roll out. The family did not have money for the whole bond and were not in-county to put up property. So I told the man I had $700 I could give him from the proceeds of selling a Chevy Laguna.

    His son was an honors student and they later dropped the charges but the obviously the bondsman was not willing to work with the father to get the money back.

    Funny how slavery was outlawed but if we get bonded out by a bail bondsman we’re property.

    The jailers in that jail were known to be queers, and there were a bunch of guys who were real street gang members who thought it was funny to turn out white boys.

    I gave him the $700. Close to ten years later he offered to haul a dozer round trip 14 hours, and normally that is an hourly proposition. He refused payment.

    As Iron Rider says- never lend, never borrow. If you give, giving freely and do so out of love for a friend or brother.

  3. FF Says:


  4. Iron Rider Says:

    That’s a fucked up situation all around. I was told a long time ago when I was a hangaround by a well respected brother that “if you give, nothing they get nothing”
    and those words have stuck with me ever since.

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