More Malice In Waco

August 17, 2017

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More Malice In Waco

In what looks like the most blatant example of prosecutorial malice in the State of Texas since Jim Crow, three obviously innocent defendants in the Waco Twin Peaks Biker Brawl case were superfluously re-indicted yesterday.

The three men are Matthew Clendennen, Thomas Landers and Cody Keith Ledbetter. All three men had been indicted for Engaging in Organized Criminal Conspiracy with an underlying charge or murder. The new, surplusage filled indictments also charge the three with aggravated assault.

Apparently Clendennen, Landers and Ledbetter were supersedingly indicted because they all have competent and aggressive defense attorneys. Clendennen is represented by Dallas attorney Clint Broden, Landers is represented by Millie L. Thompson and Ledbetter is represented by Houston attorney Paul Looney.

Smart Mouths

Broden represents Clendennen in a federal lawsuit for false arrest and has filed numerous motions in Clendennen’s state case to get his client a speedy trial and to recuse the current prosecutors and judges in the case. He was the subject of a gag order for almost a year. The point of the gag order was to discourage discussion of the issues the Biker Brawl case presents. Broden included a clip art representation of a ham sandwich in a filing last April. The clip art was a tacit reference to a remark by former New York appeals judge Sol Wachtler, who once observed that a prosecutor could convince a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich. That is particularly true in Waco, where grand juries routinely rubber stamp any claims prosecutors choose to make. Broden was also the author of a memorable press release about the case last May.

Thompson has also been trying to get Landers to court so he can prove his innocence for two years. She and Broden both filed motions in June to have Judge Ralph Strother removed from there clients’ cases.

Talking Back

Looney has been one of the most memorable defenders in the case from the beginning. Looney has filed numerous motions and made numerous public statements about the Twin Peaks case. As early as November 2015 he filed one of many requests for a speedy trial.

In that thousand word motion he argued that the Twin Peaks case presented, “a potential quagmire for the defense bar, the prosecution, the bench, and the taxpayers of McLennan County. At least one hundred and six cases have been indicted on the identical novel legal theory: that the defendants, by arriving at Twin Peaks for a bike-club informational meeting wearing motorcycle jackets bearing the insignia of either the Cossacks or Bandidos Motorcycle Clubs, were making a ‘show of force’ for a ‘criminal street gang,’ and therefore were guilty of participating in organized criminal activity. The defendant’s indictment and the examining trials of his co-defendant William English both reflect this theory (as do the other one hundred five indictments released along with the Defendant’s, all of which are virtually identical other than the name and cause numbers involved.) It is a theory that does not appear to have ever before been presented to a Texas court.”

Failure To Communicate

Court dates in Waco are, at best, hypothetical possibilities, however Clendennen is currently scheduled for trial October 9, Ledbetter for November 2 and Landers for January 9.

There was also a hearing yesterday on the motions to recuse Strother from the case. Strother took the stand and told a judge named James Morgan that he hadn’t done anything unfair, partial or unethical.

Morgan told the complaining attorneys – Broden, Thompson and former Judge Susan Criss to write him briefs by August 25. He will decline their motions at his convenience sometime after that.

During the hearing, Assistant District Attorney Michael Jarrett astutely pointed out that only three defendants had asked to have Strother recused. Apparently Jarrett seemed to mean, there are always a few lawyers prosecutors just  can’t reach.


20 Responses to “More Malice In Waco”

  1. david Says:

    Because Reyna personally brings all indictments, HE is personally liable for his persecutorial misconduct and HIS denial of all defendants’certain,inalienable, natural rights, and IS being sued by many. He is being sued as a gov. agent.

    However, the State of Texas which SHOULD also be sued, but has “absolute immunity” pursuant to the Bull-Shit Supreme Court, CANNOT be sued whatsoever. If a gov. panel existed whereby a persecutor presents his case to THEM, and THEY are the one’s who bring an indictment, personal liabilities would be removed and the State could, and should, be sued for rights deprivations and Breach of the Constitution; because Texas itself, has been getting away with such shit for far too long. These facts are not meant to excuse Un-Abel, merely to point out the entire gov.,not just Reyna, is corrupt as hell, and NOT subject to lawsuit.

    For further info. please see: “When there is no Justice – It’s Time to Turnout the Lights” @

  2. Dutchboy Says:

    Greetings to all my Brother Masons, Templars and Shriners.

  3. BigV Says:

    Right now boys I’m shitting myself. There is a big brick building less than 7 miles from the house and every week these men show up with identical rings and insignias, and I just now realized reading the above that the Masons are making a show of force and I know several have CCW permits. Here the veil has been pulled back from my eyes and I know what those Masons are up to. They’re claiming Mason territory. It may be unsafe for me to do haul a load of gravel or dirt or bricks for somebody because they’ve shown that force and I know Masons work stone. Oh man, I gotta think this through.

    (And yes, I am being sarcastic and am not THAT stupid- I’m just pretty fuckin’ stupid)

  4. david Says:

    @ Filburt , with respect:

    Michael, Dead-Eye Jarrett is Un-Abel’s UN-elected assistant planning on conducting the state’s case against the MC member probably, because now mute Reyna might be thinking his silence absolves him of responsibility for fucking up so large when he arrested about 200 people, after many cops were going to let them walk.

    The people ELECTED Reyna, not “Dead-Eye” Jarrett to persecute and he, Reyna, ain’t even performing HIS bull-shit “duties” the people of the county elected him to do.

    Reyna could say he’s busy, yet Reyna is running away from conducting the first “trial” because he knows just how badly HE fucked-up.

    In the past, Dead-Eye Jarrett “accidentally” discharged a firearm in his office!,striking a wall. One can only hope he does so again, with Reyna present and also firing in the same room, while both Jack-Asses are facing one another.

  5. Filburt Says:

    I think it is time for change in Texas govt. leadership regardless of party affiliation both political parties are self serving self important parasites. The time for WTP to vote OUR government in offices state wide is NOW. This BS in Waco, TX. has gone to far by elected officials. If, we continue to elect this type of representation then we deserve the injustice.

  6. Gandalf Says:

    Ditto RLG. True Americans fighting against injustice.

  7. RLG Says:

    I would like to say “good on ya” to all these defendants who have not cut a plea deal. It seems like this is what the State wants, so they can testify against the others who are going to trial.

    Stay Strong!

  8. Iron Rider Says:

    @ Austin Thanks for the link

    This confirms what Paula had posted earlier that Strothers helped the D.A. ambush the defendants into giving D.N.A without and knowledge to the defendants counsel. Imagine that that the same two Judges that are hearing these cases Strothers and Johnson have been going out of their way to help the D.A. keep these cases alive.

    Nope no coincidence at all, just justice moving along… yeah right! If this isn’t collusion I dont know what is

  9. TX_Biker Says:

    A new tactic being used on all of us in red and gold. it is my understanding that anyone wearing red and gold that was attending the funeral in El Paseo if they were found to be legally carrying a firearm with a CHL (concealed handgun license) was arrested and their CHL confiscated. This is how far LE is spiralling down the toilet. We are being targeted, our very right to exist is what they wish to deny us.

  10. david Says:

    A six year old child can perceive the massive disregard for, and abandonment of, the Rule of LAW in the state of Texas, the total denial of all defendants’ Natural Rights secured by the Bill Of Rights(1787), the shameless arrogance and criminal stupidity of all attorney persecutors and so-called “judges” who ain’t even worthy of shining Jefferson’s shoes, the extremely long-term, drag out, GAME played by the criminal bastards who only care about money, prestige and personal advancement in their usurped government “offices” YET, karma’s a bitch.

    Due to the bastard’s all-out media villianization of all MC members, and motorcycle riders in general, the ENTIRE jury pool in McLennan County has been tainted and Jack-Ass Jarrett is depending on it.

    The Rights denying, greedy criminal fucks in office, have no clue what the Creator can do TO them, yet they might start to think about that fact, BEFORE they conduct their Bull-Shit, lying, dog and pony show of a “trial”.

  11. Filburt Says:

    The “Frozen Chosen”…baptist!

  12. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Very welcome, I know that they was trying to serve DA Amanda Dillon but she was nowhere to be found. She was helping Reyna with getting the 3 on the new charges. They served Paul in court. Nothing like being charged for the murder of your own friends when you didn’t have a gun and took cover.

  13. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Welcome, more motions are being file today by another attorney against Strother’s. Yesterday they tried to serve DA Amanda Dillon, but she was nowhere to be found. She was helping Reyna with getting these new false charges on these 3 men.. they served Paul his in the court room yesterday.
    I told the Bergman’Bergman’s it like serving me for conspiring to kill my husband for leaving the toilet seat up…

    As I ask all of you to get on the Waco Tribune and start commenting not just in the post, but in the comments to help reach potential jurors and help open the eye’s of those living in McLennan County.

  14. Iron Rider Says:

    Thanks Paula for being there and coming back to AR to tell the story of what you witnessed which will ultimately be denied by the D.A. as they continue to outright lie to defendants and their counsel.

    The fact that the D.A. went out of their way to ambush the defendants and get DNA and add fresh charges leads me to believe that these new charges will be used as another delay tactic as the D.A I’m sure will say “the investigation is ongoing and we dont want to compromise the ongoing investigation of the accused and other suspects”

    This is just another tactic to add pressure to the defendants to either take a plea or plead guilty to just get it over with, and nothing more. It really is amazing at how far Reyna and pals will go to keep these cases afloat and keep denying the defendants their day in court.

    As Paula said the amount of help the D.A. is getting from the Judges that have these cases before them just shows how the old boys network is still doing everything possible to keep the cover up going and keep these cases out of the public eye.

    I said this before and I will again anyone o the 177 charged from Twin Peaks will never get a trial before a impartial Judge, no chance… there is just too much ass covering going on and its really is a crime that 177 people are being held hostage by Reyna and pals because Reyna wanted to put n a big show and make headlines instead of the headline that should have been how Law Enforcement wanted a biker war and when they couldn’t get one had their agents and informants start one that got many killed and 177 arrested and indicted.

    I feel for these poor souls who have been charged, because they are destined to be found guilty on charges that never should have been laid in the first place and are going to be in a court that has systematically trampled over the rights of the accused and their constitutional rights by Judges who are no way impartial and have gone out of their way to rule against against defendants and their counsel and flouting the very laws they were sworn to uphold all in order to keep these cases alive and the pressure on the defendants

    We are all going to witness how broken the justice system is and how the courts are too entwined with prosecutors to give any defendant appearing before them a fair trial

  15. hero Says:

    Thanks Paula. Rebel can not be everywhere all the time. Good eyes.

  16. Austin Says:

    Thank you Paula. If anyone else is in a position to get out there and be in court for some of these things, that would be great. Law folk need to see that we are watching.

  17. slickback civilian Says:

    What waco illustrates is the fact that ‘merika has already fallen. There is zero justice, if there ever was, for people or groups not in favor with the overlords…it’s just now that it’s starting to be glaringly obvious to even the casual observer. Some will go quietly, some will fight back, but we all know where this is going. With most folks, you don’t know where they stand, with most patchholders, it’s right up front; the nail that sticks up must be hammered down. Good luck to all affected by this now-normal travesty of supposed justice.

  18. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    I was there and it was clear that Strother’s is giving favors to the DA.As is Judge Johnson because those who filed for a speedy trial was taken off their dockets just so the DA can get Jake first. Strother’s also being out for medical reasons the DA used his court to get a DNA order for how that was done by the way was they were to appear to Strother’s court & when they got there the docket posted on his door said need not to appear. But they was told that the court was over full and need to go to the DA office and that’s when they was given a order for DNA, that order was proven to not be a good order for Strother’s was still out on medical leave. As for the lie about the overly to full court house was also noted by Susan Criss as she took pictures of empty court room’s of a not so full court house as well as providing a video of Amanda Dillon in the DA’S office showing how she was railroading her client on the no real DNA order, (we wasn’t allowed to see this video seen in chambers only )
    More attorney’s filing today to recuse Strother’s. As he was allowed help from DA Jarrett (because they know Strother’s did know what all was done as because he was out) as Strother’s could answer all of the questions asked by the DA, but didn’t have any answers to the questions asked by the defense attorneys.

  19. david Says:

    Strother failed to state his corruption of the rule of law was done in private , not public.

    Jack-Ass Jarrett, corrupt as the day is long, has reached new lows in his corrupt game, while completely incompetent Un-Abel Reyna has forgotten how to speak.

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