Vote For Cannon

August 14, 2017

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Vote For Cannon

A contractor, former Hells Angels Motorcycle Club patch holder and Muay Thai champion named Scott “The Cannon” Bannon (above) is running to represent a district south of Brisbane, Queensland Australia in the Australian state’s Legislative Assembly.

Queensland has been trying to outlaw membership in motorcycle clubs since 2013. That year, the state’s government, with the assistance of the American Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Forearms and Explosives, passed the Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Act, or the VLAD Law. Among other things, the law made added 15 to 25 years to the sentence of anyone who was an “associate” of a motorcycle club, forbid motorcycle club patches in bars and forbid three or more club associates from congregating in public. Last year, Australian judge Alan Wilson ruled the law was “excessively harsh.”

Australia has no Bill of Rights. Politicians in Queensland have struggled to replace the VLAD Law. Earlier this month Tim Mander, a law and order member of the Queensland Parliament, bragged, “The results of our laws were the gangs disbanded, crime reduced and Queensland was a safer place to live, work and raise a family.”

One Nation Party

Bannon was selected to run by a conservative political party called the One Nation Party. The party is widely described as “right wing.” “populist,” “nationalist” and “anti-immigrant.” It was founded by a politician named Pauline Hanson in 1997. Hanson has responded to objections about her party’s platform by saying “criticism is not racism.” In a recent election, the party earned about four percent of the vote throughout Australia and about nine percent of the vote in Queensland.

The party has endorsed 51 candidates for the next election. No date has been set for the election, which must be held on a Saturday between now and New Year’s Eve.

A One Nation Party leader named Steven Lance “Steve” Dickson called Bannon “one of those top blokes.”

He called Bannon a “motorbike enthusiast” and “a family man” who has “”never been charged with anything.”

“The guy’s as straight as the days come,” Dickson said.


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6 Responses to “Vote For Cannon”

  1. Dutchboy Says:

    Note they named their anti-biker law after the number one blood sucker (Vlad Tempes, the Waldacian Count Dracula was modeled after)

  2. Dutchboy Says:

    @BMW, Them is the facts, well said. I knew a few Aussies when I was in the service. Definitely not sissies! Those boys loved kicking ass and they were pissed when the gov decided to sit out Desert Storm.

  3. BMW Says:

    I hope he gets elected! That might be the only chance to preserve motorcycling and motorcycle clubs in Oz! IMHO, Aussies are used to laws that treat them like convicted criminals, because the few at the top think they are prison wardens instead of representatives. Twenty-five years ago, the Queen of England removed the Australian premier at the request of the U.S. CIA! Now, foreign LEO writes the laws for Australia. Good people, shitty government…sort of like the good old USA!



    got to watch that autocorrect: tried to change Aussies to Sissies! Definitely not my opinion!

  4. Dutchboy Says:

    Good on ya there Cannon. Glad to see the guys down under are getting a little back. Now if they can just get rid of those Draconian gun laws…

  5. Danish Says:

    Ditto Hero.

  6. hero Says:

    He has my vote if only in Theory. I’m an American citizen and can’t vote for him but I totally support what he’s doing. Good for Queensland

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