Another Kinfolk Arrest

August 12, 2017

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Another Kinfolk Arrest

FBI agents, U.S. Marshalls, Texas Rangers and El Paso police arrested a second member of the Kinfolk Motorcycle Club Thursday night in connection to the fight and shooting that left Bandidos Motorcycle Club member Juan Martinez and three other men gunshot at a bar called Mulligan’s Chopped Hog on July 30.

Martinez died from his wounds August 3.

Manuel Gallegos, above left, was charged with Engaging In Organized Criminal Activity with an underlying charge of assault and held in the El Paso County Detention Facility on $70.000 bond. Gellegos is accused of starting a fight with Martinez, Ballardo Salcido, Juan Miguel Vega-Rivera and David Villalobos. All four of the victims are associated with the Bandidos.

According to police, during or immediately after the fight a second Kinfolk member named Javier Gonzalez (above right) walked into the East El Paso bar and opened fire. Gonzalez was arrested in a dawn raid August 2 in San Elizario, Texas south of El Paso. He was charged with four counts of aggravated assault and his bond was set at $650,000.

Yesterday, Gonzalez was charged with Engaging In Organized Criminal Activity with an underlying charge of murder and his bond was raised to $1 million. Police had refused to release Gonsalez’ mug shot until yesterday.

Gallegos was already free on $20,000 bond for an alleged assault last February. According to police, he was one of two Kinfolk who hit a 45-year-old unidentified victim in the face with a beer bottle while he was eating dinner with his family at Maria’s Cantina in South El Paso.

Gallegos was charged with aggravated assault. That case is still pending.

Juan Martinez was buried today.


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    Gallegos, seems to have a bit of a, coward bully disorder. He hits a man in the face with a beer bottle who’s sitting down eating with his family. Sees a fight tucks tail and runs and gets a gun. Despicable.

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    It’s not stated much, but thanks to the LEOs for arresting the second suspect.

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