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August 4, 2017

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Got Goat Cheese

The last time The Aging Rebel did a wine story was November 10, 2008. The wine was called V-Twin Zin. It was made by V-Twin Vineyards in Santa Rosa, California. It cost $48 a bottle. Its spokesperson was Sara. Say hello to Sara.

Just when you thought you had seen your last Rich Urban Biker at Sturgis, BOOM, they’re back.

This Merlot’s For You

Josh Cellars, a California Central Coast winery, is one of the 18 signature sponsors of this year’s Sturgis rally along with Budweiser, Jack Daniel’s, Coca Cola, Old Smoky Tennessee Moonshine and J&P Cycles. They make seven varieties of wine including cabernet, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, pinot noir, merlot and a couple of blends, one called Legacy and a rosé. And what would corn on the cob be without rosé?

Josh Cellars will host 10 separate wine tasting events at Sturgis, including the city’s opening ceremony, the 15th Annual Mayor’s Ride and Military Appreciation Day. According to the press release, “a tattoo artist has been commissioned to design commemorative ink in recognition of Josh’s first trip to the legendary motorcycle rally. The Sturgis initiative is another spoke in the Josh mission to bring premium wine to every table and occasion in America where wine is appropriate.”

Josh Cellars wine mostly costs less than $15 a bottle. A bottle of the rosé costs about $9 at Total Wine and More.

Press Release Speak

Truly, the Rubbies must be back! So Harley will be saved!

As Renato Reyes, Chief Marketing Officer for Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits explains, “The average motorcycle owner at Sturgis is affluent, educated and we know they love great wine. We respect that they have a choice about which wines they drink and we want Josh to be the brand they reach for.”

“It is about time a wine brand recognized what a great opportunity it is to get in front of more than half a million bikers,” said Jerry Cole, director of Sturgis Rally & Events for the city. “People think we’re all tattoos and leather, but there is a lot more to us than that. We appreciate great wine just like everyone else.”

“Josh is the perfect brand to take this first ride with us,” Cole continued. “I love the brand’s roots, values and all-American success story.”

Drip, Drip, Drip

“Josh has reason to be confident,” the press release enthuses. “All seven Josh core varietals rank in the top three nationally for both total sales and sales growth in the $10-$15 segment. Josh rosé, launched this year, has added more sales to retailers over the last 13 weeks than any other new rosé.”

Sara loves the rosé. So does her twin sister.

They like to drink about a bottle each and then let the butter from the corn on the cob drip down their chins. Then they drink some more, and giggle, and complain that they are sleepy and want to go to bed.

Enjoy your Sturgis.


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36 Responses to “Got Goat Cheese”

  1. jerry ramirez Says:

    I speed read this article in the hopes of viewing a snappy video at the end. #nothing!

  2. bcnasty Says:

    Not really a wine expert here but being of Portuguese and Italian decent was raised drinking wine every Sunday with dinner as far back as I can remember. Like 6 years old. Could explain the problem now ! Anyways, grandma had a recipe that I still make today for Sangria. 1 bottle of Merlow, 1 bottle of blackberry brandy cut up fruit and let sit for 24 hours in fridge.The stuff can get you there. Then one stupid non thinking day my buddy and I decide to add a bottle of some lime vodka to the mix. Lets just say after we finished the picture neither of us want to try that again but for a bit we had a blast.

  3. deuce Says:

    It was sometime in the mid 70’s when some we were smoking some of that good gold lookin shit from Columbia and somebody mentioned we ought to go on a good rotgut drunk. We all pitched in and got a case of Wild Irish Rose and had at it. My old lady was guzzling a bottle pretty fast, and my Bro told her to slow down…they don’t call it Sneaky Pete for nothing. “Why is it called it called Sneaky Pete?”, she asked, while chugging away. She found out a little later, hahaha.
    Probably won’t see any rotgut at Sturgis. Probably won’t see too many real bikers, either.

  4. Steel Says:

    Sturgis as it was intended is vanishing as commercialization has taken hold in a big way. Same thing happens to other events and will occur to others where commercialization is just starting to creep in like the Burning Man event. Events get commercialized and then hipsters show up followed by the upper middle class to low end wealthy urbanites and all is then ruined. Sturgis is on this trajectory.



  5. Abilene mouse Says:

    I remember those screw top jugs. Ahh good times

  6. Abilene mouse Says:

    Sitten in Sturgis with pork everywhere. Got a big box of cheap wine for old times sake.

  7. Dasein Says:

    Red Mountain, by Carlo Rossi, $1.69/gallon, long ago in California. Screw-top jug, tasted like, wine, half a bottle was all it took. Fortunately, weed finally showed up.

  8. Gottabejustright Says:

    What every man needs to know about wine-whiskey! Thank you Sara for your refreshing spirit but please bring me some wings and Jack on da rocks.

  9. Dutchboy Says:

    @Hang Around Navy Retired. I’ll look forward to it. Us old squids have to watch out for each other. Fair Winds.

  10. jay Says:

    so…. they commisioned a tattoo artist to commerate the occasion…. how very snazzy….

    i’m ok with wine, but i’m more ok with sara….

    yuppies are camo that make parts easier to find….

  11. Phuquehed Says:

    Haven’t seen anyone mention another real high-class wine – Thunderchicken (Thunderbird).

    Man, the shit we’d drink to save a buck and get lit, lol.I’m glad back in the day I was more a stoner and ‘shroomer and druggie (no horse or anything that needed shot up, though did sorta get fucked up for several months on crank because a friend’s dad made the shit in the bathtub and the batches that didn’t come out white enough he gave to his boy and we were going through about a quarter to a half ounce every few days between the two of us) than a drinker. The booze(s) came after I returned to the states from Israel.

  12. Dasein Says:

    Hangaround: Good story, well told. Cops in general did seem a lot “cooler” a number of years back, before they started getting shot so frequently. I Think that change in circumstances caused them to militarize their game as much as possible, and secondly, whereas cops were probably at one time fairly bright, civilian do-gooders, those guys have been replaced by dim-bulb, otherwise unemployable vengeful losers, under yet increasing fire from the bullied citizenry. So, even more armor, and worse cops, more public push back, more armor worse cops, etc. Is the quality of anything worthwhile really improving? I don’t think so.

  13. Hangaround Says:

    I see Dazed beat me to the Wild Irish Rose but reading about parties motorcycles and cheap wine reminded me of a story back when times were a little better.

    I’d just gotten a job a a motorcycle messenger in SF and been working about a week. Was not even close to 21 at the time but some of the older guys invited me over to their flat for a party. This would be the first time of sampling old Richards fine concoction.

    After tying on a really good one which happened very quickly it was time to get the hell out of there. My buddy climbs on the back and we go flying down Van Ness at 60+ mph. When we get close to Market St I take a left and all of a sudden this cop car, no lights on at all whips in front of me and does a Starsky and Hutch stop in front of the bike.

    Passenger cop gets out and says “Where you boys going in such a hurry” to which my friend wisely retorts “We’re trying to get home to avoid being harassed by dickheads like you”

    Cop growls “thats it!” turns the still running bike off and grabs the handlebars and proceeds to push the bike back into a parking spot with us still sitting on it, then jerks us off with his partners help, on go the cuffs, and into the back of the car we go.

    We get taken down to the Fillmore police station, though I didn’t know where that was at the time, and handcuffed to a bench.

    After 4 hours of ranting at my asshole friend for his wise mouth the cop comes back over, un-cuffs us, tosses me the keys and says “bikes that way”.

    Needless to say we were sober by the time we got back to its parking spot, though I still had a nasty hangover the next morning.

  14. Austin Says:

    Nothing against Josh… Cali makes great wine. However, for me- a big part of any journey…is the local. WTFEver local. Adventuring usually entails tasting everything along the way, and not being afraid to try something new. Like today in Lincoln City OR- Razor clams. Hmmm!!! In the case of Sturgis… I’ve never actually been in the right place at the right time for the rally. I’ll be there again around the 15th this year, definitely drinking wine. Back in 2009, I found my very favorite wine ever – in Hill City, SD. It’s called Calamity Jane. It’s made at Prairie Berry Winery, which is a 5+ generation family concern that captures the terroir of the Black Hills. They’ll be busy serving people who actually ride bikes! It’s a nice place, worth a stop. I suggest Red Ass Rhubarb or 3Rednecks if you don’t like it sweet.

  15. CenTexShovel Says:

    No love for Bali-Hai? Pretty sure that was my first drunk.

  16. Coolaid Says:

    My first sptrip to stuff is was in 86′ I was a 10 year old kid, and it pretty much solidified in my heads that I would grow up and be on a bike..

    Went back in 97 and it changed.. still had a good time.. but the difference was evident..

    Went back for the 75th.. it was no longer a bike fest, and more of a product fest..

    I was talking with some of my brothers about a trip out there.. I suggested going “Off rally” so we can enjoy the roads and have a good time without the headache of spending an hour in traffic before even being able to get through town.,

    The area is one of the most beautiful in the country.. the rally is extremely over hyped and way over commercialized.

    Maybe I’ll go back for the 100th just to be the old man who can say “I remember when”

  17. rw Says:

    Hey hey what’s the word?
    What’s the price?
    A dollar twice.

  18. Cap'n Bill Says:

    @ stroker & bone head:

    Good god, I forgot about the old MD…(I’ve been sober for a while…)
    In my travels across this fair land, the riders I see usually look like they just left the garage, not a spot on them.

    @ Rebel

    speaking of the RUB business, have you perused some of the “biker” artist’s?
    (much respect to Jim Myers! the real deal)
    Them fuckers ain’t cheep either

    @ Redwolf (RtC)

    How have you been up there?!


  19. Dazed Says:

    Heh,Y’all forgot about wild irish rose..That shit will give You a headache x5…

  20. Docb Says:

    Dear Bone Head
    Just drop a little MDA in that bottle of Josh Red and BOOM you gat a bottle of Mad Dog Josh …….. The new Mad Dog 20-20


  21. Hang Around Navy Retired Says:

    First time post – long time lurker – very informative blog – would love to meet Sarah but wine is not my thing- @ Dutchboy would be proud to buy you a beer at BB & BBQ respect to all

  22. Bone Head Says:

    13 posts as I write(type) this, and no one’s mention MD 20-20. The old days are truly behind us.

  23. Dutchboy Says:

    Howdy Sara! & Sara! And Sara! I actually like wine, and beer, and rum, and shine, well you get the point. I ain’t got no problem with a wine sponsor at Stir-shit, I ain’t going anyway. Will make Bikes, Blues and BBQ again this year and a local club always has a good Fuck Sturgis party every year. Party Local!

  24. The Kraut Says:

    Whats next….sushi? Fuckabuncha wine sipping bipedal tree hugging bisexual RUBs and their trailered toys…cant ride it far…don’t ride it at all!

    Sara and her sweater puppies can whine all they like, I aint listening anyhow…if’n the tits talk…I’ll listen…closely

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  25. stroker Says:

    Rebel sez:
    “The average motorcycle owner at Sturgis is affluent, educated and we know they love great wine…..”

    No problem with Rebel’s story. No problem with wine, really.
    Definitely no problem with Sara!
    Hello Sara.

    The above sentence struck a chord with me is all.
    Sturgis….early 80’s. The average motorcycle owner at Sturgis back then was…….well, NOT the same as today. Most all of us actually rode there for one thing. Only the race bikes got trailered, and even some of them were ridden to Sturgis. Most of us there were far from affluent. Most of us went there with less than $200. and slept on the ground. Most of us were able to wander up and down Main st. drunk, or close to it, and until 1982 never had much problem with the heat. (1982 was the year the shit-houses in City park somehow burned down, after they never got emptied, and the city imposed the first draconian laws on camping there. 10 o’clock curfew? C’mon!) Back then the booze was still relatively cheap, and it was mostly beer, or JD. The bars didn’t care if ya wore colors, or clown suits, or if a lady showed a wee bit of nipple now and again. In any alley off Main, could be heard the happy sounds of shtupping, and slurping. Our clothes were Levies, leather and tees, and they had the honest, road-worn appearance of clothes worn on the road. The party was free and easy, as were the ladies. Wine? Yeah, we had Ripple, T-Bird and Boones’ Farm. Wine wasn’t “tasted” so much as guzzled! We also had a lot of other substances that are largely gone today, and nobody gave a shit. Not to say the cops weren’t there…they were, In ’82 after the shit-house incident, they pulled over anybody and everybody, and ticketed us for such things as “no eye protection.” I had to pay a $25. fine in the front seat of the cop car.
    That was my gas money to get back to Cali.

    Good ol’ days at Sturgis.
    And nary a winery in sight!
    How did we ever survive?!

  26. PoorBoy M.F.F.M. Says:

    I remember when you could get a short dog at the club house for .38c. Those were the days.

  27. What ever Says:

    Weird that people in the motorcycle community would turn their nose up when it comes to wine. Beer is only about 6% alcohol by volume. It takes a case to get drunk. Wine at least has alcohol in it. Besides, it’s wino Willy that was in Holister, not beer bottle Billy.

  28. xplor Says:

    Spanada, Annie Green Springs, Boone’s Farm and Mad Dog 20/20 are the real wines of Sturgis.
    How this went from a dreary road trip to an rally event is beyond me. If you wanted to change your crap colored amateur plate for a white expert one you made the trip.

  29. Popeye Says:

    Was at a party one time and some snooty bitch who thought she was better than everyone shows up with a bottle of wine and her own special glass. Me being the gentleman that I am takes it upon myself to take her glass out to the fridge and fill it for her whenever the little princess desires. What she didnt know was I was dippin my dick in her glass and stirrin it every fill up. Hows that wine taste princess?

  30. Dasein Says:

    Wine, as some sort of deep-minded Epicurean imperative is bullshit. It’s just shitty tasting alcohol, with a low-life buzz, and a hint of puke.

  31. Sieg Says:

    Wine at Sturgis, and it ain’t even in a bota. Just shoot me know, I’ve lived too long.

    TOSIAR 5 to 1

  32. Paladin Says:

    The only thing more embarrassing (if that’s possible) than those attending this season’s round-up of fools, are the twat-waffles and cunt-cakes that promote and support these MOABs of embarrassment.

    BTW; i think a better wine for the money is Charles Shaw (Two Buck Chuck). Even though it lacks a twist-off cap, it’s still pretty darn good.


  33. brianF Says:

    that brings this to mind

  34. Nuke n' Pave Dave Says:

    And I’d be willing to bet Sara’s favorite whine is “My credit cards are maxed out and I must go shopping!”

  35. Phuquehed Says:

    Don’t give a shit about any of it except for Sara!!

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