Iron Order’s New Low

August 3, 2017

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Iron Order's New Low

The Iron Order Motorcycle Club, which has branded itself as a “law abiding motorcycle club” has been using club funds to defend a convicted child molester in a civil lawsuit for the last two years.

Timothy “Munch” Martin, sergeant at arms for the Reading, Pennsylvania “Kameraden Chapter” of the IOMC is a defendant in a lawsuit filed by the estate of Tonya Marie Focht. Martin is represented by John C. Whitfield of Madisonville, Kentucky. Whifield is the Director of Legal Affairs for the Iron Order.


Focht died on June 19, 2015 after she and her fiancé (Mark Groff) were harassed and attacked by Iron Order members and associates at a restaurant named the Bar-B-Q Pit in Sinking Springs near Reading. According to an amended complaint filed Monday in Philadelphia, after Focht “and her fiancé, Mark Groff, entered the subject drinking establishment, lOMC members began to verbally accost Ms. Focht and Mr. Groff. At some later point, a member of the lOMC threw a pitcher of some type of substance water, or melted ice) onto Ms. Focht.”

“As Ms. Focht and Mr. Groff attempted to leave the establishment, they were again accosted, verbally and physically, by members of the lOMC, which had taken steps to call in ‘reinforcements’ in the form of other lOMC members. Mr. Groff was physically engaged by several IOMC members, with Ms. Focht nearby. Approximately three lOMC members were on top of Mr. Groff and held him on the ground while pummeling him. One of those lOMC members was Defendant Martin. Ms. Focht attempted to pull one IOMC member off of Mr. Groff so that she and her fiancé could leave…. As Ms. Focht attempted to assist her fiancé, a member of the lOMC, Defendant Martin, punched Ms. Focht in the face and knocked her backwards into the side of a moving
motor vehicle.”

Focht’s head was crushed and she died. She was a student at Alvernia University in Reading. She is survived by two orphans.

Small Charges

Iron Order member Wayne “Mo” Ritchie, Martin and Groff were all charged with disorderly conduct. No other charges were filed. Focht’s estate filed suit in July 2015. The estate is now represented by two Philadelphia lawyers, Timothy G. Daly and Slade H. McLaughlin.

Pretrial discovery in the case has been very extensive and has included multiple, video recorded depositions. Michael “Cgar” Crouse, an Army lieutenant colonel and the current Iron Order vice-president who was national sergeant at arms when Focht was killed, testified on behalf of the Iron Order as the “person most knowledgeable” to speak for the club on November 10 of last year. Club president Patrick “Brit” Ward was present for the deposition but did not testify. The club was represented at that and all other proceedings by Whitfield.

The Focht complaint is one of two lawsuits filed against the Iron Order. The other has been filed in Denver by Laura Ramirez Mendoza whose husband, Victor Mendoza, was shot and killed at the Colorado Motorcycle Expo in January 2016 by Iron Order member Derrick Duran.

Sex Offender

The amended suit filed this week states “Timothy Martin was a convicted sex offender at all times material hereto, having served time in a detention center for the statutory rape of an under-aged minor. Timothy Martin’s sex conviction precluded his membership in the Iron Order Motorcycle Club by virtue of the express dictates of the Club’s Bylaws. Timothy Martin fraudulently misrepresented to the IOMC that he had no prior sex crime convictions so that he could gain membership into this Motorcycle Club. Alternatively, Defendant Martin revealed his prior sex crime to the IOMC, which accepted him as a member into the Club, in direct contravention of its Bylaws prohibiting members with sex crimes in their background histories.”

This morning, a very informed source with knowledge of both the Focht case and the Iron Order’s response to it confirmed that Ward, Crouse and Whitfield have known Martin is a convicted sex offender while the club has continued to support him.

“The leaders of the Iron Order knew about this charge since November 2016,” the source said. “The bylaws of the Iron Order are very clear on the matter. No man guilty of any sexual crime is allowed in the club. The appropriate action by the leaders of the Iron Order would have been to immediately throw Tim Martin out of the club and stop paying for his defense. They chose not to do that and chose not to inform their membership of anything regarding either of the lawsuits.”


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50 Responses to “Iron Order’s New Low”

  1. Troy Alford Says:

    We all know th urine odor are a bunch of faggots that hide behind a badge as soon as on is about to have his was handed to him.So much respect to the real 1%ers. Maybe one day justice will be served to the weekend worriers. The ride around in my town drinking and riding and the law just turns a blind eye….makes me fucking sick. And they know they are pussies because you don’t see them individually…they are always 4 or 5 deep.Just once I’d love to catch them one at a time and bring justice to their sorry Leo asses. So fuck the io and their supporters.It’s a shame they are allowed to breed

  2. Nevertoold Says:

    cops are cops ……… and that’s that

  3. fayettenamhoe Says:

    bad newes, cracker cops never die, the iron order are the by-product of a police state, ready to fill in the cracks, if you know what i mean, never trust the one’s that try to fit in

  4. kraemer Says:

    Fuck the Iron Order. I see one of their members at the local gas station from time to time in his get up and gets into a cage! Not even a Bike! Wannabes just looking for attention. Just like bikers for trump.

  5. John Deaux Says:

    I couldn’t have put it better myself, excellent summary of those bitches

  6. panamaa Says:

    Pedophiles and cocksuckers each and everyone, starting with Snark….

  7. Jim Bob Says:

    Wow, in the video, “Inside the clubhouse”, they REALLY seem to be able to say motorcycle club, (and not GANG), very easily….(I don’t know of too many stories about other clubs where they seem to be able to have those 2 words flow so smoothly from their cocksuckers), and they graciously end it by making sure to let us, the ever so happy viewer that even though the urin odor IS considered to be on the radar of the atf they have never actually been investigated because they don’t believe them to be a bunch of thugs that rape, murder, steal granny’s social security check for drug money when they are waiting for their old lady to get back from the corner they are forcing them to be on, (okay, maybe not in those exact words so don’t quote me directly on that), and think they’re the one club that is misjudged and leave them alone…fuckin’ media…reminds me why I don’t watch the news.

  8. Dutchboy Says:

    Urine Oder, for when you wanna be a big bad biker man like in those movies from the 60s, but even the Silent Skulls won’t sell you a patch.


  9. Steel Says:

    Bunch of wannabe scumbags is the Urine Order



  10. Austin Says:

    @fayettenamoe – Hey, nice to see ya! “…2 bit chump change, every cracker wants to be 1, another fearless leader, puke, with butthole lips”

    Fuck Yeah, man! I’d wear that Tshirt.

    So – here I sit, brokenhearted……
    I am waiting for all the io members, proud supporters and cast of trolls who frequently have some proud leo agenda to spout off about… to speak up. Well boys? Do you sleep well knowing your brothers have short eyes? Do you support the decision of your leadership? Are you proud? Can you show up on the job today, or at bukkake tonight and look your co-workers in the eye? How does it feel – knowing these assholes are who you chose to have at your back? When your Mama calls – what do you tell her? When you are listening to the sermon at the First Self Righteous Church, are you aware of your final destination? When you pay “dues” at your clubhouse, do you think about where that money is really going? Perhaps it is time to re-think where you are in your life, and maybe come to Jesus. Watch those videos again. Nothing says piss dribbling coward like shoving a woman into traffic. Is that really who you are? Does your wife know? Your sister? your daughter? Can you honestly say your life is better for your activities with this crew? Maybe it is time. Just walk away from that shit.

  11. Iron Rider Says:

    Well I didn’t think the Urine Order had high standards for members in the first place and this story just furthers my belief that the Urine Order will let anyone in.

    This is why REAL MC’s have rules about joining and how you work your way to a patch holder. Guy with their patches have taken a lot years and shown dedication to their brothers and the club and when they have a patch bestowed upon them it means the world to them.

    The Urine Order with their Iron on patch sets obviously will let anyone in and by what I am reading here will outright lie to their own all in the name of saving face even though they allegedly have rules for who they will let in to the Urine Order and who they wont and we can all see how that went, but not only did they let these diddling douche in they decided to support him financially by way of representation in the lawsuit.

    So the TOP echelon ( and believe me I think there a joke ) went out of its way to hide this from their fellow Urine Order members to save face and to make sure that diddling douchebag didnt give up the Urine Order up in the lawsuit and so they could control the narrative in the diddling douchebags testimony during the civil suit.

    And this is why no MC in this world that is really a !% MC would ever think of ANYONE in the Urine Order as nothing more than someone wanting to play big bad biker on the weekend, and why no one would show them even an ounce of respect.

    Thank God real MC’s have rules for their own and how they are to be followed and how if they are broken you face the consequences and no one ever wants to be out bad because once you are on the outside, you will remain forever on the outside.

    Just goes to show you that the Big Bad weekend bikers like the Urine Order care more about self preservation then they ever do about standards of the clowns they join in

  12. troll 1% Says:

    KTA I am so tired of seeing and hearing about these scumbag waste of flesh pieces of shit .When will we return to our roots? All the rest are a waste.I’m an old man ,and the rest of you true “old school ” people know what I mean,but this faggot shit with the faggot crimes has got to stop. If they won’t do it then who?
    just an opinion and observation from an old man.

  13. Aanon Says:

    I am in no way with these fucks. Io that is. Indifferent really. But wouldn’t that last purse comment be in line with what most of the fellas here talk shit about? Ie everyone is quick to pull a gun and what not.fuck em by association I get it. Hope the travels have been pleasant.

  14. fayettenamhoe Says:

    hahaha, and these are the same type’s of scum the citizens vote for, hahahahahaha, and the same fuks who suck into this moto cycle leather life, wow has it gone topsy turvy, IRON ORDER, welcome to the world of 2 bit chump change, every cracker wants to be 1, another fearless leader, puke, with butthole lips

  15. Ed Says:

    I gotta get a faster bike. I tried to catch 3 I saw heading north once but they got away.

  16. Ed Says:

    The Oder, what can be said. It is a ponzy scheme created by an ex ATF and Secret Service agents. It is listed as a private corporation. They sell the cuts for 50 bucks. They played it to the SOA raised ego challenged little boys that never grew up. I never see any around here and that is probably well for them.

  17. RIDER 1 Says:

    @ Lone Wolf, Agreed but it does violate regs if your club is listed as a criminal gang which I believe IO is.

    RIDER 1

  18. LoneWolf Says:

    I’ve been in for 16 years. It doesn’t matter if it’s frowned upon, it’s not illegal to be a member of a M/C that doesn’t violate military regulations. My club is a traditional M/C- doesn’t violate the regs. So overall it’s a non issue. For this individual and this club though, it should be.

  19. What ever Says:

    i think it’s telling how Whitney calls his cut/patch a costume.

  20. Trebor Says:

    @Rider1 just so you know soon as they walked up the ol lady stepped to the side with her hand inside her

  21. Badd Guye Says:

    I-run Hor d’oeuvres……

  22. Phuquehed Says:

    Even worse, these uesless wasters of good air have this pedophile in their fuck club and he’s barely getting investigated yet the poor guy who got busted up in Montana or wherever it was, in his motorhome, straight out – no investigation, nothing, just plain-ass accused for the same shit. How’s that for double-fucking-standards by the largest and most dangerous criminal gang in the USA – the cops!


  23. RIDER 1 Says:

    @ Trebor, I am sure they didn’t really want to introduce themselves but were trying to set you up so they could start some shit. I am going to pose the question to my congressman how a LtCol can openly be a member of a club that has been in so much shit. I still work around the military and it’s a known fact that club memberships are frowned upon.

    RIDER 1

  24. Trebor Says:

    Had two up walk up to me and said they wanted to show respect and introduce themselves.Told them I’m sure individually they were good dudes but that I had no respect for their club and that their club was a total pariah in the motorcycle community.They looked at each other shrugged and walked away.Hopefully they went home and burned their shit

  25. Stevo Says:

    Just checked in with my ex Iron Order informant and he states that full checks are carried out on all prospective members by law a enforcement/federal member. So they KNEW this chomo was a convicted paedophile. Let that sink in.

    Well done for exposing these creatures again Rebel,

    Your pal,


  26. JMacK Says:

    Fuck you ya low life fuckin fucks. Fuckin iron odour pukes.

    So disturbing. You touch a kid, it should just be legal to pop a new asshole right in the forehead.


    Respects to REAL Clubs.

  27. Stevo Says:

    Fucking bottom feeders.

  28. Ttotal Says:

    The iron order is full of these sex offeneeds. There are two in the Roanoke VA chapter

  29. UnaffilatedObserver Says:

    More truly impressive scumbaggery from IOMC – that crew never disappoints.

    They are a stain on law enforcement and, it seems, the Army as well.

  30. El Chuntaro Says:

    So, wherever did that man boy stupid fat humpty murderer vanish to?

  31. Jim Bob Says:

    Hmmm….remind me again why I should believe that cops are trustworthy officers who are only out to “protect and serve” the people?

  32. Shovelhead Says:

    Rats, child molesters & Pigs. Why the fuck would anyone want to be a part of this disgusting group of losers?
    No honor, no brotherhood, no balls. Coward pieces of shit, every one of them.
    Karma Motherfuckers!!

    Respect to 1%ers

  33. Anonymous Says:

    “…And we will still be here. Once again at rest until the next child awakens us. Our brotherhood and man boy love will carry on for eternity as will our name. Some will call us pedo, some even chomo but all will know us for who we truly are. We are Iron Order MC child molesters. The guardians of the pedophilia ways.”

  34. M E Says:

    How the fuck does Crouse manage to stay in the Army? All the shit surrounding this fucking so called “law abiding” “club” and this guy actually got promoted from Major to LTC while wearing those “colors”.

  35. Igo Says:

    These clowns came to a bar in the town I live in on Cape Cod Ma a few years back. They strutted in and around like an 1% club would. At the time I had no idea who, or what they were. After I left, one of the members got a little too grabby with a locals girlfriend. An altercation ensued in the alleyway next to the place, and the member was asked to please leave the woman be. The local who did the asking was a real nice guy, hardly ever says two words to anybody, one of those guys everybody likes. The member hauled off, punching him in the face, and pretty much knocking him out. The barkeep had already called the cops, and when the got there the badges came out. They wanted the local arrested for assault on a police officer (he never so much as touched the fuck, and when he was hit he had both hands tucked up under his armpits). The local cops (knowing the local man)didn’t buy into it, but let these fucks go free. And now they are killing people with the blessings of their fellow officers. Legal bully’s with a license to kill…..

  36. Phuquehed Says:

    The only good cop or IO member, is those that aren’t breathing.

    Rope. Tree. Martin, Whitfield, Michael “Head Fag” Crouse.

  37. Dutchboy Says:

    Martin punched Ms. Focht in the face causing her to fall against and in the path of the vehicle that killed her. Such an outcome could be reasonably expected so this was/is murder, with “gang enhancement”, criminal assault, assault with a deadly weapon (the moving vehicle), and the list goes on… Or would if it was ANYONE or ANY GROUP except LEOs and the IO. To the “good” (ie. Not corrupted) LEOs reading this: you need to POLICE your own ranks if you expect respect. If “Munch” were in any non-LEO club you would have him so deep under the prison he would be able to press his ear to the ground and hear Chinese! He caused the death of this young lady while rat packing ONE guy! It may not matter to you but there are two orphans who it matters to a great deal. There is a grieving family that cares a great deal. For a change DO WHAT IS RIGHT. Demand Munch be held to account.

  38. Mickey Says:

    ” Iron Order member Wayne “Mo” Ritchie, Martin and Groff were all charged with disorderly conduct. No other charges were filed.”

    Criminal act by DA as well.

  39. Not Surprised Says:

    I don’t have a military background but I can’t see why this POD Lt. Col. still has a job.

  40. Dasein Says:

    Unfortunately, this full on level of douchebaggery is not hard to believe anymore. These are child molesting, woman murdering, cops, bragging about standing up for what’s right. Down is Up, Black is White, Wrong is Right. Clearly, dialogue with these mutants isn’t going to do any good. You don’t rid your property of rats by arguing with them that they need to change their ways.

  41. Gottabejustright Says:

    another gob’t minion stealing from the people and then playing thug on the weekends. Martin-what an asshole you must be. These sons of irondisorder are probably all sucking off the taxpayers. No one who actually works for a living could act this stupid. Only little girls start shit and then call for reinforcement. RIP young lady.

  42. Paladin Says:

    When one views their postings on social media, it’s not surprising to learn that the io condones and therefore supports their members when engaged in acts of pedophilia.


  43. James W Crawford Says:

    I am reminded of the unfortunate case of Officer Gomes formerely of the Portland (Oregon) Police Bureau. His collegues were summoned to his home to discover his wife laying on their bed, nude, with a singular wound from a 12 gauge shotgun “in the area of the right buttocks” as The Oregonian so delicately described it. The responding officers made no arrest because “they saw no evidence of domestic violence.” They credulously accepted officer Gomes’ explaination that he had neglected to check to ensure that the shotgun was unloaded before “playing around with it.” The wife who miraculously survived horrific injuries that required the transfusion of 50 units of blood could not remember what had happened.

    I confess that I exploited a fortuitous encounter with the Portlsnd Police Bureau SERT unit training at a local gun club to ask themifit was true that their department was implementing a program to distribute Kevlar condoms to their officers so that they could practice safe shotgun sex.

  44. RLG Says:

    wow, Rebel really used the kid gloves in the title of this post.

    Given the good rep of this site in search engines anything published here shows prominently in google and other search results.

  45. Aanon Says:

    Last, but foremost. I mean nothing derogatory about ms focht, beautiful woman and merely a term. Rest in peace.

  46. Aanon Says:

    Furthermore, as a man with a beautiful lil girl, and a little sister toeing that very definitive, dark black line, fuck all of you pieces of shit that would stand with him. Go look at your daughter and say it’s OK, he’s in the brotherhood. Scumbag punks. And yes I would, I’m in cencal. Bike is still warm

  47. Aanon Says:

    About 200 things to say that would merely reiterate what others have said. Fuck these guys. For an Lt Col to look past it, fuck. Law abiding? Is there not one among you wanna be’s that at the very least sees this as wrong? Numerous other things, probably too jaded in your quest for manhood, but to back a kid fucker? Who pushed a broad out into a car? Dafuck wrong with you cunts? Those lines aren’t even gray. Tell your dad about your “brother” and your brotherhood, and that you back dudes that are so bad. So bad they cower at a fist fight, shoot before swinging, snitch, fuck kids and hit women. If he doesn’t slap you, well, fuck him too.

  48. Bustersbrotravis Says:

    Lowest of the low

  49. Rotten Says:

    We should all band together and beat these fucks on site, all the time, everytime. Stop fighting each other and fight the real enemy. Fuckin faggot cop clubs.

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