El Paso Shooter In Custody

August 3, 2017

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El Paso Shooter In Custody

Police remain closemouthed and details are sparse about the arrest of alleged Kinfolk Motorcycle Club member Javier Gonzalez yesterday at dawn in San Elizario, Texas just south of El Paso.

Gonzalez is accused of walking into an East El Paso bar called Mulligan’s Chopped Hog about 9:30 Sunday night and shooting three members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club including the presumed president of the El Paso chapter and a member of a Bandidos support club. The wounded men are Juan Martinez, Ballardo Salcido, Juan Miguel Vega-Rivera and David Villalobos.

Police have refused to release Gonzalez’ booking photo, He is reportedly being held on a $650,000 bond.

Eighteen Long Months

According to official, published accounts, the two clubs have violently collided four times in the last year. Allegedly five Kinfolk were assaulted by Bandidos supporters in South Padre, Texas last February. A shot was fired during an alleged confrontation between the two clubs in Wills Point, Texas later that month. In March, a Bandido named Wesley Dale Mason was accused of murdering a Kinfolk named Dusty Childress during an exchange of gunfire near the Abilene, Texas dump. And, again according to published police statements, two Kinfolk were shot by members of a Bandidos support club in Westlake, Louisiana in May.

The Kinfolk began as a dissident faction of the Bandidos. The club was founded in late February 2016 by a former Bandidos national officer named Dan “Chopper Dan” Schild. Bandidos national president Jeff Pike was accused of racketeering in January of that year. Pike asked Bill Sartelle to assume the duties of national president. Schild thought the job should have been his and so he started his own club.

Sartelle stepped down as president last spring. The current Bandidos president is Clifton ‘Dozer’ Roberts.

Paper Tigers

A spokesman for the Kinfolk told The Aging Rebel late last year that the Kinfolk has about 170 members. A disproportionate percentage of those members have been rejected, for one reason or another, by other motorcycle clubs. “Everybody who comes gets a real, fair, genuine second chance,” the spokesman said.

The spokesman described the Bandidos as “a paper tiger. Look at the Waco thing,” he said. “Years ago there would have been a bunch of quiet little murders in the middle of the night.”

According to the spokesman, Schild was so eager to assume control of the Bandidos that he petitioned Bandidos World president Jason Murray Addison to allow Kinfolk members to call themselves “Bandidos” and wear the Bandidos patch. That has happened before in the motorcycle club world. The Chester, Pennsylvania chapter of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club that was founded in Philadelphia copyrighted the Warlocks name and insignia and started recruiting members and founding new chapters apart from the rest of the Philly Warlocks – so there were two Warlocks Motorcycle Clubs wearing identical insignia as well as the Warlocks Motorcycle Club centered in Orlando, Florida.

Addison told Schild “no,” so the biker world was saved from that.

But, the ill will from the Kinfolk directed at the Bandidos continues.



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28 Responses to “El Paso Shooter In Custody”

  1. panamaa Says:

    I’m surprised any of you could comprehend what the fuck Johnny. Blaze wrote…
    I gave up half way through, gave me a fucking headache..


  2. Jaded Says:

    Nice job, Rebel. Some days, I don’t know how you do it…Condolences to the Martinez family and respects to Prez Roberts for keeping the lid on this deal.

  3. Gottabejustright Says:

    Rebel, thank you for keeping this going. I admire your tenacity and efforts to keeps putting facts into words.

    Chopper, the older I get, the more I enjoy peace-You offer some good words of wisdom.

  4. Dirt Says:

    The Harpy Warlocks are alive and well in Florida. They didn’t patch over to anybody. Whoever joined kinfolk were already down the road.

  5. Hero Says:

    @Chopper. I agree, things have to change yesterday.

    My personal opinion is that what Mr. Roberts did was the right thing to do for his club and the general public. It takes a lot to speak up/out and I respect him for that. I truly hope other National Presidents will fallow suit. I don’t know the Kinfolks at all so I can not speak about them. The Bandits I have known (I grew up down the block from one of their national presidents) have all been stand up guys. Also my hope that if other clubs come to Mr. Martinez’s funeral from around the nation a solution can be had so something good can come out of the tragic event. My condolences to Mr. Martinez’s family and club.

  6. Crackur Says:

    “Fuck you” “lawn darts”

    Say what you will, but you know I’m right.

  7. Hermis Says:

    @ Johnny. Blaze

    Been stopping in here for some time now. Have come to respect some of the Men that post here. Sometimes I add my two cents. Rebel doesn’t need anyone to speak on his behalf. He’s a Man.

    I have met solid Men in my 65 years, several don’t wear a patch. I have not met the Rebel but he has my respect. You do not.

    The Rebel is rock solid. You are not.

    Your rant reveals the truth about you. You can never outrun the truth.

  8. jay Says:

    @rebel, re:dear johnny blaze….

    nicely done…. spot on hoss….

  9. Paladin Says:

    Johnny. Blaze + Crackur = Lawn darts.


  10. Stones Says:

    Dear ms.johnny.blaze,
    First, Don the Rebel is a cool, Smart, upstanding Man who calls the truth as it is with credible information and sources. So don’t piss him off, you will lose everytime as you did here you fag bastard. I know the man personally and he took it easy on you this time.
    Second, Damn you write like ur a junkie, an idiot or a scared bitch. My guess your all 3. You don’t even capitalize your supposed clubs name? I AM A 1%ER MOTHERFUCKER AND YOU HAVE SHOWN ME MANY REASONS IN YOUR WRITINGS WHY YOU ARE NOT. Oh you May wear the kinfolks diamond, but they are not 1%ers and EVERY club knows it.
    Third, How many of your bitch sisters threw down their $80 order by mail patch sets after this situation? HMMM, I bet quite a few did because this shit just got real. Ask your buddies the cocksacks, they know 1st hand. I guarantee the Bandidos only got stronger and a little more focused. Not a good thing for the kinfucks probably. I would love to see the amount of Bandidos, Outlaws, Hells Angels, Sons of Silence and all the Support Clubs, AMA Clubs that roll into El Paso for Mr. Martinez’s funeral, now thats going to be a site to see. I expect the kinfags remaining in that club will be hiding under the kitchen sink or in another state.
    In closing, The Motorcycle Community stands with the Bandidos because they are a stand up club with great men who have proven history and tradition. You could not make it their club so you create your own so you can feel like your something you could not be. But you forgot, real 1%ers exist and the reckoning sux for club like the kinfags and copsacks.
    FUCK the urine order, copsacks and kinfags. Ohh and fuck the shark, big o and chopper dan. Yall got major issues bitches.

  11. Rebel Says:

    Dear Johnny Blaze,

    This is very close to club business, which is out of my comfort zone, but I am going to say four things anyway.

    First, I have refrained from repeating what I might say about Dan Schild and his exit from his old club. I don’t know the man. I only know him by reputation. If I wanted to do a hatchet job on the Kinfolk I could and as the apparent current spokesman for the Kinfolk I think you owe me at least the respect I have shown you. There is not a misquote in anything I have said about your club. You guys said it and did it. It is not my job to paint your pig pink.

    Second, the feds have been all over the Bandits for years and really, they haven’t come up with shit. John Portillo doesn’t belong in lockup and I hope I get the opportunity to testify in his behalf. Personally, from the outside looking in, I think both Bill Sartelle and Dozer Roberts have done an outstanding job of keeping their club from flying off into about a hundred, different, prosecuted pieces. The Kinfolk are part of the problem not part of the solution.

    Third, I thought Roberts going to El Paso the other day to visit with his wounded brothers and to give a little press conference intended to tone down the general hysteria was both wise and classy. I don’t give a fuck how he once screwed up as a prospect. And, my observation is that who is now is a very no bullshit guy

    Fourth, it was a member of the Kinfolk who walked into that bar and lit four guys up. Pal, this is not my first biker murder. If Javier Gonzalez actually did this, and I think he deserves the presumption that he is innocent, he probably wasn’t acting on impulse. Okay? And if he was acting on impulse the Kinfolk might have an even bigger problem than everybody thinks they do.

    Finally, my name is Donald Charles Davis. My brand is The Aging Rebel. Out of convenience, most guys call me Rebel. Some people also call me Don and Donnie. It ain’t no thing to me but I better know you before you act like you know me. I’m not hiding from anybody. What’s your name, Johnny Blaze?

    And I also don’t appreciate some troll calling me a coward. A coward wouldn’t have my enemies.


  12. RIDER 1 Says:

    @ JohnnyBlaze, If you were around to see Dozer prospect that would give you over 15 years around the club. You claim to have been a member and then call the club the “banditos”? I’m calling serious BULLSHIT!

    RIDER 1

  13. Mike Says:

    @ Johnny. Blaze

    Well done jamming all your misspelled words and incorrect grammar together without punctuation in order to avoid stylometric analysis. Do NOT think those efforts are enough to preserve your anonymity.

  14. RtC Says:

    @ little johhnny blaze: Do you talk as unintelligibly as you write? I see why
    you are out bad with the Red&Gold & why the kinfucks took you. Same bunch of
    douchebags as in the urine odor. So FOESAD moron.

  15. Chopper Says:

    Personally, I’m in a 3-piece patched club now and at one time I was a 1%er for about 10 years. I get the dissent between clubs, what I don’t get is why in the hell would you want to give the cops and Feds more? I think we are all at a crossroad in life when it comes to your perspective club, if we don’t do something to turn this train around we are all in trouble! I don’t care what club you come from, you young guys don’t even know why the fuck you hate other clubs anyways other what other members say or your sponsors say! Everyone should be looking for peace as well as keeping shit quiet, why give the Feds as well as the local police anymore ammunition? Is there anyone outthere even using their fucking heads anymore? Shit has changed so much since I got out, but I’m glad I’m done with that chapter in my life…..You all have lost sight, this is totally fucking asinine to say the least…..enjoy prison while I enjoy freedom and my bike!

    FTP, FTF and FTW

  16. Johnny. Blaze Says:

    Gus’s this site as fake as the bullshit coming out of dozers mouth and there are several places where the bandits have attacked kinfolk members and wemen and children present and i watches the big drumbeat Dover quit as a prospect and get back in and now he is the boss he’s a cop thing is this site is a joke kinfolk mc is the real deal I’m an x bandit and a kinfolk member and don’t really care what the aging rebel says folks know that the our bad bandits who are in this club are the same ones whob did all the work for the club when it was still banditos mc not what it has become the cowardly things done to us by this news bunch are just that and we are the people their parents warned them about the original bad company bandits caused this problem by fucking us around why do they want everyone else tondo their dirty work cause they can’t do it themselves and not all bandits are my enimies or outlaws or most stand up members orealn1% ers that goes for the Hells angels also they are a stand up bunch this bullshit aging rebel shit rag u publish is just that junk like I said we owe you no explanation for anything we do and a coward only hides his name like aging rebel we will defend our brothers and their families and our president my is a stand up brother who is also a brother not a self made god talk is cheap and I still the same guy I was as a bandit won my out bad hearing and didnt want my patch back just the bad off and rode out on my bike when it was over because I saw what was happening to our club and I’m a one oercebter not a back stabbing punk so I got out and a bandit sent me to the kinfolk when I was about to join another 1% club I have a dog in this fight and I found a brother hood worth defending kinfolk j blaze and remember shot you’re local heroin dealer syhd

  17. RIDER 1 Says:

    Counterfeit patch sets have been for sale on Ebay for a long time. The sellers are always from overseas and as soon as an auction gets shut down another one pops up. Some clubs have been fighting this shit for years now.
    When will Chopper Dan and his associates get indicted on RICO charges? As National President, none of his club members could have done this shit without his permission, right? At least that’s what the FED has said about all the other clubs they are currently fucking with…..

    RIDER 1

  18. Stones Says:

    First, FUCK THE kinfolk LEMC, they are aligned with iron order (patch colors, cops in club, fags, thief’s, RATS, COWARDS), seen riding together on multiple occasions. Wake up 1%ERS, if you have members hanging out with them, need to run their ass down the road.

  19. moto Says:

    Chasra –

    Check out the related item..

    JFC. Are idiots actually buying these? I know the court room isn’t a place any MC wants to see, but I think a ‘politely worded’ letter from their attorney would be enough to get these copyrighted listings pulled.

  20. Chasra Says:

    This is for the wannabe’s and posers…

    Now, it’s official … you too can be a bad ass “biker”…

    I think I’ll go puke

    Ride Free y’all

  21. Not Surprised Says:


    Fuck you :)

  22. Trebor Says:

    So chopper dan doesn’t get what he wants and goes all boo hoo and starts a new club to show how wrong Bandits were yet does it with a bunch of garbage.Shows you where his priorities were as far as Brotherhood is concerned.With guys like buddha the grossly overweight bully to those that can’t do anything yet coward to those that can I’m sure his endeavors will go far.Yeah right

  23. Crackur Says:


    You’re quickness to pipe up about Florida just shows that you have a bone to pick. If you wanted to fact check your stories about them I’m sure they would be happy to meet you.

    Arguing about the decisions a club makes internally if you are not affiliated with that club is redundant and nobody’s business but that clubs. I’m sure everyone gets a kick out of reading about others mistakes or victories but they’re not so thrilled when the same thing happens to them. Angry females and people who didn’t cut the mustard aren’t exactly sources either.

    Btw I clicked an add.

  24. Aanon Says:

    Go to a meeting chaired by them, 1 mil bond. Go back into an establishment and shoot 4, 650 k bond. Love my freedom is behind bars shirt, good use of the 30 or so it was.

  25. Rebel Says:

    Dear Crackur,

    Yeah. Thanks for the tip. You’re right. It is perfectly normal for multiple motorcycle clubs that are hostile to each other to have the same name and wear the same patch. Nothing to remark upon there. Although I thought I was taking it easy on the Harpy Warlocks. I could have mentioned that the Harpy Warlocks in Florida patched over to the Kinfolk.


  26. Anonymous Says:

    Typical of these new Fake Ass clubs, made up of never weres and wannabes. After being told by the proprietor of the bar to leave, sneaking back in in disguise, wearing a helmet and full leather protective gear in case you actually have to man up and lay my hands on, sneaking in like the piece of dirt they are, then shoot 4 guys in the back while they’re sitting at the bar having a drink…another lemc, doing everything the blue line way. everything wrong, from the Point of view of real men.

  27. Crackur Says:

    You are way obsessed with the Philly Warlocks. The mention of that club in this writing only shows that. Who are you to say who is and who isn’t a member of an organization or who is the “correct” organization or what a clubs business is as an outsider?

  28. Prospect Asshooole Says:

    I am frustrated by all of these wannabees causing issues. We are who we are. I have been a prospect for over 16 months. It doesn’t bother me at all. I am doing my best to become A member in Cali. Solid red and white supporter. All these new fake replacement clubs can pass away!!

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