Giving Talk A Chance

August 2, 2017

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Giving Talk A Chance

Clifton “Dozer” Roberts, the national president of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, held a press conference outside a bar called Mulligan’s Chopped Hog in El Paso yesterday. This is not your father’s Bandidos because this is no longer your father’s world.

For most of the last half century motorcycle clubs have presented a blank wall to outsiders because, as former Bandidos president Bill “Big Deal” Sartelle told this page in an article published last Christmas Eve, “it’s nobody’s business.” Now the Bandidos, maybe just slightly sooner than other brand name motorcycle clubs, have fully realized that the war against motorcycle clubs is mostly an information war and, as the Christmas Eve article pointed out, “In an America inundated with post-truths and fake news, the notion that outlaw motorcycle clubs should remain silent to the outside world may now be as obsolete as newspapers that are actually printed on paper. In the modern world, remaining silent means allowing your enemies to define you.”

Roberts gave a press conference because the Bandidos were victims of two violent incidents over the weekend.

Drive By

Last Saturday night in Santa Fe, two Vagos, a father and son, named David Andrew Cordova and David Ray Cordova fired more than 20 rounds from .45 caliber and nine millimeter pistols while sitting in their pickup truck into the home of an unnamed Bandido. The Bandido shot back wounding the elder Cordova in the arm. Police described the drive by shooting as an “exchange of gunfire” which was technically true but calculated to misinform.

The drive by was at least crazy and maybe an act of drunkenness. It seems very unlikely that the Vagos Motorcycle Club decided to go to war with the Bandidos Motorcycle Club last Saturday night and that if they did they would have sent the Cordovas to deliver the news. For one thing, the Vagos have enough trouble without antagonizing the Bandits. Twenty-two Vagos have been charged in a grotesquely mendacious and overwrought RICO case in Las Vegas. The accused include Vagos president Pastor Fausto “Tata” Palafox who is being held without bail. The charges against him are based on a statement concocted by a Reno prosecutor and parroted by an out bad Vago hoping for leniency. Nevertheless, the police and press in New Mexico reacted hysterically and spread the rumor that a biker war must be brewing.

Drug War

Albuquerque television station KOAT described the motive for the shooting as “turf war over drugs” and included two shootings involving Bandidos, in 2013 and 2015 in its coverage.

The New Mexican ran its first report of the shooting under the headline “Shooting tied to biker gang prompts hospital lockdown.”

“Visitors to the Vagos Motorcycle Club member who was shot came flooding into the Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center emergency room Saturday evening,” Justin Horwath reported breathlessly.

In a follow up story in the New Mexican yesterday, Uriel J. Garcia wrote, “The U.S. Department of Justice says the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, which originated in Texas in the mid-1960s, has at least 2,000 active members in 93 chapters around the country, including New Mexico. Bandidos members were involved in the shootings at a Waco, Texas, restaurant in May 2015 that killed nine people.”

Just today, The Associated Press reported: “Police in tourist-friendly Santa Fe, New Mexico, are increasing patrols and 24-hour surveillance amid tensions between two motorcycle gangs that sparked a drive-by shooting and a hospital lockdown, authorities said Wednesday. The measures were ordered after a member of the Vagos Motorcycle Club was shot and wounded while the home of a Bandidos Motorcycle Club member was being riddled with bullets in a drive-by attack, police spokesman Greg Gurule said.

“The situation has some residents on edge in the capital of New Mexico, known for its tranquil historic plaza, art galleries and festivals. ‘We want to make sure residents (and visitors) feel safe,’ Gurule said. ‘We are not going to put up with this.’”

El Paso

The Bandidos bad weekend continued. Three Bandidos and a member of a Bandidos support club were wounded during an alleged “fight” with members of another club in an East El Paso bar called Mulligan’s Chopped Hog Sunday night. An El Paso police spokesman called it a “targeted, one gang versus another gang,” attack. Of course, of the two clubs only the Bandidos were mentioned.

Roberts came to El Paso first of all to talk to his wounded club brothers and secondly to reassure the local press that the Bandidos do not have nuclear weapons and even if they did they would never destroy El Paso.

“One of the reasons we came out here is to make sure El Paso knows that it was an unfortunate situation, unforeseeable,” he said. “We want to make sure nobody misconstrues that the Bandidos Motorcycle Club is here to harm the city. El Paso is our home.”

“It is easy to say that person is this…why they do that, I am not sure why,” he said about the police and the press. “They try to sensationalize it. I don’t know why that is being done to us and other motorcycle clubs in this world. As far as the community, where I am now and where I am from is my home. Why would anyone jeopardize their home?”

Roberts even alluded to the fading motorcycle outlaw clichés that used to drive Harley-Davidson motorcycle sales, the sales of tell all books by snitches and undercover cops, and television shows like Sons of Anarchy and Gangland Undercover. “Are there certain people who have done stuff in the past? Absolutely. We have a colorful past, absolutely, and nobody denies that. (But) we are not the thugs or the degenerates everyone thinks we are.”

The sidewalk chat with the press was a good start.


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22 Responses to “Giving Talk A Chance”

  1. John Smith Says:

    Your a dickhead that probably doesn’t even live in El Paso. So STFU.
    Now on to the article, Bandido Dozier had some excellent points and his message was needed. Still, I believe that all such messages will continue to fall on deaf ears. IMHO the MC world has been to quit for to long and have suffered a PR defeat. For to long the LEO’s and prosecutors have been feeding sheepeople BS for years about MC’s and believe that we are seeing the beginning of the end for all MC’s freedom to fly their color. Hope I am wrong.
    Final note on the “Special K” funny how they completely contradict what they wrote in their mission statement concerning bulling. They have completely done what they claimed the Bandidos do to other clubs. Fact is all the encounters between the two in El Paso Special K started the shit.

  2. Dutchboy Says:

    Keep her between the ditches and away from the som’bitches.

  3. Iron Rider Says:

    One has to remember that Law Enforcement is well versed in the “The Spin” game, and they always get their version out to various media first because they know the media loves to play up the big scary stories in headlines and at the start of newscasts because it will grab attention.

    After the initial story comes out then the cops just wait for the media to whip it up and start spinning their own stories with emphasis added of “war between gangs” “drugs and territory” “tensions could result in further violence” etc etc etc and they follow in that mantra.

    I have said it before and will again Law Enforcement agencies have dedicated teams of PR people who do nothing but craft the narrative to feed to the media who then regurgitate it to the people. Think about it how many times have you seen stories about how police officers volunteer to build park, or run for cancer or camp on police bldg rooftop till enough money is raised for so and so charity. How is those evernts are noticed by the public because the police PR arm puts it out there.

    Just like every story that is headline worthy is put out to the media by the Police PR teams. Think about when the Cops are accused of wrongdoing, the first time you hear of police wrongdoing is after the cops already put out their version of events and then some citizen or guy that got his ass beat by the cops hires a lawyer and the lawyers says “wait that isnt what happened that night”.

    Look at when that fat fuck Duran pulled that shit in Colorado, it was the cops version of what happened went out first and made it seem like the Urine Order was just there handing out free ice cream to everyone and not trying to stir shit up I am not even going to get into how they were allowed to “assist” in a criminal investigation.

    We all know why MC’s members will never talk to the cops and we all know why they never talk to the media, Law Enforcement knows that too and they take full advantage of that so they can always craft and spin the narrative, its been going like that for the last 50 years and always will be.

  4. jay Says:

    have we reached a point that ‘public affairs’ has to become an office to defend us against the misinformation campaign these cork-soakers are using to heighten their relevance and sell papers? what a freaking world…. ride on, ya’ll…. keep ‘er between the ditches….

  5. Dutchboy Says:

    @Paladin, “agents provocateur” indeed. Wonder how many of these recent shit storms coming at the Bandits has origins in the Blue Gang. The Waco trials can’t be put off forever and you gotta poison the jury pool somehow… As for all you guys beating on poor little Joe, cut him some slack, mommy said he has to clean his whole room and his girlfriend said she thinks they would both be happier seeing other men. Been a tough day for little Joey.

  6. Troll Says:

    does anyone remember the nypd cop “frank serpico” and all the bullshit with the nyc cops back then? think it was the early 70’s or late 60’s .any way ,they made a book and a movie about those corrupt bastards then and now nobody says shit ,in the media ,about these fucktard cops everywhere .

    just a simple thought and observation from an old man.

  7. Paladin Says:

    @ TX_Biker;

    I agree. Unfortunately, LE and the media will have an absolute propaganda field day if more violence erupts in El Paso, Santa Fe or elsewhere and it can be connected to the above mentioned club. There is always the risk that someone will undermine an effort to change or correct a perceived image. Agents provocateur come to mind.

    Long May You Ride,


  8. Gandalf Says:

    Good for the Bandit Leader. Joe needs to mind His own Business and/or stop being a Bitch and scared of 1%ers. I can assure you that there are MANY other people in this world without a patch that will smack you down for talking out the side of your neck. LE being one of them. Just last week LE was tazing some fool of a Joe for talking smack. As for Trump and Supporters… Maybe the Bandits need to make a deal with Putin to unleash His Trolls for the good of their cause… Naaa That might be Treason. Go Figure. If Y’all think Trump is a Bikers (or Americans) buddy…. you already lost. Darwin will surly make the rules in that game. “Stupid is as Stupid does”

  9. david Says:

    The liars and whores of the popular press(presstitutes), have dominated and controlled entire populations for years. What the bastards fail to realize is, daily more and more people are no longer listening to the lies, supporting the liar’s advertisers, and not putting up with lying press corruption.

    Even the so-called inside-track the press whores have with the lying, corrupt, self-interested, bastard pigs; will not guarantee the liar press will receive any profit whatsoever, or guarantee the gov. shit-barrel media corporations will even remain in business.

  10. TX_Biker Says:

    @Paladin “The key here will be having the ability to walk the talk.” The problem here is that it only takes one to make us all look bad. Looking at the Biker community as a whole we are a very small part of any negative statistics with respect to crime. The problem is it only takes one incident to grab headlines on a national level and portray all of us as undesirables.

  11. Sieg Says:

    Turf wars?

    No, just drunken assholes, no matter what the patch.

    That shit happens sometimes-you should count the number of drunken pigs who get in trouble each week.

    Oh, and joe? That’s JOE MAMA, right?!


  12. Lunchbox Says:

    You seem to be pretty Tough behind a keyboard! You probably have no clue about the MC world or the lifestyle. You my friend are a JACKASS!

  13. Wretched Man Says:

    @ Dutchboy


  14. BMW Says:

    I do have one quibble with the story: the war against motorcycle clubs is a war of MISINFORMATION!


  15. Chasra Says:

    Abe Lincoln shut down “news” papers in his time and tossed people in jail for making up stories and spreading lies. I think it’s time for the Trumpster to follow suit.

    All clubs are, and should be, trying to improve the overall image of Motorcycle Clubs, Riding Clubs, etc. But we always seem to have those lame dicks that want to show their asses and do stupid shit, in public.

    Hard pill to swallow is that Vagos had a Chapter President involved in such a stupid act. I hope they do the responsible thing and demote his ass. Stupid move in such a bad time as this.

    Always been turf wars, always will be regardless of the clothes you wear. Just look at the BLM and the stand off with the ranchers. Same ideals by those in appointed positions. Just different clothes, different rides and life styles.

    Dozer’s got a good point, this ain’t our fathers’ world…


    Ride Free, act responsibly my Brothers and Sisters

  16. Whobe Says:


    Fuck your mother. That is all. Carry on.


  17. Paladin Says:

    The key here will be having the ability to walk the talk.


  18. El Chuntaro Says:

    Damn, a press conference! This could be the beginning of the end to Steve Cocksucker Cook’s career

  19. Phuquehed Says:

    STFU Joe, you shit-stirring, air-wasting fucktard.

  20. Dutchboy Says:

    Love him or hate him the Clubs should take a clue from President Trump. Using social media he bypasses the Lame Stream Media and their bias leftist agenda and goes straight to the people. FTP! In this case means Fuck The Press who lie to promote their (or the corrupt LEOs and persecutors) agendas. To the Clubs and the traditions my respect, but it is about time tactics changed to match the times. Fair Winds

  21. Joe Says:

    Bandidos and clubs like them are ass holes and then cry about it when they get treated the same way. . They play the victim. Everyone knows what happened in El Paso ! Bandidos acting like ass hole bullies ! Like usual but this time they bullied someone who wasn’t going to take it ! As for Santa Fe !?Fuck both bandidos and Vagos and those who support either! Even the Traviezos that are Vago cock suckers !

  22. Bone Head Says:

    The time has come. LEOs spread lies to terrorize the public.
    And now a respected club is taking them head-on, speaking out to tell their story.
    Social media has been used by the government to stir distrust and conflict in the real world. Imagine the fear they must feel that a club is going to use their own weapon against them.

    Respects to the Bandidos.

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