Cop Club Founder Pleads

July 15, 2017

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Cop Club Founder Pleads

A judge in Palm Beach, Florida slapped Richard “Roscoe” Sessa’s wrist yesterday. Sessa is the founder and president for life of the notorious Enforcers Motorcycle Club.

According to booking documents and a victim’s statement, Sessa and four other Enforcers followed Donald Flewellen of Riviera Beach home on their motorcycles from the Seaside Bar and Grille about two in the morning of February 21. Sessa was drunk. He pursued the victim onto the victim’s porch, choked him, brandished a pistol and said “I will kill you.” Sessa and his accomplices then pushed their way into Flewellen’s apartment and sat on the man’s couch until he threatened to call police.

Sessa claimed Flewellen invented the story because Sessa, acting as a vigilante, had been chasing drug dealers away from the apartment complex where Flewellen lives. Sessa told an online tabloid called Gossip Extra, “My girlfriend lives in that place and Riviera Beach Police haven’t done anything to clean it up. They’re selling fetanyl patches in there and I reported it to Riviera Beach Police department several times. I only wanted to talk to these guys to tell them to go sell elsewhere. I never touched the guy.”

Biker Prodigy

Sessa, but not his accomplices, was later arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a firearm, armed trespassing and battery. He spent one night in the Palm Beach County Jail before bailing out on a $55,000 bond. Yesterday he pled guilty to misdemeanor battery and was sentenced to time served.

According to his official biography on his club’s website, Sessa has been riding motorcycles since he was eight-years-old. “At age 19, Rosco joined the largest club in the world, the police force. After 15 years of hard core ‘street level police work’ Rosco continued to pursue his dream and decided to form his own club, the Enforcers MC. Our colors (red and silver) are taken from the ‘Swordsmen’ from the medieval days. They were the enforcers of the law then. Hence Enforcers MC, the Enforcers Motorcycle Club consists of, but is not limited to members of current and retired Law Enforcement Officers, Armed Forces Personnel, Public Safety personnel, and some good friends who complete the ‘Family’ of our club.”


Sessa unsuccessfully ran for Palm Beach County Sheriff in 2016. He has a law enforcement oriented talk radio show on WMOP in Ocala, Florida. He last made the news last November for flying around the Mar-a-Lago resort in a light plane towing a banner that read, “Donald Trump, do you know we are a sanctuary county?”

The Enforcers claims to now have 45 chapters in 19 states.

In 2014, an Enforcer named Robert “Snap” Litzenberger was sentenced to three years in prison and ordered to pay pay $16,845 in restitution after he and five other enforcers attacked three college students in the parking lot outside the Pirates Cove Hotel in Daytona Beach Shores. The assault began when Litzenberger grabbed a woman and tried to kiss her. Litzenberger claimed to have been acting is self defense. At his trial, Litzenberger openly mocked his victims until the presiding judge told him to stop.



19 Responses to “Cop Club Founder Pleads”

  1. Nuke n' Pave Dave Says:

    It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But please, don’t try to emulate us, or blow us. Just go away and be done with this juvenile crap before any among us get terminally fed up with your bullshit.

  2. Iron Rider Says:

    So you have cops beating people up while playing big bad weekend biker. I cant say I am surprised as they do this in uniform as well.

    As for the cop belittling people in court and having to have a judge tell him to STFU, nothing new there at all cops live by intimidation when dealing with people officially and unofficially because they know they can get away with it and that is what happens when you put too much power in a persons hand they will abuse it because they know 99% of the time nothing will come of it if they are accused of abusing their authority

  3. ardto Says:

    I smell shit ACAB

  4. mark Says:

    i lived in the shores when those pig pussy’s beat down those kids that was the worst violence the daytona beach shores ever experienced by a motorcycle club in all of it’s years during bike week.and of all the different mc in town it comes from a thug cop club.those were young college kids.thatpunk club is abunch of cowards and fags no doubt.

  5. Dutchboy Says:

    At one time police were “peace officers” (civil servants there to protect and serve), we were “sovereign citizens”, and you could tell the boys from the girls. Now the LEOs are miltarized “Law Enforcement” (we’ll FORCE you to obey our laws & screw protecting and serving), claiming to be a “sovereign citizen” will get you black marked as a terrorist, and we have what… Something like 90 recognized “genders”? Time to dial it back to reality folks. Hey LEO, NOT TO SAY YOU DON’T HAVE YOUR “OUTLAWS” (we’ve all met rogue cops) but playing SOA while hiding behind your shield is a bit pussy don’t you think? I’ve known some good cops (yes they do exist) and I’ve seen some that should be in prison. I’ve yet to meet one that could cut it in a real MC.

  6. panamaa Says:

    Another one of these fuck clubs.. I wonder how long it will be before THEY start murdering folks….

    And ya fuck the IO also…

  7. Snuggles Says:

    @Ed, problem started when the Moco started selling the lifestyle. Folk that wouldn’t be caught dead in a HD dealer were buying up and living out their fantasy.
    SOA comes along selling more BS along with all the BS MC riding movies in between.

    Then you get the clubs themselves, the real clubs, handing themselves over on silver platters because they can not, not start shit.

    Oh and fuck IO and their ilk.

  8. Rotten Says:

    I agree with Ed…The Ol’s should stop pickin on low hanging fruit and go after the real problem. So should other clubs in other states. FTF FTP

  9. Ed Says:

    These sorry asses exist because someone lets them. That is all there is to say. Dirty cops wanting to be outlaws. Fuckin scumbags. Uh, and Hey Outlaws, ain’t that your state. Man the fuck up.

  10. Outrider Says:

    In memory of 193,a true brother that could make a motercycle dance. The last adventure of many I enjoyed with him was at a three day concert,camp out kind of invent .He got the two of us in free with perks for showing motercycles where to park an so on. The first cop club I ever heard off showed up.later that night he picked up on their spinner, spun her around the dance floor an just beating up their pride in a border line way. The next morning when they fired up to leave 193 says watch this! The parking was in a grassy area an when the prez took off his front wheel hit this softball size river rock about the time he got his foot up.yup he went down. To our amazement nobody got off their bikes to help him pick it up.Sure do miss him.RIP 193 I know your smiling

  11. david Says:

    @ SomeGuy, maybe if pre-retirement pigs had their rip-off RETIREMENT monies not guaranteed by the bull-shit attorneys comprising the state legislatures, they wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing.

  12. SomeGuy Says:

    So here’s what, as a lifetime motorcycle riding, nothing to do with any type of club person (Joe Citizen if you will) have always bothered me.

    The police claim MCs are “organized criminal gangs”, but then groups of cops like these or The Iron Order etc. dress up and act in ways that imitate these clubs (or at least what the members of the cop clubs imagine the MCs to be).

    So if the real MCs are criminal gangs as the cops claim why do they want to dress and act like them? Take away the motorcycle aspect and why not dress up like Crips or Bloods? Or maybe put on track suits, gold rings and chains, go the local Italian eatery and play Mafia?

  13. Igo Says:

    Just fucking great. One more cop club. Wild pig, Iron order, and now the Enforcers? How many more days before these fucks blow someone’s head off and walk away???

  14. Chopper Says:

    Another cop hiding behind his badge! Pfffftttt there’s a fucking surprise!! Pussy ass cops!


  15. Phuquehed Says:

    It’s a shame that Flewellen didn’t have a gun in his home and used it on all those rat pigs as they sat on his sofa.

    The only good pigs, are those not breathing.

  16. Rotten Says:

    Fuck this mother fuckin pig scumbag. This most certianly would have resulted in pre-dawn raids on all involved with rico charges to follow, no bail and solitary because of “gang” affiliations. I seriously hope someone catches this fuck on the road… EncROACHers m.c. is more like it. Where I’m from the cop clubs only wear their shit to charity rides and photo ops…anywhere else and they know its 50/50 they make it out unscathed. FTF

  17. Hero Says:

    Looks like a Rico case to me! Five men force their way into someones home and four are not charged while one gets a hand slap. Hmmmmmmm, can anyone say double standard? More Zack Tippton style justice.

  18. Austin Says:

    FFSH! …. “president for life of the notorious Enforcers”

    Oh yeah ??


    I’m Her Royal Majestic-licious-ness and my crew is better than yours!

    as for this bs?:

    “Litzenberger grabbed a woman and tried to kiss her. Litzenberger claimed to have been acting is self defense.”

    …everybody knows the best Defence is a good Offence. Sounds like this MoFo has mastered offensiveness.

    Happy Saturday = It’s Summer, Get the Fuck Outside Kids! I just came in for a beer.

    *FFSH (For Fuck’s Sake, Honey!)

  19. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    I smell a distinct odor of piss. Just what the MC community needs is more shit starting, loudmouth, badge carrying, cop calling assholes.

    Viva Los Vagos
    FTUO and those like them.

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