Jeff Pike Stays Loose

July 12, 2017

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Jeff Pike Stays Loose

A months’ long attempt by Assistant United States Attorney Eric Joseph Fuchs to revoke the bail of former Bandidos Motorcycle Club president Jeffrey Pike hit a stone wall yesterday when the presiding judge in the case, Henry J. Bemporad, ruled Pike could remain free as long as he stayed in the Southern and Western Judicial Districts of Texas.

Fuchs had argued for months that Pike had reassumed the presidency of the Bandidos from interim president Bill “Big Deal” Sartelle and that Pike was responsible for a chain of violent confrontations with the upstart Kinfolk Motorcycle Club.

Pike, Bandidos vice-president John Portillo and two other Bandidos were indicted for racketeering in December 2015. The indictment was unsealed in January 2016. Pike “stepped aside” as Bandidos El Presedente after his arrest and he has been free on bond since January 11, 2016.

The current Bandidos president is Clifton “Dozer” Roberts. Roberts had previously served the club as vice president of the Bandidos national chapter.

Unfathomable Disregard

In court filings, Fuchs had argued that for Pike to, “reassume the top leadership position of a criminal enterprise, while on bond for racketeering charges stemming from his leadership of that same enterprise, exhibits an unfathomable disregard for the seriousness of the charges he faces.”

Fuchs also accused Pike of agitating violence between the Bandidos and the Kinfolk. Specifically: The assault of five members of the Kinfolk in South Padre, Texas last February; the arrest of a Bandido who discharged a firearm during a confrontation with a Kinfolk member in Wills Point, Texas the same month; the alleged murder of a Kinfolk member by a Bandido in Abilene in March; and the shooting of two Kinfolk members by members of a Bandidos support club in Westlake, Louisiana in May.

Pike’s lawyer, Dick DeGuerin, told the court that Pike is not responsible for the criminal actions of every Bandido everywhere and offered a couple of notable pieces of evidence on behalf of his client.

No Deception

One was a “Texas Department of Public Safety Intelligence Report” filed on May 18. that stated that the Bandidos is “attempting to improve the image of the MC,” is expelling “patched members for narcotics and illegal activity,” and is trying to avoid confrontations with members of the Kinfolk.

The other evidence was the results of a lie detector test Pike took in two sessions on June 23 and June 27. Lie detector tests are generally not allowed into evidence in trials but they can, at the judge’s discretion, be submitted in a detention hearing. The test was administered by John S. Swartz. Before his retirement, Swartz conducted polygraph examinations for the Department of Justice and the Department of State.

Swartz specifically asked Pike: “Did you order the assaults on Kinfolk members in South Padre in February 2017;” “Did you order the attempted shooting of a Kinfolk member in Wills Point in February 2017;” “Did you order the murder of a Kinfolk member in Abilene in March 20117; “Did you order the shooting of the Kinfolk members in Westlake, Louisiana in May, 2017;” “Since your release, have you done anything to violate your conditions of bond;” and “Did you have any advance knowledge of the violent acts that occurred since your release?”

Pike answered each question with “no.” It was Swartz’ expert opinion that Pike was telling the truth. Judge Bemporad also thought Pike was telling the truth.




12 Responses to “Jeff Pike Stays Loose”

  1. Chasra Says:

    I’m reminded of the song “Wild Wood Weed”, when I read this.
    Feds are barking up the wrong tree, as usual.
    Our hard earned tax dollars at work, meanwhile, real criminals… white shirts and pant suits… walk the earth as “Free” people.
    Bring on the court jesters!
    More popcorn anyone?

    RFF Jeff!

  2. Cosmic Says:

    Jeff is a good guy. Met with him and dealt with him several times in the past.

  3. Robert Says:

    Seems like Jeff Pike is solid gold. And red. Sorry from blue

  4. BMW Says:

    First, let me say that I don’t know Jeff Pike, and have met only a few Bandidos. (All good men, IMHO)

    Unfortunately, Jeff Pike is much more honest than his persecutors. Why do I say “unfortunately “? Because he is struggling in an arena where truth is daily beaten down by lying schemers. American federal courtrooms have become strangers to both honesty and truth over the past two and half centuries.

    Today, it seems an honest man in federal court is at the mercy of professional liars and perjurors…read the allegations again to see the persecutors and their highly-paid minions present blatently dishonest opinions as fact, knowingly and falsely swearing their lies to be true.

    Good luck to Jeff Pike and all the other motorcycle club members, no matter what colors, being persecuted by lying persecutors, federal or state. You have my respect for refusing to cave in to outright lies and the accusations of perjurious persecutors, as so many without honor have done.



  5. RIDER 1 Says:

    Hopefully any future jury in this case will remember this ruling and take it into consideration when making their decision. The prosecutor/FED has made it obvious that they are acting on emotions and not criminal evidence.

    RIDER 1

  6. RIDER 1 Says:


  7. Gandalf Says:

    At this point the Judge must know that the Prosecutor wants to punish Pike before a conviction. The Prosecutor now must know the Judge isn’t “from Waco”. This ruling makes me know 2 things. 1- The sun DOES shine on a frogs ass every now and then. 2- The Just-us System will throw the rest of us a bone every now and then. @ Rider 1. Looks like your $ is good in that bet but I still got till Nov for Waco to drop those cases.

  8. Dutchboy Says:

    Maybe the concept “Innocent until PROVEN Guilty” isn’t dead yet. Regardless how many persecutors try to murder it. Nice to see a Judge who isn’t the sock puppet of the prosecutor.

  9. slycechyx Says:

    Is the courts actually going to be fair? Good on the judge for using brains & logic over feelings.

  10. david Says:

    Finally, a court judge with brains not located in his ass.

  11. moto Says:

    I guess you learn something everyday, I didn’t know lie detector results could be submitted in any court proceedings. It’s been my belief to always decline a lie detector. This is the first instance of a lie detector ever being of benefit to a defendant I have ever heard.

  12. RIDER 1 Says:

    Good to see that the judge used some common sense and didn’t lock up an honest man!

    RIDER 1

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