Mooch Wins

July 5, 2017

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Mooch Wins

Justin James “Mooch” DeLoretto, a longtime member of the Mongols Motorcycle Club in Oregon, has successfully sued the Oregon Youth Authority.

DeLoretto earned a bachelors degree after he joined the Mongols about a decade ago. In 2015, he enrolled in a program to earn a Master of Social Work degree from George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon. According to his attorney, Michael D. Myers, DeLoretto’s “career objective is to work with gang-affected youth in the criminal justice system.” After he completed his course work, before he could earn his graduate degree, he had to successfully complete an internship.

He applied for and was accepted for an internship at the Youth Authority. Last August, on his second day of work, the Assistant Director of the Youth Authority took DeLoretto’s internship away from him because he had “received complaints from five law enforcement officials about Justin’s presence at OYA due to his Mongols Motorcycle Club membership.” The law enforcement officials have never been named.

Talking Back

DeLoretto thought he should be judged on who he is, rather than the gossip faceless and anonymous policemen share, so he sued. Through his lawyer, DeLoretto complained that his “internship was terminated solely because of his Mongols Motorcycle Club membership.” That, “undisclosed law enforcement officials told OYA that they wanted and expected Justin’s internship to be terminated because of his Mongols Motorcycle Club membership.” And that, “termination of employment for exercising freedom of speech, expression and association violates the First Amendment’s protection from government intrusion on these guaranteed constitutional rights.”

DeLoretto was able to fulfill his degree requirements by participating in an Oregon Department of Human Service internship. He was awarded his graduate degree on April 29 and later this spring he reached a settlement with the Youth Authority that awarded him $1,001 and lawyers fees.

Myers told the Eugene Register-Guard that the case “was about the principle rather than the money.”

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31 Responses to “Mooch Wins”

  1. Stink Eye Says:

    Congratulations Justin, I figured it would work out, integrity still stands tall…
    Hard work, good on you…

  2. Not Surprised Says:

    I think you want a guy in that position who knows what he’s takjibf about. Congrats Mooch

  3. phil mckracken Says:

    Congrats Mooch. I have known Mooch for over 12 years.. He is a stand up guy and has worked hard yo get where he is today. So happy and proud of this guy and now winning his case is the icing on the cake. Well done hommie.

  4. Mike C Says:

    Dutchboy – Comment of the day for me, these days a man in a dress will trump a hard working man every time.

    It’s a damn shame that our societies today place a higher value on feelings over ambition and hard work.

    Congratulations on your well earned success Mr Mooch!

  5. Mercyful Fate Says:

    Catty, insecure, little-girl cops can’t stand next to a real man with more intelligence in his little pinkie than they have combined.
    Mooch will no doubt be given way more cred than those girls ever would in a setting such as that. Good on you, Mooch.
    Cops really are retarded morons.

  6. Drifter Says:

    He is smarter than the rat pigs. Great job on prevailing and also finishing up your degree.


  7. Phuquehed Says:

    With any luck, the pigs who bitched on him will catch their ol’ ladies sucking the diseased cocks of crackhead niggers in an alley. Better still, would be to read in the papers that each of those bitch pigs got offed by some BLM fucktards.

    It’s just damned nice to see thought that this guy won and beat those bitch pigs and beat ’em good. If the pigs had an sense of honor whatsoever, they’d come and shake Mooch’s hand and apologize for being the bitches they are and were, but since there isn’t a pig on the planet with even a synapse of an idea what the fuck honor and integrity is, Mooch’ll just have to grin and bear it and party for the win!

    Glad you beat ’em Mooch, you’re good people.

  8. sled tramp Says:

    The gentleman -and he is-happens to be a friend of mine and despite an unfortunate and all too frequent attempt by LE to keep their public image of us going,proves once again,there are good and proud men in our world whom through sacrifice and effort daily show the citizens we’re not the seven headed devils depicted in the media.Good job Mooch.Proud to be your friend

  9. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Good news and a glimmer of hope. Kudos to Mr. DeLoretto.

  10. Dutchboy Says:

    @Trebor. Sad that if a so-called man decides to wear a dress and sing show tunes after hours the city/county would be scared shitless to say ANYTHING let alone DO anything. A real man wears a hard earned patch on his back and they try to deny him an honest living. Thing a lot of theses bad LEOs and closet Nazis don’t understand is we grow through adversity. They crack down on a club and suddenly dudes are trying to join left and right. We are AMERICANS, we don’t run from a fight we run towards it.

  11. Maven Says:

    Congrats to Mooch for sticking it to these clowns. They should have to pay the fine outta their own pockets.

  12. Trebor Says:

    As a righteous 1%er I live by the creed”Respect gets Respect”.That includes my dealings with law enforcement.

  13. Steel Says:

    @Dutchboy, you said it. The social workers I got passed around to back in the day had no clue about anything and just spouted out crap from textbooks. Mooch is the kind of person that would have made a damn difference. Glad he won this fight.



  14. david Says:

    The Oregon Youth Authority(Corporation), ain’t the be all and end all for actual flesh and blood people. Real people can do a way better job.

  15. xplor Says:

    Didn’t one Mongol become Governor of Minnesota ?
    It is never a good idea to put labels on folks.

  16. Painfully Weeping Says:

    I was denied membership on the town Tree Board because of who I am and who I associate with. This is the only way to beat these fucks is to beat them at their own game with civil rights violations in court. You kick a bad pig’s ass and you go down with time. Shove it up their ass in court, things have evolved to this shit. I know it’s sad, but seems the only way today.

  17. Amigo Says:

    You couldnt cut it as a pimple on Moochs ass lame. Hes a righteous dude who I would be pround to raise my hand for or have mentor my kids. Sorry he hurt your feelings in the past but get over it.

  18. David Torres Says:

    I think most Police Officers actually do good for the community and look out for our safety. It sucks you have some who just want to harass you for your club affiliation. This is a perfect example of abuse of power. Those officers who basically snitched on this good guy who works with kids is really messed up. Ride long, ride free.

  19. Mooch Says:

    Thank you for the article rebel, and all of the regular posters for their support.

    @BJJ sorry if I banged your ol lady. No need to hold a grudge, she wasn’t that good anyways

  20. Dutchboy Says:

    I grew up in foster care and met many “counselors”. Most were liberal-do-gooders-can’t-find-their-ass-with-both-hands douche bags that had never been in a fight, lived on the streets or had to make bones. The ONLY thing they had ever done is graduate college. Their advice in a fight was “run away and snitch”. Had one of them been a Patch I’m sure I would have gotten better advice and would have listened more. Advice more in the line of “kick to the nuts, knee to the face and keep your gonna shut about it.”. Good on ya Mooch

  21. Trebor Says:

    One day gassing up a company truck at one of those automated gas stations.Cop pulls in behind me to gas his car up.Spots the club jacket I had on up goes the laptop.Starts running the license number on the truck.Later this piece of shit shows up at my job goes into the corporate office and tells the head guy do you realise you have a member of a notorious motorcycle gang that deals in drugs guns and violence working for you?The corporate man says you mean Trebor?One of our best employees.Cop turns around and leaves.Its one thing if I was actually doing those things but this jackass actually threatened my ability to take care of my family and pay my bills.All the office people got a big laugh out of the whole thing but my thoughts were more sinister.I know several patch holders who quit the club because their city or county jobs were jeopardized due to their after work hobbies becoming known.Sad

  22. IcemanB&W Says:

    That is twice that the state of Oregon has tried and failed to take away the job of someone solely because of club affiliation. First a Vago, then a Mongol. I’m glad that free speech and civil liberties have prevailed.
    Way to go Mooch!

  23. Righteous Rick 1%ER Says:

    @BJJ……dudes a punk ?
    I just happen to know him, yer talkin outta yer ass ya stupid cunt.

  24. Uncle Ace Says:

    Now I hope he can find another place that’ll hire him on & let him make a real difference. Anybody who’s put that much effort (degree) into wanting to help kids that need it is an unsung hero. Best wishes & respect to you, Sir.

  25. BJJ Says:

    Dudes a punk but good to see him trying to change that.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    The police are supposed to “protect and serve”.

    I wonder how they serve and protect when they are trying to sabotage your career and education.

    Stay classy pigs.

  27. Dutchboy Says:

    They complain that MCs Don’t fit into the straight world, then when an effort is made the LEOs do their best to sabotage it. How many times have we seen bikers starting legitimate businesses, or careers, or as in this case education only to be denied opportunities because of “a lifestyle choice”? Good for this man fighting the good fight.

  28. Catfish OCNY Says:

    Mark one win for the little guy. Good on ya Sir!

  29. Iron Rider Says:

    Good for him. The guy wanted to work with troubled youth and he had the degree to back that up. Mongol or not he should have been allowed to do that work. Christ man lots of kids dont have someone who is interested in their well being and trying to make sure they find a path in life.

    Not like the guy was recruiting these kids or anything. I know more fucking guys that are connected to an MC that are more stable then half the bozos out there and actually care about their brothers families like they are their own.

  30. Nuke n' Pave Dave Says:

    One down, god only knows how many more to go…

  31. LA1%er Says:

    Fuck yeah Brother! Proud of you! Mongol On!

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