Vagos Nuclear Threat

June 30, 2017

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Vagos Nuclear Threat

For years, the Department of Justice has had a hard time proving the danger presented to the general public by the Vagos Motorcycle Club.

That dilemma has led to politicians and prosecutors telling some big time whoppers.

During Operation-22 Green in 2006, one defendant was charged with possessing “bomb-making materials” after a search of his garage revealed a can of gasoline, a bag of fertilizer and some firecrackers.


In 2010, in a fairly blatant attempt to secure more federal money for its police force, Hemet, California Police Chief Richard Dana and then Riverside County District Attorney Rod Pacheco accused the Vagos of launching a series of booby-trap attacks and plotting to blow up the Hemet police station. Pacheco called the Vagos “an extreme threat to law enforcement.”

Jerry Brown, who was then running for governor, called the Vagos “urban terrorists.”

It turned out the perpetrator of the series of violent pranks was a disgruntled ex-convict who had nothing to do with the Vagos.

Nevertheless, the Hemet hoax inspired Operation Simple Green the next year. That “investigation” gave United States Senate aspirant Kamala D. Harris the opportunity to declare on television, “Outlaw motorcycle gangs, like the ones whose member we arrested today, regularly perpetrate serious, violent crimes. Today’s action will make Californians safer.” Harris described the Vagos as a “transnational gang.” The phrase was very trendy in law enforcement circles at the time


It is all in the game cops and outlaws play, but a filing in Las Vegas Wednesday, contained what may be the most ridiculous allegation against any motorcycle club anywhere ever. It stated that prosecutors had:

“…learned from law enforcement that the FBI’s Public Access Line Unit received a telephone call on June 24, 2017 wherein the caller stated he had placed a bomb that would explode on or before June 30th. The stated reason for the bomb was that three of the caller’s ‘friends’ were arrested on June 16 and he provided the names Albert Lopez, John Siemer, and Paul Voll. A second voice could be heard in the background of this call. On the same day, LAPD officers received a call from someone identifying himself as ‘The Dangerous Man.’ The caller stated he was upset with federal authorities for arresting his ‘friend’ John Siemer and that he was going to blow up Los Angeles, New York, and Canada, and that he had access to nuclear weapons. It is presently unknown if these calls were placed by the same or different people. Certainly, these actions by Defendant’s ‘friends’ while he has been detained do not reduce the danger he poses to the community if released. Instead, his Vagos associations and friends are a significant reason his release would endanger the community.”

In a reply filed the same day. Siemer’s attorney, Chris T. Rasmussen called the allegation a “desperate and an outrageous attempt to sway this Court with utter nonsense. The overt acts against Siemer are similar hearsay statements from anonymous persons. Anyone with a vendetta against Siemer or the Vagos Motorcycle Club has access to a telephone and can create havoc for the members who are charged in this case.”


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17 Responses to “Vagos Nuclear Threat”

  1. Elvis Himselvis Says:

    Ok so since the Feds star witness in the Romeo case recently admitted to being coerced into lying for the prosecution, the whole thing was a farce to begin with, Romeo protected life against an armed assailant that had already shot two people and was kicking another person in the head while they lie on the ground unconscious and the aggressor held his handgun. Seriously if a cop had done what Romeo did in that situation he’d be considered a damn hero, so instead of railroading one person into life in prison they’ve (atf) have added a Rico charge to a bunch more Vago’s in an attempt to railroad 23 more,

    this is how they work, trying to scare people with years in prison to either flip or make a deal, if they flip they have a snitch in the club that can gather or in the Vago’s case manufacture evidence, if they make a deal for a shorter prison sentence in fear of getting a longer sentence it makes the club look bad in the public eye before the new trial for Romeo and the sad sack of an investigation called “Pure Luck” where reportedly an undercover agent had infiltrated the Vago’s and for 4 years attempted to gather evidence and couldn’t, the undercover even reported to his superiors that ” this is like the damn Boy Scouts” that in fact he found out that The Vago’s Motorcycle Club Was Not A Criminal Organization with ANY rackets to be infiltrated… there was nothing… so that undercover known as “Sonny Brancato” had a plan to manufacture and entrap members by using the lie that if he didn’t find large amounts of drugs that a cartel he was related to would murder him, so he set out to push and push members that weren’t involved in drug trafficking to find him some drugs or else he was gonna be murdered. When no members could find him drugs he concocted a plan that would play out like an 80’s smuggler flick. So if members of the Vago’s couldn’t find him drugs he would bring the drugs to them, now if this is entrapment I don’t know what is, so now he tells members that treated him like a brother who would defend him with their lives that a small airplane was gonna land in the desert and that he needed people he could trust to watch his back, never telling any of them that alledgedly drugs would be on the plane. So a small plane flies out in the desert piloted by federal agents lands in the desert and alledgedly contains drugs and is transferred to a vehicle that no member being prosecuted today knew about or touched or transported is being charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine, I wonder what was really in those packages? That’s how they roll, accuse and arrest everyone, launch a media assault to assassinate character and shape public opinion, then try them in court with that biased opinion, and then they cross their fingers that all of that corruption gets arrests to validate finance to their department and validate their existence….welcome to America folks…watch your back

  2. 55 Says:

    “Zombie bikers.”

    “Kim Jung Un, is that you?”


  3. Dutchboy Says:

    SoCal. No doubt. I don’t believe anyone is making fun of that man’s plight. Many of us are however making fun of the antics of the Blue Gang and thier Prosecutor masters.

  4. SoCal Says:

    No matter how ridiculous of a story that is fabricated, at the end of the day bail is denied. I bet John Siemer isn’t laughing…

  5. SomeGuy Says:

    So shouldn’t they be the dominate club in the world? I mean who else is going to screw with them if they have nukes? Unless of course some other club has some sort of biological weapon, some sort of plague or something. Then of course if they use that in retaliation for the nukes then the radiation could cause a mutated plague, if my movie watching is any guide that’s how you get hordes of zombie bikers.

    I for one am thankful that our brave boys in blue are protecting me from such a scenario.

  6. YouGottaBeKidding Says:

    ring, ring Hello this is the LAPD.
    You want fuck on my freinds! Me fuck on you! Me blow you up!
    Kim Jong Un is that you?

  7. Geronimo Says:

    Blow up Canada? That’s a big freaking bomb. Idiots.

  8. Sieg Says:

    Don’t laugh too loud, everyone has “bomb-making materials” at home. My nephew did a bit in Illinois behind Possession of a Silencer…he had some metal tubing, some washers, and some steel-wool in his house. Moral of the story is, if they want you, they’ve got you. No on is safe from the FedCoats.


  9. kenny Says:

    This is all about scare tactics. They are inflaming the public. Im telling u my old brothers from the 60z told me in the 80z that their biggest fear is mc would become illigal. To the point u would have to anounce your disbarrment and cover tats just to get outta prison.

  10. Dutchboy Says:

    Do you think that if I call and threaten to invade Earth with interstellar vampire space ducks they will rerun SOA season 2? “Access to nuclear weapons” really? You really that gullible there Officers of the Court? Careful! I’m a third degree plaid belt in Dutchrubs and will give you such a friction burn! How did the judge keep from falling out of his chair laughing?

  11. Dutchboy Says:

    Better watch out! Organized groups are selling “bomb making supplies” from big tents all across America this weekend! Other “organizations” are selling inflammable bomb making liquids from terrorist supply centers called “gas stations” and granulated bomb accelerants from “garden centers”. Sure you want this amonia nitrate for your begonias Grandma, now against the wall and spread em’! Seriously Officers have you no shame?

  12. fozz Says:

    only in america,

    reading this on the other side of the world ,i thought the ausie cops were bad ,they aint got nothing on the cops in the U S A

  13. Iron Rider Says:

    So all the technology they have for tracking phone calls and they couldnt find who placed the calls where they came from etc, but yet consider these calls “credible” and enough to put them into court documents to further a case?

    Tell me I am not the only one whose bullshit detector is going off right now.

  14. Nuke n' Pave Dave Says:

    So did they record these calls and was a Ted Kazinsky(sp?) wannabe in lockup around there then? Did the Ted wannabe have access to a pay phone in the common area of the cellblock in county lockup? Did any other dinks with a skewed sense of humor have a spare quarter in their pocket that day? Was there a suck-ass cop handy who actually knows how to use a phone in the neighborhood? The whole thing stinks worse than a dead skunk…

  15. Hangaround Says:

    Rebel, since you live in Southern California and because knowledgeable Prosecutors consider this a credible threat I’m posting a handy guide for you – How to survive a nuclear attack.

  16. Hangaround Says:

    You arrested my friend. Now I am so pissed that I am going to nuke my arrested friend, all the rest of my friends an a significant portion of southern california….

    Wow. Attorneys really get paid for this shit? I really fucked up on my career path unless uncontrollably rolling on a courtroom floor laughing would be seen as undesireable workplace behavior..

  17. stroker Says:

    ” LAPD officers received a call ………..”

    Sure they did!

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