Angel’s Killer Was Out Bad

June 30, 2017

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Angel's Killer Was Out Bad

Joshua Herbert, the alleged murderer of Hells Angels prospect James Duty, had already been expelled from the Mongols Motorcycle Club on May 21, the night Duty died.

Multiple, credible sources said Herbert had been expelled from the club because he was “a loose cannon.”

Duty, who was 31, another club prospect and three members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club were returning from his club’s West Coast Run in Cottonwood, Arizona when they stopped to refuel at a Shell gas station in Riverside, California near the 91 Freeway. While they were there, a silver, four door sedan stopped near the gas pumps. According to police, Herbert exited the front passenger door of the sedan and began firing a large caliber revolver. A bullet glanced off the helmet of one of the Hells Angels. Duty was shot multiple times and was pronounced dead at Riverside Community Hospital.

The incident was recorded on surveillance video.

Eight days ago. Riverside police held an elaborate press conference to announce Herbert’s arrest and identify him a member of the Mongols Motorcycle Club. The press event featured a photo opportunity of Mongols vests and other Mongols indicia including a notebook and a laptop computer decorated with the Mongols logo.

The investigation that resulted in Herbert’s arrest was led by agents from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and culminated in raids on multiple locations in Anaheim, Cathedral City, Corona, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach and Riverside, California.

Herbert is charged with premeditated murder and attempted murder and a gang enhancement.

The Aging Rebel has previously described Herbert as a current member of the Mongols and regrets the error.


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34 Responses to “Angel’s Killer Was Out Bad”

  1. bcnasty Says:

    @ Hero, wise words and the

  2. Bo Says:

    Anyone find it weird that the mogul involved in the ha killing has disappeared completely! @ rebel you going to report that his case is gone from record, he can not be located in jail!! Where did Josh Herebert go!? Womder what conversations you have to have to get disappear into witsec on a murder need like that!? If I’m wrong someone show me where his court dates are found,where he’s found!!??

  3. Vinland Says:

    2Wheels you got that right. Most of my people have been photographed and anyone pretty much on a bike that American can and will be pulled over then the pigs take your picture and add it to a big file. I’m sure in this case the Feds took all of about 5 minutes to indentify the shooter from the surveillance video. Make no mistake the Feds are at WAR with anyone in Kalifornia on TWO wheels.

  4. 2Wheelz Says:

    The gang cops in SoCal have been hard at work for awhile now, classifying and documenting anyone on a motorcycle as a gangmember. Pretty soon they will be raiding the homes of people in the local hog chapter. Batten down the hatches.

  5. RLG Says:

    keep talkin shit like a bitch

  6. Dutchboy Says:

    Tommy, glad to hear he was sent home with full honors. The Angels are a real class act. Floopy, may God bless you and keep you,may his face shine upon you and give you peace. Fair winds and Following Seas.

  7. Truth Seeker Says:

    Thank you for always doing your homework, great report. Only average people with no clue cant see through the bullshit of those staged police conferences. Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs that deal with the feds know they love to put a spin on shit. The feds keep the fire burning, by adding fuel to the fire, and get the ammo they need to smut us up, and further the cause to take our patches, and prove their relevance.

    Thank you Rebel

  8. Tommy Says:

    @Charlie Cook if you were more active on social media or in the So Cal area you would know that he did! He was sent out like the warrior he was! AFFA . You can find pictures online of the memorial and casket. He was honored and given the utmost respect. Rest In Peace Floppy. An Angel Forever.

  9. Charlie Cook Says:

    Too much attention is on Herbert. What about the fallen Prospect ? I think he should be patched and have a full ceremony. God Bless The Angels.

  10. Von Zipper Says:

    Usually someone knows if they’re out, even before the consequences. That’s when they break, they know what they had, they know what’s coming, or they imagine the worst. The unstable act out. Sorry for the loss.

  11. Iron Rider Says:

    One of the things I find odd is that this guy still had the gun used in the shooting whether that is by mistake or design none of us know, but it would fall on the hella stupid level if it was intentionally kept.

    Anyone with half a brain would know not to hang onto a weapon you just used in a shooting even more so if it was connected to a murder, with that set we have no idea of Heberts mindset.

    The ATF being involved is enough to give me pause, but one has to remember there was video footage of this shooting. Whether that footage shows Hebert and he is identifiable would help make the cops case, because sure as shit they got no help from the HA’s that were there.

    One thing is for sure the Feds will be all over this with local law enforcement to start the long game of going after both clubs and any other MC’s in the process will be gravy for the Feds, anyone connected to an MC will have to keep six because the feds will take a ton of time and spare no expense to bust MC and their members and supporters

  12. TRuth Says:

    What’s really interesting is that mongol in question got a fresh new mongol tattoo days after the murder. A tattoo only certain members can get, I will leave it at that. Either dude was dumb as fuck and had a lot of balls or the story doesn’t add up. Guess it’s not up to us to decide.

  13. Dutchboy Says:

    Thanks for the Reporting Rebel, excellent as always. I am in a small crew that few would have heard of. We have members in several States and I do not know them all but if I believe a guy is a Brother then he is a brother until I learn otherwise. Commanche defended someone he believed was a brother. No shame in that. Keep up the honest reporting Rebel. Fair Winds

  14. Dutchboy Says:

    Thanks for the Reporting Rebel, excellent as always

  15. JD Says:

    James Duty Forever.

  16. You guys are lame Says:

    Wow…. surprised to see how many capes are on behind a screen. Doesn’t matter he’s affiliated. No one gives a rats ass for your justification. Silence is better! Weak!

  17. AG Says:

    I understand keeping good relationships with clubs is good for what you do but I also understand that you have integrity and take what you do very serious so in that respect I can’t see you having anything to gain bye posting anything suspicious. However you have to understand some readers being sceptical of the story when several members on social media claimed him and a patch holder did the same on your site until you deleted his comments. At the end of the day it’s not my business so I will stay out of
    It but I’m sure you can understandi some people not buying it. I mean no disrespect to you or any of the clubs involved and will just leave it at that. Love the site.

  18. What ever Says:

    Like I said, I’m skeptical. Herbert did make and have his first court appearance in Riverside several days was with a public defender and was extremely brief and continued to Bastillle Day of all days. If he were still in the grace of his club, I’d hope he’d have better and more aggressive representation.
    That said, I had a friend whom passed recently. He was a member of a large well known MC for more then 50 years and was infamous to many but beloved by people who knew him. Many of his adult years were spent in prison.He always pointed out that there are people that can run the streets, but are punks in prison. There are people that can run a prison, but can’t last a week on the streets. And there’s people that can do both and they are rare. My point is that prison is not the streets and the streets are not prison. Any lesson learned is valuable but not universal.
    If you’re in a club and you can be told what to do, when to do it and kicked out on a whim by the higher archy, you should question your alliegence. The prison analagy is spot on in most prisons, this isn’t prison. I’m sure sometime after Bastille Day when the blood dries off of the guillotine- we may be closer to the truth.

  19. Rebel Says:

    Dear What ever,

    I removed Commanche’s comments. I sincerely believe Herbert was not a member of the Mongols Motorcycle Club at the time he allegedly shot Duty. I do not believe he had been out long enough for his tattoos to be blacked out. I do not believe the indicia displayed by the Riverside PD was seized from him. I believe the indicia was seized from several Mongols. I believe the gun displayed was seized from him and was the murder weapon.


  20. Rebel Says:

    Dear AG,

    I stand by the story.

    But I will try to be less subtle here than I was this morning. In the first place, the indicia displayed by the Riverside police at their press conference was gathered from multiple raids on multiple Mongols residences and was deliberately intended to give the impression that the Mongols were going out and killing Angels. This was an ATF operation and you can speculate for yourself on what the point of that photo opportunity was.

    Secondly, the argument that clubs just dump members when they get caught is commonly made and rarely true. I remember comments Ray “Izod” Lubesky made about the Bandidos when he was president of the Iron Order. Lubesky accused the Bandits of just dumping members in order to avoid RICO charges. It was bullshit them and it is bullshit then.

    Third, as everyone knows I am not the miracle of the infallible reporter. But I do usually know a lot more than I say. The two clubs allegedly involved in this tragic incident can work things out on their own without my editorializing.

    Thank you for reading and commenting,

  21. Gandalf Says:

    A Story: Once these 2 Hamsters form the biggest crew in the Prison rushed into my cell at 6am with shanks to rob me and my cellie… They got the jump on us and had the shanks on our necks. 5 of their homies across the tier watching. Dude took the shank away from my neck to search under my mattress and it was on. In the end we took their shanks and everything they had… gave them a good stomping while their friends watched helpless. In the Chow Hall right after our crew started to gather. Pissed! Getting real loud. Guards started backing up to the doors for a quick getaway. It got VERY tense. The 2 Hamsters in Question were left alone at a table with none of their “brothers” around them. The leaders of the Hamster crew came over and told us they had nothing to do with it and would not defend the 2 who tried to rob us. THE MORAL: It doesn’t matter if the Leaders told them to or not the act of cutting them off (ie: out bad) is enough because of the example to the rest of them not to fuck with us. The 2 Hamsters in Question got theirs later by our guys and were forever not allowed to roll with their crew again… That was enough. RESPECT!

  22. Not Surprised Says:

    Why would there be any reason to disbelieve this?

  23. AG Says:

    Your out bad in my club ALL club property is taken back immediately! This is interesting.

  24. What ever Says:

    Weird, Comanche Mongol 1% New York Southside claimed brotherhood, “right or wrong”, with him just a few days ago. Generally I try not to start shit and I usually trust Rebels take, but I’m sceptical of his “sources” motive in this case. But, I acknowledge he may have been kicked out, I’m just skeptical. It was wise to erase some of the banter on the “Mongol Charged in Riverside Murder” and I don’t blame members distancing themselves from Herbert. Unfortunately, it maybe closing the barn door after the horse got out. Still a tragedy for all involved.

  25. @Tony the agent Says:

    Tony,Shut the fuck up,your obviously a rat so that’s number one.Second good chance your working for the feds to.So disregard anything that individual has to say period!!

  26. FLSS Says:

    LOL anytime there’s a big deal “no he’s out bad” seen it plenty of times from their lot.
    Publicity stunt. Not fooling anyone. When they toss you out they collect their shit.

  27. THE ONE Says:



  28. No name Says:

    Every time something goes down they said a former member or now expelled . Or whatever they try to spin it as … some brotherhood …. does the deed all the lames constantly talk about and then they say he has no association .. yes he has club property and info and they let him keep the ink? .. if someone is out bad .. you send people to collect property the day he is notified he’s out bad . Cmon now

  29. turtle Says:

    Sure he was…

  30. Hangaround Says:

    There is a damn good reason to collect club property as soon as possible from out bad members…

  31. Pico Says:

    Hopefully this shameful act can be left here. Hopefully it’s an act that will bring people together more than pushing them further apart. At least maybe a break so thy cooler heads can prevail.

  32. Tony Says:

    This is a publicity stunt. He was very much a member on the night of the 21 and was very active in the days leading up to the ambush. Rats leaving a sinking ship.

  33. Hero Says:

    Well there you go. I don’t know this guy and I don’t presume to know his mind set at the time of his crime, however it looks like he just got voted out and wanted some back lash for his former club. This is certainly not the first time a disgruntled former member of a club has gone out of their way to cause problems after being shown the door and it wont be the last. You try your best to weed out the problem causers before they are voted in, however inevitably some will slip through. It would have been nice for the two MC’s involved if he had his ink fixed but it seems like it all happened so fast nothing could be done. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail. Thanks Rebel for the update.

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