Waco’s War Of The Blossoms

June 29, 2017

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Waco's War Of The Blossoms

The Aztec Empire ran on blood. The Sun rose and set, the rains came and went, the empire brought order out of chaos through the magic of murder, by making people bleed, by making a spectacle of holding men down, cutting open their chests, ripping out their still beating hearts and throwing their lifeless bodies down a tall, steep set of stone steps.

Few sacrificial victims volunteered. So sometime between 1325 and 1428 the Aztecs invented an institution called “The War of the Blossoms.” The Nahuatl word is xochiyaoyotl. The idea of these wars was not to conquer anything, because the Aztecs had already conquered everything and everybody, but to gather “blossoms;” prisoners who would then be sacrificially murdered so that the Sun might come out tomorrow. The first purpose of the state was to convince its citizens that the world would cease to exist unless those stone steps were regularly stained with fresh blood

Xochiyaoyotl hasn’t become a loan word in English yet – like ahuacatl (avocado) or ahuaca-molli (goes great with chips), Cóyotl (song dog) or Chilli but the McLennan County, Texas District Attorney’s office is working on it. They have their first victim all lined up. His name is Christopher Jacob Carrizal and his legal predicament is only reasonable if you are convinced that Waco district attorney Abelino Reyna is a magician who must sacrifice Carrizal’s liberty and life lest all of Texas becomes a post apocalyptic, Mad Max style wasteland overrun by ruthless biker hordes. Yesterday, Reyna (photo above) announced he had convinced a grand jury of exactly that.

Biker Brawl

Jake Carrizal was the vice president of a Bandidos chapter in Dallas. Eight of the chapter’s ten members rode to the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco on May 17, 2015 so they might attend a meeting of a biker advocacy group called the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents. Carrizal legally possessed a knife. He, unlike the score or more of police who were surrounding the restaurant at the time he arrived, did not possess a firearm. The pack that pulled in with him included his father, Christopher Julian Carrizal, and his uncle, David Martinez, who was his chapter president. All three were at the flashpoint of what CNN christened the Biker Brawl.

As the little pack from Dallas tried to park their motorcycles, a publicly unidentified member of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club told them to park somewhere else. Martinez and another Cossack who has not yet been named in this case got into a shouting match. Another Bandido named Reginald Weathers rushed to Martinez’ defense and was punched in the face. That was the moment the Twin Peaks erupted. Martinez was shot in the left hand and the senior Carrizal was shot in the shoulder. Both men were shot by Cossacks standing on the restaurant patio.

Jake Carrizal was wearing a helmet that covered his entire head. He has maintained from the moment he was arrested that he saw Cossacks yelling but could not hear what they were saying. According to the limited statement he gave to police after he was taken into custody, “He pulled off his helmet and stepped off his bike when the gunfire started.” He took cover with his father. When the shooting finally stopped about 100 seconds later his vest was covered with his father’s blood. His vest, belt buckle and phone were seized as evidence. Forfeiture proceedings were started against his motorcycle, which was eventually returned to its lien holder. The creditor was told to either repossess the bike or Waco would take it.

A Winner

The brawl was followed by an intense period characterized by disinformation and “perception management.” Among the stories told by officials was that the brawl started when one of the Dallas Bandidos, presumably Jake Carrizal, ran over the foot of a 52-year-old Cossack prospect named Clifford Pearce. Pearce, who was wounded and paralyzed during the brawl, has denied that anyone ran over his foot but the story was repeated by virtually every Cossack and then repeated again by gullible news outlets like The Washington Post.

Prosecutors, particularly Assistant District Attorney Michael Jarrett, targeted Jake Carrizal to be tried, or sacrificed, first because, according to a source who heard him say it, Jarrett “wanted one he could win.”

The prosecution’s case against all of the more than 190 Waco Biker Brawl defendants has been characterized by immoral, unethical and illegal legerdemain, blatant judicial misconduct and mumbo jumbo. It is inconceivable, to anyone who is the least bit skeptical of magic, that any of the defendants will be treated fairly.


Jake Carrizal was originally scheduled for trial on May 22. His legal representative for the first two years of his case was an attorney named Landon Northcutt. Prosecutors bombarded Northcutt with evidence dumps until Northcutt, who had never been paid, asked out of the case. A ferocious Houston attorney named Casie Gotro took Jake Carrizal’s case pro bono and official Waco lost its mind. Both Ralph T. Strother, the judge who will preside over Carrizal’s trial, and prosecutors accused Northcutt of delaying justice. The reality, according to an impeccable source, is that Strother “ambushed Northcutt by setting him for trial without Northcutt asking for a setting (while) many defendants have been begging for a trial.”

Gotro got her continuance and Carrizal’s trial is now scheduled to begin on September 11. But Waco’s War of the Blossoms, the prosecution’s lust for a sacrificial victim has accelerated. Yesterday, prosecutors announced they had indicted Jake Carrizal for a second time.

Street Gang Kingpin

The superseding indictment seeks to pile on two charges that allege that the Bandidos is a “criminal street gang” and, because Carrizal was a chapter officer, he must also be a kingpin in a “criminal street gang.” Jake Carrizal is now formally charged with “directing activities of a criminal street gang,” “engaging in organized criminal activity with an underlying offense of murder,” and “engaging in organized criminal activity with an underlying offense of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.” Carrizal faces the rest of his life in prison

An observer doesn’t exactly have to be Perry Mason to understand the three key elements of the ever evolving case against Jake Carrizal. First the case against Carrizal is razor thin. Second, Casie Gotro is a much scarier adversary than Landon Northcutt. So three, the prosecutors are going to put the Bandidos on trial.

It is the only way the magician prosecutors of Waco can win. It is the only way to keep the gods of chaos appeased.

Jake Carrizal isn’t actually provably guilty of anything. But Reyna has already convinced one jury that he is guilty of three of them. Now all Reyna has to do is convince a dozen more people that the world will end unless Carrizal is sacrificed.



24 Responses to “Waco’s War Of The Blossoms”

  1. BIKER BILL Says:

    THE coc IS NOTHING MORE THAT SNITCH FACTORY , THE LAWYERS ARE SNITCHES AND HALF THE ASSHOLES THAT SHOW UP ARE COPS , ITZ ALL BULLSHIT, im not sure why none of the other 1%rs remain affiliated with that bullshit

  2. Gandalf Says:

    The Aztec flower war backfires
    “Though there was a certain amount of strength in this rule of fear, it had its weaknesses.  More and more people were being sacrificed, and that weakened the peoples of Mexico immeasurably.  People did grumble – especially people outside of the empire that saw the unprecedented flow of blood from the outside.

    Though the Tlaxcalans took part in the Aztec flower war in part willingly, in reality they hated and feared the empire.  It’s believed that the Aztecs could have easily taken Tlaxcala, but the city was kept alive as a “farm” for new human sacrifices.  When the Spanish came from across the sea, it was the people of Tlaxcala that eventually joined them against the Aztec empire.  The empire fell, and the flowery wars ended.”

  3. Hangaround Says:

    leaving this other commentary on Texas justice here also


  4. BMW Says:

    Reyna and his mentally challenged fellow conspirators are getting desperate. They got into this mess by listening to the federales gang and LEAA-funded fake seminars about the “OMG Menace”. A conviction of almost any sort can act as a partial shield to charges of false imprisonment, kidnappings, etc that the crooks in Whaco could, and shpuld face…



  5. david Says:

    “Engaging” in organized criminal activity, is a very difficult “allegation” for any persecutor to PROVE, much more difficult for incompetent Un-Able to prove, “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

    With every new allegation now added by “Stone Head”s cookie cutter corrupt Grand Jury, Reyna has greatly increased his already heavy burden of proof to PROVE guilt, “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

    Due to these and other obvious facts, Reyna will most likely DENY the defendant his protected right to an IMPARTIAL jury of his peers, by stacking it with as many of HIS(Reyna’s) associates in crime, yes men and fellow Masons as he can.

    If the “trial” ever takes place, defendant’s Right to an impartial JURY upon violation becomes a major Bill Of Rights constitutional and civil rights violation and, a major issue before the appellate court, besides ALL the many other unlawful screw-ups already made by Jack Ass Reyna.

    If the McLennan County Commissioners had any brains, they would remove Reyna from office before, the loose canon does any MORE damage to their sinking ship. Jack Ass is definitely in scramble mode.

  6. Paladin Says:

    @ Dutchboy,

    It doesn’t take a legal mind to realize that the City of Waco, along with Reyna and his band of merry men have been in a desperate situation since day one.

    Long May You Ride,


  7. Dutchboy Says:

    Paladin, you have a better legal mind than I do, doesn’t the 11th hour piling on of additional bullshit charges smack of prosecutorial desperation? Doesn’t it have a “baffle them with bullshit” stink?

    Had I been the lender I would have called Carrizal the moment I got possession and said, “Dude, come pick up your ride.”

    I keep thinking that the Waco situation can’t get any more messed up and every time AR comes out with a new story I realize we haven’t seen anything yet. Thanks for the great reporting Rebel.

  8. Paladin Says:

    All great empires have left their marks on civilization. The Romans gave us architecture. To this very day, Aztec writings can be found on either side of Oreo cookies. Waco may very well leave a judicial shit stain smelling so bad that Lady Justice will be required to accessorize with a clothes pin covering her nose along with the blind fold that covers her eyes.


  9. Chasra Says:

    Still amazed how one guy with a knife could have injected POLICE BULLETS into all of those victims… it’s GOT to be magic.
    Ride Free

  10. Iron Rider Says:

    I forgot as for Reyna claiming Carrizal is part of street gang like talk about desperation, I guess using the OMG moniker wasn’t getting Reyna the traction he thought it would the with public and the media.

    I would highly doubt any MC would wanted to be associated and known as a street gang nor known as such, big difference btwn an MC and the little hoodrats shooting each other over who can sell crack on the corner

    Looks like Reyna had to change from the OMG mantra to a street gang mantra in hopes of getting some sympathy and a conviction

  11. Iron Rider Says:

    So the cops seized Carrizal’s motorcycle as evidence, then decided it should be forfeited but yet didn’t have the means to make seizing the Motorcycle stick and rather than give it back to Carrizal they decided to call the lein holder and basically tell them either you come and get it or we do away with it and you aren’t going to see a cent from it.

    Basically the COPs just committed theft. Carrizal ride should have been returned to him if it was not going to be used as evidence and their was no court order to forfeit the bike to the state. This is nothing more than an abuse of process and shows just how far Reyna and pals will go to violate the law.

    Talk about your bullshit and how Reyna and Pals are trying to punish anyone they can from Twin Peaks anyway they can legal or not. I would suspect that other defendants charged by Reyna and Co will suffer the same thing in time for those who have loans out on their rides but I suspect this will be a tougher task for those who own their rides free and clear of any liens

    The fact that Reyna’s case is shit and they have to pile on more charges to make their case look better than it does smacks of desperation and just shows how Reyna and pals will use new charges to delay having to try and cases and use the new charges as pressure to try and get those indicted to take a plea.

    Never in my life have I thought corruption within the justice system would get so bad that a person rights via the penal code and those enshrined in the constitution would be trampled on and abused to the extent they are these days, but it looks like it is only going to get worse, the forefathers would be spinning in their graves if they thought the constitution could be abused the way it is.

    I cant wait for all the civil lawsuits come to trial, I hope Reyna is fucking left penniless and out in the street living in a refrigerator box

  12. fozz Says:

    So why arnt the clubs calling a truce , leastways long enough to fight the enemy ( Reyna and his gang) together we stand devided we fall

  13. TN Says:

    Interesting his trial date is 911.

  14. Gandalf Says:

    Looks like Jake just got a indefinite postponement until the Feds come up with that Morton evidence.

  15. Gandalf Says:

    “Your Honor, Due to the changing nature of the charges against my client we request more time and a new Trial date 1 year from today. It appears that the evidence of the Fed RICO (Feds vs Pike) trial could effect the new Indictment against my client. There are 150 other defendants who want the September 11th trial date.”

  16. Hero Says:


    I don’t know what happened to the rest of my comment, let me try this again.

    That is why I asked about his individual defense fund, because it would be similar to donating directly to a single politician vrs donating to a national party as it would be encompassing all the politicians in that party and their associations. It is still a dicey proposition in the least but with out funding against this crap for the win, we subject our families and friends along with possibly our co workers or even employer with the possibility of false arrest. The latter might be a reach but that’s my point of the no end in sight or the extremes this could go.

  17. Hero Says:


    That is why I asked about his individual defense fund, as it would be encompassing all the politicians in that party and their associations. It is still a dicey proposition in the least but with out funding against this crap for the win, we subject our families and friends along with possibly our co workers or even employer with the possibility of false arrest. The latter might be a reach but that’s my point of the no end in sight or the extremes this could go.

  18. Ass Says:


  19. Dutchboy Says:

    Maybe it is time for clubs across the country 1%ers, family clubs, Civic a fraternal, et Al to have fundraisers to help the victims of the Waco Ambush and Court Room Three Ring Circus. Of course they may charge everyone with collusion and illegal gambling (if we have raffles).

  20. Hero Says:

    Mr, Carrizal really needs to win this one for the entire community. Any convictions out of this ludicrous situation will be the precedent for future false arrests and lynch mob prosecutions. Anyone know the defense fund for this individual not the MC he resides with?

  21. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    As for the Grand Jury is required to hear both from the DA & from the defendant. ..before they indicate a person. .

  22. Curbside Says:

    “Now all Reyna has to do is convince a dozen more people that the world will end unless Carrizal is sacrificed.”

    Upside of this? The defense also gets a crack at the jury, instead of waiting to see what the prosecutor has convinced the grand jury to rubber-stamp.

    My only fear about a jury trial is that the judge will refuse to be impartial and it will take an ungodly amount of time before the judge’s immoral and illegal fuck-ups are sorted out in the appeals courts.

  23. Nuke n' Pave Dave Says:

    I have to wonder whether or not Reyna will wear his new stone mask to court as this travesty unfolds.

  24. stroker Says:

    very apt comparison, Rebel.

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