Third Outlaw Arrested

June 28, 2017

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Third Outlaw Arrested

Miguel Angel Torres III, a member of the American Outlaws Association, surrendered to authorities at the Lake County Courthouse In Tavares, Florida yesterday.

Prosecutors believe they can prove Torres was an accessory to the murder of David “Gutter” Donovan. Donovan, who was vice-president of the Lake County chapter of the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club, was shot in the parking lot of a Circle K convenience store and gas station in nearby Leesburg on April 29. Donovan suffered three gunshot wounds to his back including one shot that exited from his abdomen. Donovan was taken to a hospital in Sanford. He never left. He died May 14.

Police allege that a group of about a dozen Outlaws accosted Donovan and two other Kingsmen and ordered them to surrender their club insignia. Both the Kingsmen and the AOA describe themselves as one percenter motorcycle clubs – which is to say they are clubs that consider themselves to be preeminent in their areas of operation. Central Florida has at least seven such clubs.

According to police, Donovan refused to take off his club vest so Torres forced him to his knees at knife point, Allegedly, the ranking Outlaw at the incident, Marc E. “Knothead” Knotts, then ordered an unidentified Outlaw to shoot Donovan. Knotts was also shot during the encounter.

Knotts and Jesus Alberto Marrero were arrested on May 17 and charged with conspiracy to commit murder and kidnapping. Both men have since been indicted for murder and kidnapping.

An FBI taskforce has been investigating the case. Torres is currently charged with conspiracy to commit murder, kidnapping and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He is being held without bail at the Lake County Jail.

A fourth suspect, Gregory Alan Umphress, remains at large.


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11 Responses to “Third Outlaw Arrested”

  1. Florida Outlaw Says:

    Ok Hiding whores who wants to try the Outlaws next I doubt it’s no one on these pages especially that whining bitch type Ed

  2. Ed Says:

    Fuckin retards deserve time the nice Florida penal system. Of course most of them snitch their way out of a life sentence. Phony fucks, giving everyone too much attention.

  3. FLSS Says:

    @Vinland it was a perfect summation of this situation. If the shoe fits….

  4. Vinland Says:

    FLSS fuck you and the monkeys too. Video is fucking weak sauce and the mo keys in it should be exterminated.

  5. MIKEY Says:

    There has only been 1 side of this shit told . The orlando paper seems to have something personally against the AOA. That was not a planned thing the AOA had just been escorted out of leesburgh . that was just coincidence that both clubs were there . and it comes down to this NO VIDEO AUDIO OR EYE WITNESSES!!! How do you charge anyone ?

  6. Dutchboy Says:

    @Robert. No one, especially me, thinks “kill people over their … Jacket” is a good idea, a noble activity, or something to be approved of. If you have read my past post you would find I consider such actions to be incredibly stupid and damaging to EVERYONE in the life, club members and independents alike. I am a cheerleader for no club except my own and I’m the first to call out my brother for stupid shit (in private of course, not a public forum like this). To put it bluntly “Robert” fuck you too.

  7. Carlos Says:

    I didn’t know that the Outlaws allowed Hispanics in their membership.

  8. Robert Says:

    So….kill people over their god damn jacket. Just not around the cameras. FUCK YOU. How you put up with these cheerleaders and supporters and “Known associates” is baffling

  9. BMW Says:

    Every gas station, it seems, has installed cameras at the gas pumps to catch driveways. They also have them inside and outside the front doors because idiots think they can pull of the highway, gas up and pick up a few bucks and lottery tickets by robbing the guy at the gas station/convenience store.

    Many businesses have small cheap cameras outside to keep an eye on employees’ cars (and employees). Every ATM machine has one or two cameras, and financial institutions have several watching 24/7. In the Midwest, all the main intersections that have traffic lights and a lot of accidents have cameras. (I counted eight cameras at one large intersection in Ohio). The expressway system has highway cameras to keep track of traffic. Everywhere anyone travels, there are cameras keeping track of what happens.

    Have you noticed that digital cameras are dirt cheap these days? That is because in one large city (London, UK) there are now more than ONE MILLION CCTV CAMERAS. First installed to track the various incarnations of the IRA, these cameras now track both individual and vehicle traffic. These large orders have allowed manufacturers to set up automated assembly lines that turn out CCTV cameras like a brewery turns out cans of beer (and almost as cheaply!).

    To make my long story short: everywhere, even in unlikely rural areas, there are cameras keeping track…and where there might not be fixed cameras, darn near everyone has a good camera in their telephone…if they can figure out how to use them! Selfies on FakeBook soon become videos on YouTube. Bikers (almost) always look good on film or in digital, so expect to be taped!

    Do not perform actions (even innocent acts) that might be interpreted as criminal violations sometime in the future by persecutors trying to depict those actions as evidence of criminal acts or conspiracies! Most bikers I know, already understand that automated NSA programs like ECHELON, supposedly deployed “ONLY TO CATCH TERRORISTS” are used to catch small-time drug dealers more than Middle East terrorists…




  10. Dutchboy Says:

    Rule one: NOT IN THE PUBLIC EYE. This ain’t rocket science folks. That said we are only hearing the LEO side so far. I like clubs that make a point of NOT making the front page. TCB of course but do it on the QT.

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