The Road Rage Video

June 23, 2017

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The Road Rage Video

The 14 Freeway in Los Angeles is one of the easier highways to ride but it is still in Los Angeles and riding a bike in el lay is no joke. So, the viral video at the bottom of this story is news.

Chris Traber and Tim Morrison were to work at 5:45 a.m. Wednesday. The car has a dashboard video camera and Traber later posted the video to his Facebook page.

Traffic, as you can see, was very light when the two men were passed by a speeding silver sedan and a motorcycle.

Just as the video starts, the driver of the sedan cuts off the motorcyclist in the car pool lane. The biker brakes hard and kicks the car. The sedan driver panics, steers hard to the right, over corrects, crashes into the highway divider, then drives across three lanes of traffic and tee-bones a white pickup. The white pickup rolls and comes to a stop upside down.

The driver of the truck was injured. The motorcyclist drove through some of the resulting debris and went on about his business.

This morning the Los Angeles Times reported “Motorcyclist kicks car and triggers chain-reaction crash.”

The California Highway Patrol is looking for the motorcyclist. The agency considers the biker guilty of hit-and-run. A CHP spokesman named Josh Greengard told television station KNBC, “Obviously it was a road-rage incident. He was seen kicking the vehicle.”

“It looked like a pretty violent video…this could’ve been a horrible tragedy,” Greengard said. “More people could’ve gotten hurt.”


44 Responses to “The Road Rage Video”

  1. TBagger Says:


  2. Mark Says:

    My view from the video. The so called kick was not a kick, he did not use his heel but more less, used the toe to tap on the guy’s car. Look at it, no heel used, but toe used. The driver swerved to hit the motorcycle and blew it. Watch and see, the guy in the truck is going to sue the idiot in the car and he is going to lose his shirt in civil court lawsuit. He took the law into his own hands to teach the rider (it could have been a chick on the bike) of the motorcycle a lesson. Of course the cops have it all wrong, so what’s new about that.

  3. Phuquehed Says:

    Those of the ‘turn the other cheek and tuck tail and go to the side of the road and cry to make oneself feel better over exacting revenge by kicking a dent in a fucktards vehicle for trying to kill me’ type, can give it up (fuck I can’t stand ‘mommy’ types and those who tell others what they think they *should* and *shouldn’t* do. Fucking nanny-staters!). I’m the kind of fuck who doesn’t give a shit if I die or not. Fear of death went by the roadside with me many years ago. Yeah, there’s no fucking way to win against a cage on a motorcycle if the two actually meet, and I’ll die if that happens, but I’ll be dead and won’t give a fuck but meanwhile the air-wasting shit in the cage will go to jail and it’d be on *their* conscience forever (again, I wouldn’t give a fuck as I’d be dead, and even if not dead I wouldn’t give a fuck).

    Again, I say the biker did right and am glad he got his vengeance and I hope to hell he never gets caught and burned by the useless pigs.

  4. Mr. Nobody Says:

    Looks to me like the car tried to wipe out the Motorcycle then lost control and caused the multi vehicle crash. He got what he deserved.

  5. I.J Says:

    You saw it wrong……. the driver tried to ram the bike after the rider kicked his car!

  6. Thump Says:

    This man is my new hero! He should have an ‘S’ on his chest. The douche bag in the car tried to kill him twice with a 2 ton weapon and he rode through it all and came out on the other end without a scratch. He has the riding skills to get hit in the front end and stay upright and then get run into a concrete wall and not go down and then he avoided all the shit flyin off the douche bags car. And if you believe the cops, he was man enough to cause a car to careen out of control with one kick of his mighty boot. Of course anyone with a brain can see that the driver tried to deliberately run him into the wall and lost control. It’s too bad about the truck driver. I hope he heals. But it brought joy to my heart to see the biker ride off in a cloud of dust and the dick in the car slide to a stop in a mangled heap of his own creation.

  7. ed Says:

    Just goes to show how cheaply made nissans are if a rider can cause that much damage with his foot. Anyway. I learned long ago….remain calm, and if you feel retribution is needed. Foloow the car at a safe distance, motion for said driver to pull to the side where it can be discussed in a much less dangerous environment. Then commence to stomping the shit out of your selfish asses. Dude on the bike is lucky he didn’t get mowed down.

  8. G-Dog Says:

    It’s kinda like football. It’s always the second foul that’s caught. I’ve done my fair share of retribution after getting cut off or near killed. But, you gotta be careful. The video only shows the brother on the bike starting the chain of events. If anyone would have died, they would be after the bike for manslaughter. I’m not saying he’s wrong but leo could care less about all the facts. Fortunately the biker wasn’t wearing colours or it would be an all out manhunt lol. MPH&R

  9. Dutchboy Says:

    @bcnasty maybe, just maybe the cager will get charged for a change. Hope does spring eternal I guess.

  10. Chasra Says:

    Stupid meets stupid and the innocent again pay the price.
    I hope they find the Honda rider, he’s just as much to blame.

    Shit like this leaves a really good impression of us when civilians watch this kind of crap.

    Ride responsibly & keep your emotions in check.


  11. bcnasty Says:

    There is an interview with another witness being posted by a news agency. The witness said the biker went from middle lane all the way to the far left to be followed by the car in question. This is what caused the person video taping to turn on video. I think if this is true, again a news agency report, then it would explain why someone would chance loss of control to kick some ones car. I went through a similar with a drunk ass old fart in a Cadillac . I stayed because I had a witness that stopped. And the old fool tried to swing at me and this other guy/witness snatched the dude up. He had been following the guy while on the phone with police. Apparently the guy had already hit two other cars.

  12. Steel Says:

    Nevermind the cage driver almost ran the biker into the dividing wall and nevermind the cage driver made contact with the biker initially according to the guy who shot the video. No, let us blame the biker since it fits a narrative about bikers. That guy is lucky to be alive the way the cager went after him.



  13. Trebor Says:

    Far better to pull to the side of the road and hold court

  14. Maven Says:

    I try to never get in a pissing match with a cage. You’re at a significant disadvantage.

    That said, fuck the driver of that car and fuck the pigs that are going after the biker for defending himself.

  15. slycechyx Says:

    I’ve never kicked at a car, always afraid that would cause me to lose control. I do carry rocks in my vest pocket & have thrown them at cars numerous times, I’ve screamed & yelled, flipped off & invited the driver to pull over, more times then I should. This little grandma would more then likely get her ass kicked, but I don’t hesitate when a car cuts me off, I turn into a raging bitch. Also have been told I shouldn’t do that while wearing my HOG vest & as director, not act like that while with my chapter. Just can’t help it.

    Mad skills of that biker, I’ve seen the video several times, the best thing to do would have been to just yell asshole & keep riding. But as we all know, our first instinct is to scare the crap out of the driver.

  16. ipsick Says:

    I have used those double yellow lines between the carpool lane and the fast lane before. Even had to move over to let a CHP bike go by, he waved. I’d like to think everyone knows not to kick a car. As already stated, simple physics. It is much easier to toss that loose change or nuts and bolts in the air after you get in front of the offender. Now the biker has a hit and run offense looking for him……

  17. KentuckyRider Says:

    1. Fuck that car
    2. That dude can ride
    3. We already know the bike gets the blame regardless of the evidence
    4. Thank god he didn’t have a patch, any patch
    5. Sorry, truck dude
    6. Again, fuck that car

  18. wilson Says:

    >Is there anywhere were not looked upon as the lowest of the low!? Fuck.

    People who can’t control their anger are generally looked upon as the lowest of the low. Violence is the province of the law, not guys with boots who get mad.

  19. wilson Says:

    >He kicked the correct way and the driver did *NOT* lose control because of a fewq small kicks from a fucking boot!

    As plausibly, the driver was wondering what the hell, and when he turned to see what the f**k was going on, reacting more instinctively than consciously, he didn’t think to correct for the pull of his shoulders, and the car swerved.

    It takes a hell of a shithead to come barreling through at an illegal speed and then exact damage on someone’s car because of the situation his speeding created.

    My best advice – if you’re going to create violent confrontations with cars, expect that your chance of death is significant. That biker is lucky as shit, regardless of whether the driver did what he did intentionally or inadvertently.

  20. Totenkopfelite Says:

    Screw, the car driver, one hell of a save, by the rider, too many assholes, out there, putting us in danger…

  21. BMW Says:

    Seems obvious to me that we are seeing a road rage incident about halfway through. It seems to me that there was already something going on between the biker and the sedan. It looks like the sedan deliberately tries to hit the motorcycle, but mistakes his approach and loses control. There is no way that a kick to the side of the car forced it off the road…simple physics dictates that a person does not have the power to force the car over. The only person who could do that was the driver of the sedan, over-reacting.



  22. Dasein Says:

    Bonehesd: Like I said, it’s “possibly, “allegedly” what happened, from another viewpoint, that supposedly observed the incident before the video. The “possible” “fact” that the biker may have kicked the driver first from the passenger side, makes it clear the driver was not surprised by the rider when the kick to the driver’s side occurred, and and that his veering into him is blatantly premeditated, in my opinion.

  23. Bone Head Says:

    Dasein Says:
    June 24, 2017 at 10:06 am
    Here’s the (possible) apparent blow-by blow, including what occurred before the video starts. The kick we see, to the driver’s side, is the SECOND kick, preceded seconds earlier by the initial kick to the PASSENGER side, allegedly…

    Come back when you know your ass from a hole in the ground.

  24. Nuke n' Pave Dave Says:

    The biker’s fault, huh? Bad cop, no donut today.

  25. Dasein Says:

    Here’s the (possible) apparent blow-by blow, including what occurred before the video starts. The kick we see, to the driver’s side, is the SECOND kick, preceded seconds earlier by the initial kick to the PASSENGER side, allegedly…

    All this from the comments section on the SJ Merc News article:

    1. The original video is at YOUTUBE watch?v=dlP9AH6gz8Y
    2. The person who videotaped this was a passenger of another car. His co-worker was driving that car.
    3. The video guy’s car was on the fast lane.
    4. The motorcycle passed the video guy’s car to the left of the car between the double yellow line and the video guy’s car. In other words, the motorcycle and the video guy’s car were in the same fast lane.
    5. As the motorcycle was careening in the front using the fast lane, the Nissan car which was in the carpool lane started veering to the right to exit the carpool lane and change lanes into the fast lane.
    6. The Nissan car did not see the speeding motorcycle and bumped it, so the motorcycle almost fell but regained control.
    7. The motorcycle was at the passenger side of the Nissan yelling at the Nissan to not cross the double yellow line into the fast lane.
    8. The motorcycle guy kicked the PASSENGER side of the Nissan so the Nissan was being forced to go back to the carpool lane.
    9. As soon as the motorcycle kicked the passenger side of the Nissan, the video guy who was the passenger of another car took out his video camera.
    10. The motorcycle veered to the back of the Nissan then went around to the driver side of the Nissan kicking the driver door.
    11. The video guy who was the passenger of another car started filming.
    12. The motorcycle issued his last kick on the driver side and the Nissan car lost control of the car.
    13. You can see at 0:07 of the video that the Nissan had extensive damage on the driver door from the kicks of the motorcycle guy.
    14. In that last kick, the Nissan driver totally lost control of his car. The Nissan hit the central divider, the front part of the car was on fire, then the car careened back into the freeway to hit the truck and the truck overturned. The Nissan car was all over after that last kick.
    15. The motorcycle guy already saw that his last kick to the car caused the Nissan car to lose control and cause the truck to overturn when the Nissan hit the truck.
    16. The motorcycle guy saw the wreck and made a decision NOT TO STOP knowing that he caused the wreck.
    17. The motorcycle guy did not stop to check if everyone in the wreck was okay.
    18. The motorcycle guy fled the scene and the police is still looking for him.

  26. rocco151 Says:


    I’ve been laughing since I read the line “I followed one clown 110 miles to have a short and enlightening ‘discussion’ “…good advice which every rider can put into play someday ! Thanks !

  27. Bolo Says:

    The shitbag in the car should be charged with attempted murder. I hope he has life long injuries. As for the poor guy in the truck, i hope he’s ok.

  28. neverwaz Says:

    In the opening frame the driver is guilty of 2 violations: Straddling or crossing the double yellow and traveling solo in the carpool lane.
    Freeze the video at the 5 second mark and you see the riders boot contact the rear quarter panel, but in that same instant I see the car tilt to the right as he begins an aggressive move to the left into the rider who looked to be attempting to pass the car.
    I don’t think the driver could see or feel the guys boot hit his car in his rear view mirror because the rider was too close to the side of the car. But he either predicted he would be kicked, or he planned to punt that rider into the K rail, which is clearly ADW in these circumstances. He didn’t have the line of sight of this video to see the kick, but he did make a dangerous lane change or direction change that looks exactly like ADW to me.
    The rider did leave the scene of an accident but had he stopped I think he could have beat this “road rage” charge in my view.

  29. Phuquehed Says:

    Gahdamned pigs, dumber than a sack of dog shit (their normal), *of course* blame the biker.

    I’ve kicked the sides of two vehicles. The first time I almost fucked myself over and damn near wiped out but not because of the truck (it was a suburban-like vehicle) but because I kicked and *pushed*.

    The second time I had it right and left a small dent in the door (another suburban-like truck with two jigaboo’s in it) because both times the drivers swerved into my lane almost forcing me to run into the curb. Neither vehicle and drivers stopped or gave me shit because I was cussing them the whole time it was happening and they both realized they were in the wrong (they both did that ‘real fast swerve back into their lane’ thing, like one has been looking down for just a second and then look up to see one is in the wrong lane and a car coming at you. That sort of thing).

    This is exactly what this biker in the video is doing. He kicked the correct way and the driver did *NOT* lose control because of a fewq small kicks from a fucking boot! The driver tried his damndest to run the bike(r) off the road. Period. The driver was in the wrong, got caught and called on being in the wrong, and instead of having any honor or integrity or a pair of balls and getting the fuck back where he was supposed to be, got pissed off for being caught and called. The air-wasting fuck got what he deserved (well, almost, I actually was hoping the fuck was dead, since it, as far as I’m concerned, was attempted murder on the biker), unfortunately he brought his wrong-doing on someone else who also didn’t deserve anything, just as the biker didn’t deserve anything happening.

    Fuck the pigs, fuck the citizens who think with their assholes and fuck the cagers who shouldn’t even be allowed to *OWN* a fucking vehicle other than a Radio Flyer! (Like the stupid cunt who showed up in our driveway yesterday morning at 0800 honking the horn! Stupid bitch ignored the ‘keep out’ and ‘no trespassing’ signs on the gate, pulled in, woke up the house (I was already awake but instantly pissed off) and just wanted to ask if someones name she said lived here. I told her no and to get the fuck off my lawn and don’t even think of pulling any further onto it to turn around as it had just rained all day the day before and all night and would have made real nice deep and wide ruts. It took this stupid bitch 5 fucking minutes to back out 100 feet with *one* ninety degree turn in it. 5 fucking minutes for 100 feet! The whole time she has her fucking phone in her hand too!)

  30. Tomo Says:

    The rider and the driver were exchanging words at the start of the footage: you can see the rider turning his head and hunching forward as if straining to listen (or making sure the driver can hear him). Similarly you can see the driver’s head doing the same thing – alternately looking where he’s going and turning and thrusting his head forward as he spits out his words.
    I’ve observed that kind of exchange so many times often preceding fisticuffs; but never seen it end quite so spectacularly.

  31. Viking Trotter Says:

    I’m amazed at that guy’s mad scooter skills. I can’t believe he didn’t crash.

  32. Iron Rider Says:

    I dont know what the driver of the car was doing but it sure looked like the car driver went out of his way to try and either hit the motorcycle rider or make the rider wipe out.

    I sure the fuck am not going to blame the rider for kicking that car, someone put your life in danger while riding there is always a huge risk of death or injury. The fact that the car driver panicked and wiped out is KARMA in my opinion and its just too bad the person in the pickup rolled due to the car driver losing control

    The fact that the cops are saying it’s the motorcycle riders fault is a little presumptuous due to the car drivers action that were caught by the dash cam, so there is way more to this. I find it funny that the cops are pinning this all on the motorcycle rider when the car driver played a big role in this accident

  33. Grumbler Says:

    We can thank the Then Came Bronson (1969) tv pilot movie as the catalyst for kicking cars. SoCal is a mecca for road rage eruptions.

  34. Dutchboy Says:

    The biker that taught me to ride at ten told me two rules that stuck. One, dress to slide not to ride, two, every car driver is blind or hates motorcycles. Let’s be careful out there. Fair Winds

  35. Austin Says:

    Without seeing what came before- my impression is the car came across / drifted over the double yellow line, as he is slowly squeezing the bike over. I agree with the kick appearing to be frustration. Because of the extreme overreaction I believe the driver had no idea (texting?putting on makeup?)the bike was there, twitched and then gravity and physics took over. I drive 40K / year in greater LA area, I actively watch out for bikes and I still get surprised from time to time. The white truck appears to have had room to slow and stop. That choice of rapid acceleration contributed to his/her outcome.

  36. Paladin Says:

    The 14 Fwy. is especially dangerous due to the unique mentality of many of those commuting on it. The motorcyclist should be commended for some serious riding skills. The ass clown in the car should at a minimum be charged with ADW. The guy in the truck is lucky to be alive.


  37. Irish 1%er Says:

    Complete bull shit. The cage tries to kill the biker ( attempted murder) and they are looking for the moto? Is there anywhere were not looked upon as the lowest of the low!? Fuck. The motto rider was not alone, he was with another rider and I saw him say that the sedan had been harassing them for miles, had 40oz of beer in his KO and tried repeatedly running them off the road. Guy tries to run him off the road he kicks the car in defense and that’s what caused all this!? Fuck even with video we’re still enemy number one. Be safe out there fellas if we don’t watch out for each other no one else will!

  38. Dutchboy Says:

    I understand getting pissed at stupid cagers BUT DO NOT GET INTO A ROAD RAGE DISPUTE WITH A CAGE! You and your sled weigh about a grand at best. Even the lighter cars weigh over twice that. He’s wrapped in glass, metal and plastic, you are wrapped in air. He has air bags, you have air… See a trend here? If you got to rock drop back and follow. I followed one clown 110 miles to have a very short and enlightening “discussion”. Glad the biker lived to ride another day. LEO must be blind to not see that the cager committed attempted murder. And they (the donut crowd) can’t understand why we avoid talking with them. Hey ossifer, charge a cager once in a while, it’s not always the motorcyclist at fault.

  39. stroker Says:

    Like many, I’m sure, I watched this video over and over. A few things stand out for me. One is, we don’t know what precipitated this situation. Why was the car straddling the yellow? Had he tried to come over at the biker before the filming started? There must have been something between these two that lead up to the altercation.
    The biker appears to kick the car’s back end out of frustration, at which point it LOOKS like the car driver swerved to hit the biker,which he/she does, then the car driver overcorrected, maybe panicked cuz the biker TOUCHED his/her car, and then went on to ruin the white pick-ups day!
    Dumb move biker.
    To the uninitiated, it might seem the biker’s kick caused the car to swerve. As a rider of more than a few years, I’m here to say kicking a car would do nothing but cause your bike to move in the opposite direction. If the driver of that car wasn’t aware of the biker kicking his car, nothing would’ve happened, except the biker moving to his left, which he did, almost immediately.
    The driver of the car seems to have reactively, or accidently swerved towards the biker.
    Dumb move car driver.
    Bottom line is, in a bike vs car war,
    bike looses.
    Every time.
    It’s called physics.
    For this biker to come out of this situation relatively unscathed, is just dumb luck! (excepting the poor white truck!)

  40. Dasein Says:

    Driver could’ve easily murdered the rider shoving him into the wall. Kick was a natural move, and very impressive riding. Driver was a pussy, and shit at the wheel. Too bad about the truck.

  41. adios Says:

    That is one lucky biker to come out unscathed

  42. Igo Says:

    The guy in the car clearly swerved to dump the bike after the kick. One was life-threatening, and one wasn’t. The cars swerve caused the wreck.

  43. Trebor Says:

    Driver way over reacted punched the gas and kept it there the whole sequence.Thank God no one died and thank God that rider didn’t have a patch on.They’d be catching hell now.Remember couple years ago a state patrol tried corraling some mc sport bikes on the freeway and ended up crashing his cruiser.He bold face lied about the facts and the club in question went through all kinds of shit.Only later did eye witnesses prove the stater was full of shit.

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