Scoop Shocking Vagos Case Twist

June 23, 2017

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Scoop Shocking Vagos Case Twist

When the Department of Justice unsealed a racketeering indictment against 22 members of Vagos Motorcycle Club most news outlets from Los Angeles to London lapped up the government’s sensational accusations like a dog with a bowl of ice cream in August.

It would not be fair to mock the Los Angeles Times, New York Daily News or The Daily Mail for the astoundingly unskeptical fatuousness of their coverage which was based almost entirely on press releases emailed by both the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security. In the first place, journalism is on the rocks. It was bad enough when newspapers were forced to imitate Happy Talk Television News. Now, for the last year, America’s Fifth Estate has had to compete with an estimated 1,000 teenage Russian “hackers” with Facebook accounts. And those kids are really good at headlines.

“Forty Photos They Didn’t Show You In History Class!” “Clinton Estate Is Officially A Crime Scene!” “For Men Only! Fifteen Tips, To Get Any Woman You Want!” “Woman Finds Frog In Salad!”

One is forced to wonder if the woman kissed the frog she found in her salad.

Exclusive Scoop Breaking Now!!

The point is, if you are competing with Facebook for news consumers what do you do?

You publish this: “Feds arrest 22 Vagos Outlaw motorcycle gang members.” “Twenty-three Vagos biker gang members including ‘Tata,’ ‘Dragon Man’’and ‘Romeo’ are arrested in raids across three states as police blame them for ‘drug addiction, death and mayhem.’” “How does Vagos Motorcycle Club operate?”

The press offices of two cabinet officers in the new, biker friendly, Trump Administration filled in the rest.

Homeland security wrote: “‘These arrests and indictments are the culmination of a far-reaching, meticulous, long-term probe involving HSI and multiple other law enforcement agencies aimed at dealing a crippling blow to one of this country’s most ruthless and violent criminal gangs,’ said HSI’s Acting Executive Associate Director Derek N. Benner. ‘Members of this organization wrongly believed themselves to be above the law and immune from justice, but as today’s enforcement actions make abundantly clear, they should not have underestimated our collective resolve.’”

“‘Today, the rule of law dealt a serious blow to the Vagos Outlaw Motorcycle Gang, a so-called ‘brotherhood’ responsible for drug addiction, death and mayhem in multiple locations, including California, Arizona, Hawaii, Oregon and Nevada,’ said Acting Assistant Attorney General (Kenneth A.) Blanco” in the DOJ release. “Today’s coordinated takedown of this biker organization’s leadership is a victory for all of us who respect and love our country, and a testament to the bravery and dedication of federal, state and local law enforcement men and women who to keep our communities safe.”

News Cycle Turns

The press has moved on, of course, because Justice and Homeland Security have stopped sending out easily transcribable press releases about the “biker gang.” But it is still possible to advance the Vagos story. Here is what everybody else has missed so far.

Fifteen of the men arrested last week have not yet been granted detention hearings in Las Vegas. Most of the defendants have been assigned public defenders. In at least one instance, a defendant was refused the opportunity to be represented by the attorney of his choice.

So far, seven defendants have been granted detention hearings. They are, in order of their appearances, Robert Alan “Mayhem” Coleman, Jeremy John “Maniak” Halgat, James Walter “CJ” Henderson. Darin Keith “Midget” Grieder, Bert Wayne “Flash” Davisson. Mathew Keith “Big Matt” Dunlap and Johnny Russell “Johnny Bolts” Neddenriep.

All seven of those defendants have been “placed on a personal recognizance bond.”

No one has bothered to ask yet how much this is all costing the taxpayers.



14 Responses to “Scoop Shocking Vagos Case Twist”

  1. Hero Says:


    Any update on the rest of the guys waiting their arraignment?

    Thank you

  2. GrrrrrrifFF Says:

    Lol Internet gangster All ways trying to bust CapLocks fucking lame how’s those clowns off the 91 frwy?…. O ya that’s right…

  3. Joe Says:

    vagos are black widows at best. quick is a fuck up and so are his quick vagos ! Lagos know whats up

  4. TX_Biker Says:

    No one knows how to keep their mouth shut anymore. Stay the fuck off facebook, use only prepaid phones and change them often, stop trying to act like a biker, be a biker and be a brother. Staying under the radar is tough to do in this age of technology. even tougher when you’re an idiot.

  5. Gandalf Says:

    Some MCs are on State and Fed Gang Lists. It is a crime to be in a gang. I know it ain’t right or fare but it is what it is. It’s kinda like all the “Duck Season Open” signs have a pic of a deer on them. If your a deer do you argue with the Hunter? Take action… You guys have wandered to close into the “main stream” in the past years. Came out into the open thinking it was OK. Now they got your names and can prove your in a Club. In all due respects… Maybe it’s time to get back to the edge of the stream where it is safer. Again Just IMHO

  6. Dutchboy Says:

    Gandalf, well said. I know guy who has a new handle monthly. I recently made a crack about him changing his handle almost as much as his underwear. His old lady said “I wish”. Whole crew cracked up.

  7. Gandalf Says:

    1 more thing… Nicknames. I see “Rosco (Bullethead) Rules from XYZ MC arrested for Blablabla.” How do they know the nickname? Nicknames are a disguise. Once they know it change it. Heck Bobby Nauss was “Mattress” How many years do you think LE was scratching their head about that? Chasing a “Mattress” I’m betting He was “bedpost” the second He figured out they knew. Old School. I don’t have a nickname ;) but you can call me “Big Mike” because I ain’t big and I ain’t Mike. Or “Montana” if you prefer.

  8. Gandalf Says:

    BTW… Whatever happened with denying being a member at all costs? seems like these days you guys have a website with pics of real members flying colors??? I don’t understand? Can I download the complete HA roster with names and addresses? It might be time to go back to the old ways… at least a little misdirection. Just IMHO Stay safe.

  9. Gandalf Says:

    “…but as today’s enforcement actions make abundantly clear, they should not have underestimated our collective resolve.” Not me. I knew Trump was coming for Y’all in a big way. It ain’t over by a longshot. Please tell Sonny I said, “you were wrong.” Respectfully.

  10. Curbside Says:

    Am I reading that correctly, that the seven men who have had their detention hearings were given a PR bond? Either things are done much differently in the federal system than they are here in the Texas county court system with regard to bail, or there just really isn’t anything going on in that indictment. Out here, they’re setting bail at about two grand if it’s something as simple as getting arrested for drunk driving on a first offense, and that only carries a max sentence of six months in jail!

  11. david Says:

    Ken Blanco(read:Whitewash)is confused concerning a number of things. One being, “respect and love of country” INCLUDES the DOJ’s required respect of,and for, the Bill Of Rights and its guaranteed protection of defendants certain inalienable rights, such as counsel of choice, etc.

  12. Phuquehed Says:

    Huh, funny how Homeland Security rhymes with Gestapo.

  13. Phuquehed Says:

    As far as I’m concerned, through experience, and the internet’s wonderful way of getting ‘more out there’ into the homes of more people, the pigs are “…this country’s most ruthless and violent criminal gangs…”.

  14. Hangaround Says:

    This hits the nail on the head rebel. How ironic it is that the most convenient and far reaching way for me to share your insights will be by sharing on Facebook….

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