Roger E. Williams, Jr.

May 6, 2009

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Roger E. Williams, Jr. of Fort Lauderdale died April, 25 of injuries suffered in a motorcycle crash in Leesburg, Florida.

Williams was in Leesburg to participate in the 13th annual Leesburg Bikefest.

According to local police, Williams was riding west on West Main Street about eight o’clock at night when he hit a four inch deep, five inch wide, break in the pavement. As he struggled to maintain control of his bike he swerved off the pavement, lost traction and laid the bike down. The 2001 Harley-Davidson slid for fifty feet on its left side before it flipped over to its right and Williams was ejected. Williams slid for another forty feet directly into the path of a riding companion. The companion, James Dessicino, accidentally struck Williams.

Williams was transported to the Leesburg Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. His death was the first at the Bikefest in three years.

Roger E. Williams was a member of the South Florida Chapter of the American Outlaws Association (AOA.)

His death was mourned in Davie, Florida by 800 members of the AOA last Saturday.

Roger E. Williams, Jr. was 53-years-old. He died spectacularly. His death will always be mourned and his life will always be celebrated by his friends.

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3 Responses to “Roger E. Williams, Jr.”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Every year that passes I think of you more and more. I hear your voice still clearly hollering Cindy! Charlene!,Boys!!,Saundra! You and and Cindy Michael, Jason, Charles, Pauline, most of all Charlene tried to give me the love stability and home I never had and I was just too young,angry and stupid to believw
    I miss you all deeply, always..
    Love Sandra

  2. Richard Williams Says:

    Im looking at this so many years later and i still cry to this day when i think about him he was the best dad i couldve ever had i miss him so much and want him back so badly i would just like to talk to him one more time i love him and miss him – Rogers youngest son

  3. Rogers Wife Says:

    He was the best husband and father!! He leaves behind 3 children and 3 grand children. We love and miss him very much and we think of him everyday!!

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