Adios Mexico

June 15, 2017

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Adios Mexico

Mexico is now denying entry into that country by “known members” of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. Both the United States Department of Justice and Europol maintain databases of known members.

The Aging Rebel does not know if the ban includes known members of other motorcycle clubs. Last February, a member of the Grim Guardians Motorcycle Club named Patrick Jim Harris was suddenly expelled from Mexico while doing charitable work there. Harris had been arrested for Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity, after a brawl on May 17, 2015 at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas. He was held on $2 million bond. He has never been indicted but his name is obviously now on an internationally shared list.

The United States has tried to restrict the international travel of motorcycle club members since the Hells Angels held their World Run in Laconia, New Hampshire in July 2011.

Listen And Learn

At a training session for fledgling outlaw motorcycle gang experts held at the Pinehurst Resort and Convention Center in North Carolina in August 2015, Jeremy Sheetz, an Intelligence Operations Specialist with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Forearms and Explosives explained what happened.

“The Attorney General’s Office did this. The Hells Angels World Run which occurs every five years in the United States, was going on in Laconia, New Hampshire. So Customs and Border Patrol and the State Department said ‘We’re gonna come in and we’re gonna say you’re a foreign member, we’re gonna put you on a list. And when you come to the airport, you can’t enter the United States.’”

“… what they were saying is you have a propensity to come into the United States to commit a crime. But there was never a precedent set. But they did it anyway. So at the time, the Hells Angels said this is bullshit. So when we were working the World Run at Laconia, there wasn’t many members from Brazil or England. They would get to the airport and they’d say, ‘Oh! You gotta go back. Customs Enforcement and Border Patrol and the State Department won’t allow you to come in. Some guys even flew into Boston or New York. They turned them around. They turned around their families, wives, kids.”

Civil Suit

A year later, the Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation sued Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano; Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton; and Alejandro Mayorkas, who at the time was Director of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. The soul of the Angels complaint was that the club had been designated “as a ‘criminal organization’ without providing any avenue to challenge said designation, Defendants have deprived Plaintiff’s members of their liberty without due process.”

Sheetz told his listeners that day at Pinehurst that the due process technicality was why the Department of Justice, and particularly the ATF, encouraged states to designate motorcycle clubs as “criminal organizations.” He told his audience that the designation provided states with a legal “precedent.”

And, the due process argument seems to have never come up in state cases. In fact, to cite one example, a prosecutor in Waco, Texas was able to convince Texas Department of Public Safety officials to designate the Cossacks Motorcycle Club as a “criminal organization” after more than 70 members of that club were detained, Then he used the instant designation to charge them with the same charge he used against Patrick Jim Harris – Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity.

Not In America

The Hells Angels lawsuit argued that Napolitano, Clinton and Mayorkas had denied “visas to all aliens based solely on their membership in a Hells Angels charter without further analysis into whether or not that individual seeks to enter the United States to engage solely, principally, or incidentally in unlawful activity. It is not a crime under any State or Federal law of the United States to be a member of Plaintiff’s group.”

The complaint sought injunctive and declaratory relief and the government, which was clearly in the wrong backed down. The Angels moved to dismiss their suit without prejudice on December 17, 2012.

But by then the International War on Terror had already been corrupted into an international war on motorcycle clubs. The Department of Justice, particularly the ATF, took the war to countries without a Bill of Rights – most notably Australia and Germany. And, now Mexico.




36 Responses to “Adios Mexico”

  1. Ass Says:

    Who is going to get the donkey hard Only gets a Hard on When he sees red and white

  2. Ass Says:

    They’re just trying to Protect The douchebags I mean 81 Eighty one Lol

  3. Dutchboy Says:

    @Shovelhead, well said. At one time Mexico was fun, now it’s a good place to go if you are tired of living. Mexico looses big chunks of it’s military to the drug lords, they’ve lost control of big areas of both the cities and the country side and banning the 81 will help how? Deck chairs on the Titanic for sure. Fair winds.

  4. Austin Says:

    RE: “Visit SoCal, plenty of Mexico right here.


    My white privilege experience in the IE from 1966 to 2015 agrees with you. However, I never fully realized until I moved to Central California for work, I actually am a minority. Watch the movie McFarland for a fast look at what I am talking about. It is absolutely culture shock when you are white. We have contract workers here too and I always tell them to go to the swap meet. Everyone agrees – it is like going to a foreign country.

  5. The Kraut Says:

    Tijuana tuck-n-roll and a donkey show featuring Cook, Dobyns and Droban warming up the donkey for the big finale with Hilary cunt-one while Bernie Sanders emcees the sordid event….

    I’d go south of the border to see that…

    Meanwhile, fuck mexicanya and all badges…twice!

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  6. Sieg Says:

    Just so Mexico doesn’t have to take ALL the heat, has anyone tried to get into Kanada lately?


  7. FuckRobertTheDildo Says:

    Dear Robert,

    Go fuck yourself.


    The Free World

  8. Robert Says:

    You misinterpreted zero

  9. SeaDragon Says:

    I understand the 1st Amendment and all, but really, some people should just shut the fuck up, or shoot themselves, pick one, and be done with it. Ridiculous chatter out there.

  10. Muck 1%er Says:

    @ Robert

    What exactly is the major malfunction in your brain housing group? Do you have something against Marines? Did one have illicit intercourse with your mommy?
    If I misinterpreted your comment about ex dog groomers and ex brain surgeons, then you may disregard the above questions.

  11. Lee Says:

    Rebel, just so ya know, the U.S. government is still not allowing any foreign Hells Angels members in to this country. And they are convincing more countries to do the same. The Hells Angels have charters in over 40 countries, on every continent (except Antarctica). They are in countries whose governments can’t seem to get along with each other but the HAMC members all do. No wonder the U.S. government feels so threatened by them.

  12. Shovelhead Says:

    Mexico, one of the most corrupt Nations on the Planet bars a motorcycle club from entering the Country. like that’s somehow going to change…what exactly? Is it going to make Mexico A friendlier, safer place to visit? Is it going to fix their economy? Tourists are going to flock to that shit hole now that 81 isn’t allowed? What a joke!
    Just another example of Communist American Feds wasting tax payers money paying the Mexican Government to pass ridiculous laws to punish real Americans who refuse to bow too crooked Feds who want to take freedom away from all Americans.

  13. Robert Says:

    Yeah. No such thing as an ex-dog groomer or an ex-surgeon. You are correct sir.

  14. Whitepride Says:

    @Robert. There is no such thing as an ex-MARINE!!!

  15. Robert Says:

    Fucking hurt feelings. Embarrassing hombres. Y’all really see a big difference between cops and military? One becomes t’other and t’other. They are all like you. Grunts in a different war. Yeah some are assholes. Yeah some are criminals But some are ex-rangers, ex-seals, ex-green berets and ex-marines. Love or hate

  16. Rebel Says:

    Dear Ron,

    The story is up. And I continue to work it.


  17. Dutchboy Says:

    @ LA1%er, so you are saying there is NOT a significant population of Mexican Nationals in So Cal? No La Raza? If I visit I won’t hear Mexican Spanish (which is about as similar to Spanish spoken in Spain as American English is to the Queen’s Language) more often than I will any other language? Take a breath and chill out. BTW a “redneck” is someone who works out in the sun, getting a sunburn on the back of his neck. Farmers,construction workers, loggers all qualify. Notice anything about these sorts of men? Most all hard working, TCB types that more often than not have served in our armed services. In short, Redneck is a complement. Fair winds

  18. Ron Says:

    Hey Rebel any news on the Vagos raid today? Can’t find much on the net. Thanks!!

  19. RIDER 1 Says:

    Actually this has been going on for awhile. Several years back Panama sent several Americans home on the first plane to the U.S. after they landed at the airport. Now who do you think would have asked them to do that? That’s one reason the FED doesn’t have a problem with sending money to foreign countries. What you aren’t going to do what we ask? Guess your shit hole country didn’t need that couple billion.

    RIDER 1

  20. RLG Says:

    @Paladin Que?

  21. David Torres Says:

    @LA1%er, go visit Cudahy. It’s turning into an authentic Mexico Slum.

  22. Paladin Says:

    @ LA1%er,

    Been livin’ in the SFV since 1960. My post was just a factual observation, nothing more.

    Long May You Ride,


  23. LA1%er Says:

    I know you’re a regular here Paladin, so at the risk of offending your faithful followers, fuck off. And please dont come visit us down here in SoCal. The sun will turn you neck even more red.

  24. Gandalf Says:

    Sooo Let me get this right. A guy who is not indicted but “under Investigation” can’t leave the USA and can’t enter a foreign Country? I guess that leaves Trump without a passport. #gofigure The same people who consider Y’all guilty before the proof are crying about Trump being considered guilty without proof. AMAZING!

  25. Paladin Says:

    Wanna go to Mexico and never cross the border? Visit SoCal, plenty of Mexico right here.


  26. Popeye Says:

    In the 50’s McCarthy persecuted innocent people for simply being a member of an organization or club. We look back on that today in horror and think “How could we have been so wrong” The feds love to hunt the boogyman

  27. Iron Rider Says:

    FFS really? Banning anyone associated to the HA? Fuck maybe the Mexican government ought to worry about all the cartel members that are wreaking havoc all over Mexico and all the corrupt politicians and Law Enforcement officers they have that are working both sides of the drug war then fancying to the whims of the US Goverment.

    The way shit is going down in Mexico including all the tourist destination, with killings and shootings soon they wont have people that want to come there due to all the violence.

    A friend of mine has been in Mexico for the last 22 years running a bar in a tourist local, cartel members came in there and killed 3 people and of course when the federales showed up to investigate, the first this they did was force her to pay a bribe to continue on in that location. She payed up and they closed her down anyway.

    She opened up a new place not too far away and then she got a visit from the cartel guys to pay up every month if she wants nothing to happen at her new place She paid and then shut down and is working on selling her residence there and exiting out of Mexico for good, she said once the cartel starts to extort you, they just keep bleeding you for cash, and with all the shit going down in Mexican resort cities ( which btw the Mexican Goverment doesnt like to have reported so as not to scare the tourists away ) She said it just isnt worth the risk.

    Luckily for her she didnt blow her cash and invested her earnings for when she just want to retire and relax. Her plans were to retire there, but too much shit going on and lots of other sunny locals were your money can still provide you a comfortable retirement

  28. Stevo Says:

    American Federal pigs were outside the Bulldog Bash in England gathering number plates and names with the illegal collusion of the British pigs and then all of a sudden people are getting turned around at US airports, including old lady’s travelling alone. In any other walk of life this kind of victimising would have civil liberties snowflakes popping up like zits on a teenagers forehead.


  29. Dasein Says:

    BTW, I’ll see your “Born Losers”, and raise you one “Remarkable Chuck Norris Moments…”

  30. Dasein Says:

    Criminality by designation. Be interesting to know how many lobbyists work for the Prison Industrial Complex.

  31. Dutchboy Says:

    “Guilt by association” is now a legal precedent? “Engaging in organized criminal activity”,. What is the “activity” the is criminal? Why being a member of a non- government approved group. Isn’t that guilt by association? Of course not, freedom of association is protected by the Constitution. This isn’t that at all! Like Grandpa use to say, if it quacks like a duck, walks and looks like a duck then it’s a duck.

  32. Gottabejust Says:

    The minions love 3 things: pensions, databases and spreadsheets. If you think you ain’t being tracked you r probably wrong. A guy told me once even the ez pass info is reported to the cubicle rats in Washington.

  33. Grimey Says:

    interesting, keep us posted.

  34. steve Says:

    Just jump one of the fences.LOL

  35. RLG Says:

    One can walk into Mexico without showing ID outside ‘business hours’ at San Ysidro, CA and at any time at Otay Mesa, CA (until the Mexicans finish building the admin center there).

    A new system requiring $25 tourist cards for visits over 72 hours was recently implemented:

    I don’t know for sure, but I think people driving across are not stopped by Mexican officials.

    I think this ban only affects air travelers using major airports.


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