Baker Gets Life

June 14, 2017

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Baker Gets Life

Yesterday Judge George Gallagher sentenced Howard Wayne Baker, the former president of a Fort Worth chapter of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club to what essentially amounts to life in prison for the murder of Geoffrey Brady in Gator’s Jam Inn on December 12, 2014.

Brady was a highly regarded member of the Ghost Riders Motorcycle Club.

Thirty months after the fact, the chain of events that led to Brady’s murder are still obscure. Prosecutors alleged that Brady was present at a “meeting” that was also attended by members of the Cossacks and Wino’s Crew Motorcycle Club which Baker decided to break up. There are holes in that version of events. According to a 911 call made at the time of the incident, at least 15 shots were fired. Prosecutors were unable to actually prove that Baker fired any of them.

Instead prosecutors alleged that Baker led a pack of Bandidos into the now defunct bar as a show of force and to teach members of other clubs a lesson in respect.

Last Friday, a jury found Baker guilty of murder, engaging in organized criminal activity and directing a street gang, Gallagher sentenced Baker to 40 years confinement for each of the first two charges and 45 years for being a gang leader.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice will eventually publish Baker’s earliest possible date of release. He is 62 now. Prison is not a happy country for old men.


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    @ Totenkopfelite, Actually I was thinking the same thing about you. You also have no idea who you are talking to, choose your words wisely.

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  7. Sieg Says:

    Funny how whenever misfortune befalls a real rider, the trolls and cheeksplitters come out in force.



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    RIDER 1

  11. Trebor Says:

    Ed the club will take care of him.You’re not part of it so why the Fuck you care either way.You sound like a bitter disillusioned loser.Haters will always hate.

  12. Trebor Says:

    Ed,the club will take care of him.What’s this lets see bullshit?Not for you to worry about.

  13. rw Says:

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  16. Ed Says:

    I been riding and racing for 41 years, seems lots of folks are getting killed nowadays for what would have just been a fight years ago. And the thing is…it doesn’t amount to shit. Cowards with guns nowadays seems to be the rule. Let’s see if the club takes care of him in the joint. Good luck with that.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    The story told in court by the persecution was not only full of lies and half truths, but the only thing proved was that Mr.Baker was a member of the Bandidos MC. There were lots of gunshots that night, and the shooting did not start at the hand of any Bandido. Texas, and the alphabetic agencies, are out to shut down the Bandidos no matter how many illegitimate cop clubs they have to start, no matter how many lesser organizations they have to infiltrate and turn into snitches, and no matter how much they have to sacrifice any honor, truthfulness or regard for the law, they previously swore to up hold. Be careful!! We all are next!!

  18. Sleazy Rider Says:

    Free the innocent

  19. Curbside Says:

    Prayers for Mr. Baker.

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