Jeff Pike Stays Free

June 13, 2017

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Jeff Pike Stays Free

Jeffrey Fay Pike remains free on an unsecured bond of $50,000 today. Federal prosecutors tried to revoke his bail yesterday and asked a federal magistrate in San Antonio named Henry J. Bemporad to lock him up. The Department of Justice thinks Pike is a danger to the world at large unless he is in custody.

Also Pike is probably el presidente of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club once again. He may also be president of the Bandidos’ month-old, corporate entity, USARG. And that is why prosecutors argue he must be considered a public menace until he proves he is not.

Pike was indicted on December 16, 2015 along with fellow Bandidos John Xavier Portillo and Justin Cole Forster. Pike was arrested on January 11, 2016. He was granted bail on January 20, 2016 and he has been free ever since on a $15,000 unsecured bond.

Justice For Dummies

The federal case, formally titled USA v. Portillo, et al., has been metamorphosing in a top secret cocoon for the last 18 months. In the dark and in secret Forster made a plea deal. The first indictment was superseded in July 2016 and Frederick Cortez became a defendant before he made a plea deal. Some magistrates played musical chairs. Much evidence and many motions and orders were sealed. In late January of this year, prosecutors convinced Bemporad and Federal District Judge David Alan Ezra to fire Pike’s lawyers, Kent A. Schaffer; James Max Kennedy and Cynthia Hujar. That was just about the same time a second superseding indictment was unsealed. That one added a 2002 murder and a 2006 murder and four more defendants, named Johnny Romo, Robert Romo, James Benavidez and Norberto Serna, Jr. joined the case. Trial dates were set and continued. Late in March, United States Attorney for the Western District of Texas, Richard L. Durbin, Jr. told McLennan County prosecutor Abelino Reyna that the federal case and all the Wavo Twin Peaks cases were probably related in someway so Reyna didn’t have to try anybody until after Portillo ended. If it ever ends.

And then yesterday the feds tried to put Pike back behind bars because he now might be back in charge of the Bandits and everybody knows the Bandits are all gangsters:

Bad Bandidos Bad

“To reassume the top leadership position of a criminal enterprise, while on bond for racketeering charges stemming from his leadership of that same enterprise, exhibits an unfathomable disregard for the seriousness of the charges he faces,” an outraged Assistant United States Attorney named Eric Fuchs wrote last month. “It also drastically raises the likelihood of his participation in, or association with individuals engaging in, criminal activities and undermines this Court’s supervision of him and role in ensuring the community remains safe.”

Fuchs cited several incidents between the Bandidos and the Kinfolk Motorcycle Club to prove his point: “For example,” the prosecutor wrote, “in February 2017, a Bandidos OMO (that means Outlaw Motorcycle Organization) member was arrested in Wills Point, Texas after discharging a firearm during a confrontation with a member of the Kinfolk, an emerging motorcycle organization attempting to challenge the Bandidos’ power in Texas. Tensions between the Bandidos and the Kinfolk have been on the rise for the past several months. In March 2017, a Bandidos OMO local Sergeant at Arms was arrested in Abilene, Texas for the murder of a member of the Kinfolk. In April 2017, a member of the Kinfolk and a Kinfolk support-club member were shot in Saginaw, Texas, though no arrests have been made. Also in April 2017, a Bandidos OMO local Chapter President was arrested in San Antonio, Texas for almost one kilogram of crystal methamphetamine. And…weekend, a Bandidos OMO support-club member was arrested in Westlake, Louisiana for shooting two members of the Kinfolk. It is under these circumstances and escalating tensions with a rival motorcycle organization that the Defendant chose to reassume the presidency.”

Warning Club Business

In fact, if anything, Pike’s resumption of the presidency of the Bandidos – if he has actually done that – would tend to stifle conflicts between the Kinfolk and Pike’s club. The Kinfolk were founded by a former Bandidos national officer named Dan “Chopper Dan” Schild who was angry that a Bandido named Bill “Big Deal” Sartelle became president of the Red and Gold after Pike was indicted. Schild thought Pike should have chosen him to become president so he started his own club and much woe has ensued.

With Pike back in charge the reason for the dispute would evaporate.

Fuchs doesn’t see it that way. “The Court may look at Defendant’s decision to voluntarily assume the Presidency of the Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Organization – a criminal enterprise whose members stand accused of and charged with numerous violent acts including acts of murder – and conclude that this brazen act represents the strongest proof that Defendant is an extreme danger to the community and that no conditions will assure the safety of other persons or the community,” the prosecutor wrote. “Defendant’s act demonstrates a defiance of the spirit and intent of a statute intended to protect the public. This Court need not ignore this conduct and may take appropriate action to assure the safety of the community.”

At the end of the day the court split the baby. Pike’s bail was raised and he stayed free.


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26 Responses to “Jeff Pike Stays Free”

  1. Griz's Gal Says:

    ‘The judge expressed concern that despite efforts by the group to legitimize itself, the FBI and prosecutors had shown that Pike had been associating with other Bandidos and had returned to the presidency briefly.’ — from the San Antonio Express News

    It shouldn’t matter. None of this should matter. In the preliminary hearing for bond, Mr. Pike’s condition was just to stay away from those who had a criminal background, and of course, not to run.

    CEO’s of corporations don’t step down if they are under suspicion of a crime. Why should Mr. Pike? He has done and is doing every single thing that the government has demanded, up to and including losing his chosen representation.

    The government’s own witness didn’t have any proof whatsoever that Mr. Pike was guilty of any of the crimes for which he was indicted. The fact is, he wasn’t even aware of what crimes he was indicted for until he was on the stand. Furthermore, as hard as he tried to implicate Mr. Pike in old crimes, the better he did as a defense witness.

    I call BS on the whole thing.

  2. IcemanB&W Says:

    @BMW Well put. I appreciate you taking the time to write that very accurate account of the criminal LEO cartel.

  3. Paladin Says:

    Dear Rebel,

    Once again I stand corrected. For as long as I can remember, I thought the first rule of the criminal justice system was to not get caught up in the criminal justice system. Apparently, the older I get the less I know. And as always, long may you ride.


  4. RtC Says:

    Eddie puke, FOESAD you copsack wannabe!

  5. Ed Says:

    If you have a patch on your back right now, it is a target for some ego challenged cop or you punk thug trying to make a name for himself among folks that will forget about them the minute they are gone.

  6. Curbside Says:

    It should come as no surprise to the many critics of our American (in)justice system, that the United States of America and the Philippine Islands are the only two places on earth that still allow a for-profit bail bonding system.

    County-level bondsmen typically charge a fee of 10%, I can only imagine that a federal-level bondsman would charge at least that much if not more. I’m just wondering how much of a kickback the prosecutor and judge are getting off the deal…

  7. Rebel Says:

    Dear Paladin,

    The first rule of the criminal justice systm is that the prosecution is not bound by any rules.


  8. Gandalf Says:

    What is a Slave: A person who works for free and can not Travel, Move, associate with whoever He wants, or do what he wants and is legal(like drinking in a bar) etc.
    Between the Legal Fees, Bail, Probation Fees etc. And rules of Probation/Bail Our System makes Slaves of people. IMHO

  9. Not Surprised Says:

    Fuck the Kinfolk

  10. Paladin Says:

    Until just recently, I was under the misconception that the amount of bail set was in direct relation to the flight a defendant poses. It seems that in Mr. Pikes’s case his bail was raised as a leadership surcharge.

    I can’t seem to figure out how the raising of Mr. Pike’s bail will curtail the likelihood of his alleged participation in, or association with individuals engaging in criminal activities, or how raising Mr. Pike’s bail will ensure the community remains safe.

    Obviously, not only am I not smart enough to figure out the above, I’m further handicapped by not living in Texas. On the other, I may be just smart enough to not live in Texas.


  11. Gandalf Says:

    @ Red Your 100% right. Crazy Cops, Crazy judges, Crazy crackheads, Crazy Neighbors, Crazy women, Crazy Outlaws, Crazy Weather… Wild, wild west Baby. Only the strong (and smart) survive. Roll the dice and rent a U-Haul. I wouldn’t live anywhere else. Nebraska seems so boring. Respects.

  12. TX_Biker Says:

    @BMW It has been that way for a long long time. It is standard operating procedure, based on past history that is just that, history. The corruption is rampant in Texas, Not just in Waco, but small towns across the state. Not since 1946 has any group of patriots been able to stand up to the corrupt. I am referring to the Battle of Athens Tennessee in 1946, where WWII veterans armed with weapons from the national guard armory took on the local sheriff and politicians and wrestled their community back from the corrupt. One day soon I hope history repeats itself….

  13. tiopirata Says:

    Most eloquently said. With your permission I would like to share that elsewhere

  14. BMW Says:

    I think that Americans who respect and support the US Constitution have to look at the rise of outlaw LEO gangs since WWII as the most existential threat to the American culture and the constitution. In an overwhelming majority of cases, these outlaw LEO gangs,even though many members claim to be lawyers, deliberately and consciously violate both American laws and the constitution with impunity.

    The threat of these outlaw LEO gangs can no longer be ignored. Their clubhouses, artfully concealed in federal buildings across the country, conceal behind their closed and locked doors evidence of their continuing deviant activities. Some of the national press spotlight the most egregious activities of these outlaw leo gangs on a regular basis. Members of the deviant outlaw leo gangs can sometimes be identified by their tailored dark suits. One secret communications device between outlaw leo gang members is the use of red ties when they appear in the temples for their heretical satanic worship rituals.

    These satanic outlaw LEO gangs can sometimes be identified by the concealed identification they regularly carry. Members of these satanic outlaw LEO gangs tend to respect the dominance of other outlaw LEO gangs in different geographical areas. However almost all satanic outlaw LEO gangs, despite area dominance, are compelled to pay outrageously high “dues” to secretive state-wide organizations, publicly known as “bar associations “. These “bar associations” enforce the regular payment of these “dues”.

    These satanic outlaw LEO gangs have definite ranks. The highest ranks, given as a reward for a long record of misbehavior, are called “federal judges”. Many begin their lifelong commitment to criminal activities as “ATF Agents” or “gang experts”. These low-level criminal associates are not allowed to wear the formal colors except when attending satanic religious rituals in area temples known as courthouses. Candidates considered to be “earners” who regularly win persecution rituals are extended the invitation to join the formal gang and become “full patch” federal prosecutors. The length of probationary membership can last decades, and not all probationary members advance to full patch membership. The nationwide criminal activities of these satanic outlaw LEO gangs are coordinated by these “full patch” federal persecutors through regular secret communications and group telephone conferences.
    These satanic outlaw LEO gangs are probably the most serious threat Americans face today. Despite this, many members of the public regard these criminals as heroes. These satanic outlaw LEO gangs are sometimes held up as models of behavior in some small communities.
    Sound familiar? These sort of generalizations, half-truths and misinformation is used against motorcycle riders around the world every day…


  15. Red Says:

    Man you guys aregetting railroaded down there in Texas

  16. RIDER 1 Says:

    Mr. Pike a danger to society, give me a fucking break… The only true dangers to society are the FED and the fucks that are hired to protect those who are too pussified to protect themselves! The FED have been running their investigation for well over 3 years now and spent millions of dollars, for what? They don’t even have enough to go to trial! Whether or not he is still the President makes no difference because anything that happens before he goes to trial will be blamed on him. The Bandidos have a saying, FUCK THE DUMB SHIT!

    RIDER 1

  17. Popeye Says:

    @Badd Guye Welcome to the real world. Innocent until proven guilty is one of the great untruths ,right up there with “I wont cum in your mouth”. From investigation to arrest and conviction you will never be treated as an innocent man.

  18. Iron Rider Says:

    @badd guye

    The justice system long ago lost its impartiality and I agree with you that it is now that a person is guilty until they can prove their innocence.

    The US Government has perverted the court’s impartiality so badly that those who appear before it with the belief that the Judge overseeing the court will rule according to the law and impartially are sadly mistaken.

    There is far too much interference and political pressure from the Goverment and prosecutors that put the credibility of Judges into question, time and time again there have been rulings where Law Enforcement or Prosecutors are being given way more latitude than what an accused would regarding statutes and penal code charges where there has been wrongdoing or outright failures to obtain evidence by the rules of law and the court has ruled as such but lets the prosecution keep a case going because the court ruled accordingly that even though the rules of law were violated, it was done in good faith or some other justification and this is more the norm than it used to be.

    I feel for those that have to go before the courts because the deck is stacked against you before you even set a foot in a courtroom.

    With regard to Pike, if the prosecutor wants to promote a big scary monster theory to lock someone away, then you know their case is shit, the fact that the court increased Pike’s bail is a joke considering what little the prosecutor had to offer in evidence to back up their allegations about Pike that would favor locking Pike up but alas even though Pike did nothing wrong the court still felt a higher bail was necessary due to the big monster theory and that just proves the point about the court’s impartiality

  19. Badd Guye Says:

    “prosecutors argue he must be considered a public menace until he proves he is not” last I heard, everyone has the presumption of innocence, in which a defendant does not have to prove his or her innocence. It’s called “innocent until proven guilty”! But as of late, it seems more like “guilty unless proven innocent”.

  20. Ronnie Royston Says:

    Everybody knows it was the cops that murdered all those guys that day. They obfuscating the facts, evidence, stonewalling, bsically, the State of Texas is guilty of Organized Crime and every RICO violation. Worse of all, they’re very deliberate about it all. I circle back and google “Waco biker news” every month. I can’t wait for Waco to go bankrupt. Shit’s personal.

  21. Curbside Says:

    Bone Head Says:
    June 13, 2017 at 6:45 pm
    I always thought a defendant could have his choice of legal representation, even to the point of defending himself. So forgive me for not understanding how a judge (even a federal judge)can fire a defendant’s lawyers. I would think that if this case reached the point of appeal, this would damned near guarantee any conviction would be overturned.
    Then again another esteemed contributor here has commented that the Texas legal system has little to do with the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Apparently he’s correct.


    Bonehead, from my understanding, the prosecution used the argument that Mr. Pike’s original attorneys had allegedly been “club lawyers” while witnesses for the current prosecution were allegedly members of the club, creating a conflict of confidentiality rules.

    Under normal circumstances, such a thing would be completely normal and understandable (see “Sopranos”, episode where Tony consults with every divorce lawyer in town so his wife can’t hire them!), but in Mr. Pike’s situation, the allegation that his lawyer actually acted as an attorney in any relevant context for any of the prosecution’s witnesses is somewhere between “far-fetched” and “complete bullshit”.

    That’s what I gathered from Rebel’s previous coverage of this clusterfuck, anyway…I could be completely wrong, but that’s the way I understood the situation. Maybe Rebel would be kind enough to revisit that situation in more detail, or perhaps reply with a link to his previous post on the matter?

  22. Dutchboy Says:

    To seize dictatorial power you must control the press (done), control the police (done, some good cops out there but they do what they are told to do or else), and you MUST crush those that see themselves as free people. To accomplish the later divide and conquer (notice how many more “biker wars” are cropping up all of a sudden? Most all are being pushed by LEO shot callers) and demonize those you would victimize. Hopefully the various crews are will realize that an assault on one is an assault on all. Remember what happened to the various Natives American Nations. Will we see the day Red and White do a fund raiser with Black and White to help pay the legal bills of Red and Gold? Doesn’t sound possible but if this life is to survive a common front must be presented to common enemies. Fair winds.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    You have to be a low down, bottom feeding, snake blooded, immoral, dishonorable, huge piece of shit to ask the judge to revoke a man’s bond like this.

    He has not been found guilty on any of the charges, but your reason to revoke his bond is that he might do a 2nd time, that which you have not proven he did the 1st time?

    And the court deciding this argument carries some weight makes it clear they are operating on a presumption of guilt.

    Doesn’t it make you proud to be American?

  24. Bone Head Says:

    I always thought a defendant could have his choice of legal representation, even to the point of defending himself. So forgive me for not understanding how a judge (even a federal judge)can fire a defendant’s lawyers. I would think that if this case reached the point of appeal, this would damned near guarantee any conviction would be overturned.
    Then again another esteemed contributor here has commented that the Texas legal system has little to do with the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Apparently he’s correct.

  25. Cookie Says:

    So how many police organizations are outlaw gangs? If all it takes is a few members to be charged with a crime there should be alot of them!


  26. FF Says:

    I’ve run through a dozen adjectives and it just doesn’t work trying to describe the amount of blood and treasure these bastards in the AlfaBiTs sOuP gang put into going after middle aged men who enjoy riding motorcycles in groups, while completely ignoring the muslim menace.


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