First Gator’s Jam Inn Trial

June 8, 2017

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First Gator's Jam Inn Trial

Bandidos Motorcycle Club member Howard Wayne Baker is now being tried in Fort Worth, Texas for the murder of Ghost Rider Motorcycle Club member Geoffrey Brady. Brady died about five months before the Twin Peaks bloodbath in May 2015. The trial has connections to both the federal racketeering case titled USA v. Portillo, et al. and the organized criminal conspiracy cases that may or may not ever be tried in Waco.

A slightly edited (for clarity) version of the Portillo indictment describes two days in December 2014 like this:

“On a date unknown, but prior to December 12,2014, John Portillo informed Dallas-area Bandidos members that they were “at war” with the Cossacks (Motorcycle Club. On or about December 11, 2014, Bandidos members entered Red’s Take 5 Sports Bar, a known Cossacks hangout, in Wise County, Texas looking for Cossacks members. When no Cossacks members were present, Bandidos members left the bar, posting a Bandidos sticker on the bar door. On or about December 12, 2014, Bandidos members entered the Gators Jam Inn in Fort Worth, Texas, where members of the Cossacks, Ghost Riders and Winos were conducting a meeting. Bandidos members immediately began assaulting the members present and Ghost Riders member Geoffrey Brady was shot and killed.”

Historically, there has been friction between the Bandidos and the Ghost Riders. In one of those “Law Enforcement Sensitive” reports the FBI likes to shove under people’s doors late at night, the Bureau reported: “According to reliable FBI source reporting, the Regional Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Gang President engaged in a physical altercation with the Ghost Riders Motorcycle Club President in a Fort Worth, Texas bar in mid-May 2011. The assault stemmed from a racial remark made by the Ghost Riders President to a member of a Bandidos support club. The Bandidos President joined in the assault to emphasize the Bandidos claim over the state of Texas and stress the need for the Ghost Riders to defer to Bandidos control. Prior to the altercation, tension existed between the Bandidos and Ghost Riders in North Texas due to the Ghost Riders’ quasi-support of the Hells Angels Outlaw Motorcycle Gang – the Bandidos main rival. While no additional altercations have occurred and there is no reporting to suggest that violence is imminent, FBI source reporting implied that additional conflict could occur if either President attempts to escalate the conflict or if the Ghost Riders continue to challenge Bandidos dominance in North Texas.”

Great Nordic Biker War

For some time, the Department of Justice has seemed obsessed with the notion that the Hells Angels might gain a foothold in Texas through a proxy like the Ghost Riders or the Cossacks. This will lead to a reprise of the Great Nordic Biker War and then all the law enforcement biker experts will be able to gloat over the danger posed to the general public by outlaw bikers. One, not far-fetched, explanation of why the Twin Peaks bloodbath occurred was because some agent provocateur hoped to turn Texas into Denmark in 1995.

But Brady was an unlikely puppet in this possible play. Multiple people have described him as both “a nice guy” and “a peacemaker.”

Various, often conflicting accounts of what happened that night and why have been published. Twenty-five months ago M.L. Nestel, who appeared to rely on police sources, said in The Daily Beast: “‘Gators Jam Inn was hosting members of the Winos, Cossacks, and the Ghost Riders – all simpatico motorcycle clubs, at least on this night – tippling inside the bar. Then the door slammed open and in came a wrecking crew of armed maniacs. As many as a dozen rivals from the now-infamous Bandidos motorcycle club “busted into the bar and started to fight and shoot at everyone,’ Fort Worth cops reported.”

What Happened

According to Nestel’s police sources, “One woman in the bar saw Dobber (Nestel reported that Baker was “Dobber”) ‘point a silver handgun at (Brady’s) head.’ But she didn’t see him squeeze off any rounds. She told police she was rattled after hearing the crackle of gunshots. As she neared the front of the bar, she saw Brady’s lifeless body.”

Nevertheless, authorities have amped up the drama for Baker’s trial. Television station KXAS reports “Extra security precautions are being taken at the courthouse because of Baker’s high profile. No one is allowed in the courtroom without a full pat-down, and there were extra officers and state troopers at the Tarrant County Courthouse during opening statements Monday,”

And the witnesses to Brady’s murder have had time to polish their recollections. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram is reporting that just before Brady was shot, “more than 20 people –  identified as Bandidos by the color of their patches – started pouring in from the front and rear doors.”

KXAS reports “about 30 members of the Bandidos rushed into Gator’s biker bar.”

But a musician named Justin Blakely, was walking out of Gator’s when a mere four Bandidos arrived. He testified, “Soon as I stepped out I heard two gunshots.” He testified that after the first two gunshots he heard more shots. A 911 caller reported that “15 shots” had been fired. Then, according to Blakely, the Bandidos left. “Immediately after the gunfire I saw them get on their bikes and leave.”

A woman named Megan Klein-Smith has testified that a group of Bandidos attacked her husband. “They were kicking him and punching him, trying to kick his ears off his head. It looked like they were trying to take his patches off of him.”

Tarrant County prosecutor Allenna Bangs described the scene as graphically as she could.  “They dragged Geoff Brady out of the front door and executed him in front of his wife and friends,” she told the jury during opening arguments. “They stood over him in a circle and Howard Baker was standing in that circle.”

Less Graphic

Three people were shot that night. Two of them were Bandidos or quasi-Bandidos. One of them was a Waco firefighter and an apparent Bandidos hang around named Bill Dudley. Dudley was shot in the chest.

When he fired Dudley in October 2015, Waco Fire Chief John Johnston wrote: “You told the deputy fire chief a person came up to you with no reason and pulled a gun and shot you and you did not know why this occurred. Because we were unaware of the Gator Bar incident and did not have any reason to doubt your statement or have enough information to ask you the right questions, you flew under the radar. It wasn’t until the internal investigation took place that we discovered there was more to your explanation than you provided. You were not forthcoming with information.”

Dudley has not been called to testify in Baker’s trial but it is not inconceivable that he was the first person shot that night. It is also likely that he was shot by someone he didn’t know.

Unnamed Informant

There is an unnamed informant in the case, and his job was probably to draw a line from Gator’s to John Portillo. An informed source in Waco has suggested that the reason prosecutors there want to try Bandido Jake Carrizal first is because they think they can draw a line from him to Portillo.

But there doesn’t seem to be any witness who can truthfully say he saw Baker shoot Brady. And there were Cossacks in Gator’s that night. And five months after Brady died, the Cossacks proved they had a score to settle with the Bandits.

Three men are charged with Brady’s death. They are Baker, Robert Stover and Nicholas Povendo. Baker went on trial first because he is alleged to be the president of a Bandidos Fort Worth chapter and Bangs hopes to convict him of murder using Texas “Law of Parties.” Under that law, Baker can be found guilty of Brady’s murder because he did not stop it.

It is a tactic Texas prosecutors have used before, in the trial of a Bandidos chapter president in Abilene named Curtis Jack Lewis. It didn’t work then. Lewis was acquitted. But apparently Fort Worth prosecutors think it might work against Baker. And if it works against Baker it is likely to appear in one of the Waco Twin Peaks trials – if there ever are any trials in that case.


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  1. James W Crawford Says:

    I am with Groucho Marks.

    I wouldnever belong to any club that would have me.

  2. Psycho Says:

    James Crawford,
    Yes, that’s pretty much exactly what a support club is. Kind of like a farm team.

  3. James W Crawford Says:

    Showing my lack of involvement in motorcycle clubs, but what exactly is a “support club?” Is this sort of like junior varcity hanging around hoping to be recruited by the varsity team?

  4. Johnny Rotten Says:

    ok, wtf….
    i cant find what i copied and pasted…
    some fuckery is afoot…
    like i said…
    aint my house,
    my apparent bad fer posting
    im out
    roll on…
    respects to those deserving


  5. Johnny Rotten Says:


    did you even read what i wrote?

    squirt got it fucked up…

    the article states clearly his name is drifter…
    i copied and pasted it…

    im not gonna go into some diatribe about comprehension
    this aint my house
    and i actually detest typing

    ill stand by what i initially posted…

    respects to those deserving


  6. Railroaded Says:

    Johnny Rotten Says:
    June 9, 2017 at 2:30 pm
    Squirt Says:
    June 9, 2017 at 1:36 pm

    FyI.. his nickname is not “Dobber” his nickname is Drifter Fact checking would do ya some good.

    from the article….

    “Three men are charged with Brady’s death. They are Baker, Robert “Drifter” Stover and Nicholas “Zombie” Povendo”


    respect to those deserving


    FYI- The article is wrong. Drifter is his(Baker’s)name.

  7. RIDER 1 Says:

    Not a good day, another good man got fucked.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    He was found quilty……

  9. rw Says:

    Outcome not good.

  10. Phuquehed Says:

    ‘Squirt’ (probably suits him to a T) needs to get some reading comprehension skills instilled in him. Sounds like he and Anonymous are probably just some cocksack wannabe’s trolling.

  11. Phuquehed Says:

    Hey, Anonymous bitch…supply something to back up the shit *you’re* spewing, you fucktard punk.

  12. Johnny Rotten Says:

    Squirt Says:
    June 9, 2017 at 1:36 pm

    FyI.. his nickname is not “Dobber” his nickname is Drifter Fact checking would do ya some good.

    from the article….

    “Three men are charged with Brady’s death. They are Baker, Robert “Drifter” Stover and Nicholas “Zombie” Povendo”


    respect to those deserving


  13. Squirt Says:

    FyI.. his nickname is not “Dobber” his nickname is Drifter Fact checking would do ya some good.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    This article is all botched. You have the names and nicknames incorrect and are apparently getting your news from an idiot. I had respect for TAR at one time but you guys do not care about facts just like regular media outlets. Good luck on your search for the truth because it IS out there and you are definitely off track!


  15. Rebel Says:

    Dear 99%’er.

    Since you have taken the time to troll this site, I think it is only reasonable for me to tell the men that you keep insulting that your name is Jim Cameron, you have lived in Stuart, Florida and you are messaging us today from Gettysburg. I know you are desperate for attention. Want some more?


  16. Curbside Says:

    IronRider, that was a rumor that had been entertained as a possibility by a lot of people, but it was quickly put to rest when everyone realized the Copsacks were just a bunch of fuckups that had been infiltrated by the fuzz.

    Probably not even any HOG chapters that desperate.

  17. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    As I pointed out how in 2014 report said 3 Bandido’s & now that it was 30.
    If anyone can help me out on the matter of my knowing 1 club doesn’t go to any other clubs meetings… so they don’t interfere in their business, am I correct on this?

  18. Gandalf Says:

    @ IronRider. LOL. Now imagine Big O with a HA patch. LOL They might as well just send me one in the mail. I can assure you I’m not worthy… But I ain’t ratting or conspiring with LE either.

  19. IronRider Says:

    Dont think the HA are that desperate to want an in thru the Cossacks to Texas.

  20. 99%'er Says:

    Did Baker take the stand and set the record straight? Closing arguments are set for Fri. June 9.

  21. Dutchboy Says:

    When facts are absent fantasy is happy to fill in. So far it doesn’t sound as if there is any hard evidence, just hearsay. If this falls apart maybe it will help end nightmare for the falsely accused in Waco. Best of luck to the Red and Gold.

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