Iron Horseman Trial Begins

May 5, 2009

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Fourteen months after the sensational, arrest event, three of the twenty members and alleged associates of the Maine chapter of the Iron Horsemen Motorcycle Club will finally get to argue their case in court. The men were indicted in Portland, Maine on March 12, 2008.

Richard Szpyt of Haverhill, Massachusetts and Old Orchard Beach, Maine; Roman Dellosantos of Haverhill; and Sherwood Jordan of Albany, Maine are all charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine and marijuana. Szpyt was president of the Maine chapter of the Iron Horsemen until his arrest last year. The trial is at the Federal Courthouse in Portland.

A fourth defendant, Michael Martin of Limerick is scheduled to be tried separately for possession of cocaine. A fifth defendant, Robert Boothby of Monson, Maine died before he could clear his good name.

Fifteen other defendants have reached plea and sentencing agreements with federal prosecutors on charges of either possession of controlled substances or possession with intent to distribute drugs. Some of these men are expected to testify against Szpyt, Dellosantos and Jordan.

Only A Motorcycle Club

Szpyt, through his attorney, Robert Levine, has vehemently denied the allegations against him. He has stated in court documents that he only gradually became aware that some drug sales might have been carried out by some of his club brothers. He took steps to prevent a reoccurrence of this violation of club bylaws but he was arrested before he could be certain that all the illegal activity had stopped.

“The club is a social organization of motorcycle enthusiasts, which frowns upon, and indeed prohibits the sale of drugs by its members,” Szpyt explained through his attorney.

The indictments last March culminated a year-long investigation of the Iron Horsemen by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Opening Arguments

The lead prosecutor in the case, Assistant United States Attorney Daniel Perry, told jurors Tuesday that 40 wiretapped telephone conversations, photographs, written notes and actual cocaine and marijuana seized during the arrests last March will prove the defendants guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt. Perry also expects to call up to 21 prosecution witnesses before resting his case later this week.

In their opening statements, defense attorneys told jurors that the government will not be able to prove that a conspiracy to distribute cocaine and marijuana in Maine ever existed.

If they are convicted, Szpyt, Dellosantos and Jordan all face a prison sentence of at least ten years.

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9 Responses to “Iron Horseman Trial Begins”

  1. Matthias Says:

    I’m coming after you pedophile horse’s asses

  2. Fish Says:

    RE:jody and laz….. It’s every tramp’s job to school the young. How else are they gonna know a Panhead from a bed pan? Take heed, brothers and sisters, for our Code is a hallowed one filled with honor and loyalty, the likes of which have not been seen with any outlaw scum ever….Trouble is all they breed….all they teach….drugs sales and prfit equal rank within their code.

  3. laz Says:

    re jody louisianas response to outlaws comment,amen brother,motherfuck those monkey fuckin outlaws. i never met an iron horsemen i did’nt like and i never met an outlaw i did.

  4. jersey>ferris clan Says:

    idk alot of my friends are apart of it and alot of my family is on bikes as well as me.. i think that these asshole pigf*ckers that we call law enforcement just need to get off the perverbial gov’t cock and just leave us alone all we do is ride for ourselves and for charrities and what do they do? slap us with a buch of goddamned bullsh#t.. what are they doing?? pointing fingers blammming us all?? and you wonder why people are turning to ANARCHY??

  5. jody louisiana Says:

    ashes to ashes-dust to dust if it were’nt for horsemen highways would rust. as for the fuckhead outlaw’s comment ,well what do you expect from a piece of shit.IHFFIH

  6. outlaw Says:

    guilty bunch of drug dealing lying murderind pieces of shit

  7. Carl Says:

    Wow, I wish these people watched our politicians as well as these guys! Maybe even a few murderers!

  8. Jim L. Says:

    Of all the crap going on in the country, all they have to do is f#ck with these guys! Give me a break. Go arrest Bo-Rock and his thugs for treason, sedition, and whatever else. Live free of die.


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