Bike Week Scam

June 7, 2017

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Bike Week Scam

Nashville Bike Week promoter Michael Lewis “Mike” Leffingwell, who also answers to Mike Axle and Christopher Ashley, photo above, remains incarcerated in the Warren County Regional Jail in Bowling Green, Kentucky today after his arrest Monday.

Leffingwell is a convicted conman who had outstanding warrants for his arrest in Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and Missouri. He had previous convictions for theft and perjury. In a 2006 fraud case, Leffingwell agreed to a plea agreement that sentenced him to 30 months in  prison; three years supervised release and 500 hours in a residential substance abuse program. He also agreed to pay his victims $249,000 in restitution.

He is being held without bail.

Long Con

Leffingwell has been selling tickets to his proposed event for the last 13 months. At least 4,700 people have bought advance tickets for what Leffingwell  has been calling “the newest 10-day rally in over 60 years.” Leffingwell claimed Nashville Bike Week would begin next September 14 and continue through September 24  Leffingwell, in an interview with Nashville television station WTVF, is the source for the 4,700 ticket sales statistic. He has also claimed to expect total attendance at the rally to exceed 150,000.

“The scenic state of Tennessee is within hours of more than a dozen other states and with so much to offer, Nashville Bike Week is more than just a rally; it’s an experience.” Leffingwell has written. His gullible victims expected to enjoy “101 bands on four stages with nine stunt shows daily.”

Nashville television station WZTV is reporting that Leffingwell “has already received more than a million dollars in ticket sales.”

In March Leffingwell claimed to have invested $900,000 in the proposed event. At the same time he said, “After discussing it with our attorneys, there is no refunds. Sell your ticket if you don’t want to come…. I don’t want you at our event if you are a whiner and a crier. How can you even ride a bike if you act like that?”

The scam began to unravel last February when Loretta Lynn’s Ranch and Camp Grounds in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee announced it was “cutting ties with Nashville Bike Week” for failing “to meet the financial terms of” an “agreement.”

Stop Believing

Last month, Leffingwell claimed to have a deal with the Opryland Hotel. After Opryland backed out he claimed to have a deal with a local campground.

Then he announced on Facebook, “As of Today due to Opryland Hotel and the Campground being harassed they Both have pulled out. Nashville Bike week has met with attorneys today and The Bands, Entertainment, staging, Vendors have been paid or paid in full. Which leads to option 1 let the Haters win and File Bankruptcy and everyone loses. Option 2 -Get us a place to throw this party! Option 3- Take legal hard against all parties involved ruining this event. We chose 2 and 3 ! We have figured out the permits as long as we don’t camp anymore than 5,000 on site over 18 hours we are good to go.”

Leffingwell did not explain why Nashville Bike Week would have “haters.”

Just today, the Nashville Bike Week Facebook page told ticket holders:


“Everyone who actually purchased a ticket KNOWS 10 day general admission including primitive camping as never costed more than $225 ( not including tax), and was even less expensive if you purchased tickets at an early bird rate. I also feel our camping accommodations were made more than affordable as you can also see below a 10 day 30 amp electric spot only costed $329.25. For the entertainment we have lined up for our customers, tickets and camping accommodations were made very reasonable!!!

“With that being said, we have a new venue locked down. A major announcement will be made very soon, but please trust and listen to what we the promoters and people putting this event on are telling you. We are the individuals working every day to put this on. I do not know why the media is so against us but enough is enough. STAND WITH US!!!! We are going to have one hell of an event!!!

“Please only get the facts from us! If you have questions you can reach us via Facebook or by emailing [email protected] Updates about our new venue will be made public any day!

“Thank you for your loyalty and support!!! We are a brotherhood, it’s time to act like it and stand up against discrimination!!!

“Please share!”


15 Responses to “Bike Week Scam”

  1. DJ Says:

    I got booted off it the NBW for expressing my concerns. And I was nice they just trying to get rid of all the people raising some valid concerns. Now I am going to the right side and warning everyone what a rip off this has turned out to be. Have to wonder that even if this was thrown together now what kind of half assed event it’s going to be. Bikers who throw all the bullshit aside and come anyway will make the event not the organizers. Hopefully the bikers in the big house will serve up a good portion of knuckle bumps to that POS.

  2. Coolaid Says:

    There was a guy here in jersey who put on a biker party (party with the jersey devil) which was an awesome old school party.. sadly the guy lost his ass putting it on and had to sell half his shit and his bike to pay his debts..

    I wish he had half the presales this scam has.. maybe we’d still have a decent rally here..

    Something about this smelled off from the start.. then the media and rebel got involved and I was glad I didn’t bite..

    I do enjoy rallies.. mainly for the access to national vendors that don’t normally make local events.. guys like this make it harder for honest good folks to get something big going..

  3. BMW Says:

    Of all the group’s of people, he tries to scam bikers? LOL!!! What a total idiot!
    I’ve been to Loretta Lynn’s Ranch and Campground with another group, and the people running it are pros. They probably smelled the odor pretty quickly–real promoters understand the need to pay up quickly to keep good relationships going and prevent problems during the event. It is a great deal of hard work preparing for an event, and it just gets harder when the people arrive! Afterwards, there is a cleanup, which is more hard work.

    This “Bike Week” con game reminds me of all the fake concerts promoted after Woodstock. Same sort of thing as this “Bike Week” con game. All sorts of excuses: “Don’t let the man break up our Solidarity”; “Believe in the future”; etc., etc..



  4. slo joe Says:

    Exactly what I was gonna say “never costed” WTF, only a fucking retard talks like that

  5. Maven Says:

    “We are a brotherhood, it’s time to act like it and stand up against discrimination!!!”

    What a crock of shit. If you’re dumb enough to consider some random campsite strangers your brother, you deserve what you get.

  6. panamaa Says:

    never “costed” more than $225………. That tells me all I need to know about that motherfucker…..

    Respects the the regulars…

  7. Igo Says:

    All form, no function just like all the new riders these days. More interested in talking the talk…..

  8. Popeye Says:

    Thank you for your loyalty and support!!! We are a brotherhood, it’s time to act like it and stand up against discrimination!!! That should rally support from the credit card bikers

  9. Clutch Says:

    I see on their FB page people are still traveling 1000’s of miles and spending $1000’s to come. This thing hasn’t passed the smell test from day 1. Us locals thought it was a joke from the start.

  10. Drifter Says:

    @Iron, yes on Loretta’s nailing it. Event promotion and operation is old hat to those people, as one of their main events is the highly attended and long running AMA Amateur MX Nationals.

    Something similar to this happened in Riverside County in 2002. Anyone familiar with MX, knows about the MXDN, or as the FIM is calling it now, MXoN Motocross of Nations. The best 3 Pro racers from many countries, teaming up for points, happening at the end of the FIM and AMA MX outdoor seasons.

    A couple sketchy promoters were working with a track on the Soboba Indian reservation, they were advertising as the location. Despite all the issues they were having such as the Tribal board getting involved in a negative way, the tribe members operating the track did not get the proper permissions, fencing, parking, at a facility that had never had a race that large or as prestigious.

    The infighting went on, the promoters accepted money for tickets, lo and behold it was canceled. The way I understand most of the money was not refunded, and allowed one of the promoters to open another track as the story goes. Fuck people that pull this shit.

    Respects IronRider……

  11. Bone Head Says:

    “…with nine stunt shows daily…”

    I must really, really getting old. The events I ever attended were put on by clubs, local shops, and the good time were the people you knew, people you met, and the over all sense of real brotherhood.
    Stunt riding? Really? He deserves to be locked up just for that! And if somebody paid good hard cash for that sort of party…

  12. Johnny Rotten Says:

    sheesh, i thought this was old news….

    wasnt this covered here before?….

    oh well, shame….


  13. Paladin Says:

    Fools and their money are easily parted.


  14. Sieg Says:

    What a shock.

  15. IronRider Says:

    So as many people expected the guy was taking people for a ride especially after Loretta Lynn’s Ranch people put it out there that they haven’t seen a dime and wanted no part of what was going on.

    The Fact That Loretta Lynn’s Ranch folks put that statement out there spoke volumes to me about how they didnt have confidence that these guys were the real deal when none of the funds were forth coming.

    Once Rebel put it out there and his take on everything, I knew right away that those who bought tickets or spots or anything with this venture where going to see their cash go bye bye to never be seen again.

    Thing I hate the most is that guys like these come along all the time and not only under the guise of biker weeks events but rock festivals, country music festivals, rap festivals there just is no boundaries that these guys wont cross to fleece people of their cash.

    Glad to see this dude is behind bars, but he will pull the same scam again somewhere that you can bet on

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