The Waco Shuffle

June 5, 2017

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The Waco Shuffle

A couple of bush league judges in the Waco Twin Peaks case keep shuffling trial dates like a deck of marked cards.

The judges. Ralph Strother and Matt Johnson, and the district attorney in the case Abelino Reyna, and Reyna’s assistant imps and goblins and the local police and the city newspaper and the local bondsmen and so on continue to rub everybody’s face in the fact that they are all part of the same corrupt prosecutorial team.

The team wants to try a Bandido named Christopher Jacob Carrizal first because Reyna has convinced himself that he can frame the man. Carrizal was near ground zero of the two minute explosion of violence at what was supposed to be a mostly boring meeting of the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents on May 17, 2015. Carrizal was trying to park his motorcycle when the shooting started. So Reyna accused him of conspiring to commit murder

Go Team Go

Early on in this case, Waco police spread a lie that the spark that ignited the violence was a Bandido backing over the foot of a Cossack prospect named Clifford Pearce. The lie was repeated in unison by virtually every chatty Cossack which is how it came to be published in The Washington Post. Apparently Reyna is so deluded and the jury pool in McLennan County Texas so incurably prejudiced that Reyna thinks he can convict Jake Carrizal of being the biker who committed the imaginary act of backing over Pearce’s foot. If Reyna can convict Carrizal he hopes to build momentum that will lead him to victory somewhere between 153 and 190 more times over the next 30 or 40 years.

And what a wonderful career that would be, to be the Bill Bellichick of prosecutors. And when Reyna eventually retires, instead of a watch someone can hand him a little, gold noose.

Carrizal was initially scheduled to go to trial May 22. That trial was continued when Carrizal’s first lawyer resigned. Technically, there is some thing that accused men are entitled to a lawyer. Who knew? Carrizal is now scheduled to go to trial on September 11.

Push ‘Em Back, Push ‘Em back

That date had been reserved for months for the trial of a Cossack named Cody Ledbetter. Ledbetter is almost certainly innocent of any crime and he is represented by irascible Houston attorney Paul Looney who has been blustering and moving and pleading for a trial date for at least two years. Obviously, Reyna thinks convicting Ledbetter is less of a slam dunk than convicting Carrizal so his co-conspirator, Strother, stole Ledbetter’s trial date and gave it to Carrizal. Reyna and Strother and all of the rest of the de jure and de facto prosecutors seem to think that they just need to get that first win in order to turn their season around. Marking and stacking the deck is now legal in Texas.

Strother rearranged another trial date last week. Paul Landers, a member of the Escondidos Motorcycle Club and a founder of a bikers rights organization called the National Coalition of Motorcyclists was supposed to go to trial next month. At the time the shooting started, Landers was just standing there watching and he has now been waiting more than two years to clear his name. He is represented by an Austin attorney named Millie Thompson who had an interesting courtroom exchange with Strother last week.

Way Back

Thompson had the audacity to ask the judge, “How did we end up without a trial setting in July?”

So Strother told her, “Because the court took it away from you.”

Oh. Okay.

It doesn’t seem likely in the law and order era of Trump but somewhere, sometime, somebody may actually look at what has happened and continues to happen in Waco. And if that does happen, all this chicanery might become a problem for Reyna and Strother and the rest of the Waco prosecutors.

Or maybe not. It has been a problem so far,


11 Responses to “The Waco Shuffle”

  1. Badd Guye Says:

    I have a hard time believing, the the law will permit Anal Reyna and Co. to argue a case of this magnitude to his Law Partner Judge “Johnson”! Like I always say, Anal Reyna’s safe place is down on Judge Matt’s “Johnson”!

  2. RtC Says:

    Wish everybody would contact the Center for Law and Justice)
    & fill in the contact form. If they get flooded with requests they just might do
    something about this. I’ve contacted them twice but 1 person doesn’t get their attention.
    RESPECTS to Rebel & the REAL ONES

  3. Steel Says:

    The Waco jackassery continues. Hell the Mongols case has been dragged out 20 years so I guess Reyna figures he can drag this one out for that long too. Great reporting as always Rebel.



  4. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    March 22,2015…March 28, 2015…as remember what Swanton said that they told Twin Peaks management about a potential problem & management failed to do anything, No sir it is not the Twin Peaks management responsibility to make arrest…nor is it the responsibility of any civilian..that is the job of law enforcement.
    Now 2 brothers can prove that there was no intention to commit said assult. The only one who conspired to commit a crime was that of the police and they did in fact commit premeditated murder. Every thing documented by LE will be used against them in the court of law.

  5. Kenny Says:

    Look its a simple fact when RICO came out and showed how u can strip a man of a fair trial. Like proscuters can use hersay evidence u cant. Somthing on a tape can mean what ever they want ect. Most other clubs that arent wearing a diamond just said it was are problem. Now look E here..You all be seein what we been fightin for years..In fact when u c your name on a list of co conspiriters uncharged u should go send your brother some comisary money. They want the Banditos to go broke. Same as Mongols. What will get public outrage is a person figuring out the totall cost of this bullshit. The fact that a patch makes u a lesser person. That u as us now are in the same boat! So all u little clubs that think u b in the game…help by spending some money for these guys and the mongols. We need as a group to hold our gov responsible.. cause if u could get them in court on civil rights and it gets news u can gain support for are life. Are world needs to quit feeding this narative.

  6. Phuquehed Says:

    The only way the judges and the DA and the DA’s henchmen and the pigs involved in the Waco farce can actually do good for this planet, would be to all test the warning labels on plastic bags.

  7. IronRider Says:

    Deny, Delay, Deflect strategy is still in play for the Law Enforcemnt side of the equation.

    Reyna and pals will shout up and down how they intend to prosecute and how those indicted once the evidence is presented at trial will show the guilt of the accused and they will thus be convicted.

    If Reyna and pals really had the evidence they needed to from video surveillance, informants, undercover agents, wiretaps etc they would be moving full speed ahead with a trial. The fact is that Reyna fucked this up IMHO by running down to Twin Peaks and playing the big man and ordering people to do this and that to cover up a bunch of trigger happy cops that shot into a crowd of over 100 people and killing how many of them because the Law Enforcement had been hyping up a biker war that they couldnt make happen btwn the clubs.

    Reyna and pals will keep two stepping around these trial dates that are set because they know the minute they get into court to try one of these cases on the evidence at hand it will fall flat on its face.

    Reyna and pals strategy is to make people break financially or under stress to take a plea and to save Reyna from having to show his hand and if this was poker you’d say he aint got shit, because he doesnt, Reyna can only bullshit and bluff for so long before he will have to put up or shut up and Johnson will get rebuked sooner or later as well for the shenanigans going on from the bench in connection with these cases.

    Reyna can play this game, but the longer this drags on the more he looks like that sad clown with the big red floppy shoes, red nose and wilted flower in his hand that knows his days as a clown are over

  8. Gandalf Says:

    @ Shameful, EXACTLY! Respects to Rebel and the deserving.

  9. Dutchboy Says:

    This is the most important story of our generation. Bigger than Hillary’s emails, bigger than Trump’s victory, even bigger than the new line coming out of Milwaukee! Yet the lame stream media, hell even the talking heads on Conservative radio (I’m looking at you Sean and you to Mr. Levine) this is no bigger than a fender bender on the 85. Folks, this entire situation STINKS of the heavy handed jack boot government thuggery our Founding Father’s warned us about. HEY! Mom and Pop America, the bikers are the Canaries in the coalmine. “First they came for the bikers. I did not speak because I am not a biker… Gun owners,… Tea Party… Now they are coming for me and there is no one left to speak for me.”

  10. Johnny Rotten Says:

    and the fuckery continues…..

    a golden noose

    well put as always sir

    respects to those deserving


  11. Shameful Says:

    “Ledbetter is almost certainly innocent of any crime”…

    But he hasn’t minded doing his part to spread lies and prejudice juries. After all, he told the Houston Chronicle that he witnessed a Bandido, or supporter, stand over his step-dad and put two bullets into his head execution style. We now know those were WPD rifle bullets, but the damage is done, no?

    Waco is showing their hand. If they wanted anything close to a slam dunk, they would be pushing for copsack trials. A little pressure and they would probably get some to sing about what they had planned, whether they had a plan or not, and get some convictions. But the Feds are wanting Bandidos. That’s what they’re paying for, so that’s the wall they’ll run into.

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