65 Years

May 31, 2017

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65 Years

Andrew Cassaday, a member of a Fort Wayne, Indiana motorcycle club called the Steel Horse Riders, was sentenced last Friday by Allen County Superior Court Judge John Surbeck to serve 65 years in prison for the murder last August 14 of his boyhood friend and former club brother Jeffrey Lute in the parking lot of a Texas Roadhouse restaurant.

The judge gave Cassaday 185 days credit for time served. He will be eligible for parole in 2058.

At the sentencing hearing, Justin Clark, who was with Lute when Cassaday killed him, called the murder a “preventable tragedy.”

The 28-year-old Lute was a former vice president of the Steel Horse Riders who held two jobs and was on the board of directors of his Lutheran church. When some members decided the casual riding club should become a tougher fraternity, Lute quit. Cassaday and other members of the Steel Horse Riders thought Lute shouldn’t be allowed to quit that easily.

Cassaday and other club members harassed Lute for eight months. Cassaday slashed the victims tires four times. When local police declined to intervene, Lute started carrying a gun.

The night he was murdered, Lute was surrounded by a half dozen members of his former club as he and Clark left the restaurant. Lute shot a club member named Phillip Elkins and ran away after Elkins attacked him. Cassaday shot Lute when Lute tried to return to his car.

At his trial, Cassaday said he killed Lute in self defense. Cassaday did not speak at his sentencing hearing.


15 Responses to “65 Years”

  1. Ol'Goat Says:

    boys indeed….he’ll become a man in the pokey though. Agreed, no respect.

  2. Storyteller Says:

    He don’t want to be a member, why try to change his mind. Club be better off without him. Now,everybody concerned pays a price. Crap.

  3. Johnny Rotten Says:

    love to be a fly when the bad ass muthafucker yards…
    storage is a long , lonely process…
    hes got some learnin to do…
    hope his head is as big as he thought he was…..

    respects to those deserving


  4. Paladin Says:

    Amatures, one and all.


  5. East Coast Says:

    SOA crap can only take root with wannabes . Anyone with two brain cells would have thought this through ugh and let the man go.
    The surviving members of this “fraternity” should eat shit and die for feeding the Feds and MSM more fodder for their bullshit stories.

    Respect only those who earn it.


  6. Irish 1%er Says:

    This should of never happened. I applaud the dead man for knowing that the clubs new dirwdvrion was not for him. This life is not for everyone and often times the problems come from those trying to be something there not but here he knew it was not for him, an honorable way to act and his former “brothers” slash his tires, chase him down, beat him up and eventually kill him. Fuck that club and everyone in it. Fucking cowards. A lot of clubs would be better off if people were honest about what they are and what they are NOT!!

  7. RIDER 1 Says:

    Clubs change and people change. When the two can’t see eye to eye, it’s best to part ways. It would have been better to just let Lute go his way and not acknowledge his existence. Would they have acted the same if he chose to join a motorcycle ministry?

    RIDER 1

  8. Kentucky Rider Says:

    What a piss poor pack of losers. They couldn’t catch up with the guy in 8 months and resorted to tire slashing like bitches? As Dutchboy already pointed out – if the club is moving in a different direction and the guy wants out – let him out! Do they WANT a guy in the club whose heart isn’t in it? I can tell by their ages that this is due to a jackass SOA mentality. Do they think this is fucking mafia, blood in/blood out shit? All these shitheads have managed to do is get the public to associate “MC” with “shooting” and “murder”.

  9. TX_Biker Says:

    Fucking wannabes.

  10. panamaa Says:

    S.O.A. bullshit all the way,… Gezzzz.. That program was a fucking blight to the biker community..

  11. Stink Eye Says:

    WTF…sounds more like a love affair…


  12. Hangaround Says:

    Seems like way to much S.O.A. watching was involved here…

  13. Dutchboy Says:

    Sorry “rat packing”, stupid autocorrect and poor editing on my part before hitting “submit comment”

  14. Dutchboy Says:

    How stupid. If a brother wants to walk, especially if the club is making the change from family to hard charging it is best for ALL, club included for him to walk. Club business is club business and none of mine but damn this is stupid. “Out bad, no contact”, okay I can see that but punk crap like slashing tires and eat packing? Dumbass PLEASE.

  15. Not Surprised Says:

    No fucking respect

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