Chicago Cop Club Coverup

May 24, 2017

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Chicago Cop Club Coverup

Two members of the Twisted Image Motorcycle Club and a member of the Knight Keepers MC were attacked by members of the American Knights Motorcycle Club as they tried to enter a Chicago bar called Zachary’s For Cocktails about 4 a.m. Sunday. And, the official coverup started immediately.

The American Knights has chapters in Chicago and Joliet, Illinois. According to the club’s website, it is “comprised of active and retired law enforcement officers, military, and qualified civilians who support the goals of  law enforcement. The club promotes brotherhood and the sport of motorcycle riding. The American Knights Motorcycle Club of Chicago has been honored three times by the Chicago City Council for outstanding charity work in the city of Chicago. Our main focus as a club is brotherhood, promoting motorcycle riding, and various fundraising activities for Police, Military, and many other charities.”

All three of the victims are military veterans. One is a former Airman, another a former Marine and the third is a former Army Ranger.

Anybody Know Tower

After American Knights Physically denied the three victims entry to the bar in a Chicago neighborhood called Jefferson Park, they were shot by an American Knight who emerged from the bar. Multiple sources have identified the shooter as an intoxicated,  off-duty Chicago police officer whose name in his club is “Tower.” One victim was shot in the thigh, a second was shot in the back and the third was shot in the chest. A witness said at least five shots were fired.

Police initially issued a press release that said the three victims “were outside in front of Zachary’s For Cocktails in the 5300 block of North Milwaukee Avenue when they began fighting with several other males. A gunman emerged from a lounge and fired shots.” The press release was removed from the Chicago Police media notification system after the Chicago Tribune published an interview with one of the victims, Roberto Ramos.

“People were running and the guy was shooting and aiming at people and people were just running off in different ways,” Ramos told the Tribune. “I got up to see who was the guy who tackled me. That’s when I realized the guy was already shooting and had already shot people. I tried talking to my friend – he was like, ‘I can’t feel my legs;’ my brother-in-law was down the block, laying on the ground also. He was shot.”

Media in Chicago, including the Tribune’s initial cove rage and coverage on other media outlets like WGN and CBS placed the shooting in the context of “Four dead, 35 wounded in weekend shootings in Chicago.”

As of Wednesday afternoon, no one has been arrested in connection with the shooting. The Tribune reports “the case remains under investigation.”

There is a GoFundMe page to cover the legal and medical expenses of the most seriously wounded victim.


40 Responses to “Chicago Cop Club Coverup”

  1. Mom Says:

    To “the truth”. I also have a source that was present, my shot in the back son! Seems to me if there were knives and hammers there would surely have been a lot more damage. Ever get hit with a hammer? If this coward shot because he was stabbed why did he leave and why did he wait so long to go to the hospital? Why are all three shot in the back?? With all due respect returned, this makes no sense to even a stupid person. You and your source and that coward can keep lying. The ones who matter know the truth.

  2. TheTruth Says:

    Retired CPD, first and foremost thank you for your service. Question, if you didn’t want to sit on an MC’s house because they don’t bother you, why would it be any different to ignore the MC’s with active and retired police officers???? Do the MC’s with coppers bother you???? All of those club have the commonality of motorcycling and the members look for inclusion into a brotherhood. If that is the case, there shouldn’t be any fraternal police organizations that “might” mirror a perceived criminal organization at all, like private social clubs and clubs with specific ethnic membership. So if you’re saying that the “real or 1% clubs” don’t bother you because you don’t look at them as criminal, then it shouldn’t be a problem for police officers looking for the brotherhood of an MC to “emulate” them, after all those “real” clubs are non-criminal. It seems to me that you believe that these “real or 1% clubs” REGULARLY engage in criminal activity, and that would be the reason why coppers shouldn’t join the clubs that try to be like them. As far as Command Staff, there are a couple of bosses that belong to some of these clubs. Listen, the city, state, and country has roads to accommodate millions of bikers and if those that ride want to join a club, regardless of what their common interest is, they have the freedom to do so. I can guarantee that the bikers joining the “real or 1% clubs” are doing so because of the reputation that precedes the organizations they are trying to be a part of. My opinion is if you don’t get caught dirty, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

  3. TheTruth Says:

    Mom, my source was there and with the utmost respect, the TRUTH IS shooter IS NOT AN AMERICAN KNIGHT MC MEMBER and HE IS NOT A CHICAGO POLICE OFFICER. Now, I never said there weren’t AKMC members at that bar that night, because they were there, but HE IS NOT ONE OF THEM. He may even know them, but HE IS NOT ONE OF THEM. Yes, there were knives and hammers, and yes the shooter was stabbed in the stomach and shot someone defending himself. According to my source he had surgery for a stab wound to the stomach. I can guarantee that if the shooter put a bullet in someone without provocation, or in self defense, HE WOULD’VE BEEN CHARGED AND IN JAIL WAITING TRIAL. That being said I wish your son a speedy recovery.

  4. Henry Says:

    Again, I’m retired CPD. Regarding todays modern MCs with a large majority of Active Duty Sworn Law Enforcement. It is a big mistake. I know Chicago’s Command Staff and the Mayors Office tried a few times to close the Knights club house. They also wanted to shut down membership of CPD Officers into the MCs. Having been in their club house I’d say that would be a good idea. You can not be a Sworn Police Officer and pretend to be your perceived idea of a Real Club member. All the tattoos won’t make the real biker. My thoughts are simple. With the Real 1% and the real Clubs, I have no problems. I don’t look at any of them as Criminal. In the Chicago area, if there is a Real Club House you would notice that there is no significant level of crime. Thats because no one wants trouble from Real Club House Members. A few days ago members of a Real Club were riding on a street in the North West side of Chicago. A residential area. To me, thats a message. I’m not mad at them. I’m mad at the idiots who are members of the American Knights. You morons fucked up.

  5. Henry Says:

    Read above article. Retired CPD. Get that out of the way. Cover up? I wouldn’t say that. 25 years ago I quit watching local, national, world news. As a CPD copper I saw 1st hand the lies that were reported in the media. I’m not going into details about where I’ve worked. A few times I was asked to “Sit on” a MC’s house. Having been given Direct Orders, that’s what I did. Sat on it and told my partner “I’m not doing shit. These guys don’t bother use, we don’t bother them. Fuck this.” Why did I say that? Because nothing is ever done about certain “Gangs” (I DO NOT MEAN ANY MC’S) in Chicago. Nothing done about their Slinging Dope, selling Rock or Weed. Nothing done about them shooting eachother up. BUT, when it comes to specific MC’s in the Chicago Area, the media will report on it with a vengence. The initial Report I heard was on 780am Radio. This report said “members of the Outlaws Motorcycle……were involved.” to be continued

  6. mom Says:

    This post is full of lies. My son is one of the victims. His left arm is paralyzed and has been for six months!He was not shot in the chest, he was shot in the back! I will happily provide photos.There no knives or hammers. The shooter IS an American Knight. Everyone is entitled to there opinion. O only ask that if you post, post the truth

  7. TheTruth Says:

    There are three sides to every story, one side, the other side, and the truth. A source with information read this and said, there are so many holes in this article its funny. Its almost a complete lie. The shooter IS NOT a Chicago Police Officer, he isn’t a member of the American Knights and there isn’t a cover up by CPD. From my understanding just a civilian with a concealed carry license and a legally owned firearm who got a stabbed and shot the person who stabbed him. Your so-called “victims” were armed with knives and a hammer. If you ask me I’ll tell you, never bring a knife to a gun fight. The MC members weren’t trying to get in the bar, they were already in the bar drinking and when one of the “victims” went outside to smoke a cigarette, he started mouthing off at someone leaving the bar. That’s how the fight started. It was a couple of patch holders drinking and looking for bullshit. Guess what, they found it. I understand you play devil’s advocate and tell “the other side of the story”, but when you’re wrong, you’re wrong. In a day and age where concealed carry license holders are everywhere, you’d better be careful who you fuck with, because nowadays you never know who is carrying a gun. Believe me it won’t always be the police. As far as the “victims” service to our country, it should be something they are proud of and something we should be grateful for, BUT it doesn’t stop them from becoming assholes, miscreants, or criminals later on in life. If you serve this country, then decide to become a plague to society, you are dishonoring the memories of all those who served before you, with you, and after you. I faithfully served and I am proud of that, but my honor includes serving my country AND being a law abiding citizen. Oh and for those of you who bashing law enforcement and blaming everything on the police, you sound an awful lot like those assholes in the Chicago ghetto’s crying about police brutality and cover ups, all the while dealing drugs, maiming, and killing on a daily basis. Those, my friend are the facts. If this doesn’t get posted, I can only think its because you only want to tell your version of the truth.

  8. TX_Biker Says:

    Cops can’t be bikers because they are always cops….

  9. Phuquehed Says:

    The only good pigs, are those not breathing.

    Hoping the three victims of the hypocrite, muderous pigs, get to sue the fuck out of them and the city and that air-wasting fuck Rahm, and that the victims’ lawyer can get a fucking RICO case started on them too, since it’s *exactly* the same kind of shit the pigs and DA’s use to start RICO on civilians’ clubs.


  10. ORDVET Says:

    @ Billy B

    Bullshit website, fabricated story & speculation??

    Well, since I know the 3 guys who got shot and both of their clubs, I guess I’ll call them to let them know they’re faking.

    Oh sorry, 2 of them are still in the hospital.

  11. Nuke n' Pave Dave Says:

    @ Billy B:
    Bullshit website? I think not. Rebel tries (and succeeds at) cutting through the chaff to get to the heart of many matters of interest to serious bikers.
    Fabricated story? Even though I hold my nose at much of the reporting coming from big city newspapers, I have to trust the Chi-Trib far more than whatever credence I could presume from your rant.
    Now, I’m not trying to start a pissin’ match with a skunk here, but the way you come off one can only presume that you are intimately familiar with the particulars of this matter and have taken it upon yourself to defend someone, somewhere. Presumably Chicago. Why not leave this to those who don’t have a dog in this fight in the hopes that some truth might come to light here. Well, unless you’re scared that light might shine on you or others quite close to you. If that’s the case, take it to the Trib…

  12. Johnny Rotten Says:

    i guess billy told you all!!!

    heres yer penny,
    now get back under da bridge fucker

    respects to those deserving


  13. Bolo Says:

    Because as everyone knows, REAL bikers like to enjoy a cocktail after a hard ride. “Hey boys, the first round of Daqiri’s are on me!”

    They must have accidently ordered a jack and coke and it just sent him over the edge into a shooting rampage.

  14. Dutchboy Says:

    Sorry, did I say Pravda? I meant “Troll Weakly”

  15. Dutchboy Says:

    Billy B, I read the Chi Trib story and Rebels report appears spot on. If you consider this to be a “BS website” and those who post to be “keyboard Kings” you are welcome to return to your normal reading, like the Huffington Post or Pravda.

  16. Billy B Says:

    Bullshit website! Fabricated story! Not one of you keyboard kings know any of the facts so get the fuck outta here with your bullshit rumors and speculation!

  17. Sieg Says:

    I kinda doubt there will be any effort to “cover-up” anything about this. Remember, this is a pig shooting a guy on the street-local news isn’t even playing the MC angle, have to dig to find that. No, bottom line, don’t fuck with the cops in the Chi, they’ll drop you one way or another, and pretty much most of the time, get away with it.


  18. Nuke n' Pave Dave Says:

    it is my understanding that originally the cops in our first big city PD, New York, weren’t even allowed to carry guns. To arrest someone they first had to find an armed citizen and convince him help make the arrest. Seems the citizens of that city didn’t trust anyone to hold enough authority to both carry a gun and have the power of arrest over them. Didn’t take long for that first wrong turn to be made by our society! But if we had just quit making those damn wrong turns then…

  19. BMW Says:

    It is sad that everyone expects cops to cover for “bad apples” (ACAB!) I think everyone will agree that the most dangerous clubs are cop clubs.Each is out to impress his buddies with “how bad I am” and act out of control. Unfortunately, innocent victims have to be “guilty ” to cover up.


  20. panamaa Says:

    Fuck’in cops……. Fuck’in cop bikers…..

    Respect to the regs…

  21. Kentucky Rider Says:

    As others have already alluded I also thought of IO and their unchecked spree of violence. Perhaps the AK thought “IO can get away with it, why can’t we?”

  22. Steel Says:

    Another Chicago Tribune story. Doesn’t even mention the shooter was CPD and as I suspected, is blaming those shot. Imagine that. The coverup is in full swing. Thanks for the report Rebel.



  23. Steel Says:

    Get ready for the self defense stance the cops will take on this. The entire matter will be laid on Twisted Image and Knight Keepers MCs. Reminds me of the urine order shooting of a Mongol in Denver. Police covered that crap up.

    Hope those who were shot get well soon.



  24. Centurion Says:

    an off duty drunk PIG, a Chicago pig at that, shoots 3 men, who are unarmed. Situation Normal. the CPD will do absolutely nothing about this

  25. IronRider Says:

    @ Adios

    No doubt a lot of people have forgotten, but that Cop getting off and that’s even despite video surveillance that showed him go behind the bar and start beating that woman just goes to show you that Cops investigating their own are always going to tow the line of the Blue Wall. Chicago has a lot of corruption in the Police Department that goes back generation and it will never change.

    @ Deuce

    First thing I though of when I read this story was of the Coward Kong, obviously another tough guy with a gun playing biker on the weekend, ready to roommate up with Kong in whatever shithole he’s is hiding in

  26. Paladin Says:

    @ Zeke,

    Please except my apology. Your post does have quote marks.

    Long May You Ride,


  27. Paladin Says:

    @ Zeke,

    If you re-read your post, your post has no quote marks.


  28. deuce Says:

    Hey, sounds like Kong’s kinda club. Maybe he can buy a prospect patch. Are you out there, Duran, you piece of shit?

  29. Johnny Rotten Says:

    cowardice seems to be the flavour as of late and then some…
    you are correct paladin…
    the ways of real men are done..

    it is a sad state we reside in
    unfortunately, do not look for redeeming qualities to prevail….
    fouler times are on the horizon

    respects to those deserving


  30. Zeke Says:


    – no shit. Their are no good cops. Thats why it was in quotes.

  31. New England Rider Says:

    One of my first national bike weeks was Myrtle Beach back in the late 90’s. One night we hit up one of the bars, it was more of a local dive bar than one of the bigger biker bars such as Suck Bang Blow. Now up until this point I had run into some HA’s, some Outlaws, a few Vigilantes, some Lost Souls, etc. All had been pretty cool and I never once felt threatened or intimidated.

    Now back to this local dive bar. We had been there for an hour or so and in walked some members of the Blue Knights MC as well as some Blue Steel MC members. Well let me just say talk about assholes!! Total and complete assholes! They were threatening and tried to be intimidating. They made the whole scene totally uncomfortable and we left soon after they arrived.

    In my 20+ years of riding that was the ONLY time I ever felt uncomfortable around a club, and I have been around my share. I have partied with Angels, Vietnam Vets, Lost Souls, Outlaws, Old Buzzards, War Vets, AmVets, Boozefighters, et. al. and NONE of them ever made me feel the way the cop MC’s did. Just shows you the blatant hypocrisy….


  32. david Says:

    Comprised of members “who support the GOALS of ‘law enforcement'”.

  33. Sohn Says:

    Are cops good if they coverup crimes committed by fellow cops?

  34. Adios Says:

    You have to remember the Chicago cop who beat the piss out of a 100 pound female bartender on tape was never convicted or suspended. Best of luck to the 3 patch holders on a complete and speedy recovery

  35. Paladin Says:

    @ Zeke,

    If “good cops” are covering up the actions of bad cops, those are not good cops. Loyalty to shit stain cops does not trump the public’s trust.


  36. Paladin Says:

    “Our main focus as a club is brotherhood, promoting motorcycle riding, and various fundraising activities for Police, Military, and many other charities, and as an aside, we shoot people just because we can.”


  37. Zeke Says:

    Chicago, like a lot of big cities, is riddled with ‘good cops’ covering up the actions of ‘bad cops’. The system is rigged. Recover soon brothers, the road awaits.

  38. Whitepride Says:

    Let’s see what happens with this. If it were the other way around they would have arrested 20 people already! Rebel I’m sorry to correct you but there is no such thing as a former Marine

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