Hells Angel Assassinated

May 23, 2017

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Hells Angel Assassinated

James Duty, a 31-year-old Hells Angel prospect from Orange, California was shot and killed about 10:30 Sunday night as he returned from his club’s West Coast Run in Cottonwood, Arizona.

Duty was riding with five club brothers. Near the end of their trip, the pack stopped at a Shell gas station in Riverside, California near the 91 Freeway. While the five men were refueling, a car police described as a silver, four door sedan stopped near the gas pumps. A passenger emerged from the front passenger side of the sedan and began firing. A bullet struck a glancing blow to the helmet of an unidentified member of the pack. He was not injured. Duty was less fortunate.

After paramedics arrived, Duty was transported to Riverside Community Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 10:58 p.m.

The four surviving targets were unable to give police a description of the shooter, The silver sedan reentered the westbound freeway, in the direction of Los Angeles, and disappeared.

Riverside police spokesman Ryan Railsback was unable to explain the shooting. “Right now, we don’t know what the motive is,” he said. “We are confident that these five had some type of affiliation with the Hells Angels motorcycle gang, but we’re looking into where they were at. Was there some type of problem earlier? We don’t know that yet.”

Railsback said detectives are reviewing surveillance video recorded at the gas station.


49 Responses to “Hells Angel Assassinated”

  1. Aanon Says:

    Eye for an eye, tooth for tooth….. can’t see the lanes or chew up the bugs.

  2. Aanon Says:

    the couples in reference were in the late 70s, the names are known. I stand corrected about the green meanie in Reno, he wasn’t riding but rather walking on Victorian in sparks the morning after the bs in the nugget. Rip to the man that didn’t make it out. I have no additional insight nor information on any events, and more than likely should’ve stayed in my lane. Re read what I wrote and I see how it could be seen in a negative light. Enjoy your next ride, gonna go take me one.

  3. 99%'er Says:

    Any chance in having the assassinations moved from public places, like gas stations, to more private venues? Thanks.

  4. Confused Says:

    When and what couple are you talking about?
    No Vago was shot off their bike in Reno. A friend of the Vagos, from what I understand and also an animal lover, was shot off of his bike leaving a Vago sponcered event in Reno but the shooting happened in Northern California near his home town. According to the Reno gazette Journal, the only leeds the police had was that there was a fight amongst the participants of that event prior to him leaving-alone. But, the person that did it is unknown. Unless you have some knowledge of it? I don’t think the police would sit on that one.
    The incident at the gas station was recorded and the gang task force has reviewed the video. If the perpetrator was in a club, I don’t see how he is not known. I can’t imagine the police sitting on that one either. With the limited facts given, statistically sounds like another road rage incident.
    From what I’ve read, way more Hells Angels die from motorcycle accident then from violence. Just the act of riding a motorcycle seems to be enough of a risk on ones life to me.

  5. Aanon Says:

    For what it’s worth, I am in no way gloating this. It’s just a tad hypocritical

  6. Aanon Says:

    @ shovel head, revenge, etc
    I’m assuming this modus operandi is of new undertaking. Iso it cowardly to shoot 2 couples off their sleds ? Well 3 if you count the green meanie in Reno. Shit 4 if you get that animal lover from nor cal. A whole pack in arizona going to a bbq. Bomb a funeral. I can see why there might be confusion within this, but I get it. Yes, I will now turn gangland back on.

  7. Ol'Goat Says:

    Rock: you are dead right! Country needs more like you

  8. Ol'Goat Says:

    paladin: very wise words. Personally, i agree, only the uniforms and geography are different

  9. Robert Says:

    Big C said it right. Pay attention wannabes

  10. Nick Mead Says:

    RIP x

  11. Matty IRA Says:

    GBNF Ride In Paradise Floppy. Seated in the great halls of Valhalla! Cowards die a thousand deaths.

  12. Big C Says:

    We can all argue about biker tactics as it relates to killing each other. But let’s not forget that we’ve all chosen this life if you are in a motorcycle club. The angels have chosen this life as well as any other team. The Angels may have started killing people for colors and territory. It doesn’t make it right no matter who you are but these lives are chosen by individuals. We can’t complain when the harsh reality presents itself for our choices. It’s something that I have chosen and it’s something that I have to live with,
    if my time comes.

  13. In the know Says:

    Hey Juan maybe you should get your rumors straight! An ambush in Tempe!? Since when is a lone man an ambush? Fact is it was 3 against 1 and number 1 just had better aim! Sure it makes you feel good to tell that story but it’s complete bull shit much like you.

  14. Bob Says:

    LA 0%er shouldn’t you be out tagging walls and shooting into houses.

  15. steve Says:

    LA1%er Yeah fuck you to.

  16. Juan hunglo SoCal Says:

    Funny how all these keyboard warriors are so quick to forget the ambush in tempe,the shooting of the supporter off his scoot,in the back in Corona,or the guy in Truckee shot off his bike for wearing green. The list can go on & on but i guess now’s not the time or the place. ML&R B&W

  17. LA1%er Says:

    Hey Steve, fuck you.

  18. FF Says:

    I can’t help but think all of these unsolved sniper executions are being orchestrated by the same alfabits soup gang that shot up Waco.

  19. steve Says:

    This is the second time an 81 member has been ambushed in this way it happened in Arizona as well a couple of years back.When a certain club had a member killed by the Iron order prison guard they were very indignant about it yet they seem to have no problem using these filthily tactics that we are seeing now.

    It is a vert sad road the clubs are going down because it will get to a point no one will be able to enjoy riding their bikes.

  20. Rock Says:

    If half the swinging dicks on a bike would turn their attention to Raghead run corner stores, Muslim owned gas stations, sheet wearing fucks taking over whole sections of towns like in Dearborn Michigan, instead of pissin in the street over who is tougher and deserves more respect, maybe we wouldn’t be looking at the Muslim Terrorism coming to a mall near you soon! Stop acting like fucking niggers.

  21. TX_Biker Says:

    RIP Mr. Duty, My condolences to his brothers and family.

  22. David Torres Says:

    Ride Free Sir.

  23. Paladin Says:

    @ 10Guage,

    There never was nor will there ever be rules of fair play when it comes to the practice of Guerrilla warfare. By its very definition, Guerrilla warfare is a war of attrition, prosecuted through ambush.

    It is somehow socially acceptable for a warring military force to ambush its opponent while waging war on foreign soil. Yet, when warring factions ambush one another here at home, many are quick to label the perpetrators of said ambush as cowards, as can be seen by some of the posts on this thread.

    I don’t see a difference between military factions ambushing each other on foreign soil and warring factions ambushing each other here at home. The uniforms are different, as is the geography, but that’s about it. The goals are the same.

    I don’t believe everyone that enters this life does so with their eyes wide open. I do believe far too many enter this life with their eyes wide shut.

    My point is that the sooner one strips away the dime novel romance that’s been attached to living a life on the outlaw biker frontier, the sooner one can be better prepared for the harsh reality of living a life on the outlaw biker frontier.

    And as always, long may you ride.


  24. 10Guage Says:

    I am not sure of your point. All who enter this life, and commit like Floppy did, know that and do so eyes wide open. Some would rather die a lion than live like a lamb.

  25. Aanon Says:

    My condolences to all that mourn the man. Everytime I see one of these headlines, it saddens me. I’m glad no one else was hurt, thank God nobody was shot off of their bike, or hit while riding causing even more melee. While this is cowardly, I’d say that is worse. Godspeed Mr Duty

  26. Retired LEO Says:

    Having worked around different clubs for many years I must say I have seen big changes over the last few years. Today certain clubs have been recruiting street gang members who have no love of motorcycles and are only recruited for their criminal ways. Today the HA club has a target on their backs for the simple reason they are well known to the average Joe. Let’s face it, for someone to drive into a gas station and shoot someone who is gassing up a bike is a special kind of coward. That is street gang drive by BS. I bet this was not road rage or some other issue but they were stalked and followed into station. Sad times we live in when people are targeted and killed because of what they wear and stand for. In my book no different than cops shot at just because the are cops. Just my two cents.

  27. Shovelhead Says:

    Yes, I know Paladin. Sometimes it Seems like the 80’s are coming back. Something I never thought would happen. I was in Daytona Beach through those times. Lotta Clubs and Bikers disappeared back then. Not all died, just too much violence!

    Except for the Shark lounge. Had a real shark swimming around underneath the stripper stage. Must be someone out there that remembers that place.
    I know I may be a dreamer but I really thought by now all 1%ers would be getting along and fighting the real enemy, pigs, local & federal.
    I can still light one up and dream.

  28. BMW Says:

    In my humble opinion: almost every single incident of violence has been precipitated by rogue LEO nudging clubs with statements, such as “The XYZ club says your group is afraid of them”. Three Warlocks were murdered after a policeman (he testified to this in court) told Tin Man’s mother that his former club,”had taken out an open hit” on her son. (I have never heard of a club actually hiring a hitman.) This claim was demonstrably untrue, as her son spent more than a year in jail, where a murder-for-hire scheme could easily be set up.



  29. Phuquehed Says:

    My condolences to James Duty’s family and his brothers of the HA. With luck the diseased nut-sack who did this will be found by the right people and *true* justice administered.

  30. Paladin Says:

    @ Shovelhead, Revenge and others,

    When one faces the fact that there is and has been guerrilla warfare waged between certain factions for years, one then comes to the inescapable conclusion that the above incident is the norm and not an aberration. The days of fist fights, loose teeth and sore knuckles are as ancient as two-stroke street bikes.

    The reality is that the world is, has been, and will always be a dangerous place in which to live, especially when choosing to live a dangerous lifestyle. When one accepts the foregoing reality, one can then take steps to enhance one’s own survivability and in turn the survivability of others.


  31. Steel Says:

    Condolences to the family, friends and brothers of Mr. Duty. RIP.



  32. Lunchbox Says:

    RIP Mr. Duty! Condolences to 81

  33. Dusk Says:

    Ride In Paradise Floppy!

  34. Shovelhead Says:

    Sad news. Condolences to James Duty’s family and 81.

    To the coward piece of shit who didn’t have the balls to confront, face to face. Your time is coming! Eye for an eye Motherfucker.

  35. Red Says:

    1% ers don’t give info to cops about anything.

  36. RLG Says:

    Condolences to his friends and family for their loss.

  37. IronRider Says:

    Condolences to James family, brothers and friends, RIP James.

  38. JMacK Says:

    Respects and Condolences to the Family and Brothers of Mr Duty.


  39. Paladin Says:

    I have every reason to believe that the cops will once again use this as an excuse to search for the guilty, arrest and prosecute the innocent while punishing the nonparticipants.


  40. Frequent Flyer Says:

    My condolences

  41. Revenge Says:

    Shot down bye an absolute coward! We know who you are and your days are numbered. Only a coward and a punk acts in this manor and tour in good company when it comes to punks. Jimmy had more friends than you could imagine and he will not be forgotten but you soon will. Rot in hell piece of shit.

  42. Bone Head Says:

    Sympathy for The 81 and his family. May the murderer rot in hell.


  43. Grimey Says:

    Another man cut down by a coward.
    Support to his family and Brothers.

  44. Catfish OCNY Says:

    Rest In Peace

  45. New England Rider Says:

    Man this is awful…..RIP Mr. Duty….my condolences to his family and to the Hells Angels…..sad.


  46. Drifter Says:

    Condolences and Sympathies to His Family, Friends and His Brothers of the 81….

    Godspeed Mr. Duty…..

  47. Whitey Says:

    Sincere condolences to the 81 and friends and family of Mr. Duty. RIP

  48. RIDER 1 Says:

    Condolences to the family of Mr. Duty and his HA family. Ride In Peace Mr. Duty!

    RIDER 1

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