Waco Day 737

May 22, 2017

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Waco Day 737

If it quacks it is a duck.

The Aging Rebel has always assumed that the extensively video-recorded Waco Twin Peaks bloodbath two years ago was essentially a federal operation gone wrong. The pole camera erected that morning five hours before the shooting started did not just happen to be there. It was there to collect racketeering predicate acts for an investigation of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club that seemed to be going nowhere. States and Towns do not make cases against motorcycle clubs. The alphabet agencies do. The police did not just happen to be there. All the lies that have been told since the shooting have been told by somebody.

What happened and did not happen at the Twin Peaks that day happens to be a perfect puzzle piece in what the Office of National Drug Control Policy calls the National Southwest Border Counternarcotics Strategy. The events that day and their memorialization also fit neatly into what the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives calls its “Frontline Business Model” – utilizing what the Department of Justice calls “Violent Crime Reduction Partnerships.”

Warning Big Brother Speak

“As a coordinating mechanism,” one government writer rhapsodizes, “VCRPs are a vital element of the Frontline business model. Building on ATF’s proud history of partnering with federal, state and local law enforcement, the basic premise of the VCRP is to bring together law enforcement leadership in a specific area of operation to coordinate and leverage resources to fight violent crime issues….  VCRPs are designed to specifically focus resources on violent crime in a non-duplicative, intelligence-driven manner that complements, rather than competes, with other coordination bodies. VCRPs facilitate the discussion of respective missions, strategies, tactics, resources and intelligence regarding violent crime through regular interactions between the United States Attorneys…and federal local law enforcement leaders. VCRPs provides a platform for communication, collaboration and de-confliction….”

What happened at Waco two years ago also fits neatly into “the Enterprise Theory of Investigation, the standard investigative model that the FBI uses in conducting investigations against major criminal organizations.”

“The ETI encourages a proactive attack on the structure of the criminal enterprise. Rather than viewing criminal acts as isolated crimes, the ETI attempts to show that individuals commit crimes in furtherance of the criminal enterprise itself. The FBI defines a criminal organization as a group of individuals with an identified hierarchy engaged in significant criminal activity. These organizations often engage in a broad range of criminal activities and have extensive supporting networks. Generally, the ETI only proves effective when the organization engages in a myriad of criminal activities. Once investigators have determined that an enterprise exists, the next step involves determining the scope of its illicit activities. Both historical and real-time evaluations help form the investigative strategy. Because investigators should base this strategy on perceived weaknesses within the enterprise, they must conduct a thorough evaluation of the enterprise’s activities. The use of a joint task force is necessary in the successful application of the ETI. Immediate benefits include additional staff, access to more technical and investigative equipment, and the pooling of financial resources for items, such as payment of informants and the purchase of evidence. Attacking the flow of money has become the norm in major Federal organized crime and drug trafficking investigations. Strategic use of asset forfeiture and money laundering statutes removes not only the illegal proceeds, but more importantly it disables the systems that the enterprise has put into place to accomplish its profit goal. Investigators should interface with prosecutors as early as possible in the case. Case managers should postpone any actions that might expose the scope of the investigation until completion of the covert phase. Thus, by using favorable statutes along with a carefully laid out, multipronged attack on each established component that a criminal enterprise uses to conduct its illegal business, investigators can expand criminal culpability for a single criminal act to all members of the enterprise, regardless of whether they actually committed the crime.”

COC&I Enterprise

This Enterprise Theory, which is the fruit of a 1981 Supreme ruling titled United States v. Turkette, provides an easy explanation, maybe too easy, of why local and state police in Waco were very interested in a group called the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents  After Turkette, under the Enterprise Theory of Investigation, the COC&I was a good target.

In June 2015, Steve Cook, the Executive Director of the Midwest Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigators Association and an occasional reality television star, told Waco television station KXXV that when he trained local police to be motorcycle gang experts, “We do a considerable amount of talking about these confederations and coalitions and try to make them understand a little bit the motives behind these are other than what they advertise.” After the bloodbath, numerous Cossacks found ready access to national media where they explained that the COC&I was a subterfuge the Bandidos Motorcycle Club used to extort cash from members of other motorcycle clubs.

The arrest of so many provably innocent witnesses and victims after the shooting stopped at the Twin Peaks has always only seemed explicable to The Aging Rebel within the context of the ETI. William of Occam’s Law of Parsimony would seem to suggest that McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna, who has the countenance and affect of a nitwit, decided to arrest all the witnesses after someone outside Waco told him that the COC&I was part of the targeted criminal enterprise and that under federal law “investigators can expand criminal culpability for a single criminal act to all members of the enterprise, regardless of whether they actually committed the crime,” which is not very different from Texas’ prohibition on “Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity.”

Someone with a federal job title might have explained to Reyna that the whole, big, red, white and blue team was depending on him to “postpone any actions that might expose the scope of the investigation until completion of the covert phase.” He certainly has done a lot of postponing. And less than two months ago United States Attorney Richard L. Durbin, Jr. gave Reyna an excuse to further postpone any trials until the current RICO case against several members of the Bandidos is resolved – which considering the pace with which superseding indictments in the case appear might not be until some time after the Trump Administration.

Bunch Of Locals

Of course none of the rest of the world sees what happened at the Twin Peaks 737 days ago in this context. “You’re wrong,” a defense attorney in the case declared. “This was all just a bunch of locals.”

All of the various federal lawsuits that began with the dramatic end of that COC&I meeting assume the villains in this case are a “bunch of locals” who one day, entirely on their own, apparently without enough traffic tickets to write or disorderly conduct cases to prosecute, decided to go into the business of investigating outlaw motorcycle clubs.

That theory of how the ongoing tragedy Reyna calls the “Battle of Twin Peaks” was conjured into existence out of air, thin air, out of baseless fabric by a bunch of locals led to an interesting editorial in last Saturday’s Waco Tribune-Herald by Senior Editor Bill Whitaker who is the man giggling like a schoolgirl in the photo above.

Whitaker characterizes a lawsuit filed against locals Manuael Chavez, Abelino Reyna, Brent Stroman, Patrick Swanton, Walter H. “Pete” Peterson and some John Does, and the city of Waco and the surrounding county and the Twin Peaks restaurant where the “Battle” occurred and a couple of the restaurants corporate aliases “as a howler.”

Brent Coon

Whitaker seems simultaneously bemused and outraged  that the suit, filed by Beaumont attorney Brent W. Coon, “targets the usual suspects in Twin Peaks lawsuits, including Waco police spokesman Patrick Swanton and District Attorney Abel Reyna…. But this one goes on and on, indicting Waco society, Baylor University and local history, warts and all – mostly warts.”

That is exactly what the suit, filed on behalf of four members of the Grim Guardians Motorcycle Club, does. The complaint is 44 pages long and it attempts to place the constitutional atrocities that followed the shooting in some context in order to make sense of them. It is the essence of humanity to make sense of things. Modern historians generally call history “a construct” that helps us imagine “a past” and that is what Coons does.

He begins a section called “Factual Background” with: “To put the facts of what happened on May 17th, 2015, in their proper perspective, the preceding history of Waco, its city government, its courts, Baylor University, its Southern Baptist tradition, and especially its law enforcement, it is necessary to understand what went wrong on May 17th, 2015, in Waco and why.”

“In the town where alcohol use is least frowned upon, outsiders are arguably treated, or at least viewed more harshly, and motorcyclists are viewed by law enforcement as being troublemakers, something like the Twin Peaks tragedy was likely to happen sooner or later.”

Opus VI

Coon’s version of what happened two years ago and why doesn’t have to be definitive. It simply offers a plausible explanation for why the Twin Peaks bloodbath happened in Waco. Coons has gone all out with his explanation. What he seems to be trying to do is give journalists a story they can retell so that maybe America and the world will care about the victims of what the “bunch of locals” did two years ago. Coons firm not only employs a Director of Communications named Jay Jackson but for this case has also retained the services of a media relations company called OPUS VI Productions.

On it website, Opus VI brags, “that they create “marketing, branding and PR” campaigns that include “video press kits, media-based websites, password protected press-only sites, print ads” and “informational video exposes.”

It was inevitable that a firm of “media influencers” was going to get involved in the Twin Peaks case eventually. Two years ago, attorneys in the case fretted over how to “change the narrative” of what happened from a story about “biker violence” to a story about “police brutality.”  Brent Coon and Opus VI want to give the world’s press a story inspired by the final scene of Easy Rider, when Captain America gets shot off his Captain America bike by ignorant rednecks.

Whitaker, who is too ignorant to notice the part Opus VI will play in this lawsuit, accuses Coons of “processing everything in his Twin Peaks lawsuit through the filter of David Lynch’s surrealistic TV show Twin Peaks” And the senior editor sarcastically refers to the four complainants, “the quartet of bikers pressing this suit – part of the Grim Guardians club – are revealed to be stellar sorts.”

Battlefield Of The Mind

“So unfolds another lawsuit, brimming with complaints, grievances, defenses and working-stiff pleas – a footnote in a saga seemingly without end,” Whitaker who comes off as a sociopath argues during his lengthy diatribe. “Two years after a restaurant parking lot shootout involving police and bikers –  some of the latter associated with warring factions, the Bandidos and the Cossacks – the storyline has settled into a legal logjam that defies easy understanding.” Actually, what has happened is that the Twin Peaks bloodbath has become a battlefield of the mind and a bunch of Waco locals, abetted the Waco Tribune-Herald, have created a great cloud of confusion.

“In broadest terms,” Whitaker lies, “the accumulating civil-rights lawsuits filed by outraged bikers more or less hinge on bikers’ criminal trials. Those in turn are likely to be held up by possibly relevant, possibly irrelevant, evidence federal prosecutors have but won’t share with local authorities till the feds prosecute Bandidos leadership on racketeering charges in a trial set in San Antonio.”

“Certainly, any bikers involved in what many claim was only a Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents meeting on legislation affecting motorcycle safety now have good reason to reconsider what ‘colors’ or motorcycle club insignia they wear,” The Waco paper editorializes. “If bikers wore vests or sported tattoos linking them to the Bandidos, Cossacks or even auxiliary clubs, it was enough to earn them a stretch in jail. State law allowed the police to arrest at the crime scene anyone sporting insignia linked to gangs deemed as criminal.”

No that’s not true. State law did not allow that.

The arrests were all illegal. And whether the catastrophe was instigated by the Department of Justice or a “bunch of locals” it is Waco that is going to have to pay: Because Waco is everything Brent Coons says it is. Waco is an island that has forgotten it belongs to a nation. “It has generally been run by an even smaller portion of the established families and personalities who have lived their whole life there.” It is “behind the times of the rest of the communities in Texas.” Waco’s crown jewel, Baylor University is “steeped with scandals.”

Whether Bill Whitaker and the Waco Tribune-Herald like it or not, the lawsuit filed on behalf of four innocent men named Jim Albert Harris, Bonar Crump Jr., Juan Carlos Garcia and Drew King is not a howler. And eventually, Waco will have to pay.


23 Responses to “Waco Day 737”

  1. Nuke n' Pave Dave Says:

    I have to wonder which PR Company wrote that glowing overview of the ETI and whether they’re all in a daisy chain right now sucking each other off in rapturous delight over a job well done.

  2. Austin Says:

    @Gandalf – Dude – Thanks for seeing my point – and raising me one!

  3. RIDER 1 Says:

    As I once said, don’t be surprised to hear about a untimely or mysterious accident/death, related to this case. Dead men tell no tales!

    RIDER 1

  4. BMW Says:

    Thanks for this timely overview, REBEL! Different federal agencies have different modus operandi, as do specific criminals paid by the different alphabet agencies. For instance, one gang within the ATF has been infiltrating motorcycle clubs, using the same sort of story…If I remember correctly, they even used the same.motorcycle when infiltrating a well-known Florida-centered club, and a wrll-known Southern California-centered club. I am not sure if they even changed the paint or license plate!

    We might even find the Border Patrol involved, since this was in a border state. I definitely see Stevie Cookiestealer’s fingerprints all over the Whaco fiasco, even from the North Coast!



  5. Dino Says:

    The feds are playing Reyna like an old piano and he is just arrogant and stupid enough to be a perfect goat (not that he didn’t contribute). At some point, he is going to try and save his ass and start blaming the feds for this whole thing. The feds will be happy to let his ass swing and he is going to face the same roadblocks the defense attorneys are facing now. Like many in law enforcement, they are all about showing solidarity until the shit starts hitting the fan. After he turns, he will have nowhere to hide.

  6. Frequent Flyer Says:

    Steve Cook likes ass to mouth.

  7. Gandalf Says:

    Funny thing about Public Defenders (Lawyers) their Ethics code pretty much forces them to do as you request so long as it’s reasonable. For Instance, Send a Letter Certified RR asking for a motion and hearing for a Change of Venue…or to Suppress Evidence… Who cares if you lose? You cost them $. If they do not do it, send The Judge a copy of your request. If both ignore you it a ethics violation for both of them. OR Grounds for appeal, Ineffective Council. All proven with your letters. Make those fuckers work. Billable Hrs to the County. After 2 years of hearings and letters (still not telling your defense) fire the PD a week before trial. Show the letters as the reason why. Plus the “fact” that your long lost rich brother offered to pay for your next Lawyer…who requests immediate trial without further Discovery. Now your sitting right where you want. With a Lawyer who doesn’t have a chance to talk deals or Sell You out. When your New Lawyer admits evidence… “I just found out today Your Honor” he won’t be lying. ;) The Trick is going through a few Trial Dates before deciding which one is the real Trial date. Shit if you wind up picking a Jury with your PD… Make yourself sick and/or throw up in Court… Fire Your Lawyer in open court in front of the Jury pool. SOMETHING! LOL You can be sure the next Trial date will be real. Courtroom Street fighting. LOL (“Jezz this guys a lot of work over a dam joint!”)

  8. Austin Says:

    …and pestilence ensued!


    Not vaccinating your kids is a telltale sign of lack of education. Small minded inbred, uneducated, closed-ranks, old boy network places reap what they sow!

  9. RIDER 1 Says:

    @ Gandalf, LMAO buddy but still saving my pennies… just in case!

    In all seriousness, this shit can’t end soon enough. There are ALOT of decent folks whose lives are in ruins and they won’t be able to start rebuilding until their name has been cleared.

    We owe it to these folks and to ourselves, to keep this case in the news. Rebel thanks for continuing to follow this story!

    RIDER 1

  10. stroker Says:

    Thank You Rebel……….one of your best reports.

    Anyone reading the above should be on the one hand shocked, at the pervasive veil of idiocy that Whitaker dangles in front of his readers as gospel. If he has any readers that follow him in Waco, and I’m sure he does, he is more than doing his job to poison the jury pool, or at least public sentiment in Waco against the bikers. On the other hand, it further demonstrates the problem we, as bikers, are up against, when it comes to public perception!
    Regarding the COC&I: I was for years the chairman of the local COC where I live. I am here to say most definetly, that COC’s are NOT hot-beds of criminal activity. They are, in fact, meetings to actually discuss outrageous laws against motorcyclists, and how to deal with the heavy hand of law enforcement. Most of you reading this know this. ALL COC meetings were the brain-child of Richard Lester, an attorney. His staff usually is a guest speaker at many COC meetings. Club business, or problems between clubs is NEVER discussed at these meetings. But that’s the story-line that LE needs it to be. THEY want us to be criminal enterprises, and if we don’t cooperate to BE criminal enterprises, well, by Gawd, they can spin it so we look like we are. Cuz they NEED us to be criminals. How else can they justify their actions!?!
    I get righteously worked up thinking about the lengths that LE (Feds and locals) go to, to convince the public of our menace!
    Rebel has laid out, in his usual clear and concise way, how all these machinations by the Feds et al play out in this Waco tragedy. Without his digging, without his reporting, this thing could maybe have been buried by Reyna & associates by now.
    I believe Rebel’s flashlight is to a great extent, keeping this struggle alive. At least as much as the lawyers beginning their lawsuits, maybe helping those self-same lawyers to better do their job.

    I’d like to ask everyone reading Rebel’s fine work, please click the donate button. He NEEDS your help.



  11. Gandalf Says:

    @ Rider 1, I’ll start saving my pennies. Rebel will be thrilled. “The only thing I really know… Is I don’t really know” I’m pretty sure about Texas Juries though having been there a couple of times. My Lawyers all said, “Take the deal… Juries are tough. You can’t win” Sounds like another LE scare tactic and/or lazy Lawyers to me. Fuk it, If I’m going to Jail someone’s gonna have to work for it. It’s funny how a Lawyer will claim you can’t win and push deals… The second they get into the pit they all fight like dogs. No Lawyer likes to lose. All Lawyers like to win. No matter what they told you yesterday.
    I also had a weed charged dropped when the DA couldn’t postpone anymore… That DA NEVER had any intention to bring that charge to a jury. Prob opened my file twice. Meanwhile my PD yelled at me every time to take the deal. “You can’t win” He says. LOL The Fact is a PD is better in those small cases… A Paid Lawyer says, “Write me a check for ?grand or take the deal.” My Jury trials were supposed to be Pro-se… right up until a week (or day) before trial. I hired a Lawyer. That way I don’t have to listen to their BS and Pay them to yell at me to take a deal. I pay my Lawyers for 1 thing… Trial. They all “shoot from the hip” for small charges anyway. Sometimes I won’t even tell my Lawyer my defense or alibi until right before Trial. (Plead Not Guilty myself. Then wait. Pro-se. Judges get pissed.) So my Lawyer doesn’t have to disclose my defense to the DA. I bring my own witnesses and evidence the day of trial. Crash Study with my Lawyer in the hallway. You can do that in Muni Court… The County DA will just postpone when He see’s your Lawyer. Remember, Your Lawyer doesn’t have to disclose your alibi (or evidence) if He knows you have one but you won’t tell Him until the day of Trial.

  12. david Says:

    As funny as Bill Witaker thinks the many Civil and constitutional Rights violation lawsuits are, what’s even funnier is his false idea that by being a whore presstitute of the local and state gov. criminal cartel, he will continue to receive propaganda stories from the same criminal cartel even after the criminals stop USING him.

  13. Badd Guye Says:

    All I can think of, is that it is fortunate that “Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein” did not work for the Waco Tribune at the time of Watergate! If they had, Richard Nixon would have sill been POTUS, and “Deepthroat” would still be in prison for revealing classified information!

  14. IronRider Says:

    @ curbside

    What we are seeing is Law Enforcement desperate to make out that the COC meet at Twin Peaks was some type of nefarious conspiracy going down in that Waco that day to justify the killing of 8 people and arrest of 177 more and all the millions and millions of dollars spent on an operation that was going no where.

    So now that the cops went and made Twin Peaks into a bath and arrest 177 people for being there along with undercover agents or stooges in play who were trying to make something happen, Law Enforcement is now fucked because Reyna went gung ho and thought he should get down to Twin Peaks and get some face time and arrest and indict 177 people for being at Twin Peaks and then fucked up the situation further by deciding to have this sweeping aga order on defendants and their counsel and of course follow that up by having Swanton get on TV and declare that “there was nothing to see here and everyone should move along” briar brady act which only made things worse.

    So now the FEDS have a bloodbath on their hands with many dying as a result of police bullets and a ton of civil suits filed along with a Texas DA trying to deny, delay, and deflect having to try a case and walk back on those 177 indictments that he rushed thru all the while leaving the FEDS with undercover agents or stooges who were inside Twin Peaks and trying to fuel the flames to get something to start and now have to figure a way out of their mess.

    The FEDS will be looking to hang anything they can to frame with COC Meet as a success and in whatever way possible to save face, but Reyna and his cohorts have fucked things up so bad the the FEDS are so backed into a corner they have no choice but take the ride down the drain with Reyna and pals.

    Eventually though the FEDS will blame Reyna and pals and Waco police for this mess, and heads will roll, but the FEDS will just go onto the next OP while Reyna will be hitting the mop at the local McDonalds taking care of that shitter in the john that overflowed because after the Twin Peaks fiasco, I dont think anyone in the legal community is going to look at Reyna resume on their desk and go, “Hey this is the guy that made that huge mess in Waco and cost everyone millions of dollars in settlements, we should totally hire this guy”. The only way Reyna see’s some lucrative offer after this is if Tattoo and Mr. Rourke present it to him along with that umbrella drink.

    I wonder when Reyna will realize that the FEDS are leaving him on point because he is going to be the fall guy, not anyone on their side.

  15. RIDER 1 Says:

    @ Gandalf, I thought you said there isn’t going to be any jury trials? Not trying to put you on blast.

    From day 1, I said that TP was a FED operation and I believe the FEDS are still calling the shots. We all know how the FEDS work at their own pace and like to drag shit out especially when they are looking to pull something out of their ass. Unfortunately, the bumpkins in Waco got pulled into this mess, so they could be used as the fall guy. This case goes much higher than Waco or the state of Texas.

    RIDER 1

  16. Steel Says:

    We are in the phase where LE is trying to cover it’s ass. That’s why all this crap is dragging out. I believe the powers that be know this was a LE op gone bad and is probably being strung out to cover it up. Thanks for the great reporting on this Rebel and keeping it alive.



  17. Phuquehed Says:

    It’s sad that newspapers, in this case especially that piece of shit butt wipe rag the Waco Tribune-Herald, allows such biased, untruthful, uninvestigated, uninformed bullshit to be spouted/printed all because the pigs, the rat fuck DA and company, some air-wasting so-called judges, and innumerable other abortions-that-survived tell them *one side* of anything.

    It’s even sadder that there is actually people who work at that rag who – either have no clue what honor and truth are or just don’t give a fuck because ‘it’s a job’ – would write such tripe with a straight face and on the word of some rat fuck pig telling them to.

    This farce of justice happening in Waco, when it actually finally begins for the poor people being trampled on by it who are wondering why there is no ‘speedy trial’ happening for them, need *at least* one reporter sitting in that is like that reporter in the movie ‘Inherit the Wind’. A reporter with open eyes and open mind and who refuses to be told what to write and how to perceive the criminality of the ‘justice’ side this time…well at least this one particular time since it involves so many people. Even better would be if Rebel were able to be there, though unfortunately he doesn’t have a ‘newspaper’ backing him to pay the costs of the stay to do so.

    Of course, the *BEST* thing that could possibly happen at all would be that *ALL* those involved with this slander of justice, on the ‘justice’ side, were to grow a pair of balls and a conscience and a sense of honor and truth and admit their wrongdoings and face the consequences of their heinous crimes against innocent American citizens…………yeah, I know, when elephants can fly by farting.

  18. IronRider Says:

    What I find funny is how those on the Law Enforcement side of equation seems to want to try and point the finger at Waco as being the primary cause of what went down at Twin Peaks and have anyone outside of Law Enforcement believe that the cops just happened upon the scene once things got out of hand.

    Of course what those in Law Enforcement aren’t saying is how many of those that were killed at Twin Peaks died of gunshot wounds to the head and chest, which did not come at the hand of patrol cops who just happened upon the scene, no type of kill shots are delivered by people who were trained to be a sniper, but lets forget that notion that where were snipers positioned at Twin Peaks because Swanton and pals say there weren’t any there at Twin Peaks.

    Just as much as Law Enforcement wants the public to believe that they hadn’t been running around to anyone with a vest and a motorcycle telling them that ” this club is out for your blood and anyone in your club” and ” they’re going to war with your club” bullshit for months and month trying to fan the flames to start a war that the bikers weren’t interested in.

    This wont be the first or last time that Law Enforcement desperate to keep the tap of federal funding flowing on an operation where the threat of having it shut down due to no progress felt the urgent need to make something happen to stave off the cash flow being turned off. There are countless operations we have seen federal agencies participate in where the operation was going no where and was in jeopardy of being shut down when Law Enforcement out of desperation sent in an agent or had a stooge in there and that person was pushed to get the targets doing some type of violent act at their prodding to help make the case.

    The Twin Peaks fiasco is a prime example of this, that for months and months ;aw Enforcement was trying to fan the flames to start a war btwn the clubs by the way of misinformation and outright lies and having their own officers propagate the myth of an all out biker war was coming and even perpetuated this myth to the officers on the front line and how danger was in the air.

    It will be interesting to see when it comes out how many undercover agents where at Twin Peaks that day and if the video from any surveillance cameras put up by Law Enforcement or the surrounding business caught exactly who started what inside and outside of Twin Peaks that cost many there lives. Could it be that one of the undercover agents was trying to amp up those at Twin Peaks to start something…anything to spark some kind of violence to erupt? Or could it be that the undercover agents or informants started something under orders to do so?

    There have been a lot of Law Enforcement operations where it has come out after the fact that the undercover agents pushed people to commit a violent act to make a case because nothing was happening, this has happened time and time again because Law Enforcement out of desperation to save the cash flow from being turned off for an operation that was getting no results was intent on making sure that didn’t happen, and there is more than enough suspicion about what took place before and after Twin Peaks to believe this is the case.

    This wont be the first or last operation Law Enforcement is involved in where many lost there lives and didn’t have to because Law Enforcement was desperate for something to happen so they could justify the time and money spent on an operation.

  19. Curbside Says:

    I’m still laughing my ass off at the notion of using the COC&I to “extort” clubs. The only thing I saw that the confederation even offered for sale was a small $10 patch allowing a member to display his affiliation with the COC&I…and it was most definitely a voluntary purchase. I sure as hell don’t remember being told that we couldn’t be part of the confederation if we didn’t buy one.

    If they’re calling that “extortion”, those guys at the cell phone stores and the car lots had better find themselves a good attorney!

  20. Gandalf Says:

    “It is extremely hard to win in court in Texas.” BS I personally have won a couple of jury trials in Texas. “Trust the Jury not your Lawyer.” LE wants everyone to believe it’s hard to win at jury…. (Lets make a deal) It ain’t. Even a Waco Jury will see through this BS… That’s a fact. And they KNOW IT!

  21. Ed Says:

    Texas is a law driven state. Period. Most folks in the State believe whatever the law says. It is extremely hard to win in court in Texas. Good luck . The law gets away with whatever they want in Texas.

  22. Filburt Says:

    Does Mt. Carmel ring a bell!

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