Angels To Enrich Arizona Police

May 19, 2017

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Angels To Enrich Arizona Police

The big news in Cottonwood, Arizona this Friday is that an estimated 200 Hells Angels are coming to town for the club’s annual West Coast Run.

Cottonwood is a town of about 11,000. It is 65 miles south of Flagstaff and 20 miles south of Sedona, the new age vortex where Senator McCain has a home. Cottonwood is isolated. The main attraction near the town may be Jerome – an almost empty mining town eight miles to the west.

The Angels are probably hoping for a little elbow room and the chance to be left in peace. Fat chance of that.

Ready The Town

Jennifer Kucich of the Camp Verde Bugle reports that the Cottonwood police chief “is making sure that his town is ready” for the tourists. That means plenty of police overtime for Cottonwood’s 24 officers, most of whom make between $20.77 and $30.61 an hour.

Officers from Arizona Department of Public Safety’s Highway Patrol, Criminal Investigations Division and notorious Gang Immigration Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission (usually noted as GIITEM and pronounced “git ‘em,” like a command given to a bad dog), will also enjoy the opportunity to suck down some well deserved overtime and measure their male members against some real, live tough guys. Most of those cops have base salaries between $62,362 and $68,433 per year.

Police from the Clarkdale Police Department, Camp Verde Marshal’s Office, Jerome Police Department, Sedona Police Department and the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office are also invited to the party.

Traffic Etcetera

Raul Garcia, the Public Information Officer for Arizona DPS told Kucich, “These additional law enforcement officers will remain visible and mitigate the additional traffic influx and incidents that could occur due to the additional traffic that is anticipated with the annual west coast run that the motorcycle club has scheduled for that weekend.”

For the last decade, GIITEM has been the tip of Arizona’s spear in the war on motorcycle club. In 2009, GIITEM began harassing bikers in the Colorado River town of Kingman. Ordinary, recreational riders were surveilled . Patriot Guard Riders were harassed at a funeral. Local businesses were urged to ban club colors. A man was expelled from a drag race in Kingman because he was wearing a vest that had “Harley-Davidson” on the back.

In July 2013, Las Vegas lawyer Stephen Stubbs sued GIITEM and other Arizona police agencies on behalf of a dozen members of the Sons of Hell Motorcycle Club and five women after police raided a campground during the Too Broke for Sturgis Motorcycle Rally near Flagstaff.

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21 Responses to “Angels To Enrich Arizona Police”

  1. Dutchboy Says:

    @Revenge, did they identify the shooters?

  2. Revenge Says:

    And on the way home a young Angel was murdered bye cowards! Pussy ass gangbangers!! Rest In Peace Floppy.

  3. TX_Biker Says:

    Cottonwood is no stranger to biker events. Every year they have the cottonwood smoke out rally there. Arizona news tends to be ignored by all but the most gullible liberals there. I lived and rode there for 11 years. Never saw much in the way of trouble at any biker event there. I left to come home to Texas in 2007.

  4. deuce Says:

    That pig fest at the Cottonwood Walmart was one royal clusterfuck. Who hires these clowns?

  5. New England Rider Says:

    I find it best not to get involved with things that don’t concern me, especially club runs to whatever destination.


  6. Iron Rider Says:

    Honestly this will be nothing more than a huge waste of taxpayer dollars to have all these cops from different Law Enforcement agencies rolling around and puffing out thee chest while they run license plates and hand out the odd tickets for equipment or parking violations and maybe the odd one for someone with an expired licence.

    The HA aren’t stupid (nor is any other MC going on a run like this) because they all would have told their guys not to have a thing on them that would give the cops and excuse to arrest them or seize their ride. The cops know full well that the HA members arent going to have shit on them when they know that the cops will be scoping them out and looking to pull over anyone they can for the littlest thing.

    As much as the “there is impending doom because this clubs run is coming to town” mantra by Law Enforcement is being trumped to the media for full play and to the taxpayer about how all these additional officers from various agencies are needed is all par for the course while Law Enforcement will cash in all that overtime and resources will be wasted because dick is going to happen, Law Enforcement knows this as do the bikers the only things that will occur is the taxpayers paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars to watch the bikers party…simple as that.

    But lets ask the business people of Cottonwood what they think of the HA get together in their town, I am going to be the people would say the guys were friendly and well behaved and that they came to the various places and bought items and spent a lot of cash and that they were quite busy and hope they come back next year as that is the result more often than not with most of these rides.

    So while Law Enforcement will laud this exercise in how to waste taxpayer dollars while lining your own pockets as a success and trumpet how they gave out 3 parking tickets and one equipment violation ticket they will tout how they kept the lid on things and kept Cottonwood safe and gathered valuable intelligence against the HA while the guys eat, drank and socialized and spent money at local businesses and gave the local economy a shot in the arm.

  7. Belfast Says:

    You notice how every run goes off with out a problem and then the pigs say it’s because they were out in force! Total bull shit. I also find it hilarious that every run they talk up the fear, the murder the mayhem and then the papers interview some old lady or some business person hoping to capitalize on the fear and it’s always the same ” they are great, they spend money and I’ve never had a problem” ” they are respectful and we appreciate their business!” You would think the public would catch on bye now but those pigs gotta justify their pay raises anyway they can! Cops are basically bully used car salesmen! Always selling some pile of shit! FTF FTOT

  8. Robert Says:

    Tomo, yeah right on target

  9. Tomo Says:

    I know it’s off on a tangent, but I often wonder if police forces the world over have the same Press Department ‘copy ‘n’ paste’ textbook when it comes to giving statements out.
    The little fuckers always appear to simply scuttle out and find the nearest Officer, pull open the panel on the back of his/her head and set the correct options available from A, B, and C, hit ‘play’ then scurry back before the truth has time to spot them out in the open.

  10. Dutchboy Says:

    A lot of the cost must be up front for LE. staging, logistics, etc. Start announcing 30 or 40 Runs a year, decide at the 11th hour if it is a go or a head fake. They love head games, time to start playing too.

  11. Dutchboy Says:

    To make it more fun announce the Run at Point A in NM, have it bait and switched to Point B in CO. One benefit, Point A and LE look foolish and are stuck with the cost. Another, at least a few hours of peace and enjoyment before LE gets straight and shows up in full harassment mode. At that point the club as a group cancels everything and leaves, making big statements to the press and more importantly to the business owners loosing max green that you are leaving because of the harassment and because you have standards on the company you keep. Again, Lame Stream will spin it as LE saves the day and saves town from ravaging hoard. The business people will know better though.

  12. Dutchboy Says:

    Hmmmm, “bait and switch” is a common, if unethical, sales technique. Wonder if a town expecting 200 Shriners Cruisers Riding Club members would turn down the money when 200 Red and White (or any other 1% club) showed up instead and started spreading the green? What? No extra LE, no problems and a good time was had by all? Of course Lame Stream Media would spin it as a modern day Hollister Riot (which was 90% spin anyway).

  13. Badd Guye Says:

    Very Interesting!

  14. Curbside Says:

    At the fall 2015 rally in Bandera TX, about four months after the Waco shooting, the TX DPS pissed off the vendors and local businesses by driving away the tourists with their “we need to be out with great force to handle the big scary biker types” bullshit.

    Local residents AND rally-goers combined, you’re probably looking at maybe 1,000 adults in that town at the time…but the DPS decided it was a great idea to dispatch 30 additional troopers to the area, to patrol in and around the town. “Just in case there’s trouble with the big scary bikers”.

    Almost everyone I know that traveled there either left early or just turned around when they got there and saw what was going on.

  15. Trebor Says:

    I remember after one of our Nationals being approached by several feds at a gas station who told me that was the easiest hazardous duty pay they ever earned.It was just like being on vacation they claimed

  16. I,J Says:

    The video you post of Cottonwoods finest was interesting…… I thought it was a Buster Keeton movie! No wonder they have to import specialists for traffic control during the Rally.

  17. SoonerFan Says:

    Yawn. Who FUCKING cares! This is bullshit!

    For your information, Dobyns (yes, aka Rat-Turd, aka Jay-Bird) is offering up a new book… about abandonment and betrayal!

    CATCHING HELL (crafty title borrowed from WaPo article on Dobyns in 2009) will be released in July 2017 from InkWell Books of Arizona. Irony is that it is self published, it is not affiliated with his previous management company INKWELLL MGMT of NYC.

    LOL. The “NYT best-selling author” is now SELF-PUBLISHED, which is a short for the legal department at a major publisher did not find your story credible!

    Dobyns continues his free-fall into the abyss…

  18. RIDER 1 Says:

    Yup, feed the sheeple a story of doom and gloom to justify stealing a chunk of their tax money. When nothing happens, it’s because of their stellar proactive policing. Tried and proven by MANY depts., guess the cops will have a Merry Christmas this year!

    RIDER 1

  19. Paladin Says:

    Law enforcement are being made out to be like The Boy That Cried Wolf. I can’t remember (I have a pretty good memory) the last time there was any trouble with a club when they were on their annual run.


  20. Smitty1961 Says:

    At least they called them a club instead of gang in the news release.

  21. F3nc#p0$t Says:

    A town of 11,000 with 24 cops? That’s roughly 1 cop for every 458 people. Does this seem excessive to anyone else? I would have expected a police force about half that size. Their police department must be just about their biggest expense.

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