Getting Messy In Florida

May 18, 2017

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Getting Messy In Florida

There were two arrests yesterday for the murder of David “Gutter” Donovan. Donovan was shot three times during a confrontation with a dozen other bikers on April 29 at a Circle K convenience store and gas station in Leesburg, Florida.

Donovan was vice president of the Lake County chapter of the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club. Donovan died last Sunday. Police described the confrontation as “a dispute between members of the Outlaws and Kingsmen motorcycle clubs.”

Marc Edward “Knothead” Knotts, who is a member of the American Outlaw Association, was shot in the back, arm and upper leg during the fight. He is recovering from his wounds. Knotts was one of two men arrested by police yesterday. He was taken into custody at the Outlaws clubhouse in Ocala.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation was the lead agency in the “joint task force” that apprehended Knotts and his club brother Jesus Alberto Marrero. This remains a state case. Orlando television station WFTV quoted a Leesburg police spokesman as saying, “We were aware of some incidents that had occurred around Florida that peaked our interested and were a concern to us.” The spokesman, Joe Iozzi, also told the television station, “I can’t speak to the motivation of some groups and why they’re doing what they’re doing, but there has been friction throughout the state.”

Long Hot Summer

There are now at least seven one percenter motorcycle clubs in Central Florida. The Aging Rebel believes there has been a major and ongoing, federally led investigation of motorcycle clubs in the state since February.

Arrest warrants have also been issued for two other alleged members of the Outlaws. They are Miquel Angel Torres and Gregory Alan Umphress. Both men remain unaware of the charges against them so have not yet turned themselves into authorities. All four men are accused of conspiracy to commit murder and kidnapping. Torres is also accused of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

According to police, a group of men including those currently accused, manhandled Donovan to the side of the convenience store, beat and stomped him, then shot him.

“There were multiple people involved,” Iozzi told WFTV. “There was a large scale fight that occurred in the parking lot.”

So far, police have refused to say who they think shot Knotts.


21 Responses to “Getting Messy In Florida”

  1. Witchy Says:

    Interesting that they cops refuse to say who shot Knothead 1%er…I can only assume that it will be handled by LEO just like they have done the murderer of Louie da Lip 1%er GBNF…swept under the rug because they want to rid Florida of Outlaws. SYLO

  2. New England Rider Says:

    @Wren –
    You are 100% correct, I used the wrong terminology. Thanks for the clarification.


  3. Wren Says:

    NE Rider;

    Back in the day the outlaws used to beat up the Kingsmen and vice versa. They eventually got tired of it and agreed to exist with the understanding of knowing who was the chief. That isn’t remotely the same as a support club.

  4. RIDER 1 Says:

    @ Ed, hey bud step off the stool with a short rope! I have met a few Outlaws and they were all stand up men. Rather than be a keyboard bad ass, be a man and go tell some Outlaws face to face how you really feel about them!

    RIDER 1

  5. Ed Says:

    Like Senor Pike said on the CNN interview. That 1%er patch might have meant something 30 years ago. The dollar bill means more now. Fuck ’em all

  6. Ed Says:

    The Outlaws are what they say they are. Period. You will never here one of them say they are not a criminal organization. They are what they are. Bullies when they are all together. Pussies when they aren’t. Why is it they always come at folks in packs. Fuck them, they deal dope and ruin communities. Let them rot in maximum security.

  7. New England Rider Says:

    @SomeGuy –
    Thanks for the reply….I think maybe “support club” is the wrong term and Wren is correct. I have heard they are friendly with the AOA….in other words they were never enemies which makes this story strange which was my point.

    So @Wren I think we are both correct. Thanks for clarifying.


  8. SomeGuy Says:

    @New England Rider, I love the link, look at the head of the page, they have a link for “massacres and events” ! Geez I dunno, do I want to go the swap meet or the massacre?

    Just my memory but, a few years ago I moved from South Forida to a town where there was a Kingsman’s club house. I had not heard of them so Google lead to their web site, which as I recall said something to the effect “We are not a support club for anyone but we try to respect everyone” and “We are not a support club for anyone”.

    Their national website doesn’t seem to exist anymore, but FWIW that’s what it said a couple of years ago.

  9. New England Rider Says:

    @Wren –

    They were. The only “proof” I could find (since most club members don’t discuss club business) is the link below. Scroll to the bottom. I have heard this in the past as well, but maybe you know different. If so then I stand corrected.


  10. Wren Says:

    Lmao the Kingsmen weren’t a support club. Delusional.

  11. New England Rider Says:

    The Kingsmen used to be an AOA support club……something happened along the way here. But like everything else when it comes to club business I find it best not to get involved with things that don’t concern me.


  12. Johnny Rotten Says:

    and the afformentioned is in no way a statement from the AOA
    it is…
    a realistic view from a set of eyes set close to the reality that is the way things mete out in a situation rife with troublesome variables

    respects to those deserving


  13. Johnny Rotten Says:

    many have come
    many have gone
    many have been warned
    many have tried to usurp
    many forget
    many more remember…..
    there is only one way
    there is only black and white

    respects to those deserving



  14. Wren Says:

    Siege thanks for your input but it’s pretty apparent you ain’t from Florida.

  15. haha Says:

    AOA has been throwing their weight around of late, they have gotten so small I am told it is basically to see if they have any weight left to throw around here in Fla

  16. BMW Says:

    Condolences to the Brothers, family and friends of the lost rider (May He Ride In Peace Forever)!!!

    Condolences to the Brothers, family and friends of those being profiled and persecuted (and no doubt convicted) by the political police.


  17. Sieg Says:

    “killing your own culture”

    wren, I think you have that a bit backwards. The AOA has been the main Patch in Florida for decades. The Kingsmen have been a very, very minor presence, and not on the same level as the AOA. Now, apparently they want to up their game, and to get a spot, you need to move someone else, no matter what the situation. Obviously, that isn’t working out too well for the Kingsmen.

    A shame that good Brothers have to die, or end-up behind the wire, but don’t put that on the AOA, put it on the people who started it.


  18. Wren Says:

    What is with deflecting blame to everyone else besides the guys responsible for that other fellas death?
    Take responsibility for killing your own culture.

  19. JonyRR Says:

    SlickBack civilian here;
    As we all know already, this so-called “country”, st least the illusion of what we thought it was, is pretty much over. like a dinosaur with a shot-out heart, the corpse staggers on, looking for the ideal piece of ground to fall….and die on.
    An esteemed statesman once said, ‘give it one swift, hard kick and the whole rotten mess will come crashing down’.
    I’M glad I lived my best years when one could be passed on the freeway by a 1%er club on a run. In better times it was one hell of a sight to see and hugely impressive.
    This old cripple’s hat is off to all of vou, sirs, all of va.

  20. New England Rider Says:

    This is weird, the Kingsmen are typically allies of the Outlaws, not enemies. Strange…….


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