Broden’s Press Release

May 16, 2017

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Broden's Press Release

The height of journalistic sloth is to run some guy’s press release. On the other hand, “a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.”

And, tomorrow is the second anniversary of the Waco Twin Peaks biker brawl.

Dallas attorney Clint Broden has been among the most prominent attorneys in the hundreds of criminal and civil cases that began with that brawl. He is the criminal defender for three men named Matthew Clendennen, Burton Bergman and Richard Luther and he is co-counsel, along with Don Tittle, for about 40 complainants who are suing Waco and some of its law enforcement establishment because they were falsely arrested two years ago.

Broden sent out a press release this morning and The Aging Rebel is going to run it in its entirety.

Press Release

“In the first few days following the Twin Peaks tragedy, the Waco Police Department and the Waco District Attorney gave numerous press conferences attempting to characterize all of the 177 arrested motorcyclists as criminal gang members. Then, when it started to become clear that many of those arrested were bystanders and had absolutely nothing to do with the violence, the District Attorney’s office ran to court to obtain a gag order. The gag order was specifically designed to prohibit the motorcyclists from refuting the false information that the Police Department and District Attorney had spewed in their press conferences following the incident. In other words, the Police Department and District Attorney created a false narrative for the public and did not want anything to interfere with that narrative. Not surprisingly, the gag order was eventually held to be unconstitutional.

“Justice of the Peace Pete Peterson, who gleefully set identical $1 million bonds for every one of the 177 arrested motorcyclists, was eventually recused from the case because of his actions. The State Commission on Judicial Conduct also made Judge Peterson ‘aware of its concerns’ regarding his conduct in the case.

“Next, in November 2015, the DA bamboozled a grand jury into indicting 106 motorcyclists in a marathon session that allowed for less than five minutes of individual consideration per motorcyclist. It became clear just how much the DA’s office manipulated the grand jury when it was learned that the motorcyclists were indicted for the death of a person who, in fact, was not even killed at Twin Peaks. Eventually, the DA’s office obtained indictments against more than 150 motorcyclists, many of who were innocent bystanders who had no weapons.

“Nevertheless, despite rushing the cases to the grand jury, when Matt Clendennen and others sought speedy trials, the State sought continuances. To this day, the State has refused to try any of the Twin Peaks cases and has intimated that it has no intention to do so for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, during a court hearing, it was learned that each of the three acting police chiefs and at least two police detectives on the scene on May 17, 2015 opposed arresting the motorcyclists not involved in the violence and believed them to be mere witnesses. Despite that collective judgment, however, District Attorney Abelino Reyna contacted police chief Brent Stroman, who was out of state at the time of the incident, and advocated for the arrests of all 177 motorcyclists without even telling Chief Stroman the charges upon which the arrests would be based. Shockingly, Reyna testified at the same hearing that he had detailed and specific discussions with the police detective who signed the identical ‘fill-in-the-name’ criminal complaint affidavits, but then the detective specifically contradicted Reyna and testified that he never even talked to Reyna that night.

“On the eve of the two year anniversary, more than 100 motorcyclists have filed civil rights lawsuits against Abelino Reyna and various members of the Waco Police Department and the Department of Public Safety. The lawsuits allege, among other things, that the wholesale arrest of all motorcyclists present at Twin Peaks without any individualized consideration of whether they participated in any violence violated the United States Constitution. Reyna and the officials named in the lawsuits have asked the court to delay the lawsuits.

“Finally, lost in the constant delays sought by the State, is the tragic death of nine Texas citizens. Yet, to this day, the Waco Police Department has refused to tell the public how many of those nine killed were killed by law enforcement officers. Meanwhile, the Sword of Damocles hangs over the heads of those indicted and, even two years later, these motorcyclists and their families are being denied justice and are unable to move on with their lives because there is absolutely no end in sight as a result of the State’s delaying tactics. Also, during the past two years and likely into the next decade, McLennan County citizens are being asked to absorb the staggering financial burden of the ill conceived actions by their elected district attorney.”


13 Responses to “Broden’s Press Release”

  1. Dirt Digler Says:

    Who do you believe, the “Raging Able”, or the “Aging Rebel”?

  2. RIDER 1 Says:

    @ Curbside, date,time and location of the COCI was not confidential info and LE knew all this in advance. Bottom line is they planned TP to happen. It’s a miracle they didn’t kill more, which I am sure was their plan!

    RIDER 1

  3. Curbside Says:

    @Ironrider, the cops (and anyone else who cared to look) knew exactly when and where the CoC meeting was going to take place. The Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents publishes a calendar with each region’s scheduled meetings that includes information regarding date, time, and location.

    The cops, clubs not affiliated with the CoC&I, and anyone from the media could have easily planned to be in attendance that day. When Region 3 had their meeting the next month, we didn’t see any cops near the meeting, but everyone that could beg, borrow, or steal a camera was shooting footage. As much as we tried to dodge reporters that day, a whole lot of people wound up on the evening news. One of the CoC&I lawyers was giving an interview and there I was in the background on Channel 39!

    But anyhow, yeah…the cops had ample notice and opportunity allowing them to get set up in advance.

  4. Iron Rider Says:

    Imagine that a well botched operation to fuel a biker club war that no matter how much Law Enforcemnt tried to fan the flames for month and months by telling club members that “This club is out to get you and your guys” “watch your back, this club is gunning to hurt you and your club” and bla bla bla.

    Law Enforcement tried in earnest to fan the flames with innuendo, that it got officers on the street to perpetrate to anyone who had a connection to an MC that danger was in the air, not only did Law Enforcement try and perpetrate this myth to anyone connected to an MC but outside riding clubs as well and other Law Enforcement agencies as well as businesses such as Twin Peaks.

    Then there is the fact that those inside Law Enforcement were perpetrating the myth to their own people that danger was in the air and MC’s were ta war and they needed to vigilante and ready for war and amping up their own for a war with MC’s that they them self wanted to make happen.

    Look at Twin Peaks and how Law Enforcement was set up well BEFORE anyone on a motorcycle even showed up on the property. Why were the cops there armed to teh teeth and with snipers and SWAT tactical teams all over. As much as that fuck Swanton would like to propel that the cops just happened to be there once violence broke out is all bullshit. It took time and planning to have all those resources in place and surveillance systems set up which means they knew when the COC meeting was to take place and where and planned to be there well before any one was on a motorcycle.

    The fact that COPS killed four people by shooting into a crowd of over a hundred speaks volumes about their motives and methodology and the lies that they have been spewing to the media and the public about what really went on that day.

    More and more information is leaking out like the sniper pic after the cops said they had no snipers present, well seems that is just another lie to cover up who and how the cops managed to kill four people by shooting into a crowd.

    There is a lot of dirt that isn’t known yet but it will eventually come out and when it does all finally come out we will see who really wanted a war to happen to justify all those millions of dollars given out to various Law Enforcement agencies

  5. Kentucky Rider Says:

    Written just 4 months after the even this GQ article is probably the most rational and fact based story I’ve seen come out of mainstream media. There are disputed accounts of what happened between Bandidos and Cossacks members but that is to be expected. The article clearly indicates that the police were to blame and that what followed immediately following was an affront both to humanity (leaving injured men on the ground to die), and to justice (mass arrests without evidence or cause). Probably won’t tell you anything you don’t already know but an interesting read.

  6. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Reyna held up the trial date so those that was injured can’t file a lawsuit against Waco, they are being told they were involved in a Assult, guilty until proven innocent. ..but what about the one’s who for fact was in self-defense.
    I hope that those shot by the PD will file a complaint with the department of Justice and get a full investigation into the PD agencies that put this ambush in place and if had they done their job 9 people would be alive today. Only the DOJ can act on police misconduct. ..

  7. Dutchboy Says:

    The truth has a way of working to the surface. I hope the plaintiffs and thier respective counsels take Billions. May Waco become insolvent,may the county be bankrupted, and may the State of Texas stagger under the financial burden. The Feds behind this goat-rope will walk but maybe the next Andy and Barney they try to dragoon into doing thier dirty work of crushing free men will look at the smoking financial crater that once was Waco and say “No thanks, we serve the people of our town, not DC.”

  8. Mickey Says:

    @ Shyster, that mental picture makes me smile, all those cronies involved reading this blog…..

  9. New England RIder Says:

    This case is so frustrating because LE has zero credibility! They knew about the meeting beforehand (FACT), went there fully armed to the hilt (FACT), let the meeting unfold (FACT), and fired shots into the crowd of club members (FACT)! Any one of these should have any of LE’s testimony thrown out. So annoying and frustrating!


  10. david Says:

    Waco PD’s and TX DPS’s creation of the situation to “justify” their action by making it APPEAR they were only reacting — is a longtime ploy used by criminal gov. cartels.

    Reyna’s “Bunko Squad” mass arrest and delaying tactics have also been used as a ploy before by other criminal gov. cartels.

    Both actions prove the inherent worthlessness and calculated evil of the pigs and persecutors.

  11. Shyster Says:

    Fuck You Reyna. I know you read this Blog more than most of us regulars. Fuck You! You have already lost.


  12. Maven Says:

    Yup…that pretty much says it all.

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