Kingsmen Dies

May 15, 2017

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Kingsmen Dies

David “Gutter” Donovan, vice president of the Lake County, Florida chapter of the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club, died at one o’clock Sunday morning of injuries sustained April 29 during a gunfight at a Circle K at 3300 West Main Street in Leesburg, Florida.

The shooting coincided with, but was separate from, the last night of the Leesburg Bikefest. The run’s organizers expected about 200,000 visitors. The Bikefest describes itself as “the world’s largest three-day motorcycle and music event.”

Police described the fight as “a dispute between members of the Outlaws and Kingsmen motorcycle clubs.”

Donovan was shot three times. A member of the American Outlaw Association named Marc E. “Knothead” Knotts was shot in the back, arm and upper leg during the fight. According to police, Knotts was wearing a “ballistic vest.” The Orlando Sentinel reported today that Knotts has “recovered from his wounds.”

A source with knowledge of the police investigation into the incident told The Aging Rebel that Knotts will be charged with murder today. This page has been unable to confirm the alleged pending charge against Knotts.


14 Responses to “Kingsmen Dies”

  1. Aurora Says:

    While you people sit here and argue over who is a real biker or not, my family and I have to bury my little brother. A man who never hurt anyone in his life, he loved riding motorcycles and being around others who loved it as well. I know it may not matter to you people, but my brother had a wife and family that loved him very much. Could any of you stand in front of my mother and tell her that her sons life means nothing, that he is just another statistic of senseless violence?

  2. Wren Says:

    Florida outlaw isn’t even a Florida outlaw.
    Enough said.

  3. Florida Outlaw Says:

    Axle do you really think the Backshot OUTLAW cares what color the MAN is wearing his patch while saving his ass at this point of the exercise Damn see thru the fog it takes a lot of loyalty and training to stand this strong while the KM where like hysterical women and most likely end up testifying Ya Honor don’t know what color the MAN is bringing it to life

  4. Axel Says:

    @Florida outlaw you say gouge not a member of a club but you use the name and talk as if you were a brother? Go away fucking troll.
    And it’s a known fact Mr knotts is not the type to like or associate with niggas, so yes ord’s very surprising to see such a dark Cuban nigga as his brother.

  5. Florida outlaw Says:

    For Axel I m not in a MC so I don’t have any brothers but I know a real MC when I see one and you sound personally affected are you a HOMO Sapian because. Your presidicial outlook on International clubs membership description by shades of color would only appear in something like this other wise I n the arena of the real world you d most likely be a candidate for next the piece of subject matter of having your ass handed to you so if you are In a MC it can’t be much of one

  6. Axel Says:

    @Florida outlaw, it looks like your bros will be getting the horn or something hard doing more than a stretch in prison. But I guess you can always find other crash dummies to patch.
    And isn’t that one bro a little too fucking dark to be an outlaw? Times are surely fucking changing

  7. New England Rider Says:

    @Florida outlaw –
    The Kingsmen and Outlaws used to be allies….obviously something happened but that is no one’s but the club’s business.


  8. Wren Says:

    I guess that’s what 16 said about louie

  9. Florida outlaw Says:

    Some how the Kingmen mc missed one of the most important facts of life and that is you mess with the bull you get the horn A unbelievable mistake for a group calling itself MC a grave cost to all concerned

  10. Curbside Says:

    Phil, if Florida law is anything like Texas, they have what’s known as the “law of parties”…all persons involved in a criminal incident are culpable for all acts committed. For instance, if a guy robs a liquor store and shoots the clerk, his buddy driving the getaway car is also eligible for the death penalty because he was a party to the robbery.

    If Knotts is in fact charged with murder as reported by the unnamed source, it’s likely due to being involved in the dust-up that led to someone’s death, and his defense team will be forced to prove in court that Donovan was shot in self-defense.

    Basically, it’s a way for gubbmint to fuck over the people they’ve deemed “undesirables”, by stripping away their rights to equal protection under the law.

  11. phil Says:

    how do you get shot in the back and charged with murder?hold your ground must not be for bikers in fla.

  12. New England Rider Says:

    Oh man another club member loses his life… sad. RIP Mr. Donovan.


  13. Anonymous Says:

    Leather has traditionally been the textile of choice for riding safety. I imagine soon statistics will make a strong case for kevlar and ceramic plates as a safer replacement material.

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