Waco Sniper Rifle

May 8, 2017

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Waco Sniper Rifle

The news out of Waco this morning, as reported by Tommy Witherspoon of the Waco Tribune-Herald, is that, “Waco police are investigating a Sunday morning incident in which members of a Bandidos motorcycle gang support group assaulted a man before the victim pulled a gun, started firing and ran away.”

The source for this news is Waco Police Department Public Information Officer W. Patrick Swanton who refuses to name the “Bandidos Motorcycle Gang support group.”

The story exemplifies two refrains in press coverage of Waco’s continuing war on bikers. One of those refrains is the ongoing release of limited information in order to reinforce the public’s perception that the way the police conducted themselves at the Twin Peaks restaurant on May 17, 2015 was appropriate and that the 192 people still facing prosecution two years later are probably dangerous – more dangerous to the public at large than, say, the police. But, for all anyone knows from the Tribune-Herald’s reporting, the “Bandidos Motorcycle Gang support group” is the Association of Christian Motorcyclists.


The second refrain in Waco coverage is the repetition by the press of blatant lies. It has never been easy to find and report actual facts about what McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna has styled the “Battle of Twin Peaks:” And what an heroic turn of phrase that is! But officials have been lying for two years. Some of the lies are big. Some of them are small. What matters is that the press has allowed the police to lie and never questioned why they are lying.

The lies are countless, like locusts in a plague. It is impossible to count every single bug. Sometimes it is exhausting just to catch one in your hands so you can look at it. For example, it has taken about 23 months to discover and report the lie reported here now.


In the days after Waco, numerous witnesses alleged that there were police snipers present at the scene and the police have denied that. At a news conference about a month after the bloodbath, on June 12, 2015, police chief Brent Stroman said, “First of all we did not have counter…we did not have snipers or counter snipers deployed.” There is video of him saying that below. Most reporters took him at his word and nobody questioned exactly who he meant by “we.”

After the Twin Peaks brawl, numerous veterans who were there also said they thought they heard “suppressed” rifle fire. Suppressors are sometimes called silencers.

But there certainly was at least one, unusual sniper rifle at the scene and the proof has been in plain site for two years. The proof is this photograph, which was produced by and is copyrighted by the British news agency Reuters. The image belongs to Reuters and it is reproduced here because this page thinks its reproduction is a fair use. The photograph has already been published at least five times – three times without a credit: In African Seer, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Conservative Tree House, Bearing Arms and The Daily Mail.


The mature man in the photograph, walking next to an armored vehicle deployed to the Twin Peaks before anyone was shot, is carrying what multiple sources have told The Aging Rebel is an M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System manufactured by the Knight’s Armament Company. The same sources have said that this rifle appears to have “a ported and internally suppressed barrel.” They explain that they have deduced that because the rifle at the Twin Peaks does not have a flash suppressor.

Although many military weapons have been given to police forces throughout the United States, the M110 SASS has not. It appears to be a weapon used exclusively by military personnel. So if Chief Stroman is to be taken at his word, and if what he meant by “we” included Waco police, county deputies and the Texas Rangers Swat, the question naturally arises of why a military sniper rifle was at the scene.


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  1. david Says:

    From Henry A. Wallace-33rd. V.P.of the U.S. ” A fascist is one whose lust for money or power is combined with such an ‘intensity of intolerance’ towards those of other races, parties,CLASSES, religions,CULTURES, regions or nations as to make him RUTHLESS in his use of DECEIT or VIOLENCE to attain his ends.

    Benito Mussolini- “The keystone of the Fascist doctrine is its conception of the State, of its essence, and its aims. For Fascism the State is ‘absolute’, INDIVIDUALS and GROUPS relative.

    The states’agents ruthless use of lies and violence against true individuals before, during and after the COC meeting, evidences fascist dominance in Texas.

  2. david Says:

    All men murdered at TP possessed a Natural Law right to life violated by the robotic, mind controlled, IMMORAL, pol-ice following orders.

    Morality: Doing what is right regardless of what you are told.

    Obedience: Doing what you are told regardless of what is right.

  3. david Says:

    Pol-ice actions at TP,including witnessed sniper rifle fire, were made WITHOUT any thinking or feeling by the murderers. The perpetrators represent the Ultimate Evil — order followers.

  4. James W Crawford Says:

    Are you moderating allcomments or am I on your shit list?

  5. James W Crawford Says:

    This only reinforces the points I made early on that the police narrative that they intervened in a biker brawl was fraudulent. I do not care how good a shot you think you are, one simply cannot fire on a person in such chaotic situation without incurring an unacceptable risk of shooting innocent bystanders. Even more problematic would be the task of analyzing the brawl in real time to discriminate between the perpetrators of violence and their victims. The only plausible explaination is that the police had invoked predetermined rules of engagement that classified all of the motorcycle club members as perpetrators in a riot and therefore legitimate targets. The subsequent mass arrests were not just opportunistic but neccessary to justify the indiscrimate use of deadly force.

  6. Gandalf Says:

    Red Boots has always been a topic on this blog. All the same stories told here. I can’t imagine that a Cossack wouldn’t have come forth by now screaming that it was Him and He was there. Someone had to see Him. You would think after the Cossacks were punked (and murdered) so bad by LE they would be pissed off enough to out Him. I guess not. Still those posters are enough not to dismiss “Red Boots” as being UC in Twin Peaks. Personally I believe I know who the CI is or at Least one of them. The fact that I could be wrong is the only reason I don’t say who I think it is.

  7. Steel Says:

    @TX_biker, Seems Barnum was suspended from the force for assaulting a doctor banging his wife. Also, the Waco Police attempted to withhold documentation about the assault from the public. Imagine that! July 16, 2015 (thank you Google search on Jason Barnum), a comment on this site by Spectator, called out Barnum and the red shit kickers he had on. He retracted it in the next post but seems Spectator was right the first time by the picture in the Houston Chronicle. A lot more to this I believe.

    Story on it:




  8. rw Says:

    As I rolled up a person walked in front of me that had something distinctive about the way he was dressed that made me chuckle. That something brought my attention to him again after his clothing cghange. In some of the pictures we’ve gone thru I noticed another person with the same distinctive look. If you look at the pic being discussed here you will notice it

  9. TX_Biker Says:

    This is from a blog on Freerepublic.com
    There was no prospect getting his foot ran over, there was no fight in the bathroom, there was no FBI operation gone bad. There was one or two undercover twerps and snitches on the Waco payroll all gungho in anticipation of the upcoming Steve Cook Gangbangers Ball and riding high on the adrenaline of several successful sex ring sting operations.

    When Big O and a few others came in, they hassled the lady helping with the parking, and a few other people as well. It was her foot got ran over as they bullied her, saying things about it being their territory. It’s amazing how this particular habit is blamed on the Bandits when every story you here about the Cossacks involves them pissing on a tree somewhere. They bugged Sandra until they saw she wasn’t gonna play along, and then made their way to what seemed to be preplanned positions. When the group of Bandidos rolled up that we all know about by now, the same thing happened again.. Cossacks were telling Bandidos they couldn’t park there.There were words exchanged and Big O was the loudest mouth out there. When a Bandido tried to calm everyone down with a “lets settle this later” Owen was yelling. ‘You bet we will.” All this time, many of the Cossacks are jumping rails on the porch and making their way toward the fight, or drawing their weapons. Several of the Bandidos including Manny Rodriguez and Ray Allen never even had time to step off their bikes or do anything beyond swing blindly toward he assault from the handheld, Cossack wieled weapons that surrounded them. Then a shot rang out in the scuffle… maybe two? Suddenly cops came out of nowhere with assault weapons mowing down bikers all over the parking lot.

    When the fight broke out, O’s friend pulled on a mask and participated. When the fight was over, he yanked off his mask and vest, ran around to the front of the building, and entered Twin Peaks as Officer Jason Matthew Barnum.

  10. Kentucky Rider Says:

    @rw @Steel – I concur with you guys. Maybe cops dress differently in Texas but the guy looks like he was dressed as a clubber and did a switcheroo when the shit went down. From the articles I’ve read on this site along with the comments that actually contained some insight, I believe the general consensus is that certain figures within the Cossacks collaborated/cooperated with LE to set up the BMC. LE wants BMC gone and, I believe, stoked Cossacks resentment about the bottom rocker to further their agenda. My thoughts are that LE double crossed the Cossacks and took out the ones that may have known too much. That’s one problems solved and for the Banditos, arrest them all and try to rub them out judicially.

    Here’s a quick link to the pic in question in case anyone else wants to look – http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Complex-investigation-continues-into-deadly-Waco-6271764.php#photo-8002128

  11. Steel Says:

    @Gandalf, image 12 from the Houston Chronicle shows the canopy set up at back of Don Carlos. In fact there are two of them. One is easy to see with the dark blue top. The other is tougher to see with a lighter color top in the forward of the blue one toward the camera. Looks like a khaki sort of colored top but the legs are clearly visible.

  12. Steel Says:

    @Gandalf, if you go through the Houston Chronicle pictures, I believe there is one that shows one of those easy setup canopies right where that sign is. I agree that the pic of the sniper was taken after all the shooting. Well after. Also, the yellow bike can be seen in some of the pictures from above on the Chronicle site.



  13. Gandalf Says:

    @ Steel. Yes TY. That 1st pic with the Tree next to the sign is the only place I can find that looks like the spot. In the Sniper Pic the yellow tape and tent poles leaves me to believe the Sniper Pic was taken after the shooting. IMHO

  14. Steel Says:

    @rw, that is what I was getting at. Looks like a cop plant that quickly went from MC cut to Police vest. Someone knows.



  15. rw Says:

    That wasn’t the only vest he wore

  16. Steel Says:

    Hate to be posting yet again but I’ve been looking through the Houston Chronicle pictures. Number 25 fascinated me. Guy in boots, jeans and a t-shirt or polo with a police bulletproof vest and an automatic rifle.



  17. Steel Says:

    Lot of good pics here including more of the heavily armed olive green dressed cops. Also, pic 12 shows the pop up tent set up for LE behind the Don Carlos whose legs are seen in the Reuters pic. I hadn’t seen some of these like the armored vehicle behind the Don Carlos.


  18. Steel Says:

    @Gandalf, this is the opposite side view. That is, behind the LE sniper. Note the two light posts. One behind the guy’s head in the Reuters pic is the left one that’s sort of over the end of the D in the World Market sign in the background. The other is the light post on the concrete on the left of the Reuters pic. Again, just my opinion examining the possibilities and I could be wrong. https://www.google.com/maps/@31.4969018,-97.1501345,3a,15y,351.09h,86.47t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s1k_2JQVwqpLvyxN38R-Z6A!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

    Respects again


  19. Steel Says:

    @Gandalf, looks like this pic was taken from behind the Mexican restaurant facing back toward Twin Peaks. The sign is facing into the restaurant parking lot and you can barely see the branches of a small bush at his leg. Plant just like that in the back of Don Carlos. Picture looks to be taken looking generally south from the back of Don Carlos toward Twin Peaks. I think it’s authentic. Also same type of tree leaves in the pic as the sign behind the Don Carlos. If the link works, the sign and tree are left of the Ford in the foreground and the little bush is on the island mid-picture. Lights for the parking lot of Twin Peaks are on concrete supports which also is consistent. https://www.google.com/maps/@31.4981124,-97.1504378,3a,75y,170.72h,71.97t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s6qul4o1vDx2pcB7fipGidw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

    Of course, I could be wrong too. Just my conclusion.

    Much Respect


  20. Paladin Says:

    xplor Says:
    May 9, 2017 at 3:45 pm
    Thanks for the photograph of the aging Paladin.
    Real killers are hard to find.

    @ xplor,

    Is that post of your’s supposed to be some sort of snide remark directed toward me?


  21. Sieg Says:

    xplor, that’s pretty slick…if i didn’t know better I’d think you were trying to toss some mud on another poster here who has actually done a bit of precision shooting.

    Given the STRAC clothes and relaxed posture-evident in his allowing someone to get his pic-my guess would be that this guy is a Chairborne Commando rather higher in the chain than someone who would actually be taking a shot.

    FTF / FTP

  22. xplor Says:

    Thanks for the photograph of the aging Paladin.
    Real killers are hard to find.
    Does anyone recognize what outfit he is with ?
    Was he the guy in the helicopter ?

  23. david Says:

    The POINT is, the TX DPS, of which the TX Rangers are part, had military style ambush SNIPERS present before, during and after the murders. Whether or not the snipers fired, is not the only issue.

    The fact they were present to be USED against the public which was NOT similarly armed, speaks volumes.

    BTW, FBI stands for Federal Bureau of Infiltration and Instigation.

  24. TX_Biker Says:

    Excellent point Dutchboy, words do matter. ya’ll got me curious about the rifle and I think I may have nailed it down. Mater, brought up a good point about the charging handle and apparent lack of pistol grip so I did some research. Turns out the Texas rangers and other swat snipers in Texas use the FNAR tactical in .308 (7.62 X 51). Why I think its this rifle is because of the raised comb on the buttstock. Look closely at the butt of the gun and you will see it is not flat like an A2 stock. It matches up perfectly with the FNAR stock which can come with or without a pistol grip. Also the fore grip seems to match up with the rifle shown in the picture.

  25. Dutchboy Says:

    Many are talking about the militarization of our police. This has been being constructed for years. When I was a kid police were “Peace Officers”, now they are “Law Enforcement”. Words matter. Words form ideas, ideas form our view of each other. At one time police referred to everyone else as citizens, now we are “civilians” as if the police are a military force.

  26. Paladin Says:

    As a manufacturer, I hold an 07 FFL and am a SOT (Special Occupational Taxpayer). As such, I deal in suppressors and suppressed rifles. In order to properly trap, cool and thereby suppress the sound of a 7.62 X 51 / .308 round to any realistic degree, the suppressor tube needs to be approximately 1.75 in diameter. Otherwise, the suppressor tub has to be excessively long, degrading accuracy and making the rifle unwieldy. As such, the pictured rifle does not appear to be suppressed.

    Based on witnesses stating that they heard what sounded like suppressed rifle fire, I doubt the rifle in question was actually fired. For if it was, people would have noticed and would have mentioned it.

    The report from a non-suppressed 7.62 / .308 rifle would have sounded like a howitzer compared to the other rifles being fired at the time, especially in an urban environment where buildings reflect rather than absorb sound.


  27. Curbside Says:

    I’m with Paladin, re: the M110 being available over the counter to anyone with $12,000 burning a hole in his pocket.

    The rifle in the photograph may or may not even actually be an M110, as that is a particular brand-specific variant of the KAC AR10-type precision semi-auto rifle. For all we know, it could be any number of literally dozens of different brands, as the AR10-type rifle is made by almost as many companies as the AR15-type rifles…or it could be a custom-assembled rifle built from scratch by the department’s armorers.

    I can assure you that the rifle in the photo is not integrally suppressed, nor does it have a suppressor attached to the end of it, as the barrel appears to be approx. .750″ diameter (usual “heavy-profile” size) and a suppressor’s baffling has to be located at the muzzle end for the rifle to function. What you’re looking at is what’s known as a “target-crowned” barrel, which is typical of precision rifles not fitted with brakes or suppressors. It is not uncommon for LE (or even military) to use non-suppressed rifles in a sniper role.

    What would be uncommon is for a SWAT team to be present at the scene (as they are known to have been at Twin Peaks prior to the meeting) and *NOT* have a sniper deployed somewhere in the area. Given the rate at which information has been released by the Waco PD in this case, we may never know if that sniper ever actually fired a round…but I’d bet my left nut that he was there, ready and willing to do so.

  28. Gunny Says:

    That rifle IS NOT integerally suppressed, the barrel profile would be much larger. Its a target crown barrel…designed for long distance shooting. Look it up its a plain HBAR barrel. Lets not be like the other guys and go all “fake news”.

  29. Mater Says:

    By the the looks of the photo, it is not a M110 (AR-10 based) but a FN BAR. Note the lack of a visible charging handle beneath the rear of the optic (scope). Also I can’t see any indication of a pistol grip.

  30. Gandalf Says:

    Is this the same Sniper Uniform? Could this Pic been taken after? You decide.

  31. Gandalf Says:

    See the Sign? 1 Bigger, 1 smaller on the same pole? Those other poles are tent poles. Plus some kind of seat??? There was only 1 tent up that morning BEFORE the ambush. Right by the Patio. And the pic just gets more and more suspect. (BTW Don’t Imagine that I EVER believe I’m right. I’m a Mutt like everyone else)

  32. Gandalf Says:

    This Sniper Pic is still “suspect” to me. I tried to find the spot it was taken using Google Map. TP is still there. I Walked around everywhere and can’t find signs/lightpost or any logical landmarks to fit this Pic. There is only 1 yellow bike in ALL the TP aerial Pics… Either it moved or it’s not the same bike. This guy should be easily Identified in a 1 house town like Waco. Who is He?
    @ Rebel. Watch out for LE trying to set you up with BS so they can say, “See this? Obviously Rebel is a Nut.” Not saying this pic is fake… I just don’t know.

  33. Rook Says:

    The patches on the man’s arms and cap are ft. Worth. Dallas Waco. Etc. Texas division of FBI sniper team ,every state has them nowadays.

  34. Iron Rider Says:

    Oops I forgot one. Where he is holding the stock of his sniper rifle is a long rectangular patch with his last name on it above that and attched to that patch is a round patch with a set of bull type steer antlers on it with the Texas Star in the middle of the steer antlers

  35. Iron Rider Says:

    On his arm where he has his hand in his pocket:

    The large emblem is the Texas Department Of Public Safety and says Poiice in large letters ( all CAPS ) it has the state of Texas outline in black in a circle around it and in the middle is a black state of Texas symbol, at the bottom there is a a six leaf on each side going upwards on the left and right side of the patch

    I believe that little patch above the large patch is the word SNIPER

    On his arm that he has the rifle slung over that large patch is the same as the large patch on his other arm. Above that he has a long patch like a rectangle that I believe it has STATE POLICE on it in two words

    His hat has the emblem for the Texas Department Of Public Safety. It has the state of Texas wording outline in a circle around the hat in black in a circle around it and in the middle is a black state of Texas symbol

  36. Iron Rider Says:

    The cops are lying and have been lying about how they managed to shoot and kill four people in a crowd of over 100 hundred people. There is no way in hell that the cops would have been able to fire rounds into a crowd striking for people that they targeted with Glock’s not going to happen.

    It’s more than obvious that those 4 were targeted and that would have been done by snipers from a tactical team, yet this picture just confirms what most already know is that Law Enforcement has been lying over and over again about what transpired at Twin Peaks and how many police bullets killed or injured people.

    Sniper just didnt happen after the melee started, they were in POSITION before the melee broke out and then fired into the crowd, it’s that simple. The mere fact that Police okay’d firing into a crowd with as much going on as the police allege is gross negligence. How the hell do the cops know who is doing what in a brawl far away and then decide that firing into the crowd is okay without knowing who is doing what to who? Yet the cops were all gung ho and gave the okay.

    No Police Forde in their right mind is going to give the okay to fire into a crowd that is brawling, because you wouldn’t be able to target anyone and not put anyone else in danger of being shot and injured or killed, but yet this is exactly what occurred and is exactly why all the lies and keeping the media away and well back from Twin Peaks and interviewing anyone was needed and the “more bikers are on their way to Waco armed to the teeth for revenge right now” story was perpetrated by Swanton over and over again, but yet not even one biker showed up.

    The whole “more bikers are on their way to Waco armed to the teeth for revenge right now” was to keep the media back and away from talking to anyone who saw what took place and thus the Law Enforcement narrative on what occurred would be the only narrative the public and press would get that and they would run to put it out there. So there would be no witnesses talking to the media about what occurred and the Law Enforcement narrative would be the only one out and that is exactly what the cops did.

    The whole fiasco of what took place in the months before Twin Peaks and what occurred after has all been at Law Enforcements behest, running around to various clubs and their members and perpetrating the myth of “this club is gunning for your club” and “these guys are going to take out your guys” and trying to incite clubs into a war. Not only were the cops perpetrating that myth with various MC’s but they were also perpetrating it between various police agencies that “you need to be on alert, there is a war going to explode between rival MC’s” “Be armed and ready”

    The Various elements of police agencies were amping their own up for a war that they wanted their own people to believe was imminent btwn rival MC’s christ they were at Twin Peaks long before any club member stepped a foot there to get ready for when the COC meeting was to take place. Coincidence? Hell no, but that isnt what Swanton wants everyone to believe, nor Reyna, they just want to have people believe they were there after the fact, and their cops shot and killed four people after the brawl started to save lives, yeah sure they did.

    This picture of the cop with his sniper rifle ought to be making many media organisations really think about the “version” of the events that police are involved in and even more so when it is comping from the police itself. The cops are all about spin and they want their version of what happened out to the public and truth about their version be damned

  37. Piss Says:

    The patches are for the Rangers SWAT team.

  38. Anonymous Says:

    @Otto @David @Stroker

    The (2) shield patches on either arm say “Police” on the top of them. The logo in the middle of shield patches matches the logo on his hat.

    The upper patch on the left arm appears to be a U.S. Army ACU style rocker/tab that says sniper on it, I’m not sure it says sniper but i would bet on it.

    The upper patch on right arm looks like a sniper rifle with a wreath around it and a bar for lieutenant rank in the middle. I’m totally guessing on this one, not betting. The only other insignia I know of that looks similar is US Army expert infantry tab, a wreath is added around the rifle after you serve in combat.

  39. Paladin Says:

    The M110 SASS can be purchased by LE directly from Knight’s Armament. Although expensive, these rifles are also available to civilians, complete with suppressor if one happens to live in a NFA friendly State.


  40. Anonymous Says:

    Clearly this picture is taken out of context. The sniper in the picture was out shopping for a gun case the day of the twin peaks shooting and was captured walking between stores at the strip mall.

    Coincidentally Waco Police department, McLennan County Sheriffs Department, Waco Swat, a multi-agency federal task force, and TDPS State troopers were also off-duty and shopping at the same strip mall that day. They setup pole cameras in the parking lot to secure their vehicles, and a light armored personnel carrier to load up all their goodies and shopping bags.

    They clearly did not know that anything was going to happen or else they would have used the fire Marshall or some other method to shutdown the twin peaks and send everyone home, both disarming the situation and saving lives, cause that’s what good guys do.

    Everyone was just lucky that law enforcement was close by, well trained, and quick enough to slaughter more than half a dozen people in roughly a minute or two with well placed shots to chest and head. The end.

  41. stroker Says:

    What’s the symbol on the “mature” guy’s hat? Or on his arms??
    Anybody know?

  42. david Says:

    Would like to know what words are on the man’s patches, on the shirt and hat.

  43. Otto Says:

    Question? What do the patches on his hat and fatigues stand for?

  44. TN Says:

    I bet if someone went snooping around on the roof at Don Carlos even two years later they would find some of those missing shell casings.

  45. TX_Biker Says:

    That particular rifle M-110 SASS is chambered in 7.62 X 51MM or as it is more commonly known .308 Winchester. It could have been that very rifle that caused the larger diameter wounds on the autopsy reports that the Waco gang is trying to use as justification for charging bikers with murder.

  46. TX_Biker Says:

    @rw It is not movie silencer quiet.

    the above link will give you an approximation of the sound. it would be similar to a 22 caliber rifle in report.

  47. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Swat… however we know that the. 223 rounds killed 4 people and those WPD officer’s were Bucher, Jackson & O’Neal who was later released by the grand jury because they only shot people who banished a weapon. The 4 are Diesel, Rattlecan, Bear & Sidetrack. There was 14 officer’s placed on administrative leave as standard procedure after firing their weapons. So who are the other 11 officer’s?
    Also in Stroman press conference he said 44 casings recovered NONE WAS OF NON-LE SHOOTERS. The failed to to their job & by not doing their jobs this caused 9 people death.. they knew who…..

  48. Dasein Says:

    The vehicle was initially deployed before, this photo is taken after.

  49. rw Says:

    Would a weapon like that from a short distance somewhat sound like a tricked up paint ball gun?

  50. Gandalf Says:

    “The mature man in the photograph, walking next to an armored vehicle deployed to the Twin Peaks before anyone was shot.” Why the Crime scene tape? Or is it crime scene tape?

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