FBI Target Sentenced

May 5, 2017

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FBI Target Sentenced

The Georgia Outlaws case that began with the arrest of 21 men who belonged to either the Outlaws, the Southern Knights, the Black Pistons, or the Hoodlums Motorcycle Clubs in August 2012, claimed another victim yesterday.

Tad David Wingate, who was the president of the Carlton, Georgia chapter of the Southern Knights Motorcycle Club, was tried, convicted and sentenced Thursday. He will serve five years in prison and then serve 15 more years on probation for cultivating and selling marijuana.

About 17 months after the initial roundup in the Outlaws case, four FBI agents accompanied by Madison County Sheriff’s Office Deputies went to Wingate’s previous address in Comer, Georgia. The pretext of the visit was to interview him about his club. It was his parent’s vacant home. Wingate no longer lived there. But in the official version of this tale, the FBI agents “detected the strong smell of marijuana and contacted sheriff’s deputies.”

Large Grow Operation

The FBI then conducted a warrantless, exigent search, presumably on the grounds that since Wingate wasn’t answering the door he must have been escaping to avoid his “interview.” Inside, the deputies discovered marijuana plants “in plain view.” In a subsequent press release, the Sheriff’s Office described the vacant home as a “large marijuana grow operation.”

Somehow, probably through outstanding police work, the FBI agents were then able to ascertain where Wingate really lived. The FBI agents and the deputies then travelled two miles up the road to Danielsville, Georgia where they took Wingate into custody. After he was in jail, police obtained a search warrant for his Danielsville home. Between the two locations in Comer and Danielsville, police reportedly seized 160 marijuana plants, 65 packages of marijuana, a small amount of methamphetamine and 10 guns.


Wingate was charged with manufacturing marijuana, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of methamphetamine, possession of a schedule IV drug (which is a prescription drug that has a low potential for abuse) and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

Local officials seized and sold both properties in October, 2015.

After Wingate’s conviction and sentencing, Parks White who is the District Attorney for Georgia’s Northern Judicial Circuit told the Athens Banner-Herald, “Michael Coveney, my assistant, did an excellent job and the sheriff’s office conducted a thorough investigation. We’re glad to see this former motorcycle club president is finally out of the community and will be serving time in prison.”


37 Responses to “FBI Target Sentenced”

  1. Robert Says:

    Wow. Missed all that Kenneth. Sissy says you can go ahead and start without her. She’ll be late. Fuck you very much. Mate

  2. Robert Says:

    Here I am to defend my honor. Didn’t know I had to be so careful with my rhetoric. I’m a cop. I hate being a cop but that’s where we landed. Spoke my mind but never threatened a soul. Some fuck keeps challenging me to take my hate speech to a clubhouse. Don’t think I know where any clubhouses are but I’ll try. Too old MATE to be afraid of much Couldn’t agree more with y’all about 200 bystanders being arrested for nothing and $1,000,000 bonds. God I sound like an undercover snitch trying to lure you into a trap. Fuck if I am

  3. Kenny Says:

    P.s. When I say released from prison. He finished a bit. Caught a new case years later. They took houses that where paid for long before date of new charges..

  4. Kenny Says:

    Well they had to prove he bought all the property’s with drug money….Let me tell u. I have knowledge where they took property from a brother that he owned on the day he was release from prison. Stopping a young son of any foot up in scociety. This government is not just. In fact they need to account for seaside money. Oh ya that’s how they pay for their military gear. Robert ya bloody wanker. Go troll your moms. Ya wanna learn about bike gangs? Ask your sister she is the one at the head of the line.

  5. BigBrother Says:

    Lots of worse things than dealing natural plants that should never have been outlawed to begin with.
    That being said, people who are going to deal it, large or small, are going to have to make better business decisions as to how they go about it. In this day and age of medical marijuana and legalization
    Looming around the corner, clubs would be wise to start keeping a lower profile. There is always some hot shit prosecutor or AG or LEO that wants to climb the ladder on the backs of whoever they can find to make a high profile case of. It doesn’t get much more high profile than motorcycle gangs.i say all clubs would be smart to become an organized allegiance of sorts and work on the obvious problems together so they can have the power and the political clout to combat the bureaucratic bullshit. The Mafia did it for years so it CAN be accomplished, hating each other cause you got different patches just means you are making enemies of each other. Bound together, it would be a hell of a force to be reckoned with for sure.
    Now, this old man has said nuff and after all, it’s just my two cents worth which ain’t worth that.

  6. Paladin Says:

    @ Ed,

    Do you, Robert, David Torres and the rest of the Mensa members in your charter actually say to a patch holder or biker’s face what you collectively post on Rebel’s Blog?

    So, let’s review: In the forty-five years you’ve been around bikers, you’ve learned exactly two things. 1) Not to shit in your own backyard. 2) Most clubs deserve what happens to them. That’s it? That’s all you’ve learned from bikers in the past forty-five years?

    Dear boy; It’s beyond obvious that you, Robert, David Torres, etc. have never been around bikers, patched or otherwise, and I seriously doubt that any of you have ever suffered an injustice at the hands of any biker, patched or otherwise. Yet, here you all are, in all your bravado, hurling insults from the safety of you keyboards.

    Ya know Ed, I ride a fair amount and when I ride, I wear the mark of my Clan. I see people, they see me. I walk past them in coffee shops, they walk past me. The same thing happens at gas stations and at many other places, and I’ll bet some of those people are just as rude, stingy, disrespectful, short sighted and myopic as you, Robert, David Torres and the other trolls that post on this page. But ya know what Ed? They, like you, don’t seem to have the courage to say to my face what they freely post on Rebel’s Blog. Why is that Ed?


  7. Ed Says:

    Uh, cops don’t play fair. Period. If a biker is doing dirt or in this case growing in dirt, and it is against the law, and he gets busted, he already lost. I’ve been around many bikers over the last 45 years, and I learned not to shit in my back yard long ago. Man, ya can’t ride around with a patch on your back, breaking the law and think the motherfuckers aren’t going to get ya somehow, someway. And honestly, the way most of these clubs are acting nowadays they deserve whatever happens to them. Period.

  8. Phuquehed Says:

    This fucktard Robert is dumber than a fork in a blender. You’re right about him Paladin and Sieg, the fuck is all over the place, trying way too fucking hard to kiss ass or throw tantrums. About all he is good at is talking out the side of his mouth…in something other than English I still maintain! The guy ain’t right in the head and I still can’t hardly comprehend anything the idiot writes without having to re-read each of his posts more than twice to figure out where one sentence ended and another began and where each one went compared to the last. This guy is worse than those in Sieg’s list, he’s almost a compilation of a few of them.

    I think I’m just gonna sit back and watch the show as he’s kinda entertaining in a ‘trainwreck that’s already happened and is untangling itself using beach sand instead of grease to assist’ way.

  9. Sieg Says:

    sharing cocks

    The list goes on. IS it one retard? Two?

    Or a whole Paragraph of retards? (they were going to call the urine odor groupings Chapters, but they aren’t big enough)


  10. Robert Says:

    Oh you certainly did squirm from that bs offer Rewind that if you have time and your TV is broke. And you really think all that “I’m not posting here anymore” but I’ll come back if you beg me is nothing short of drama queen horseshit

  11. Paladin Says:


    1) the purpose of Aging Rebellians is to offer a place where the regulars that post here, and others can carry one an intelligent conversation without having to be continually interrupted by trolls and others, like yourself that are afflicted with terminal inane behavior.

    2) For my feelings to be hurt by you and others like you, you and others like you would have to actually amount to something that mattered. And as most of us know: CDC.

    3) I didn’t squirm out of my offer in regard to helping those trapped in the Waco Triangle. My offer was and is genuine. Someone else posting on this page questioned my background, I sent him references. That individual means nothing to me. Because you mean even less, I won’t be offering you the same courtesy.

    Now; run along. Dividing your time between hugging and conversing with your previously jailed Walmart victims and trying to figure out just whom your gun is for should keep you quite busy.

    Please don’t leave Birmingham. In order to receive federal grant money, every village must feed, house and maintain their idiot.


  12. Robert Says:

    Kraut I agree 100% MCs are targeted because they are easy Real criminals are complicated. Wonder why

  13. Robert Says:

    How the fuck you get around your drama queen bullshit, MATE. Got me feelings hurt so I’m running to Aging Rebellions Really? You spout off about being some kind of expert witness offering service to Waco victims. When called on that you squirmed Didn’t you MATE Did you like it when all the sheep came to beg you not to leave? Must’ve

  14. Paladin Says:


    You seem to be all over the place. First you announce that you “somehow landed here after the Zach Tipton case”. Then you proceed to call a respected regular a “special kind of asshole”, professing your MLLR for Sieg in a follow up post. You then move on, putting up another post proclaiming you’ve always been interested in biker GANGS, but don’t want to know Sieg’s name or anything about him, signing off with “ACAB”.

    After posting a pathetic swipe at me (cementing your ignorance) you then post an attempt to reassure Sieg that he would really like you. As proof, you submit that when hobnobbing at Walmart, those that you’ve previously taken to jail either converse or hug you. To top it all off, you state that you’ve always got a gun, but it’s not for Sieg or those you’ve taken to jail.

    You are a kid with some very special needs.


  15. Azbrick Says:


  16. The Kraut Says:

    @ Sieg; your summary speaks volumes…it also points out the real cancer in our world…plain old unadulterated greed.

    The solution can not be specified as the situation will change as the event occurs…Be Prepared for anything.

    I also have actually met a real peace officer once. My friend and mentor “Humble Ed” were driving my F-150 with my ’77 shovel in the bed back to wisco from canifuggya in may of ’87. We were near Holbrook AZ after driving all night from San Diego… Both of us were exhausted so I pulled over and Ed crashed in the cab and I stretched out in the ditch next to the shoulder.

    I was dead asleep when I got shook awake and heard “Sir? sir? are you ok?”

    Opened my eyes and heres a smokey bear hatted badge…I sat up and he said “Hold on…you’re ok…no problems…we got a report of a truck with a Harley in it and a body in the cab and one in the ditch. I just talked with your buddy in the cab and he told me how you’re USN and headed home for a months leave…Fell free to rest up here as long as you like.”

    That long diatribe describes my lone encounter with a REAL Police Officer.

    The other times it was “dirt bag biker or fucking sailor”.

    Cops are shit…real peace officers are rarer than an honest politician.

    Respect to those who warrant respect…(oh Robert, gangs are pukes and cunts like MS-13…go busy yourself with them if you need some kicks other wise piss up a rope badge}

    The Kraut

  17. Robert Says:

    Don’t think you would hate me if you met me Sieg. I picked you out because I mostly agree. Again…I don’t want to know anything about you. I’m a patrol pig and you could probably verify that Funny thing…I go to local Walmart with kids and get greeted by and sometimes hugged by people I put in jail Always got a gun but it ain’t for them. Or you

  18. Dasein Says:

    Sieg: I find your “oxy-acetylene torch” analogy one of the most profound things I’ve ever read here, or anywhere.

  19. Shovelhead Says:

    I for one dislike ALL Cops, every scum sucking Pig out there. The type of asshole that even wants to be a cop, is nothing more that a Rat, and a person who wants to make a living out of being a Rat…I have no use for, no respect for and obviously do not want to be around.

    They are paid to protect citizens and if they would just do that…their job, instead of lying, cheating, stealing, murdering the citizens that pay them. Then maybe citizens might show a little more respect. Not me though, you get no respect from me. And yes, I’ll protect myself Motherfuckers!

    I do however have respect for real Men…1%ers

  20. Gandalf Says:

    @ Sieg. I once heard the something like this… Power is the amount of People you can move (direct/order). Money was Cash. You can make people move with money but that is limited. The Pope would be Powerful with or without the $. So would Putin, Trump etc. Even Al Sharpton and David Duke have some power. I got kids… LOL (BTW “Power” can Change in a flash. Lek Valensia in Poland for example or Fidel Castro. etc)

  21. Sieg Says:

    Ya know, it’s funny how people assume that I “hate all pigs”. Not necessarily, I’ve met a few decent pigs, maybe, I don’t know, two or three out of thousands.

    And I really don’t blame them for being pigs, I mean, even if you took them out of their green boiler-suits, Hacks would still be pig-farmers, right? Sewage seeks it’s own level and all like that. They’re just doing what they know how to do.

    No, the WORLD, not just the country, is spun and manipulated by a constantly-shifting group of elitist Oligarchs. No, not “da jooz”, though many are, or claim to be, of Jewish descent. No, the cost of membership in that group in influence.

    People ask about that, and the closest I can come to it is an oxy-acetylene torch. Imagine that money in the acetylene, and influence is the oxygen. You start with a decent flame, just the acetylene burning, and it’s hot, sure, but it can’t really DO much until you add the oxygen, THEN you get a flame that can cut and shape and weld. Same with money and influence. A guy can have shitloads of money, but without influence, he has to BUY everything he wants, and HIRE people to do for him. But if he uses some of that money to secure some influence, then he can start to really cook. Shoot a steady stream of influence at a burn of money, and you can shape the world.

    And that’s why the group that controls and manipulates everything is constantly changing. They don’t ALL have the influence and the money at the same time, at least not in the required quantities.

    So, it isn’t one, monolithic group that has to be fought, it’s a system. Right now, it’s a (theoretically) two-partei system, but really Republicrat/Demican, they’re the opposite sides of the same coin.

    The answer isn’t going to be singing kumbaya and celebrating diversity. Nor is it going to be hunkering down in Firebase Kahl waiting for the Blue Helmets to come in.

    We have the best, most durable governing articles in the history of the world, right here in the USA. IF we actually USED them, we could be a helluva place to live again. If need be, if it goes that far-I think it already has-we can use those governing articles as the framework to hold together a coalition of ethnic enclaves, interest groups, and areas…you know, just like the USA was when it was founded.

    Oh, and robbie, if you are truly interested in motorcycle “gangs”, then I suggest you look at pages for the urine odor, urine legacy, iron pigs, any of those. You won’t find any “gangs” in the world of 1% Patches.


  22. Lunchbox Says:

    What a complete waste of money. Dont the feds have far more pressing issues than some weed. My own opinion is that all cops are not bad, just like all bikers are not bad. The bad ones ruin it for all. I think the problem comes down to the politicians who make these stupid laws and then dont hold cops accountable for any of there actions. Just as corrupt politician are rarely held accountable for theres. and the American public are just plain blind to what is happening. In Commiefornia we had a senator arrested and charged with gun running, and he was one of the senators pushing hard for gun control. I think he is doing federal time now. His name was on the ballot for reelection and there was not enough time to get it taken off and he had dropped out of the running but the stupid sheeple of CA still gave him 300,000 votes.

    The problem is not a republican/democrat issue, the whole system is broken and rigged for the benefit of the politicians. I have no faith left in our political system, and truly believe that we will one day see another civil war. It will be the PEOPLE vs the goverment. It will be a sad sad day but I truly think its coming.

  23. Robert Says:

    Paladin thought you took your ball and went home mate No? Am I the only fuck that caught you squirming out of that big boast offer to Waco? You are not real people Phuque you I would proceed but I hate bullies and TRY to not be one.

  24. Gandalf Says:

    I Like Sieg… He believes that Our Country is headed for a 2nd Revolution because of how far we have drifted away from the spirit (and words) of The Constitution. I agree. The Lawyers and Lawmakers have twisted and spun those words like Christian Ministers have spun and twisted the Bible to the point that the “Spirit” of Jesus and The Constitution is totally gone. They interpret the words to fit their needs instead of fitting their needs to the words.
    Me and Sieg disagree with who is to blame. Sieg thinks it is inevitable and the fault of the “piggers”. I believe it is not inevitable and the Fault of The Lawyers (Judges, DAs and Politicians). They are supposed to check the Police. Police are Human and Humans with Power will always do what they do unless checked. It’s Natural and unavoidable.
    I can’t count the amount of times Sieg’s colorful description of “The Pigs” and graphic demise made me smile. He simply Hates them and I can’t say I blame Him. They are the front line and image of the Crazy Laws passed by, and Prosecuted by Lawyers. Weed especially gives Police probable cause to search any vehicle and kick any door down. “I smelled weed”. Asset Forfeiture, RICO etc are all perversions of our Constitution and Dangerous to our Country. Politicians have decided the answer is to Militarize the Police instead of prosecuting their own and scrapping these Laws. A recipe for disaster.
    @ Sieg It’s easy to simply say all Piggers are bad. Just like it’s easy for Civilians to say all 1%ers are bad. In a way your doing the same thing they are doing…. Please don’t take that to heart I would miss your comments about them. As a Country we need to stop classifying groups as a whole, 1%ers, Pigs, Muslims, Blacks, Christians, Mexicans, etc. We all need to keep in perspective that there are bad guys in every group and limit our Hate for only them… not the group. (Rant over) @ Sieg “Respects”

  25. Robert Says:

    I could get nasty but like they say about keyboard tough guys. Only reason I’m here is I’ve always been interested in biker GANGS. I ain’t spying or collecting intel. If I was don’t you think I would be screaming how I hate cops and government and sheeple. I’m from Birmingham mate. And not the one in England This pig agrees with much of what u have to say Seig. But I don’t wanna know your name or anything about you ACAB

  26. Paladin Says:

    @ Phuquehed;

    I think the moron is either from Great Britain or Australia, as he uses the term “mate”, which would explain why he’s almost unintelligible. BTW; all of my friends are special kind of asshole. So, Sieg would fit right in, as would you.

    And as always, long may you ride,


  27. Phuquehed Says:

    @Sieg – How the hell did you figure out what that moron wrote? I refuse to believe it was written by a literate English speaker.

  28. Robert Says:

    MLLR Sieg

  29. Sieg Says:

    If a pig-even a foreign pig-thinks I’m “a special kind of asshole”, then I must be doing something right!


  30. Robert Says:

    I somehow landed here after the Zach Tipton case. Supposed to be biker gangs out roaming the streets to take 3-piece cop cuts or kill if not surrendered Never saw that but I don’t have a cut or even ride a motorcycle so what do I know. I’ve posted on occasion Maybe you think I’m agent provocateur Never know so never say anything Maybe there’s other agents on board Not Rebels fault. He writes the stories (much appreciated) and monitors Sieg. You are a special kind of asshole mate. Your hatred for all us poor pigs really hurts Look forward to your say on everything. I am not your enemy and I want to know nothing. Wish I could defend the police but I’m afraid y’all are more right than wrong. Be very careful with that. Just like the police think every MC guy is criminal, every MC guy thinks his brother won’t snitch him into 40 to life Never felt threatened by MCs whatsoever Real people is what a friend used to say.

  31. RVN69 Says:

    https://youtu.be/xvaEJzoaYZk being that he was a Georgia boy, there’s plenty of Mountain land to grow on. Places where the cops won’t go cause they don’t want to actually do any work. He shouldn’t have offered himself up on a silver platter. Cops know all the magic words to say to make a breaking and entering a legal search.

  32. Curbside Says:

    So glad they got those dried flowers off the street. Goddamn farmers are destroying this country, corrupting our youth and making them want Taco Bell! What’s next? Are they going to want to listen to jazz music and dance with negroes?

    In all seriousness though, I long for the day when pot is eventually legalized throughout this country, so every single one of these scumbag cops will be remembered not as the “brave heroes” they purport themselves to be, but as the nutless cowards with guns who destroy lives over a creation of God. Those fucking scumbags need to go find themselves a fire and roll around in it.

  33. Paladin Says:

    Best to grow on Govt. land if at all possible. That aside, there are places in NorCal that are so dangerous that the feds just don’t go there. No one wants to go poking around in the wilderness, where the real estate is as heavily booby trapped as parts of Vietnam were.


  34. rw Says:

    The day the law just started doing what it wants came and went a while ago.

  35. FF Says:

    Communist Stasi goons.

  36. Phuquehed Says:

    The day the law *doesn’t* obey the laws it’s supposed to enforce *correctly* and just does what it wants, is the day We the Peons need to stand up to them and tell them ‘We’re not gonna take it anymore!’.

    This needs to happen soon, as the pigs are becoming less and less pigs and more and more like military attack squads, with the same damned equipment!

    Fuck the pigs and corrupt DA’s
    Fuck the fedtards

  37. Sieg Says:

    “Parks White who is the District Attorney for Georgia’s Northern Judicial Circuit told the Athens Banner-Herald, “Michael Coveney, my assistant, did an excellent job and the sheriff’s office conducted a thorough investigation. We’re glad to see this former motorcycle club president is finally out of the community and will be serving time in prison.””

    Your day will come, pig.


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