Secretly Getting Bandidos

May 4, 2017

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Secretly Getting Bandidos

The Department of Justice is putting a lot of effort into convicting Bandidos Motorcycle Club president emeritus Jeffrey Fay Pike and former club vice president John Xavier Portillo. Federal prosecutors Eric Joseph Fuchs and Joey Contreras, acting on behalf of United States Attorney Richard L. Durbin, are taking extraordinary steps to conceal details of the case from the press and the public.

The case against the Pike and Portillo also epitomizes the accelerating federalization of all policing in the United States.

The latest example of all this was the April 25 arrest of a man named Eddie “Eddie Flames” Martinez in San Antonio. It appears at this time that Martinez destiny is to help Durbin, Fuchs and Contreras convict Pike and Portillo.

Chad Ripley

Martinez was arrested by a San Antonio Police Department Narcotics Detective named Chad Ripley. Ripley has worked for the San Antonio Police department for 24 years. Half of that time he has pursued drug users and sellers and for five years he was officially assigned to work for the federal Drug Enforcement Administration – although he was still technically a San Antonio cop.

Ripley and “covert police personnel” watched Martinez’ home until he went for a drive then contrived a reason to stop him. According to Ripley, Martinez “turned left from Nancy (Street) onto Brazos without signaling his turn. Officers were able to catch up to the vehicle and stop it at Zarzamora and IH-35.”

“Officers then asked Martinez for permission to search the vehicle to which Martinez refused. Officers did observe a large wad of money on the center console in plain view. Martinez was also asked for consent to search his home on Nancy, which he also refused,” Ripley explained in his arrest affidavit.  He continues “As the traffic stop was being conducted, I returned to the residence on Nancy and pulled
Martinez’ trash, which had been abandoned on the curb for pickup. In that trash we found several pieces of mail addressed to ‘Eddie Martinez’ at the Nancy address. We also found empty heat-sealed bags, which is a common way to package illegal narcotics in an attempt to prevent a police K9 from sniffing the drugs. We found a cut sandwich bag corner containing a crystal-like residue. Sandwich bag  corners are often used to package illegal narcotics for sale. I field tested the crystals in that cut sandwich bag corner and received a positive test for methamphetamine. Using the details listed above, I applied for and received a State of Texas search warrant for
the house on Nancy and Martinez’ vehicle.”

Federal Case

It is worth noting that Ripley did not submit his criminal complaint to a state judge but to a federal judge named Elizabeth S. “Betsy” Chestney. Although Martinez was arrested on April 25 and arraigned in federal court on April 26 – and federal rules of procedure require that these events be filed electronically by midnight on the day they occur – the first details of Martinez case were not filed until shortly before midnight on April 27.

Martinez, according to Ripley, is the “president of the San Antonio Northwest Chapter of the Bandidos OMO” and a member of “the ‘Fat Mexican Crew,’ a self-described enforcement arm within the Bandidos OMO.”

The warranted searches discovered “7.9 grams of methamphetamine in Martinez’ vehicle, 22.8 grams of methamphetamine and 9.2 grams of cocaine inside an upper kitchen cabinet, and 953.4 grams of methamphetamine in a lock box on the kitchen floor. Officers also located various types of narcotics packaging materials and two digital scales.”


The day before any of these public records were made public an attorney named Karl A. Basile was appointed to defend Martinez. Martinez waived his right to an immediate preliminary hearing and a detention hearing and disappeared. His preliminary hearing was subsequently scheduled for May 1 before federal Magistrate Judge Henry J. Bemporad. Bemporad previously disqualified Jeff Pike’s attorney, Kent A. Schaffer, in Pike and Portillo’s case. Pike is now represented by Dick DeGuerin.

Martinez, like Portillo and Pike, is being prosecuted Eric Joseph Fuchs and Martinez’ case has been assigned to Judge David A. Ezra, who will also, theoretically, eventually try Pike and Portillo.

Martinez does not appear to have been officially folded into the case against Pike and Portillo, formally titled USA v. Portillo, et al, yet. But the last five motions in that case are all sealed.


28 Responses to “Secretly Getting Bandidos”

  1. New England Rider Says:

    The fact they went through his trash, though technically legal, is despicable. It’s stinks a club member got sent up because some over-ambitious cop goes through his rubbish.


  2. Gandalf Says:

    Thanks Sieg, I guess the whole point is that Dude’s Trash wasn’t “abandoned on the curb for pickup.” And more likely LE went on His property to get the Trash can. “GUARD UP!” ;)

  3. Sieg Says:

    If he put out his trash on Tuesday, and his garbage day was Thursday, you should be able to CLEARLY see that neither means a damn thing, as the pigs don’t pay the slightest attention to the Constitution or the so-called rule of law.

    I swear, the legal arguments in here are starting to sound more and more like a couple of convicts arguing the merits of their respective cases…in their cells.


  4. Mike Smith Says:

    I must’ve misread the lead in on the article. I know/knew Eddie in prison. He’s a reliable Brother. How is it that he is helping the Feds?

  5. Gandalf Says:

    @ Paladin I wasn’t talking about a legal time limit. I was just saying that it would be unusual for a person to put out His trash on Tuesday when pick up is Thursday. In the case of this particular street it would be downright obstruction of the sidewalk or street. Q- Where does he usually put the can on non- pick up days…. If Police Lied the Neighbors can testify where that can is stored.
    If you google map it you will see most peoples trashcans and the 6′ fence easement in front of every house. Only the brown cans count since the rest are recyclables. As I see it Google took the pics on a non trash day. See how many cans might be considered searchable. Only 1 brown can is off the peoples property. That house is all the way next to the tracks… Wouldn’t it be crazy if that was His house and can? Ya kinda gotta see the actual set up on this street to understand what I’m saying.

  6. Paladin Says:

    @ Gandalf,

    Well, as reported in Rebel’s story, Ripley stated in his arrest affidavit: “I returned to the residence on Nancy and pulled Martinez’ trash, which had been abandoned on the curb for pickup.”

    It is always possible that the cops are lying, but because no witness has thus far stepped forward to confirm that Martinez’ trash was in fact not at curbside, it’s not really possible for anyone at this point to know. BTW; In California v. Greenwood, 486 U.S. 35 (1988), the decision doesn’t speak to a period of time where one’s trash can be considered abandoned or not.


  7. Gandalf Says:

    Edit: Unless those cans were in the street or blocking the sidewalk…. 2 DAYS BEFORE TRASH DAY! You will also see a few people who keep their cans on the easement (their property) in front of the fence.

  8. Gandalf Says:

    @ Paladin Google Map Nancy Place, San Antonio. Walk down the street it’s very small. You will see they use the City cans that can be mechanically dumped. You will see front yard fences. That is not the property line. There is a 6′ easement code to the city sidewalk. Mr Martinez’s Trash day is Thurs. He was arrested on Tuesday. Unless those cans were in the street or blocking the sidewalk…. HE WON THIS! IMHO

  9. Paladin Says:

    Gandalf Says:
    May 7, 2017 at 2:45 pm

    “What day is dudes trash day? Is the Trash supposed to be out when He got pulled over? (after 7pm the day before)”

    If the contained trash was within an area on the property, such as a front, back or side yard, Martinez’ trash would probably have the same Fourth Amendment protections as the trash in his residence. However, once that trash is placed on public property (curbside or in an alley), it is considered abandoned and no longer has protection against searches and seizures.

    Please bear in mind that the above is posted by someone in their mid 20s, living in Green Bay, Wisconsin, who has everyone fooled because he posts a lot. He probably doesn’t even know Jack Shit.

    And as always, long may you ride,


  10. Gandalf Says:

    BTW How much $ was in that “wad”?
    What day is dudes trash day? Is the Trash supposed to be out when He got pulled over? (after 7pm the day before)
    Normally I don’t defend this kind of arrest of anyone. (Meth Sucks) Dude played the game and got caught… But it seems obvious to me this arrest is designed to influence the Twin Peaks and RICO trials.

  11. Gandalf Says:

    I think Martinez has a strong Motion to suppress evidence. 1- A wad of $ is (or may not be) not probable cause. 2- Why did the Officer even ask for consent to search His Vehicle if “probable cause” was out in the open… He must have seen it before he asked to search. I’m not sure about the Trash/Curb Law but if they went for the trash after they found something in the car that too might be illegal search. The fact is if Twin Peaks Trials go 1st and it becomes obvious LE set up the Bandits there…. That will be News and The RICO case might be a win for the Bandits because of it… Then Mr. Martinez case is tainted… Don’t Imagine a Texas Jury doesn’t follow the News… They do. A Lot. If TP and RICO becomes wins Martinez’s case might too. Who is to say how those baggies got in that trash? If TP breaks wide open against Police so will Martinez’s trial. He’s got a 50% chance of winning now… IMHO

  12. Paladin Says:

    LoneWoolf Says:
    May 7, 2017 at 12:15 am

    “If someone else’s prints are also on the bags, what is the likelihood that Martinez’s atty can convince the jury that his prints occurred before the bags were used for illegal purposes?”

    Based on what was also found in Martinez’ house, the likelihood is right around zero. Based on the totality of the evidence found, the prints of anyone other than those of Martinez’ found on those bags would likely get that “other person” charged as a co-conspirator.


  13. LoneWoolf Says:

    Paladin Says:
    May 4, 2017 at 3:00 pm

    Hopefully (for Martinez’ sake), his fingerprints won’t be found on the empty heat-sealed bags.

    Vegas odds makers are saying that there is an 83.5% chance his prints will be found on the bags.

    P. based on your background, what are the odds that someone else’s prints will also be on the bags? If someone else’s prints are also on the bags, what is the likelihood that Martinez’s atty can convince the jury that his prints occurred before the bags were used for illegal purposes?

  14. RIDER 1 Says:

    You cannot expect the Leaders of a club to know exactly what every member is or isn’t doing and they shouldn’t be expected to. You lay down the rules so everyone can understand them and you enforce them. This world is about being a man. You do what you do and if you get in trouble doing it, you keep your mouth shut and pay the price. It really is that simple! A Brother fucks up, you look at the situation and if the Brother hasn’t dishonored the club you try to help him if you can. If the fuck up is that serious, you send him down the road and you keep on going.

    RIDER 1

  15. tiopirata Says:

    Ed you fucking troll.
    No way Jeff Pike knows what each of thousands of members may be doing, though he can be pretty confident that they are unlikely to be offending at a greater rate then the general population. As for your kids on meth, yeah they get prescribed Ritalin for ADHD, which is a bullshit ailment designed to help big pharma make profit. Ritalin is meth. Adderall is too, both legal. OxyContin is pretty much heroin by another name. The real fault is that peer to peer voluntary transaction is not always “legal” though it should always be so, enabling the gestapo you support to oppress the rest of us in the name of the law.
    As for this farce of a prosecution, surely anyone with as much as half a brain, not you Ed, can see the agenda is not about justice, and the principles of justice are hardly likely to be applied.

  16. Austin Says:

    “know more than you Says:

    Don’t bring heat to your chapter is the rule, ”


    “and it didn’t used to have to be written, And that is the problem with the club, bad choices in some of the leadership positions have crumbled what was once something great.”

    I know there are Republicans here, and I love money like all the other good capitalists – but if you take CLUB out of this sentence and replace it with COUNTRY —- the sentence is STILL TRUE!!

  17. Mercyful Fate Says:

    Ed says: “Doesn’t matter if the law didn’t follow the rules”

    Are you some special kind of stupid? It is exactly those rules that LE must abide by. Otherwise, that meth-head that you are so terrified of goes free on a technicality.

    And to answer your last question: no, the club P doesn’t know every single thing all clubs members do at all hours of every day of the year. You really are a moron.

  18. Gandalf Says:

    @ “Special” Ed… Man up? Your the one who needs to man up and take responsibility for your Kid or Grandkids actions. If you think it’s the dealers fault your kids (or Grandkids) are hooked on Meth… Think again. It’s YOURS!

  19. ed Says:

    uh, he was selling dope, he got busted…just like the rest of them he will sell his soul to get a deal. Doesn’t matter if the law didn’t follow the rules…the fuck was selling you want your kids or grandkids on meth ? If you get busted, ya man the fuck up…if you are selling dope…you deserve whatever happens. Far as Jeff Pike goes. He knew everything that was going on with club members. Period. That is the fuckin’ way it is.

  20. Iron Rider Says:

    Anyone who knows ir is connected to an MC knows the rules of the MC and most are smart enough to know not to do something that will reflect badly on you , your brothers or the MC.

    Anyone who has a connection to a MC ought to know that your going to be in the cross hairs of LE to keep an eye, that is just a fact whether you have done something or not and that is due to your connection to an MC.

    Everyone connected to an MC needs to use their head and do not give LE a reason to take you down or the club, use your head when your out and about keep six and beware of your surroundings and who is around, LE can make a ton of mistakes, it only takes one for YOU and then they will be on your ass.

  21. Gandalf Says:

    Imagine this: LE wants the Trials in this order. Martinez, RICO, Twin Peaks. Each one feeding off the others. The Problem is the order of arrest is exactly backwards. Twin Peaks, RICO, and Martinez. Bandits must not let that LE order to Happen because of the same reason the Feds want it to. The Media. TP is the obvious LE set up… After The Media catches on RICO and Martinez will be easy wins for the Bandits. (Set ups) Don’t turn on your brothers Mr Martinez. Make bail. STFU and postpone everything… you will benefit from the other 2 trials. RICO defendants need to keep postponing until the TP’s trials are held or pushed so long as to be embarrassing… obvious.

  22. Gandalf Says:

    The fact that the $ was in open view yet the Officers asked to search might lead a Judge to believe that the $ didn’t become “probable cause” until the Defendant refused the search. Or the $ wasn’t probable cause… Or why ask to search at all?

  23. know more than you Says:

    Don’t bring heat to your chapter is the rule, and it didn’t used to have to be written, or released to the public. It’s not the 60’s thru the 80’s anymore, and anyone in a 1% club that thinks they can successfully sling dope is stupid, and risk’s the existence of the entire club. The only people in this club getting busted for dope are presidents, and nationals, so maybe they feel they didn’t have to worry about bringing heat to their chapter because they feel they were better than their brothers… And here is a guy that was fmc, supposed to correct other brothers that were not on point. And that is the problem with the club, bad choices in some of the leadership positions have crumbled what was once something great.

  24. Paladin Says:

    @ Hangaround,

    As stated in Rebel’s article, Martinez had been under surveillance, obviously for quite some time. As also stated, the traffic stop was planned,as was everything else.

    The wad of cash in plain view raised Martinez’ traffic stop to the level of a reasonable suspicion of illegal activity, which then turned a routine traffic stop into a legal detention. The testing positive for methamphetamine of Martinez’ examined curbside abandoned trash established the probable cause for the issuance of the search warrant needed to search Martinez’ home. That’s how it works.

    Hopefully (for Martinez’ sake), his fingerprints won’t be found on the empty heat-sealed bags.

    Long May You Ride,



  25. Gandalf Says:

    Now Imagine if the Twin Peaks Trials were to happen before the RICO trials… Bandits “Not Guilty”. Cossacks, “Guilty”. The Press gets wind that the Bandits were set up at Twin Peaks… Out the Door goes the Fed RICO case.

  26. Hangaround Says:

    WTF kind of attorney does Martinez have? The supreme court already ruled that its illegal to detain a person at a traffic stop in order to wait for a K9 to arrive to do a search. How damn long does it take to:
    1) drive to a suspects house
    2) search their garbage ( we wont even touch the trespass issue here )
    3) get a warrant.

    I guessing much longer than the time it takes to write a failure to signal ticket.

    Remember Keep asking
    Am I being detained?
    Am I free to go?
    Am I being detained?
    Am I free to go?

    over and over again….

  27. zero Says:

    This is only going to get worse under Trump. We’ll be wishing we had Obummer back. The way he’s buddying up with tinpot dictators all around the world it’s not hard to tell what he wants to bring to the good old USA.

  28. David Torres Says:

    Never leave a paper trail.

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