Lowball Waco Lawsuit

May 3, 2017

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Lowball Waco Lawsuit

William Isaac Richardson, one of 15 men hospitalized with gunshot wounds after the Twin Peaks biker brawl two years ago, filed suit yesterday in the 74th District Court in Waco. The 74th District is a court of general jurisdiction that handles civil cases.

Richardson, 63, is a mechanic with Texas A&M University who lives in Lexington. He is a self-described member of a “mom and pops group” called the Line Riders Motorcycle Club in Caldwell, Texas and has been riding motorcycles “sine he was 14.” He travelled to the Confederation of Clubs and Independents meeting in Waco with two friends named Jimmy Dan Smith and Bradley Terwilliger.

During a June 11, 2015 interview with police he said that when the three men “got to Twin Peaks there were a lot of Cossacks at the back door. He said he went over to Don Carlos to use the restroom and when he came out of the restroom he saw a couple of Cossacks had their hands in their vests. He said these Cossacks were standing in the grassy area between Twin Peaks and Don Carlos by the parked motorcycles. He said he’d be unable to identify them. He said at that point he saw several Bandidos’ rolling in on their motorcycles pretty hard. He said he saw two of the Bandidos were trying to back their bikes in to park and then saw them both get off their bikes.”


“Right shortly after that,” the report of his voluntary statement continues, “he heard a gunshot. He said it sounded like the gunshot came from the Cossacks’ side of Twin Peaks. He turned around and started running. That’s when he felt a bullet hit him in the side. He said a Boozefighter from Chapter 100 said he was an EMT and then took a green bandana out and put pressure on his wound. Shortly after, an officer approached him. He told the officer that he was shot and waited and then went over behind Don Carlos where the ambulance was staging. Apparently it was taking a while for (the) ambulance to get there. He asked a police officer if his buddy could take him to the hospital and was told yes and then was taken to Hillcrest Emergency Room by private vehicle.”

The private vehicle was a pickup truck driven by Line Rider Benjamin Matcek. Matcek had not yet arrived at the Twin Peaks when Richardson was shot. Terwilliger, Matcek and Smith drove Richardson to the hospital where Richardson was treated and released.

According to a federal lawsuit filed last year by Terwilliger, Matcek and Smith, the three men  “pulled into the parking lot of a closed business to regroup and process the traumatic events. While in the parking lot, Waco police officers approached the vehicle, and eventually decided to arrest…Matcek, Terwilliger, and Smith…. Matcek was initially arrested and charged with criminal trespass and Unlawfully Carrying Weapons. Matcek bonded out of jail on those charges two days later on May 19, 2015. After Matcek was released from jail, a warrant for Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity was issued for him. Matcek was arrested based on the Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity warrant on May 20, 2015.”

What Do You Think

Richardson told police, “…while he was waiting for the ambulance, putting pressure on his wound, some Cossacks asked him ‘what do you think of the COC now?’”

Richardson was wounded by a large caliber, ricocheted bullet and he told police, “He was glad the cops were there because everything would have been worse if they weren’t.”

Richardson is now suing the Waco Twin Peaks and its management company; former Waco Police Chief Brent Stroman; Waco police Detective Manuel Chavez; McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara; and “John Doe,” an unidentified Waco police officer.

The lawsuit seeks more than $200,000 and less than $1 million. It was filed on Richardson’s behalf by Matthew Wright, a Rosebud, Texas attorney who, according to his self description, “works in the areas of municipal, corporate, and charity law. In addition, he has been appointed to his second term as the Presiding Judge for the Municipal Court for the City of Rosebud.”

No Comment

The amount of damages sought in Richardson’s suit stands in stark contrast to the $350 million being sought by Morgan English in a lawsuit filed in March against “the City of Waco, McLennan County, McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna, individually; Waco police chief Brent Stroman, individually; Waco police officer Manuel Chavez, individually; and John Does, individually.” English is represented by Houston attorney Randall Kallinen.

Wright declined to comment when contacted by The Aging Rebel this morning and refused to send this page a copy of Richardson’s suit.

“The lawsuit is public record and can be obtained from the McLennan County District Clerk’s office,” Wright explained. “As a policy to protect our client’s privacy, we do not release information from our office.”


7 Responses to “Lowball Waco Lawsuit”

  1. Dutchboy Says:

    Can the stench of corruption get any worse? This is the problem with cover-ups boys (talking to the blue gang). The truth has a way of coming to the surface. I hope a lot of promising Fed careers got sidetracked due to this goat-rope. How do you like Moose Snout Alaska and Dead Hamster Montana boys? Ain’t DC or NY is it.

  2. Gandalf Says:

    …and this is why I believe ALL charges will be dropped. 1-Because they have someone else to blame. The Feds. 2- Because they already killed 7 of their tethered goats no use adding insult to injury but putting the rest in jail. Esp since NO Bandit could ever be found guilty in Texas. Self Defense and they know it. 3- Too much $. 4-Stop the bad Press. 5-Protect their Rats. 6-Hide the fact they helped plan the whole thing. IMHO The only way out of the quicksand is to drop ALL charges after the 2 years Lawsuit Limit… Count up their Loses and start settling Lawsuits. IMHO

  3. Gandalf Says:

    Now all ya got to do is follow the interviews after the fact to identify those people who knew about a deal with LE.
    How do we know Waco PD was “playing” the Press to benefit the Cossacks? Because the 1st Video Leaked to CNN and stamped Waco PD had a 2min edit cut out showing the Cossacks jumping the Patio Fence. BUSTED!
    How do we know the Judge was in on it? Because He said, “They are not from here.” Obviously the Cossacks are “from there”
    Ya know who wasn’t in on it… The LE triggers. The rank and file cop with his sniper rifle….. Otherwise they would have been blasting Bandits from jump… That didn’t happen. LE triggers targeted the guys who were doing the damage, without prejudice.

  4. Lou Sassel Says:

    Still blows me away that this is still open ended. I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but two years later and not one trial or case with the charges dropped. Am I thought 2 months to get my DUII / reckless driving (riding) case heard was too long.

  5. RIDER 1 Says:

    Hopefully Mr. Ricbardson was in shock when he told the cops he was glad they were there because things would have been much worse if they weren’t. I think we all realize why the cops were there and it wasn’t to keep the peace.

    RIDER 1

  6. Computer Guy Says:

    Every piece of data has said the same damn thing for 2 years. The Cossack’s planned, initiated and carried out the “Genius” plan to take on one of the baddest Motorcycle Clubs in the nation with infiltrated planning from LE and nut-sack Owen fucking Reeves. The problem is they got their asses handed to them by “said” LE and the Bandidos (self defense). Like I always heard, 5 average men “cossacks” are no match for 1 Real 1%ERS “BANDIDOS”, and the math works out here as well. First Cossack to tell the truth may be the only one of those shitsticks that will not go to prison for a long time. So step right up to the microphone boys, most of yall dropped your cuts anyway so your loyalty is gone already. Respects to the Bandidos and their supporters. Looks like you’ll be winning a lot of law suits – new motorcycles for everyone!!!! Ohh and fuck the iron order, kinfucks and any other LE backed pop-up club.

    Respects to you Rebel

  7. Gandalf Says:

    “Richardson told police, “…while he was waiting for the ambulance, putting pressure on his wound, some Cossacks asked him ‘what do you think of the COC now?’” WTF? Why would this guy Lie? How much more evidence is needed to prove the Cossacks started a gunfight in a Texas Mall parking lot on a Sunday. Putting Waitresses and Civilians in Harms Way? Then to have the Police totally smoke 7 Cossacks and shoot ? Civilians…. “I was amazed that we didn’t have innocent civilians killed or injured,” Swanton said. (CBS News) The most Goddamdest thing I kept Hearing was the Cossacks saying, “It was a set up” LOL…. Yea dude, LE set Y’all up then Killed you. YOU put lots of Innocent people in Harms way…. I’m sick of Y’all.

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