Outlaws Kingsmen Gun Fight

May 1, 2017

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Outlaws Kingsmen Gun Fight

Ongoing tensions between members of the American Outlaw Association and the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club broke into public view Saturday night when a fight involving about 13 men at a Circle K gas station and convenience store in Leesburg, Florida culminated in gunfire.

Many clubs in Florida wear an Outlaws support patch. The Kingsmen do not. According to a federal racketeering indictment of 16 Kingsmen unsealed in March 2016, the Kingsmen decided to become a one percenter club in 2013. The Kingsmen have 26 chapters – 12 in New York where the club was founded, six in Pennsylvania, one in Tennessee and seven in Florida including a chapter in Leesburg.

The shooting occurred on the last night of the Leesburg Bikefest. Two hundred thousand motorcycle enthusiasts were expected to attend the event which ended yesterday. The Bikefest describes itself as “the world’s largest three-day motorcycle and music event.”

David “Gutter” Donovan, vice president of the Lake County chapter of the Kingsmen,  was shot in the back. Outlaw Marc E. “Knothead” Knotts was severely wounded in the groin. Police have said that one of the men was wearing a bullet proof vest but have declined to say which one. Police have reported that both men are in stable condition at area hospitals.

Police have also said that each wounded man was shot three times, that the fight was an “isolated incident” and the cause of the altercation is unknown.

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30 Responses to “Outlaws Kingsmen Gun Fight”

  1. JJ Says:

    i never implied someone was disrespecting a patch… when i said you have to respect that i meant you have to respect the fact that 4 men didnt back down they faced the numbers and stood up…. respect is earned by men that stand up for what they believe in and they did just that

  2. Tiger Says:

    It is entertaining some of the Trolldown commits from the unknowing. The Bikefest was amazing. A disagreement came about. About what? I do not know. Not my business. They were away from the Bikefest. The only reason people knew was because the media frenzy that happened that night. The disagreement was in all honesty out of town. The media did a bang up job stirring up the misinformation pot. The b.s. ran by some shows me that the crap is trying to be stirred here. Rebel does not deserve it. The loyal members here do not deserve it. The Men in the clubs do not deserve it. Leesburg town lines are far greater than the little town that holds this celebration. Alot of open land.
    I respect these men for taking it out of town to discuss. It got out of hand. That happens. It was away from public sight somewhat. Big Dogs are Big Dogs, they will settle it.
    Trolls and media overload creates the lies that float. If you were not there personally, or involved in the discussion then what are you talking about? Just because I see someone with a patch does not give me the right to say what did or did not happen. I just know that I am glad they are going to be okay. The only one who’s information I trust is Rebel or a few regulars that know more than they let on. Assumptions are empty knowledge. They acted honorably by taking this away from the crowd. May they find a solution. Honor, Love and Respect. Tiger. PS. Great bike shows and bands. Cafe Risque even set up a tent. Nice bods!!!

  3. Va.Bob Says:

    [email protected] it does seem sort of short-sighted,doesn’t it?Sort of like a member of an alleged allied group,not a rival,fatally stabbing a home team member in Daytona Beach.I don’t get that.

  4. Wren Says:

    That’s how the OL’s do, they rat pack because individually they have relied on patch intimidation for so long that none of them can throw hands. Got jumped by a few of them once, didn’t work out for one and the rest backed up when I wasn’t having it. Kingsmen MC have been in Florida before the majority of these cats even knew how to ride a motorcycle so antagonist to the dominant…get real. Wikipedia bikers on here talking shit about 11!

  5. Sieg Says:

    JJ, if you’ll notice, no one here has disrespected EITHER Patch, except for the usual pig trolls, lol, ed, garbage like that.

    There is no need to disrespect ANY legit Patch, and if someone is talking smack about one, pretty obvious they got a fucked-up agenda.


  6. FF Says:

    Antagonizing and provoking the dominant club in their AO? No, JJ I don’t have to respect that.

  7. JJ Says:

    well a fight with 13 men involved 4 were kingsmen ( i was across the street) not to bad i would say. they may not be 1%ers but it sounds like they stood their ground and if nothing else you have to respect that.

  8. FF Says:

    Special Ed, it’s a Black and White world, have mom loosen up the strap on your hockey helmet.

  9. Sieg Says:

    Ah, the trollage is heavy here.

    Same as it ever was, all the back as long as I remember, into the sixties. The big kids on the block keep the little kids in-line, because it’s the little kids fucking up and bringing heat.

    I’ve heard a few different things about the Kingsmen and their beef with other clubs, but strictly not my bidness. If they, or some of them, decided to hang a 1% on their cuts, well, you want to play in the bigs, shit’s gonna happen.

    Now, couple people throwing shit about “sheep”, and talking trash about the two oldest, most definitive Clubs in existence, notice they talk shit about “sheep” and such HERE, not to a PH. Everyone has allegiances, but I’ve never, in all the years I’ve been reading here, known the Rebel to stack a story in favor of anyone, and sure enough not in favor of a Midwestern Patch.

    Censorship? What the fuck makes anyone think this is their private little world to talk shit about righteous people on someone else’s dime?! Guess you get a free pass on that one, I know other motorsickle-oriented sites that will send your e-mail and IP info, along with the trash you talk, to the Club you badmouth. Kind of gives you a chance to get behind what you say.

    All that said, fuck you and the rat you rode in on, pig.


  10. ed Says:

    Dirtbags being dirtbags. Then they cry when they get arrested. Let ’em all kill each other. World will be a better place. Shit is ruining everything for everyone else.

  11. Lol Says:

    This shit is nothing but hipsters fighting about who has the cutest jacket. Aren’t you guys in the later stages of adulthood? Sure don’t act like it! After you’re all done stabbing and shooting at each other over petty shit let me know because it sure is annoying to wind up in between adults who never grew up or got molested by their dads!

  12. FF Says:

    Rotten? Why don’t you and buh buh Billy bibbit go play me and my shadow someplace else.

  13. Paladin Says:

    The Bigger picture

    When clubs or members of clubs settle differences of opinion on Main St. it accomplishes the following: It feeds law enforcement and the media’s propaganda machine, which in turn reinforces the public’s negative perception of MCs.

    In the past, businessmen came to realize that keeping a low profile was not only less stressful, but better for business, whatever that business might be. It would certainly be refreshing if the current generation of entrepreneurs would rise to that level of awareness, n’est–ce pas??


  14. Johnny Rotten Says:

    I hope nobody thinks thats me….

    Jus sayin…..

    Respects to those deserving


  15. Billy Says:

    Rebel isn’t a Floridian or involved in the club and motorcycle culture in Florida to the best of my knowledge, so if he overlooked a detail or didn’t want scrutiny from a large club then that’s totally reasonable. However sometimes it is just as simple as “wear our patch or go away”.
    And sometimes people say no and stick up for themselves. If you’ve been keeping up, you’d know that the Daytona Beach chapter of the Kingsmen MC traded their colors in to become a support club for the AoA. Two Kingsmen were murdered in New York Allegedly for leaving the club to become a support club member for the AoA. It doesn’t take someone with a doctors degree to point out that tensions between these guys will exist, especially given the demand to wear the support patch in Florida which is not reported here. Generally this is private club business, but when you spill it out into public venues and involve the public by way of harassing supporters and citizens alike, then you put yourself out there for general scrutiny. If that chaps your ass, then too bad! If the only acceptable comments on here pertain to calling s cop a scum bag, or how someone is a coward for not one on obeying, etc, then this is quite the forum for sheep.

  16. Rotten Says:

    I like how when you call the maggots and the olladies flip sides of the same coin here you get your comment deleted…fuckin faggot bitch censorship site obviously run by an ollady.

  17. Rotten Says:

    Hey Stroker and FF Billys got a point. We all know thats how the AOA play. Wear our support patch or we shut you down is the M.O. just like the maggots on the other side of the same coin. Like mother fuckin kindergarden teachers, always concerned with what someone else is wearing. Act like a bully, get shot in the dick…sounds reasonable to me.

  18. stroker Says:

    (I know, I know….I should just drop this!)


    The only “conspiracy theorist” here is you. Rebel mentioned in passing “Many clubs in Florida wear an Outlaws support patch. The Kingsmen do not.”
    That is the only mention of patches, and nowhere does he say that’s what the “altercation” was about.
    Get it?

    Probably not………….oh well…….

    bye Billy.

  19. Billy Says:

    Going! Not much on back and fourth with conspiracy theorists.

  20. FF Says:

    Silly Billy, are you coming or going? Make up my mind.

  21. Billy Says:

    Take it from a Floridian, Rebel reports that according to a federal document the Kingsmen decided to be a 1-% club in 2013.
    As anyone who has ever been to their parties can tell you, they’ve never worn or have worn 1% diamonds. They have “Nomad” members who even say “we stay out of 1%er shit”. When they patch to different clubs, it is always support clubs because nobody else believes they are 1%ers either. The closest they’ve ever come to even hinting at it was their diamond 11. A few months back they were told put on a support patch or cease to exist.

    It doesn’t take a scientist to know it wasn’t about who had the coolest tassel on their bike. But then again this is the comments section!

  22. stroker Says:

    Billy…..the facts (as represented here by Rebel’s reporting) only say the two clubs had an “altercation.” We (and that includes you) don’t know what that altercation was about.
    YOU, on the other hand, are one of those who has decided, all on your own, that you KNOW what said altercation was about. YOU say it was about patches. And, as per my first comment below, if you keep saying it, maybe it’ll become real.
    That your game plan Billy?

  23. Billy Says:

    I’d say that’s what they did here…

    And they aren’t getting along

  24. Shovelhead Says:

    Exactly! There’s a 1%er Club in my area that does not wear a support patch. They’ve been around since 1961. For as long as I can remember, there’s been no problem between them and any other Big Club.

  25. Sieg Says:

    Hey Billy, if a Club has the nuts, they can always just say no. There are Clubs here that have and continue to do so, and they get along just fine.


  26. Grimey Says:

    typical bullshit.

  27. Dutchboy Says:

    How do you enslave free men? Divide and conquer. Set them one against another and allow them to do your killing for you.

  28. Billy Says:

    I think demanding one club wear your support patch then starting an altercation with them for refusing falls completely in line with what LE puts out.

  29. Paladin Says:

    Dear stroker,

    Once upon a time, there was an unspoken rule that each village would be allowed one and only one idiot. That rule should have been set in stone, because we’ve now become a nation run and ruled by idiots.

    And as always, long may you ride.


  30. stroker Says:

    LE SAYS:
    “WE SAY THEY’RE BAD! So they’re bad!
    WE SAY THEY’RE A GANG! So they’re a gang!

    “Relax good sheeple….WE, your friendly law enforcement are here to protect you from the evil, criminal, gang people, because we say they ARE evil criminal gang people, so they must be! How else could we arrest them if they weren’t evil criminal gang people??!! We will keep you safe. No, don’t worry about proof that they are evil criminal gang people….we have proof….but you don’t need to see it. Just believe us. We’re the good guys, they’re the bad guys!

    Because we say so.”


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