Charleston Protest Sunday

April 28, 2017

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Charleston Protest Sunday

The avoidable homicide of 30-year-old Robert Lee Clark of Goose Creek, South Carolina by Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office Deputy James Vansant on April 19 has touched a nerve.

Vansant pursued Clark because, he said, he saw Clark riding his motorcycle 66 miles per hour, on a mostly deserted highway, just before midnight, in a 45 mile per hour zone. When Vanzant caught up to Clark, by going 100 miles per hour in his police SUV, Clark was going 60.

Tragically, Clark ran. He probably ran because he was carrying about two ounces of marijuana. In South Carolina, possession of two ounces of marijuana counts as being a “drug trafficker” and can be penalized with a fine of up to $5,000 and up to five years in prison.

The ensuing chase covered about seven miles, lasted about five minutes and reached speeds up to 111 miles per hour. It ended after Deputy Vansant rammed Clark twice from behind – the second time as Clark finally seemed to be pulling over to the right.


Three Charleston area bikers have started a Facebook page called Justice for Robert Lee Clark Jr. and are planning an all day protest rally this Sunday at the spot where Clark died, which is at the Hutchinson Square Farmers Market and which, ironically, is across the street from the Summerville Municipal Court.

Dan Anessi, a spokesman for the planned protest has written this page to say:

“Please do understand that we do not agree with or condone Clark’s actions to flee the police, however, we do believe Deputy James Vansant used excessive force to bring the chase to an end by hitting Clark in the rear of his motorcycle. One time is an accident, two times is murder. Officer Vansant hit him at speeds of 88 miles per hour and 64 miles per hour respectively causing him to lose control of his motorcycle and crash. This type of action is strictly prohibited by Berkley County Sheriff pursuit policy. We also believe the pursuit violated Berkley County Policy. We feel that Deputy James Vansant, having gotten his tag number, the speeds of the pursuit, and the pursuit being initiated due to simply a speeding infraction, could have disengaged the pursuit and arrested Clark at a later time. The Berkley County Sheriff Department is claiming that Clark was the cause of the collision by missing a gear and slowing down dramatically. We believe the video shows Deputy James Vansant purposely made contact with Clark. As a result of the investigation this is being declared ‘accidental contact,’ which clearly that is not the case.

“We have decided to hold a rally at the scene of the collision to seek justice for Clark and are demanding that Deputy James Vansant be charged with the murder of Clark.”

“We encourage everyone to bring signs.”


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  1. david Says:

    Anything the murdered bike rider did, or did not do, is nothing but a distraction from what the pig actually did.

    Psychopaths often crave excitement, are cool under pressure, and DO NOT MIND killing people. Clark did not die, he was coldly murdered.

  2. Iron Rider Says:

    @ ed

    Yes the rider had drugs in his possession allegedly, Yes the rider decided to run from the police why, well I dont think we will ever know no one can speak as to the riders mindset of why he chose not to stop.

    With that said the cop who initiated the chase and struck the riders motorcycle twice broke his OWN departments pursuit policy. There was NO need to intentionally ram his cruiser into the rider motorcycle not once, but twice at those speeds.

    This isnt pitting a car, it is a motorcycle, this cop knew full well that hitting the motorcycle would put the rider in jeopardy and could cause injury or death as we have seen.

    Yes the rider made a bad choice to run, but this cop made a bad choice to hit the motorcycle twice which made the rider lose control and killed him and this cop did so while amped up about being in the chase and having the gotta get em all mantra.

    This cops easily could have followed the motorcycle till the driver gave up or the motorcycle ran out of gas, there was no need to ram his car into the motorcycle.

    This cop violated his own departments pursuit policy more than a few times. No police department in their right mind would advocate slamming a cruiser into a motorcycle as a method to end a chase because they know what the effects of a rider losing control leans toward serious injury or death and it is why most police departments will follow from behind or with air support until the bike runs out of gas or the rider out of steam.

    Yes the rider made a bad choice to run, but the cop made a choice that cost this rider his life which didnt need to happen.

  3. Paladin Says:

    To the regulars;

    The degree of intellect displayed on this site by those that regularly post here is why I have posted here as long as I have. Since I began posting my two cents on The Aging Rebel, I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting face to face some of those that have regularly posted on this blog. Others I have come to know by way of their posts on this blog and conversations had with those same individuals on The Aging Rebellians, which is a closed group on FB. I find it ironic that a good many of those that I consider friends, I have never met, nor do they live anywhere near me.

    One’s intelligence can be a curse. When one uses one’s head for something other than a convenient place to hang one’s ears, one can clearly see the folly, dangers and traps set by a paranoid, insincere government and its corrupt judicial system. The curse is one’s awareness of the foregoing and the realization that for the time being one will always be a potential victim, more so if one lives outside society’s dictated conventions.

    So, here we all are, like minded individuals respectfully conversing and or grousing around Rebel’s punch bowl, when for no particular reason, we’re set upon by a collection of various idiots from the surrounding villages that take a perverse delight in throwing turds into Rebel’s punch bowl. This is especially irksome when we have no interest, desire or inclination to visit the villages of those idiots and do the same.

    I speak only for myself when I openly wish that Rebel would be less tolerant of said idiots. I will continue to post here because after giving it some thought, I’m reminded that the good things in life aren’t necessarily without their challenges.


  4. RtC Says:

    Paladin, WHAT STROKER SAID, MAN! I’m gone from FB so only read ya here.
    RESPECTS to Rebel & the Real ones

  5. stroker Says:

    Dear Paladin,

    I hope you keep posting here. I’ve looked at the other site, and while I think it may be valuable as a backup if Rebel’s site get’s fucked with again, the sheer volume of “other” news and pics on that site doesn’t interest me much. I read Rebel’s stuff, because, like others here, I love his reporting, and the valuable insight from people like yourself is icing on the cake.
    Don’t stay away, you’ve got stuff stuck in yer brain-wrinkles that breaks out every so often, and I mean that in a good way.


  6. Dutchboy Says:

    Phuquehed, Realizing that what you said has been taken in a way other than you intended and attempting to correct it is not “sucking up” it is being a man. As for getting “respect” a person must be someone whom I respect for their opinion to matter, and that is usually not some gomer who just wants to stick his oar in. Several people here have earned my respect over the years through their comments and level headed arguments. Maybe, someday, you may reach that standard.

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