Outlaw Captured

April 25, 2017

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Outlaw Captured

Orville Jerome Cochran, a member of the American Outlaw Association and a federal fugitive for the last 16 years, was arrested in Chicago on Sunday.

Cochran was indicted for racketeering in 2001. He was accused of participating in the murder of a Hells Angel named Michael “Mad Mike” Quale during a brawl in Lancaster, New York in 1994 and of participating in the fatal shooting a Hells Angel named Jack “4By” Castle in March 1995. Cochran was himself shot by an unknown assailant in 2000.

Cochran’s case was investigated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and relied heavily on the cooperation of a confidential informant named Mark “Crash” Quinn.

Cochran was arrested after he tried to shoplift a back brace from a regional super store in Evergreen Park, Illinois Sunday afternoon. Evergreen Park is just west of Chicago. Cochran  was identified by his fingerprints.

He was transferred to federal custody Monday. He was scheduled to be arraigned today in Milwaukee.


8 Responses to “Outlaw Captured”

  1. vegas Says:

    i see they released orville on may 25 2017. just over a month on custody. not bad i guess. i wonder whete he went.

  2. Billy Says:

    Lol if he is guilty of being involved in two killings, his 16 years of undocumented good behavior probably won’t get him much credit

  3. rocco151 Says:

    While “Orvy” might have used better judgement procuring back pain relief you have to give him credit for eluding LE for 16 years ! With cell phone cameras and advanced tracking systems, not to mention “random” stops by police, this guy was able to go unnoticed until he was nabbed a few miles from his home ! His brothers (some of whom had to know where he was over the years) showed everyone how a 1%er keeps quiet as a brother effectively goes off the grid ! Very impressive and well played in my opinion !

  4. Dasein Says:

    All for a back brace. Pain, and likely spinal degeneration, must’ve been debilitating. Maybe he’ll get some remedy now. Life is like that.

  5. Neutron Says:

    Makes you wonder what kind of sentence he will receive. He was on the lam, but then again (other than the shoplifting) he has stayed out of trouble for 16 years..

  6. Mercyful Fate Says:

    16 years on the lam? Rather impressive.
    Caught shoplifting? Rather unfortunate.

  7. LoneWoolf Says:

    The first axiom of “How to be a successful fugitive” is; don’t shoplift.

    On some level, maybe he wanted it to end.

  8. Paladin Says:

    When one has become a person of interest to the Federal Bureau of Lost and Found (U.S. Marshall’s), one needs to be a bit more circumspect. No?


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