Fort Wayne Murder Conviction

April 21, 2017

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Fort Wayne Murder Conviction

Andrew Cassaday, who has been reported to be a member of the Steel Horse Rebels Motorcycle Club in Fort Wayne, Indiana was convicted of murder yesterday after a four-day trial. Cassaday, who is just 29, shot and killed 28-year-old Jeffrey Lute outside a Texas Roadhouse restaurant last August 14.

There are many clubs called the Steel Horse Riders. This one was reportedly very casual and public spirited until sometime after the American Outlaws Association clubhouse in Fort Wayne was raided by local and federal officials in September 2015. After police attacked the preeminent club in the city, the character of the Steel Horse Riders changed and Lute, a former vice president of the club who held down two jobs and was on the board of directors of his Lutheran church, left the newly intense version of his old club. It was not an amicable divorce and some remaining members, led by Cassaday, decided to punish Lute for his desertion.

In hindsight, the ensuing drama seems childish and avoidable.


Cassaday (above right) slashed Lute’s tires four times. One of the incidents was recorded on video. Lute (above left) complained to police six times. The police did nothing. Lute started legally carrying a gun. Eight months after he left the Steel Horse Riders, Cassaday and a dozen of his club brothers caught Lute coming out of the steakhouse and confronted him.

Justin Clark, who was at the restaurant with Lute the night he died, said they were surrounded by a dozen men who “popped up, like a flash mob” as they went to their car, a club member named Philip Elkins yelled at Lute. Lute started recording the confrontation on his cellphone. When Elkins shoved and punched Lute, Lute pulled a gun, shot Elkins in the leg and ran away.

After he was shot, Elkins shouted to his companions that “someone” should “go kill” Lute. Lute then went to the back of the restaurant and called 911.

Cassaday went to his car, where his girlfriend awaited him, and retrieved his pistol.

He’s Coming

Someone shouted “He’s coming around the building. Somebody get him.” When Lute appeared at the side of the building, Cassaday shot him in the neck. Lute died where he fell.

The Steel Horse Riders dispersed. Cassaday told his girlfriend to get rid of the murder weapon and drove Elkins to the hospital. Police arrested Cassaday the next day.

Cassaday was the final witness at his trial. He told the jury he had acted in self defense out of fear for his life. “I was trying to get him away from me. I didn’t want to get shot next,” he said. And he told the jury that he saw Lute fall after he fired but he did not realize he had shot the dying man, He thought Lute was “playing possum.” The jury didn’t believe him.

Cassaday will be sentenced May 26. He faces between 45 and 86 years in prison.


8 Responses to “Fort Wayne Murder Conviction”

  1. Beardedrambler Says:

    Phsyco I don’t think he was ever a 1%er. So the killers were acting like wannabes. Trying to prove their club was now the real deal. Losers.

  2. Psycho Says:

    “Lute (above left) complained to police six times.”
    “Lute then went to the back of the restaurant and called 911.”

    I’m seeing a pattern here… Could this be why maybe some ex-brothers of his had a problem with him? I don’t know the situation, but that sure sounds like a lot of voluntary interactions with LE.


    Fuck your feelings

  3. Gottabejustright Says:

    sons of stupidity! Only to be trumped by tubby saying “it’s a bummer”

    RIP and prayers for the family

  4. Sieg Says:

    Wannabes, whether in a Patch or not, can be more dangerous than the real deal-they need to prove something to themselves.


  5. RIDER 1 Says:

    Alot of questions that will bever be answered. Probably could have been avoided. Unfortunate for everyone involved.

    RIDER 1

  6. Sharon Cox Says:

    Sad and tragic. And unnecessary.


  7. Paladin Says:

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


  8. Huh Says:

    Just let the man leave and stop acting like scorned women. Now multiple lives ruined over what exactly…?

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