Weird In Wyoming

April 19, 2017

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Weird In Wyoming

Police are investigating a weird patch pulling in Rock Springs, Wyoming.

Allegedly, three members of the Sons of Silence Motorcycle Club named Cory Rutherford, Matthew Wedgewood and Nicholas Hanson attacked a gentleman named Bradley Chrisman in a bar called the Saddle Lite Saloon. Chrisman told police that Rutherford approached him, punched him in the face and declared, “give me your cut or I will kill you.”

According to a most excellent press release written by Alison Deters, the Public Information Officer for the Rock Springs Police Department, Rutherford punched Chrisman, “approximately 30 times in the head and kneed (him) in the back and neck.” Chrisman “began to see stars from the punches and believed he was going to lose consciousness.”  He believed “that if he didn’t release his cut, that Rutherford would kill him.” He believed “the only reason Rutherford stopped punching him was because he released his cut.”

Bad Seven

According to Officer Deters, Chrisman also believes, “he is an enforcer for the Bad Seven bike gang and was wearing the gang patch while sitting at the bar.”

Over the course of several days, The Aging Rebel has been unable to confirm that that any chapters of the Bad Seven Motorcycle Club exist in the United States, Canada or Mexico. The Bad Seven is a support club for the Gremium Motorcycle Club. The Gremium has 144 chapters in Europe. The club has also been reported to have a chapter in Pattaya, Thailand but nothing in the Western Hemisphere.

Chrisman told police that the three men left the bar with his Bad Seven cut which “contained the key fob to his motorcycle and a .38 Special snub-nosed black chrome revolver. Chrisman later received treatment for his injuries at Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County.”

The Video

After reviewing video surveillance footage from the bar, Rock Springs police observed that: “The three men can be seen performing a brief warm up or stretch just before entering the bar together. Upon entering the bar, Rutherford who has a large flashlight and large knife hanging from his belt, immediately walks up to Chrisman and grabs him by the back shoulders with his hands and throws Chrisman from his bar stool to the ground. Rutherford is then seen punching, kneeing, and slamming Chrisman on the ground. As Rutherford pulls the cut away from Chrisman, the three men walk toward the exit together with Rutherford holding the cut in his hands.”

The three accused men were later arrested “at various locations in Rock Springs.”

The three are accused of  Robbery, Conspiracy to Commit Robbery, Intimidation in Furtherance of the Interests of a Criminal Street Gang, and Accessory to Robbery.

Chrisman later denied talking to police.


50 Responses to “Weird In Wyoming”

  1. The Great One Says:

    I will refrain from a personal denigration.. although one would be appropriate..
    I appreciate your forthcoming..
    Inevitabilities being what they may..
    Obviously.. The Bad Seven will not function in Wyo. Co. or Utah for that matter..
    At any rate … time… will surely tell.

  2. Mack Says:

    @The Great Farce, you must not be able to connect dots very well, do you? First of all, @Huh said the Iron Order would’ve probably fared better, and it’s a pretty broad reach to draw the connection you did. While what @Huh said is an obvious slight against something he also knows nothing about, it didn’t relay the message you drew from it. At the minimum, it shows you have the inability to infer the logical conclusion from a topic, or it shows that you two are a couple trolls trying to spread misinformation.

    I know individuals from both clubs involved, and have called members from both brother in a time when SOS in Wyoming was an actual functioning club. As I sit back and watch you both bicker over nonsense and past beef’s, I can’t help but laugh at the true origins of why you have issues with each other, and if you are who I think you are, you know what I’m talking about. If you are who I think you are, you know that there is no connection with the Iron Order or any other club except your own. I have no stake in either club anymore, but I will correct a fallacy when I see one.

    I don’t know what happened in Rock Springs for sure, and from all appearances it certainly looks like Bradley Chrisman opened his mouth a little too wide, and the rumor is that he found himself out bad. However, I cannot speak to that with complete certainty because I am only a skeleton in both of your closets. The MMA event you attempted to debunk was on April 8th, 2017, at the Casper, WY fairgrounds (IFC 27). I was there watching both clubs talking to each other when the sole remaining SOS Enforcer pushed one of the Bad 7 members. Your Enforcer, Bam, got his world rocked by a kid that weighed 155 to his 240+, and then I saw your youngest patch member dive into the fray and find himself an even worse fate. I might add that this was in a public event with hundreds of attendents (even the fighters stopped to watch SOS get embarrassed). SOS got 86’d from the fairgrounds, and they left with no dignity and missing a few key articles of clothing if you catch my drift. I can’t speak for the single patch that was removed from Bad 7 in Casper on the same day it went down in Rock Springs, but I can say that it wasn’t three and that the tide was quickly turned after the initial sneak attacks.

    I don’t support you, and I don’t support Bad 7, but facts is facts…

  3. The Great One Says:

    I would have to agree with your connection to the Iron Order..
    apparently these fellows are of the same cloth.

  4. The Great One Says:

    Not being one to chase rumor .. but the date of the MMA match doesn’t match your claim.

  5. Mack Says:

    @The Great One, you have no idea what you are talking about, and your rumors are just that. The real truth of what’s happened in Casper is two SOS (Enforcer and patchholder) getting their asses beat at a public MMA event at the fairgrounds by one Bad 7 member.

  6. The Great One Says:

    Rumors being just that..
    It seems that this was not the “only” patch that got pulled..
    Three more were taken in Casper around the same time.. without resistance.

  7. Nuke n' Pave Dave Says:

    Seems to me the fool got off easy. What I can’t understand is why his nut sack isn’t nailed up over the bathroom door at the SOS clubhouse.

  8. Scrape Says:

    Sully, your an idiot LE. Don’t ya think would have made a call to Europe first to find out if they was a support club member in the area.

  9. Paladin Says:

    @ One Eye,

    Hell, I need a nap after thinking about all of that!

    Long May You Ride,


  10. One Eye Says:

    Rutherford punched Chrisman, “approximately 30 times in the head and kneed (him) in the back and neck.” Chrisman “began to see stars from the punches and believed he was going to lose consciousness.”

    Apparently, Mr. Crissman must have a head akin to a cinder block which could explain why: a) he was wearing that patch in the first place, and b) he could endure “approximately 30 punches” and knees, and yet maintain consciousness. I don’t know about anybody else but, I think that if I threw 30 punches I’d need a nap somewhere in there.

  11. FF Says:

    20 year’s ago it was white punks on dope listening to hip hop and pretending to be black. Now their sired bastards watch SOA and pretend to be bikers.

  12. swampy Says:

    @Sully,…without naming any real, credible and legit MC; It would be much better if idiots stopped this type of behavior and just went away before THEY cause trouble for anyone else. However, it seems guys like this have fallen into a mindset that has taken over a lot of motorcycle riders. My comment about a purchased “patch kit” comes from the fb link posted. That, and the fact that the “patches” in the photo look as if they were all arranged with a few drops of super glue and much haste.

  13. Jonny Reb Says:

    Following the U-Tube trial, I have never seen so many Music video’s posted by any 1% group or any other MC club. They do things strangely in Germany and Turkey with all those patch members appereing in the video’s. I just don’t under stand it.

  14. Huh Says:

    This guy probably would have fared better as Iron Order

  15. Paladin Says:

    @ Nub,

    It seems ‘ol Chrisman not only has trouble hanging on to his patch and gun, but he can’t seem to hang onto his squeeze either. If all of that wasn’t bad enough, Chrisman is apparently gifted with an ass beating wherever he goes, including his bedroom. Man, you just can’t make this shit up!

    Long May You Ride,


  16. Sully Says:

    @Swampy: I’d give you a LIKE for your comment! LOL
    I really hope the REAL 1% clubs (Pagans, Warlocks, BMC, HAMC, AOA, Mongols SOS, Vagos) here in the USA just shut these clowns down.

  17. swampy Says:

    Possibly one of those bogus instant “patch kits” as sold on eGay?

  18. Sully Says:

    So lets see. Some guys from Utah, Wyoming and Pennsylvania decide they want to set up a puppet club for Gremium MC Europe (rumor has they’re ex-SOS MC members). There aren’t but 11 prospective members in all 3 states according to the rumor mill. Mr. Chrisman, the Enforcer, decides to go down to the Saddle saloon sporting his new colors,ok. Doesn’t it seem kinda strange that the three SOS members knew just where to find Bad 7 member Chrisman? I mean Wyoming is a pretty large state. Don’t know if SOS has chapters set up there either. Rumor also has it that the Bad 7 support members here in the U.S. are carrying a bottom rocker of “USA”. I would think if you’re gonna carry a bottom rocker of USA, and you’re a puppet club you should have a substantial size presence in the USA. Most likely, Gremium MC will do nothing to avenge these guys because, the government of Germany has already outlawed the wearing of club colors for Gremium and are knee-deep in their asses already. Besides, rumor has it, Gremium has a good relationship with SOS Germany in Mannheim, why ruin a good thing, if that is the case.
    Obviously, they didn’t agree to not flying colors when alone (#1 rule for a new club).
    How long before the Pagans or the Warlocks in Pennsylvania beat-down the few guys Bad 7 has in PA. Gremium has no leverage against the Pagans because they don’t have any European chapters, once upon a time Warlocks had a Germany chapter, irrelevant, Bad 7 probably isn’t very welcome here. Speaking to people who have been to Germany, Gremium MC is like a cancer.
    Rumor also has it, that Bad 7 USA wants to eventually patch-over to Gremium MC.
    Bad 7 should watch a few episodes of SOA; might learn something.

  19. Whitey Says:

    Weird… Wonder what bottom rocker he was flying

  20. Adios Says:

    I came from Wyoming 30 years ago to the Chicago area. Wyoming as a state has half the people my county does here in Illinois. You can’t hide with that few people, posers are quickly found out.

  21. Paladin Says:

    Gandalf Says:
    April 20, 2017 at 2:11 pm

    “LOL I mean Who doesn’t know this shit?”

    Far too many.

    Long May You Ride,


  22. RIDER 1 Says:

    Could be he is a poser that figured he could get away with shenanigans in the middle of no where or he has terrible luck.

    RIDER 1

  23. Gandalf Says:

    LOL. You guys are Funny… “If one is not a member of a club, DO NOT FUCKING DO THIS!” LOL I mean Who doesn’t know this shit? AND “Odd, guess he only carried the revolver to keep him company….” (1st thing I noticed too) LOL I guess the revolver and patch carried the same amount of weight… as they both floated out the door without Him.

  24. Paladin Says:

    Dear Rebel,

    A possible Answer: According to national census figures, Wyoming is the least populous state in the country with an estimated 544,270 residents spread out over more than 97,000 square miles. This works out to about five people per square mile.

    If one is going to start up a club, it stands to reason that one would see less opposition in a sparsely populated State. Then again…

    Long May You Ride,


  25. Kenny Says:

    Ya know I would bet he was told he wasn’t welcomed there. Or he was told to go talk to so and so and get a ok. Nothing’s wrong when u are in a different clubs turf. With being a man and state what your up to.. everybody gotta work or visit family..Your alone it’s not a club event unless your there to start a chapter. I have personally been a guest of a great Son. The man and me hit it off. He invited me to ride 600 miles to Iowa. Party with him. Was treated with nothing but love and respect. His name was Dago1%er. Gone but I will never forget him.

  26. panamaa Says:

    Rebel Says:
    Why not Florida like every other club?……. Lmao, ya got that right…

  27. FDTS Says:

    Yup, the enforcer. But since he’s the only member of his chapter, he’s also the president, treasurer, and circlejerk pivot man.

  28. NH Says:


    No idea. Was just trying to point you in that direction so you can garner more info. If you look, the group admins are from Florida and Penn. Hope that helps your research a bit.

  29. RIDER 1 Says:

    Chrisman believed “that if he didn’t release his cut, that Rutherford would kill him.”. Chrisman told police that the three men left the bar with his Bad Seven cut which “contained the key fob to his motorcycle and a .38 Special snub-nosed black chrome revolver.

    Odd, guess he only carried the revolver to keep him company….

    RIDER 1

  30. Rebel Says:

    Dear NH,

    Yeah, a Facebook page. When and why did this European MC start a chapter in Wyoming? Any idea? Me neither. Why not Florida like every other club?


  31. Phuquehed Says:

    Sucks the boys from the Sons got burned because a pussy wannabe ratted, but it’s also good to know they ahd the sand to do the right thing and what was needed in the situation and teach the wannabe the truth about three piece patches and trying to play when it isn’t a fucking ‘game’.

    Fuck you Chrisman, you pussy rat.

  32. NH Says:

    Sorry, computer acting up – posted originally in wrong story.

  33. Adios Says:

    Enforcer LOL

  34. Dino Says:

    “Chrisman told police”

    That says it all.

  35. panamaa Says:

    Stupid is as stupid does….

  36. Sandmann Says:

    *Edit: 100+ chapters in Europe/South America/Thailand

  37. Sandmann Says:

    I live in Germany and have been in touch with the Gremium MC on several occasions/have associates there, so I might be able to shed some light on the Bad Seven MC where the language barrier is a problem.

    Here in Europe, the Bad Seven MC is the support club of the Gremium MC, one of the oldest German MCs with 100+ chapters in Europe/Thailand and the only one of the “Big Four” over here that was founded in Germany by Germans. (The other three are the AOA, BMC, and HAMC)

    Overall, the Gremium MC and its supporters is very well reknown/respected here.

    I cannot/will not comment on the incident described above because
    a) I wasn’t there
    b) it is none of my business
    but from what I saw over here, SoS and Gremium/its supporters were on rather friendly or at least respectful terms.

    But well – as they say: different countries, different customs.

    Respect to the deserving,

  38. WW Says:

    Not too familiar with the laws of other states, but here in TX a Criminal Street Gang is “three or more people with a common identifying sign or symbol, or an identifiable leadership who continuously or regularly associate in the commission of criminal activities”

    Does include cops since they too dress alike?

  39. Paladin Says:

    Fr. Abraham Says:
    April 19, 2017 at 10:34 pm

    “Fucking scary, huh?”


    Long May You Ride,


  40. I.J Says:

    Should be more of this…… too many internet Mc’s out there!

  41. Fr. Abraham Says:

    Paladin Says:

    “The street gang charge? Well, that depends on whether one believes MCs are in fact street gangs, which I happen to believe they are NOT. Be careful out there folks.”

    Not too familiar with the laws of other states, but here in TX a Criminal Street Gang is “three or more people with a common identifying sign or symbol, or an identifiable leadership who continuously or regularly associate in the commission of criminal activities”. That’s literally all it takes to be a “criminal street gang” here in the Lone Star State, according to Section 71.01 of the penal code.

    Technically, three guys who wear a back patch from the local riding club and have a few beers one Saturday a month before breaking the speed limit on the way home are a “criminal street gang”.

    Fucking scary, huh?

  42. Paladin Says:

    “Placing Your Patches (or your bets) In The Right Spot”.

    If one is not a member of a club, DO NOT FUCKING DO THIS! The Bozo in the above video runs a stick joint on the traveling biker carnival circuit and he absolutely does not give a shit about anything except the money he can make off of one’s gullibility.

    If one can’t defend what one wears on one’s back, wear it in the bedroom, not on the road. And before we start hearing from the Beltway Butt Pirate or Tom “the sideshow” Barker, understand that I am well aware of everyone’s Constipational Rights. What the aforementioned knuckleheads conveniently forget to mention is that one only has the rights one is willing to claim and defend.

    One can claim whatever one wants, but when challenged, if one can’t defend what one claims, one may wind up as Mr. Chrisman did, or worse. Yes; the cops were called and they dutifully squeegeed Mr. Chrisman from the floor and out the door, arrests were made and there is little doubt that Mr. Chrisman will testify against his alleged attackers. Of course at trial Mr. Chrisman may bear more of a resemblance to Quasimodo the bell ringer than he did prior to 04/10/2017


  43. Huh Says:

    Why would you establish a support club for a club not even on your continent?

  44. Paladin Says:

    Bad Seven = Bad at retaining their cuts.

    @ rottenclam,

    The definition of robbery is: Taking from another, through the use of force or fear. Although Rutherford is the only one allegedly battering Chrisman, Wedgewood and Hansen are charged as accessories due to their presence at the alleged crime and their association with Rutherford. The alleged conspiracy charge stems from the three allegedly practicing yoga exercises prior to entering the bar, inferring that the only reason the three entered the bar was to allegedly rob Chrisman of his property. The street gang charge? Well, that depends on whether one believes MCs are in fact street gangs, which I happen to believe they are NOT. Be careful out there folks.

    Long May You Ride,


  45. Bone Head Says:

    Clicked on the first video, then followed to others. Apparently Gremium is an establish German M.C. Another bunch who presents as “Section 7” appears to not be an M.C. But wants to be? A support crew for Gremium M.C. maybe? Mind you; this is all guesswork on my part as there’s no English in or around the videos.

    Lot of rap videos. Rap’s not my favorite music. People whining to the cops aren’t either.

    Respect to those who’ve earned it.

  46. Sharon Cox Says:

    Sounds like some fool decided to fly some phony colors and met a real club who doesn’t appreciate posers. Be lucky he lost nothing more than his colors at the end of the day. Dumb fool.


  47. RIDER 1 Says:

    Sounds like he got a crash course in protocol.

  48. rottenclam Says:

    Yup. Seems about right. Terrible press release with certainly some overstated charges, but if you’re part of a 3-piece patch club that is completely unknown to those who rule the (local) roost, you’re going to lose your cut in such a manner.

    Call me barbaric, but what really stands out is that the guy who lost his cut (and then readily spelled out his story to police) seems like he should have lost it. If your response to having your cut taken is to call the police, maybe you’re a better fit for HOG.

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